Round 8 of the AMA National Motocross Championships at Washougal MX Park. In the premiere Motocross class, Ryan Dungey takes the overall victory, while Ryan Villopoto takes over the series points lead. In the 250 MX Lites class, Blake Baggett takes victory over teammates Tyla Rattray and Dean Wilson.

Washougal MX Park

In timed practice, the Motocross Class has Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto on top with 2 minutes 7 seconds. Next Trey Canard at 2:08, then Ryan Dungey, Mike Alessi, Chad Reed, Brett Metcalfe, Tommy Hahn, Andrew Short, Jake Weimer and Justin Brayton round out the top ten.

2011 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washgoual, WA - Photo 1 of 5Ryan Villopoto

In the 250 MX Lites timed practice, Ryan Sipes is on top with 2 minutes 10:27 seconds. Martin Davalos second with 2:10:89, Kyle Cunningham next, former World MX 2 Motocross Champion Tyla Rattray, ‘good to see back in action’ current World MX 2 Motocross Champion Marvin Musquin fifth at 2 minutes 11 seconds, then Deal Wilson, Eli Tomac, Tommy Week, Cole Seely, Justin Barcia, Blake Baggett, and Malcolm Stewart round out the top 12.

Before the race, the top riders talk about last week race in Millville and today’s race at Washougal …

Courtesy MXSports

Chad Reed “I’m still feeling the after-affects of the crash at Millville, but day-by-day, I’m feeling better. We have two weekends off after Washougal, which is nice to know, as it’s easier to tell my body it just has to step it up for one more 10-hour day before getting a rest. After Saturday, I will worry about the hurting. I don’t have one particular thing that is injured – I’m sore all over. I hit my head pretty decent in the crash, so I’m laying low this week from on-the-bike training.”

Ryan Villopoto “It’s been a while since I’ve raced up here, but I’m really looking forward to being in front of the home crowd. This track has always been tricky, and I’m sure it’s changed a bit since I’ve last raced here. We’ll see how it goes and hopefully I can get a win for the hometown fans.”

Ryan Dungey “Obviously, winning at Millville and having the hometown crowd is great; it’s always a treat to go back there because I love the track and the fans are great. I grew up with a lot of people who came out, so that was an extra bonus. I’m glad to get another win for the Rockstar/Makita Suzuki team, it was a good step in the right direction for the championship. I’m really looking forward to Washougal. It is a really cool place, and it’s where I got my first outdoor win in the 250 Class, which is something special to always look back on. It’s more of a throttle control track. I always have a blast there. We’re going to show up there ready, and I’m going to do the best I can.”

Trey Canard “I’m really happy about finishing third overall at Millville. It’s tough sitting on the couch, watching the top guys get faster each week, and knowing that when I go to join them, they will be in full-swing, while I’m still in start-of-the-season mode. From here, I just have to ride myself into race shape and play catch up. My goal is to make the podium each weekend, though I know that’s a big task given the speed those guys have right now.”

Dean Wilson “I was thinking I would have won by the halfway point in the series, but I’ll take the red plate. I know I’ve been working hard and my teammates make for stiff competition. It would be great to win, but I am happy how the season has gone so far.”

Tyla Rattray “Washougal is a tough track because it’s usually very slick. Getting a good start will help me not have to ride over my head on a track that can bite you for pushing too hard. It’s easy to forget how tough this track really is, but hopefully I’ll get it down in practice and feel good going into the motos.”

Blake Baggett “I remember liking this track when I was younger, but I haven’t been there in a while so we’ll see how it goes. I wasn’t too happy with my performance in Millville, so I’ll be looking to get some better starts. That really hurt me having to make my way through the pack in such tough conditions.”

2011 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washgoual, WA - Photo 2 of 5Ryan Dungey

Motocross Class Moto 1

Early leader is Ryan Villopoto, and he’s followed by Ryan Dungey. Chad Reed is back in 14th. The top ten right now after one lap – Villopoto, Dungey, Trey Canard, Justin Brayton, Andrew Short, Brett Metcalfe, Michael Byrne, T Hahn, Vince Friese, and Jimmy Albertson.

The track has seen some nice changes and upgrades. Washougal is a beautiful setting – up in the hills, a forested and grass park like setting. The promoters have brought in more dirt, and changed up some sections of the track. Looks good, flows better, and the riders like it.

At about the halfway point of this race, Ryan Villopoto has the lead he’s held since the start. Ryan Dungey maintains second place, about four seconds behind. Third is Trey Canard, a good ways back though. Fourth is now Metcalfe, then Brayton, Short, Hahn, Reed has moved into eighth, then Byrne and Albertson.

