X Games 16 – Day 3 of Competition

X Games 16 – Day 3 of Competition

Saturday, July 31, 2010, Los Angeles Coliseum, California. X Games Action is going on at two different venues today – here, and L. A. Live. The activities include BMX Freestyle Park, Skateboard Street Men, Rally Car Racing, BMX Freestyle Big Air, SuperRally Car, and Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam.

Our highlights will be here from the Coliseum, with Rally Car and SuperRally Car, … but we also have all of today’s results courtesy of ESPN.

BMX Freestyle Park Final Results at L.A. LIVE:

  1. Daniel Dhers
  2. Dennis Enarson
  3. Gary Young
  4. Brett Banasiewicz
  5. Diogo Canina

“In practice, I was doing more lines and not so many tricks,” said Dhers. “I felt like I was packing too much into it so I chose to focus on doing more tricks for the Final. When I was a kid, I watched the X Games, looking for the newest trick. The difficult course they created really challenges you to bring your best.”

‘Walk Thru’ video of the X Fest grounds near Staples Center. X Games has so much to see…so much to do…experience it for yourself!

Skateboard Street Men’s Final Results at The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE:

  1. Ryan Sheckler
  2. Nyjah Huston
  3. Ryan Decenzo
  4. Chaz Ortiz
  5. Sierra Fellers

“It was a crazy contest to be back. I got hurt last year and wanted to get back this year, and this definitely exceeded my expectations,” Sheckler said. “I’m psyched. I just had to believe in myself. I just needed to get my bearings about me, let it flow and not worry so much about it. I couldn’t have done anything more.”

4pm the Rally Car Racing Elimination / Final. And Rally Car is freaky! It’s way different than what we saw in practice. The track has more corners, more up and down hills. They race two cars at a time, on the same course, but they start in different places. And there is a huge jump in the middle! And in between that huge jump is part of the course where the other driver and car can be.

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 1 of 10This is Rally Car! Two drivers on the track at the same time! Looks like fun to us!

Watch Travis Pastrana practicing in his Rally Car!

As the Rally Car elimination continues, it’s now a face off between Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan. For some of the drivers that were previously eliminated … there was probably some confusion – some of them didn’t know which way to go on the track! About a half lap into this race, Travis is a few seconds behind … so he’s going for it 100% and trying to make up the time. Unfortunately, Travis spins a bit up one of the hills, and hits one of the barriers protecting the cement of the Coliseum Peristyles … and Travis is out for Rally Car competition. But he’ll be back for SuperRally!

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 2 of 10Rally Car! Is what you are seeing making sense?

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 3 of 10

More of Rally Car

5:35pm. Time for the Rally Car Final. It’s down to a battle between two drivers – Brian Deegan and Tanner Foust. They are going to battle for the Gold Medal. Deegan is having a problem … and Tanner Foust comes away with the Gold!

Rally Car Final Results:

  1. Tanner Foust
  2. Bryan Deegan
  3. Andrew Comrie-Picard
  4. Antoine L’Estage

“It was a tricky course, but to be honest, I am ready to go again,” said Foust. “You make your own dust cloud and get lost so you need to find your way. Like the Moto X Freestyle guys, I visualize the course. It does get confusing, but today, it seems I had a clear vision.”

Not sure what SuperRally Car is, or how it’s different from Rally Car … but we are going to find out!

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 4 of 10

Anastasia and Julia – journalists/photographers from Moscow, Russia. X Games is Global!

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 5 of 10Part of the beauty of the peristyles and the show here at the L. A. Coliseum and X Games 16

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 6 of 10One of the ESPN 3D Cameras. Notice the two lenses on the top left. What you can’t see is the ‘second’ part of the unit. There is a bigger component to the camera that a second personmust carry.

Before the SuperRally Car Final, it’s time for the BMX Freestyle Big Air Final! Six riders – Andy Buckworth, Steve McCann, Anthony Napolitan, Morgan Wade, Chad Kagy, and Kevin Robinson. The crowd here – considering the Coliseum has over 100,000 seats, is quite large!

