Glen Helen to host World Championship Motocross Grand Prix in 2010

We received this information from the FIM (Federation Internationale Motocyclist). Glen Helen MX Raceway will host the USGP of Motocros on May 30 this year. Rumor is they have also agreed to a five year agreement, which includes hosting of an upcoming Motocross of Nations event. More info to follow …

New 2010 World Motocross Grand Prix and Motocross of Nations Calendar – Date, Federation, City, Country

04 April BMF Sevlievo, Bulgaria

11 April FMI Mantova, Italy

25 April KNMV Valkenswaard, Netherlands

09 May FMP Agueda, Portugal

16 May RFME Bellpuig, Spain

30 May AMA Glen Helen, United States

06 June FFM Saint Jean d’Angely, France

20 June DMSB Teutschenthal, Germany

27 June Latvia Kegums, Latvia

04 July SVEMO Uddevalla, Sweden

01 August FMB Lommel, Belgium

08 August ACCR Loket Czech, Republic

22 August CBM Campo Grande, Brazil

05 September KNMV Lierop, Netherlands

12 September FMI Fermo, Italy

23, 24, September, AMA, Lakewood, Denver, Colorado USA

More info on Glen Helen World Championship Motocross Grand Prix – updated 1am April 1. 2010

Yesterday a five year contract was signed between Youthstream and Glen Helen Raceway for the organization of the FIM Motocross World Championship, Grand Prix of the United States of America. The 2010 Grand Prix of USA is to be held on the 29 and 30 May 2010. Glen Helen Raceway is one of the most famous and historical Motocross circuits in USA, and Youthstream is very proud to be bringing the FIM Motocross World Championship back to this prestigious venue in California.

“Today is a fantastic day for the whole Motocross world” Mr. Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, said. “I want to really thank Dr. Bud Feldkamp for his trust and enthusiasm towards us, so that the FIM Motocross can return to this great venue in the USA. Being near the industry and the teams, the location of the Glen Helen Raceway couldn’t be better. We are sure that together we will build a fantastic and stable event for those who come to the event and for those who will follow it via internet and television. Naturally all the top World Championship MX1 and MX2 riders will be participating and all the top American riders are very welcome, altogether we will make the ‘Race of the Century’.”

“We don’t have much time to organize everything for the 2010 MX Grand Prix, but we trust in the experience of the Glen Helen Raceway staff, FIM, AMA, the Youthstream staff and all our partners to organize the travel and to promote the event. Finally I would like to thank the FIM and AMA for their support, just as I would like to thank like all the other professional people and fans who support having an FIM Motocross Grand Prix in the USA and who, altogether, help us to succeed with this great event.”

Dr. Bud Feldkamp, President of Glen Helen Raceway, added: “I am very excited and enthusiastic to have this world class event at Glen Helen Raceway. It has been a life-long dream of mine and the staff to have this extraordinary World Championship event at Glen Helen. This will give motocross fans across the US an opportunity to see our top American riders compete against MX champions from around the world on US soil. Working with Mr. Giuseppe Luongo has been a pleasure and productive from the first moment we spoke. I am confident this is the launch of a long and beneficial relationship with FIM Motocross World Championships. What an opportunity to thank our fans and staff for their loyalty to motocross and Glen Helen throughout the years. The fans can be assured this event: ‘Race of the Century’ will be spectacular and continue for many years to come. We look forward to seeing everyone Memorial Day Weekend at Glen Helen for a race you will always remember.”

Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS President, ended: “This is the most exciting news for the Motocross fans all over the world and in particular in the USA. A US MX Grand Prix adds additional quality to the FIM Motocross World Championship Calendar and is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. My sincere congratulations go to Youthstream and Glen Helen Raceway for having made this important agreement.”

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Team Managers Eric Geboers & Thomas Ramsbacher of Suzuki World MX teams

Team Managers of the Rockstar Teka Suzuki World MX1 and Teka Suzuki Europe World MX2 squads, Eric Geboers and Thomas Ramsbacher, speak out on the imminent 2010 FIM Motocross World Championship, the new riders in their set-ups and the prospects for the season ahead.