Dungey has closed up a bit now on Villopoto. Trey Canard is third, almost 30 seconds back. Brett Metcalfe is having one of his better rides of the season, running in fourth. Andrew Short fifth. Then Brayton, T Hahn, and eighth is Chad Reed.

Villopoto has withstood the charge by Dungey. This 30 minute plus two lap race win is going to Ryan Villopoto! He goes 17 laps total. Ryan Dungey is second, Canard third, then Metcalfe, Short, Brayton, and Chad Reed moves up to eighth (still sore from last week’s crash). This event is Villopoto’s “home town” race.

Although still a moto to go today, Ryan takes over the series points lead from Chad Reed. No matter, the top three in points (Villopoto, Dungey, Reed) have been the top guys week-in and week-out. Expect that to continue thru the final four rounds (Unadilla NY, Southwick MA, Delmont PA and Pala CA).

250 MX Lites Class Moto 1

This race starts with number 57 Blake Baggett taking the lead over Justin Barcia who holeshot into the first corner. But at the end of lap one, it’s Ryan Sipes with the lead. Three leaders on the first lap! End of the first lap – R Sipes, Blake Baggett, Justin Barcia, Kyle Cunningham, Tyla Rattray, …. Marvin Musquin is tenth, Dean Wilson is 11th.

On lap four, it’s Ryan Sipes number 25 on the Yamaha leading. Second is Blake Baggett. Justin Barcia is third, then Kyle Cunningham, Tyla Rattray, T Weeck, M Davalos, G Swanepoel, Dean Wilson ninth, Malcolm Stewart tenth, and Marvin Musquin 11th.

On the next lap, Baggett retakes Sipes and moves back into the lead. More changes. Second is Sipes, third is Cunningham … then Rattray, Barcia, and Weeck.

About halfway into this race, Blake Baggett is starting to stretch out his lead. Kyle Cunningham is second, Tyla Rattray third. Then local rider Tommy Weeck, on a Honda, is fourth. Justin Barcia is fifth, Dean Wilson has moved into sixth, then Ryan Sipes, Gareth Swanepoel, Malcolm Stewart, Gannon Audette, Broc Tickle, Marvin Musquin, and Martin Davalos. Cole Seely is 15th, Eli Tomac 19th.

Blake Baggett is heading towards another moto win. Pro-Circuit Kawasaki teammate Tyla Rattray has pushed into second. Kyle Cunningham is third. Justin Barcia fourth, Dean Wilson fifth, Tommy Weeck sixth.

Blake Baggett wins this 16 lap race. Another moto victory for Pro-Circuit. Tyla Rattray takes second. Third K Cunningham, then Barcia, Wilson, Weeck, Swanepoel, M Stewart, 250 West Regional Supercross champion Broc Tickle, World MX2 Motocross champion Marvin Musquin tenth.

2011 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washgoual, WA - Photo 3 of 5Blake Baggett

2011 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washgoual, WA - Photo 4 of 5

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Motocross Class Moto 2

Something you don’t see too often in motocross racing – a red flag and a restart. And something even worse that caused the red flag and restart – a crash involving Trey Canard – he tumbled down a hill, and looks hurt. Very sad, since Trey just came back to racing last week after a previous injury involving his leg.

On the restart, Ryan Dungey rockets out of the gate, makes the left hand first corner, makes the next right hand corner, and rockets up the big hill. In second place, Ryan Villopoto. Third is Chad Reed. Then Brett Metcalfe, Justin Brayton, Tommy Hahn, Mike Alessi, Jake Weimer, Jimmy Albertson, and Jake Canada.

Brett Metcalfe has made a pass on Chad Reed. It’s Dungey racing out front, Villopoto second, Metcalfe third, and Reed fourth. The running order after five laps – Dungey, Villopoto, Metcalfe, Reed, Brayton, T Hahn, M Alessi, Weimer, Albertson, Short, Canada, T Simmonds, M Byrne.

At about the halfway point, it’s Dungey out front, leading Villopoto by almost seven seconds. Metcalfe with another good ride in third, Chad Reed is fourth, Justin Brayton fifth. Then T Hahn, M Alessi, A Short, J Weimer, and J Albertson.

Ryan Dungey is riding with a lot of confidence, and heading towards his second overall victory in a row (he won last week in Millville MN). Dungey leads second place Villopoto right now in this race by a large margin, 17 seconds. Then Metcalfe, Reed, Brayton, Alessi.