BMX Freestyle Big Air Final Results:

  1. Chad Kagy
  2. Steve McCann
  3. Andy Buckworth
  4. Anthony Napolitan
  5. Morgan Wade
  6. Kevin Robinson

“It was nice to be able to go out and land my first run. It was good motivation because being able to land that first run and getting it under your belt means that you can build on top of that,” said Kagy.

“It’s always nice to be up out in front. However, the way that we run this is that only one run counts. At any given moment, any of those guys could have bumped me out,” Kagy said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever shot to the top on the first run and then could just hang out and watch. I knew that I had other tricks on tap, but I didn’t really need to do it.”

OK, time for Rally Car SuperRally Final! Can’t wait to see what this format is all about! Here is the description:

“Each of the 12 drivers will complete a seeding (time trial) session to determine the starting grid in the three heat, four car, four lap Elimination heat races. (Got it? 3 heats. 4 cars in each. 4 laps.) The winner of each Elimination heat race will advance to the Final. The three 2nd place finishers from each of the Elimination heats, and the highest seeded driver who has not yet advanced will compete in a four lap last chance qualifier (LCQ). The winner of the LCQ will join the winners of the Elimination heat races in the Final. The Final is a five lap race!

The SuperRally course includes a longer alternate ‘joker’ lane with a gap jump. The competitors have the choice to take the joker lane on any lap, but must complete that lane once per race. This exciting alternate route gives the drivers another opportunity to strategize their race approach.” Wow.

The first heat win goes to Stephen Verdier. Tanner Foust takes the win in heat number two. Before the start of heat three – the PA announcers are telling us Travis Pastrana is being replaced by Carl Decker. Travis’ car was too damaged from his earlier race – they tried to get it 100% ready after he crashed into the barrier earlier in Rally, but no go. We’ll get to see him tomorrow though in the Speed and Style event. Brian Deegan wins heat three of SuperRally.

Now it’s time for the LCQ. Wild race! Quite a few crashes! The winner is Samuel Hubinette.

It is time for the Final here of SuperRally! Tanner Foust with the early lead! They are going to go five laps in this Final. Tanner Foust wins SuperRally Final Gold!

SuperRally Final Results:

  1. Tanner Foust
  2. Brian Deegan
  3. Samuel Hubinette
  4. Stephan Verdier

“The track was perfect and had so much grip,” Foust said. “Door-to-door, I like racing the four cars, but even when you say you don’t have a favorite kid, you always do. And Super Rally is definitely my favorite.”

Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam Final Results:

  1. Bob Burnquist
  2. Rob Lorifice
  3. Elliot Sloan
  4. Adam Taylor
  5. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  6. Jake Brown

“What’s cool about rail is the show of progression and some of the technical tricks that we can pull off in a little bit of a slower environment while still going fast,” said Burnquist. “It’s a pretty big gap but there are a lot of opportunities to pull off those tricks.”

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 7 of 10Brian Deegan (38)

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 8 of 10Dave Mirra (40)

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 9 of 10Travis Pastrana (199)

X Games 16 - Day 3 of Competition - Photo 10 of 10Tanner Foust (34)

Day 1 of X Games

Day 2 of X Games

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X Games 16 – Day 2 of Competition

X Games 16 – Day 2 of Competition

Friday, July 30, 2010, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. Action is going on at three different venues today – the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Event Deck at L. A. Live, and the the Nokia Theatre. The activities include Skateboard Vert Women’s Final, Skateboard High School Street Final, BMX Freestyle Vert Final, Moto X Step Up Final, Skateboard Vert Final, Moto X Best Whip Final, Moto X Best Trick Final, and Skateboard Vert Best Trick Final.

Our highlights will be here from the Staples Center, concentrating on the Moto events, but we also have all of today’s results courtesy of ESPN.