The Grand Prix of Bulgaria at Sevlievo is the first round of 15 in the 2010 series and starts this coming Easter weekend.

Eric, a new rider and a new sponsor…the team seems to be moving from strength-to-strength despite these difficult times…

EG: Clement was confirmed late in the summer so the integration went smoothly over the winter time. The sponsor was only decided in February. Of course we were working on it behind the scenes for a while but the workload to integrate Rockstar in the team was immense. With Japan eight hours ahead and PST nine hours behind, Sylvain (Geboers’ brother and Team Principal) and I were making long shifts. We are really happy though with the operation we now have in place and that has been because of some excellent support.

What are your feelings about Clement Desalle? He seems a special rider in terms of speed and style. Is there still more to come from him both as a racer and representative of the team?

EG: Clement has a lot of potential to be a great motocross rider. If we can get him to adopt the knowledge we have in-house, he will be even stronger in the future.

Has the team changed its set-up for 2010? Any new technical partners or priorities for development on the RM-Z450?

EG: No major changes and we are pleased about that because we have very good partners.

What about the bike itself? In what ways has it changed for 2010 and what improvements did you want compared to 2009?

EG: As you know delivering good power with less noise has been the main focus and I am happy that we have improved in both directions.

Steve Ramon will have a new mechanic this year. Do you think this will bring out a different side to his riding?

EG: It was not an unexpected change and we knew already two years ago that Frank would stop to perform that role at the end of 2009. Bo is no stranger to Steve because they have worked together before and that will help both of them I’m sure.

Steve missed most of 2009 in what was his first serious injury problem. Do you think there is a bit more fire in the belly for 2010 as a result?

EG: Yes, I am sure he has set himself a big challenge this year.

With Ramon and Desalle, you have two quite different riders on the track. Is this a mix that was made on purpose and do you enjoy seeing this contrast?

EG: The choice was not made on purpose but it does bring us more information on the technical side because the difference is noticeable in all aspects of what they do.

The team won the GP of Limburg last year, which was one of the highlights of the season. Obviously it will be special to win at Lommel again, but are there any other events in which you think victory is a little sweeter than normal?

EG: No, not really, the championship is not decided at one GP so all 15 have the same importance!

How do you feel about the evolution of the world championship and the modern-day circuits?

EG: On the marketing side it is getting more professional every year. The circuits are leaning more towards outdoor Supercross which is good for TV but motocross in the ‘traditional’ sense is no longer present.

There is now a closer bond with the MX2 team and for the first timeee Suzuki could win championships in both classes. Are these exciting times?

EG: Very exciting and we all know that we are very happy and lucky to have a talent like Roczen. But yes, I am happy because in 2008 we announced a ‘return to dominance’ and we are on our way…

Thomas Ramsbacher:

Thomas, 2010 will be a big year for the team with arguably one of the fastest and most popular riders going for the championship. Are you excited about the season and the future of the team?

TR: Yes, we are very much looking forward to this season. It will be good to get out there racing again. The last couple of years have seen the team move forward thanks to some excellent support and it has been very positive to witness this; it makes all the hard work so much easier to bear. In terms of the championship, we did a good job in the winter and so we are prepared for the season. However, inside the team we did not put any pressure on people, especially not to the young riders. We want to do our best but we must also remember that our riders are learning and developing.

It is difficult to remember that Ken is still only 15. Will he need some protection at times? He is still learning but has already shown he can win….

TR: Yes, he is still a kid in many respects. If he wants something then he will do whatever he can to get it and that’s the same at the race track. I have known him now for six years and he is so focussed on his goals that we can’t believe it sometimes.

How is it working with a teenager? Can it be difficult sometimes?

TR: Sure! He is a normal 15 year old teenager with good and bad sides, but in the end he is a really open-minded and friendly guy; you can only like him!

Is there any way in which Roczen can still improve?