Ryan Dungey wins this moto (15 laps), and takes the overall victory. Ryan Villopoto finishes second, and second overall .. but takes away the ‘red plate’ from Chad Reed as the new series points leader

The top ten in this race – Dungey, Villopoto, Metcalfe, Reed, Brayton, Alessi, Hahn, Weimer, Albertson, Short.

The top three – Villopoto, Dungey, Reed – so close in points – will battle again on August 13 at the famed Unadilla race track in New York state.

250 MX Lites Class Moto 2

Dean Wilson emerges with the holeshot and the lead. Pro-Circuit Kawasaki teammate Tyla Rattray is second. Third is Lance Vincent, then Gareth Swanepoel, Justin Barcia, Alex Martin, first moto winner Blake Baggett, and then Martin Davalos. Musquin is 12th. Tomac 26th. Tickle 34th.

With the steep hills, and trees, shadows start to come into play at this race track. Riders go from dark shade to bright sunlight, and it is hard to see in the dark shadows. As they approach the halway point, Dean Wilson is still leading teammate Tyla Rattray. Gareth Swanepoel has moved into third, and, coming from a less than stellar start – Blake Baggett. Then it’s Barcia, Davalos, Martin, Stewart, Musquin, and Jason Anderson has moved into tenth.

Once again, it’s going to be a battle for the win, and the overall, between the ‘big three’ of 250 MX Lites – Dean Wilson, Tyla Rattray, and Blake Baggett. With one lap to go, Wilson leads Rattray by a slim margin, who leads Baggett in third by a comfortable margin.

Dean Wilson wins this moto, just ahead of Tyla Rattray! Blake Baggett finishes third, and wins the overall. (Baggett gets 45 points for a first and a third in the two races, and Rattray gets 44 points for two second place finishes.) The Pro-Circuit streak continues, as they are now eight for eight in overall wins in this class this season. Dean Wilson leads point standings.

Motocross Class Results
  1. Ryan Dungey – SUZ – 2/1
  2. Ryan Villopoto – KAW – 1/2
  3. Brett Metcalfe – SUZ – 4/3
  4. Chad Reed – HON – 7/4
  5. Justin Brayton – YAM – 6/5
  6. Mike Alessi – KTM – 9/6
  7. Tommy Hahn – YAM – 8/7
  8. Andrew Short – KTM – 5/10
  9. Jimmy Albertson – YAM 11/9
  10. Michael Byrne – SUZ – 10/12
  11. Trey Canard – HON – 3/38
  12. Jake Weimer – KAW – 15/8
  13. Weston Peick – KAW – 12/15
  14. Tye Simmonds – KTM – 14/14
  15. Nick Wey – YAM – 16/13
Motocross Class Point Standings
  1. Ryan Villopoto – 341
  2. Ryan Dungey – 340
  3. Chad Reed – 332
  4. Brett Metcalfe – 247
  5. Kevin Windham – 193
  6. Andrew Short – 183
  7. Mike Alessi – 178
  8. Davi Millsaps – 173
  9. Jake Weimer – 159
  10. Tommy Hahn – 140
  11. Ricky Dietrich – 119
  12. Christian Craig – 119
  13. Michael Byrne – 115
  14. Nick Wey – 114
  15. Justin Brayton – 102
250 Class Results
  1. Blake Baggett – KAW – 1/3
  2. Tyla Rattray – KAW – 2/2
  3. Dean Wilson – KAW – 5/1
  4. Kyle Cunningham – YAM – 3/7
  5. Gareth Swanepoel – YAM – 7/4
  6. Justin Barcia – HON – 4/10
  7. Malcolm Stewart – SUZ – 8/8
  8. Martin Davalos – SUZ – 13/5
  9. Darryn Durham – HON – 11/9
  10. Broc Tickle – KAW – 9/16
  11. Tommy Weeck – HON – 6/19
  12. Gannon Audette – YAM – 12/14
  13. Alex Martin – HON – 21/6
  14. Marvin Musquin – KTM – 10/18
  15. Jason Anderson – SUZ – 20/11
250 Lites MX Class Point Standings
  1. Dean Wilson – 346
  2. Tyla Rattray – 333
  3. Blake Baggett – 329
  4. Kyle Cunningham – 233
  5. Eli Tomac – 201
  6. Broc Tickle – 187
  7. Justin Barcia – 181
  8. Gareth Swanepoel – 177
  9. Martin Davalos – 152
  10. Darryn Durham – 144
  11. Malcolm Stewart – 125
  12. Cole Seely – 123
  13. Alex Martin – 117
  14. Gannon Audette – 105
  15. Nico Izzi – 91

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2011 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washgoual, WA - Photo 5 of 5World MX2 Motocross Champion Marvin Musquin

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