 Skateboard Vert Women’s Finals Results:

  1. Gaby Ponce
  2. Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
  3. Karen Jonz
  4. Mimi Knoop
  5. Cara-Beth Burnside
  6. Nora Vasconcellos
  7. Allysha Bergado
  8. Julie Kindstrand

“I was so nervous that I was up all night,” said Ponce. “This is the biggest contest for women’s skateboarding. The McTwists I tried today were the closest I have ever gotten because I was so pumped.”

BMX Freestyle Vert Final Results:

  1. Jamie Bestwick
  2. Steve McCann
  3. Simon Tabron
  4. Chad Kagy
  5. Coco Zurita

“Coming into the final I knew it was going to be tough. I just reverted to how I rode in qualifying and it made it as smooth as it could be early on” Bestwick said. “I’m a competitor. I like to go out there and do a good job of representing BMX to the highest.” This is Bestwick’s seventh X Games gold medal!

At 5pm, it’s time for the Moto X Step Up Final. They start with six riders. They get two attempts each at the ‘bar height’, which is just like the high jump in track and field. They start at 26 feet.

2 riders have been eliminated …. 4 are left. They are now jumping 30 feet 6 inches!

It’s down to Renner and Buyten. Buyten is going to go first – 33′ 6″! He knocks the bar off …

X Games 16 - Day 2 of Competition - Photo 1 of 5Here you can see the ‘high jump bar’ of the Moto X Step Up

X Games 16 - Day 2 of Competition - Photo 2 of 5Inside the Staples Center

Now it’s Renner’s turn at 33′ 6″. HE knocks the bar off. They’ll both go for attempt number 2. Renner goes first – he knocks the bar off. Now it’s Buyten’s time to potentially unseat Renner as Step Up Champ.

Buyten revs the bike. Hits the steep inclined jump/ramp – touches the bar, rattles the bar … but clears it without it falling off! 33 feet 6 inches! Renner is going to get his chance to match it. He’s prepping his start area – the only have about 45 feet from a dead stop before they hit the jump.

Renner pegs it … but clips the bar. Matt Buyten is the 2010 X Games 16 Gold Medalist in Moto X Step Up!

Moto X Step Up final results:

  1. Matt Buyten
  2. Ronnie Renner
  3. Myles Richmond
  4. Todd Potter
  5. Jeff Kargola
  6. Beau Bamburg

X Games 16 - Day 2 of Competition - Photo 3 of 5

Matt Buyten clearing 33′ 6″

“There is so much pressure every year at X Games” said Buyten. “What’s great is that everyone respects this competition, and it means so much to win the gold again.”

Now it’s just about 6:30pm, and time for Moto X Best Whip Final. 6 riders. They get a 10 minute ‘Jam Session’, and the winner is determined via text by all the fans in the stands. Supercross winner Josh Grant, Todd Potter, Josh Hansen, Beau Bamburg, Jeremy Stenberg, and Jarryd McNeil.

Skateboard Vert Best Trick Final Results:

  1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  2. Colin McKay
  3. Bob Burnquist
  4. Danny Mayer
  5. Rob Lorifice
  6. Bucky Lasek

Skateboard Vert Men Final Results:

  1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  2. Shaun White
  3. Andy Macdonald
  4. Bucky Lasek
  5. Sandro Dias

“There was a lot of pressure because no one has ever done that before. The better you do, the more people expect out of you,” Gagnon said. “But I feed off the pressure. The level of competition gets better but the pressure helps me step it up.”

“I was feeling really good in practice yesterday and I was throwing that trick every try,” Gagnon said. “I decided it doesn’t matter if I miss it on the first two, I’m going to make it on the next two. I’m super stoked to pull it off and I can’t believe I did it.”

After the two five minute sessions at the Staples Center, the fans have their say: Todd Potter wins the Gold Medal in Moto X Best Whip!

Moto X Best Whip Final Results:

  1. Todd Potter
  2. McNeil
  3. Stenberg
  4. Bamburg
  5. Grant
  6. Hansen

X Games 16 - Day 2 of Competition - Photo 4 of 5

Todd Potter wins Gold in Best Whip.