TR: Of course there are areas. We work hard together with his father Heiko on this. As you said we must remember that Ken is 15 years old and for sure he can’t be ‘perfect’.

Arnaud Tonus is new onboard for 2010. Why go for a younger rider instead of perhaps a more experienced racer; someone perhaps who has even won races before?

TR: Jens Johansson (technical co-ordinator) and I have an ongoing list of interesting riders; we like to watch and observe. Towards the end of 2009 when Xavier Boog indicated that he wanted a move to MX1 – and we were also assessing our options -we had narrowed our list down to two riders. We decided to go with Arnaud because with him we can make a bigger step in the next two years and that’s ultimately what we were looking for.

What qualities does Arnaud have as a racer and as a person?

TR: As a racer he is not afraid of anything and technically is very good; he impressed us so much in this respect! As a person he loves to train and loves his job as MX professional. He is an unbelievably-nice guy; friendly, well-educated and organised. His family is 100% behind him and is looking for the same goal as the team.

What will he bring to the team? Is he an exciting project?

TR: He is an interesting project that we are very much looking forward to developing. We want that he goes step-by-step – first walking then running – as we are not looking for the good results at the first GPs. We want a solid season from him.

In what way is the team allied to the MX1 set-up?

TR: The team is 100% owned by TEKA and GRP (MX1) is the technical supplier. This arrangement works very well for us as Jens Johansson is the man in GRP that co-ordinates the technical crew around him. We are a small and flexible group and I thinkk that is what makes the MX2 team so unique.

How important is the involvement of people like Teka, Suzuki Europe, Fox and Bischof?

TR: The MX2 project is running with the technical support from Suzuki, but the financial budget is in our hands and something that we have to take special care of. We owe a special thanks to TEKA who came onboard and helped us out so much at the end of 2008. Without them and our other important partners, the MX2 project cannot exist.

How has the RM-Z250 changed for 2010? In what ways is it a better bike?

TR: The bike has gone through a big step. With the 2009 machine we were able to have good results but with the 2010 bike I believe we are closer to our competitors than last year and we are able to win!

The team is now gaining a reputation as one of the top squads in the MX2 series. How does this make you feel?

TR: When I started to build-up the team in 2003 I tried to make one step after the other and make big changes when the opportunity presented itself. Our biggest move forward was in 2007 with Clement Desalle when we headed into Grand Prix and worked with him for two years. This stage provided a lot of experience and then we took the chance to work together with GRP for the MX2 project. I feel quite proud of where we came from and where we are, but for sure our work is not done. Hopefully we will make more progress in 2010 and 2011 should also be an important season…

How important is it to win the German Championship and to keep racing at home?

TR: It’s nice to remember our roots and keep in touch with the people there and I know Ken feels the same, but the focus is the 2010 World Championship and each fan and promoter in Germany can understand this. We try to do as many races as possible and I also think that the ADAC MX Masters is the best national series in Europe.

Teutschental was an amazing time in 2009 for the team. Is the main goal for 2010 to repeat these scenes at as many GPs as possible?

TR: Ohhh! If I had a wish then it would be to repeat that experience as often as possible! That was the greatest moment for all of us.

Can you be World Champions in 2010?

TR: To be World Champion is a very big thing. I honestly hope that we can finish in the top-three with Ken and top-10 with Arnaud in 2010. I believe Ken has the potential to be World Champion in the next two years.

Courtesy Suzuki

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2010 World Motocross Championships set to start

MX. GP. Europe. It’s where it all began. And the 2010 Series is set to start this coming weekend, in Bulgaria. You might think ‘Bulgaria .. that’s a strange place for a GP.’ And up until years past, you would be correct.

But Bulgaria has become one of the favorite places, and favorites tracks of many racers. With the help of the local, and federal government, the facility & circuit in Sevlievo have become one of the best in the world.

There will actually be three series starting at the first Grand Prix, that ultimately at the end of the season will determine three world motocross champions: MX1, MX2, and Women.