“I felt great tonight, and thank you for voting for me,” said Potter. “This event has always been good to me. I am already considering how I can take it to the next level for next year.”

Now it’s the final event of the night here at Staples Center, the Moto X Best Trick Final. It’s one ‘session’, 8 riders, and the best run counts. Taka Higashino, Rich Kearns, Clinton Moore, Todd Potter, Paris Rosen, Levi Sherwood, Cam Sinclair and Robbie Maddison.

The Best Trick Finals Gold Medal goes to Cameron Sinclair with the Double Back Flip!

Moto X Best Trick Final Results:

  1. Cameron Sinclair
  2. Maddison
  3. Higashino
  4. Moore
  5. Sherwood
  6. Kearns
  7. Potter
  8. Rosen

X Games 16 - Day 2 of Competition - Photo 5 of 5

Cameron Sinclair pulling off the double back flip.

“I have been watching the X Games since I was 10 years old,” Sinclair said. “This is a dream come true.”

“After my accident in Spain, I had lots of practice and preparation for this competition,” Sinclair said. “Even though I have completed the double backflip eleven times, I was really worried because the set-up is different everywhere. I am excited that I was able to pull it off.”

Here is a video of Josh Grant practicing for Moto X Best Whip

Click here to watch a ‘Walk Thru’ video of X Fest!

Day 1 of X Games

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PJ Larsen & KTM – 2010 Lites Australian Motocross Champions

PJ Larsen & KTM – 2010 Lites Australian Motocross Champions

PJ Larsen Crowned Australian Motocross Pro Lites Champion

(From KTM and earlier press release courtesy of TwoThree Public Relations)

JDR Motorsports/Motorex/KTM rider PJ Larsen claimed the 2010 Rockstar Energy Australian MX Nationals title in the Pro Lites category one round early during Coolum’s mega double-header season finale in Queensland on July 24 & 25.

PJ Larsen & KTM - 2010 Lites Australian Motocross Champions - Photo 1 of 2PJ Larsen in action

Larsen’s top finishing scores throughout the season gave him an 84 point advantage heading to the final round which allowed him to take the championship after Saturday’s race and gave him the opportunity to run his new #1 plate during Sunday’s event.

Saturday’s race was comprised of three 8-lap motos. Larsen pulled the holeshot in the first moto and went on to finish 2nd in the moto. He finished 2nd and 4th respectively in the next two motos to take 3rd overall for the day and the Championship.

The series win marks a fitting finale to what has been a dominant season for Larsen and the JDR Motorsports outfit in its maiden season in cooperation with KTM, the team taking out the title on the weekend using the all-new 2011 KTM 250 SX-F model.

“It means a lot to me to win this title after getting the opportunity to come and do a season in Australia with the JDR Motorsports/Motorex/KTM Team” commented the 19-year-old, who is originally from South Carolina. “I’m glad that we could come out with the championship.”

The championship victory is a proud moment for the JDR Motorsports team, winning the title in memory of teammate Andrew McFarlane, who was tragically killed in at Broadford’s third round of the title earlier this season.

“The whole team has been working really hard because we wanted to win the title for Andrew – the whole goal was to go and do our best, make Andrew proud, and I think that we did a good job of it” Larsen said, eventually winning with a comfortable margin of 65 points.

With the pressures of the championship challenge off his shoulders for Sunday’s round, California-based Larsen endured a difficult end to the season by his standards, taking out 4th overall with a consistent run of 4-5-4 results.

“It definitely wasn’t the best weekend for me” he reflected. “I’ve been resting up an ankle injury that I suffered in the lead-up to Moree, but all in all we made the best of what we had, won the championship and that’s all that matters.”

“Winning the Pro Lites title is a first for PJ, it’s a first for the JDR team and it’s a first for the 2011 model KTM 250 SX-F” Team Manager Jay Rynenberg commented. “I think PJ really proved a point to the Americans as well that he’s going to be a guy to be reckoned with next year. It’s a credit to his work ethic and a really good day for JDR.”

Team JDR Motorex KTM team will now be preparing for the upcoming Super X Australasian Supercross Championship, which is scheduled to kick-off at Energy Australia Stadium in Newcastle on October 16, 2010.

As for Larsen, he will return to the United States for the next two months and prepare for the Australian Supercross Series while in California. During his first week back he plans to relax and watch some racing instead of participate. “I am planning on going to the X-Games and then to Loretta Lynn’s in order to just catch up with some friends and take a break.”


  1. PJ Larsen 535pts (JDR Motorex KTM)
  2. Kirk Gibbs 470
  3. Ford Dale 413
  4. Ryan Marmont 387 (JDR Motorex KTM)
  5. Lawson Bopping 380


  1. Jay Marmont 495pts
  2. Billy Mackenzie 482
  3. Dean Ferris 465
  4. Tye Simmonds 431 (JDR Motorex KTM)
  5. Cheyne Boyd 416


  1. Josh Cachia 540pts (MXRAD Coastal KTM)
  2. Ross Beaton 483
  3. Harley Quinlan 450
  4. Dylan Peterson 414
  5. Matthew Phillips 363

PJ Larsen & KTM - 2010 Lites Australian Motocross Champions - Photo 2 of 2The number 1 red plate for PJ

Amanda’s NoHo Party in Hollywood 2010

Amanda’s NoHo Party in Hollywood 2010

Hi Friends,

I organized an ‘after party’ in Hollywood for NoHo (NoHo is a concentrated nutrient enhanced functional beverage) this past Thursday. I can’t show you everything that happened, because I was doing 100 things at once. Organizing a big party takes a lot of work!

But with the video above, I do hope to give you just a small taste of what it was like. It was wild!


Amanda's NoHo Party in Hollywood 2010 - Photo 1 of 1Me and my sis

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X Games 16 – Day 1 of Competition

X Games 16 – Day 1 of Competition

Thursday, July 29, 2010, Los Angeles Coliseum, California. Action is going on at three different venues today – the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Event Deck at L.A. Live, and the the Nokia Theatre. The activities include Moto X Freestyle, BMX Freestyle Park, Skateboard Street, Skateboard Big Air, and Super X (supercross for men, women, and adaptive. Adaptive is supercross racing for riders with physical disabilities, such as missing a limb).

Our highlights will be here from the Los Angeles Coliseum, but we also have all of today’s results courtesy of ESPN.

Moto X Super X Adaptive Final Results:

  1. Mike Schultz
  2. Todd Thompson
  3. Beau Meier
  4. Jason Woods
  5. Jim Wazny
  6. Samuel Erasmus
  7. Jesse Gildea
  8. Shane Shipley
  9. Ricky James
  10. Nick Pappas
  11. Dave Turner
  12. Ranel Cox

Schultz, who took the Moto X Super X Adaptive silver in 2009, narrowly took the win after having trouble with his prosthesis during the race, which he built custom for competing in the X Games.

“I wasn’t able to stand up on my prosthetic side so I lost a few paces, but we pulled it off and ended up in the lead so it’s good,” Schultz said.

In heat 1 of the Men’s Moto X Super X, two-time defending X Games Super X Gold Medalist Josh Hansen, riding with the number 1 plate, won the first heat of the day.

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 1 of 8Josh Hansen winning heat 1.

In heat 2, we see number 338 – Jason Lawrence! But the leader is Josh Grant, and he’s followed by Ivan Tedesco. Then comes Nick Wey, and J-Law is fourth.

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 2 of 8

Josh Grant clicking his heels over the finish line in Heat 2.

The start is quite different from any other supercross we’ve seen. It’s a steep downhill! This track also has a big uphill and downhill, reminiscent of the AMA Supercross races that have been held here in the past.

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 3 of 8The downhill start for Moto X Super X

The results of Moto X Freestyle Round 1, Travis Pastrana is the leads with a score of 82.00, Nate Adams 79.00, Levi Sherwood 71.00, Mat Rebeaud 65.00, Rob Adelberg 62.00, Robbie Maddison 60.00, Dany Torres 55.00, Adam Jones 55.00.

At just about 5:45pm Pacific Time, the Women’s Moto X Super X event takes off in a 6 lap final. And it’s number 1 Ashley Fiolek in the lead. Jessica Patterson (2) is right behind Ashley.

Fiolek is leading, and it looks like Patterson has crashed. So it’s Fiolek, Tarah Geiger in second, and third is Sara Price. And Ashley Fiolek has won Gold in Women’s Supercross Finals!

Moto X Super X Women’s Final Results:

  1. Ashley Fiolek
  2. Tarah Geiger
  3. Sara Price
  4. Vicki Golden
  5. Jacqueline Strong
  6. Tatum Sik
  7. Jolene Van Vugt
  8. Sherri Cruse
  9. Elizabeth Bash
  10. Jessica Patterson (DNF)

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 4 of 8

Ashley Fiolek wins Gold in Moto X Super X Women.

“I am so excited right now! Christmas came early” claimed a tearful Ashley. “I just rode as smart as I could. I am so happy.”

The start of the Men’s Super X Supercross Main Event! And – Josh Hansen is the leader! In second place it’s Josh Grant, then Ivan Tedesco and Justin Brayton. This race will go 15 laps. After 5 laps, it’s Josh Hansen leading – he could win his third X Games Supercross Gold Medal in a row! Freaky! Josh Grant is second, Ivan Tedesco is third, Justin Brayton fourth, Dan Reardon fifth, Weston Peick sixth.

On lap ten, it’s Josh Hansen leading, Josh Grant second, Ivan Tedesco third, then Brayton, Reardon Nick Wey, Peick, Daniel Blair, J Decotis, Chris Gosselaar, Chris Blose, and Jason Lawrence.

And Josh Grant has passed Hansen for the lead! Hansen bobbles off the track and Tedesco goes by! It’s Josh Grant heading towards his first X Games Supercross Gold Medal! Tedesco is second, but being chased by Hansen.

Josh Grant wins the 2010 ESPN X Games 16 Los Angeles Super X Supercross Main Event!

Moto X Super X Final Results:

  1. Josh Grant
  2. Justin Brayton
  3. Josh Hansen
  4. Ivan Tedesco
  5. Dan Reardon
  6. Chris Blose
  7. Nick Wey
  8. Weston Peick
  9. Daniel Blair
  10. Jim Decotis
  11. Chris Gosselar
  12. Jason Lawrence

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 5 of 8Josh Grant is victorious in Supercross / Super X for X Games 16 Gold!

“I feel great, this is a great feeling. It’s right up there with my win in Anaheim” Josh Grant said. “It was a close race but to come away with the win is great. The atmosphere and the people are fantastic here at the X Games. If I wasn’t competing, I would still be here.”

Now it’s time for the Freestyle Moto X Finals. And of course, the crowd favorite? Travis Pastrana!

View Travis practicing his Freestyle MX routine earlier in the day.

The results of the Freestyle MX Finals? Travis Pastrana takes home the gold! His 16th Gold Medal at X Games!

Moto X Freestyle MX Final Results:

  1. Travis Pastrana 80
  2. Sherwood 79

“This is a great start to the X Games” said Pastrana. “Out of the four events I am competing in, this is the last one I expected to win.”

“When I saw the course, I felt that it really favored me,” Pastrana added. “It was a lot of fun, especially the wall rides, and I knew that the only way to beat everyone else was to bring back the double backflip.”

Skateboard Big Air Final Results:

  1. Jake Brown 93.66
  2. Bob Burnquist 93.00
  3. Rob Lorifice 87.66
  4. Pedro Barros 86.66
  5. Adam Taylor 80.00
  6. Edgard Pereira

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 6 of 8Jason Lawrence is back in action

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 7 of 8There was a Gold Medal party last with Freestyle Motocross winner Travis Pastrana!

X Games 16 - Day 1 of Competition - Photo 8 of 8And, Miss Ashley Fiolek with her Gold Medal after winning the Moto X Super X Women’s competition.

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