KTM has the defending champion racing in all three series! Antonio Cairoli from Italy is the defending MX1 World Motocross Champion. Marvin Musquin from France is the defending MX2 World MX Champ. And Stephanie Laier from Germany is the Women’s World Motocross Champion.

As with the start of any new season, you have many riders on new teams. Some include Josh Coppins on Aprillia. Ken de Dycker on Yamaha. Clement Desalle on Suzuki. And Livia Lancelot on KTM.

American Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek will be racing in the Women’s races! 15 year old Ken Roczen and Herlings will provide excitement. Former World Motocross Champion from Belgium Steve Ramon is back on form. And more will be covering all the races …

Here is more info on the 2010 FIM World Motocross Championships:

  • April 11 – ITALY – Mantova, Italy
  • May 30 – GREAT BRITAIN – Newport, Great Britain
  • June 6 – FRANCE – St. Jean d’Angely, France
  • August 8 – CZECH REPUBLIC – Loket, Czech Republic
  • August 22 – BRAZILCampo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
  • September 12 – ITALY – Fermo, Italy

And notice what the World Championships culminate with – the ‘Olympics of Motorcycling’, with each country battling to be the best – the Motocross of Nations – September 25 & 26 – Lakewood / Denver, Colorado – USA!!!

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Photo Feature: 2010 Supercross from Jacksonville

Photo Feature: 2010 Supercross from Jacksonville

Here are a few more photos from the 2010 Supercross in Jacksonville, Florida from last Saturday night.

Click here to view the results, point standings, and other photos from the Jacksonville Supercross race, won by Ryan Villopoto in the 450 Supercross class, and Christophe Pourcel in the 250 East division.

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images:

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Photo Feature: 2010 Supercross from Jacksonville - Photo 19 of 19

KIA X Games Asia 2010 Returns to China May 27 – 30

Top X Games Athletes and New Mini-MegaRamp(TM) Contest Disciplines Added to Asia’s Premiere Action Sports Event

KIA X Games Asia will return to Shanghai, China, for the fourth consecutive year May 27 – 30, and for the first time will feature the exciting new Skateboard and BMX disciplines of mini-MegaRamp contest. Several of the biggest names and most decorated athletes in X Games history have been confirmed to compete at the 12th annual event: eight-time gold medalist Andy Macdonald, six-time gold medalist Bucky Lasek, five-time gold medalist Pierre-Luc Gagnon, four-time gold medalist Kevin Robinson and eight-time medalist Simon Tabron.

Showcasing nearly 200 athletes from more than 30 countries, fans will see world-class competition in the sports of Skateboard, BMX and Aggressive In-Line Skate, as well as Moto X Big Air demonstrations. The event will betelevised live from Shanghai’s KIC Jiangwan Sports Center on Great Sports in Shanghai and across Asia on ESPN STAR Sports.

“We’re always delighted to be back in China to serve action sports as the X Games franchise continues to grow globally,” said Rick Alessandri, senior vice president and managing director, X Games franchise. “The progression of these sports continues, and we’re excited to further our relationship with KIA and continuing our commitment to bring world-class competition to the region.”

The Mini MegaRamp(TM) contests will feature Skateboard and BMX athletes dropping into a structure measuring 175 feet in length from a 30-foot high roll-in, launching over a gap 25-feet long and continuing into an 18-foot quarter-pipe. In addition, this year’s competitors can look forward to an increase in prize money as well as “jam session” formats new to KIA X Games Asia in the Vert and Street disciplines of Skateboard, BMX Freestyle and Aggressive In-Line Skate.

KIA X Games Asia has developed a strong global reputation with a significant increase in awareness about action sports in the region and is expected to draw another large crowd this year. Since 2007, the annual event has attracted more than 141,200 visitors in Shanghai and recorded its third consecutive record-breaking attendance last year with 54,500 spectators.

Sponsors and Partners: The KIA X Games Asia 2010 enjoys sponsorship support from Title Sponsor Kia Motors Corporation; Clear (Premium Sponsor); Pony (Gold Sponsor); Mountain Dew (Gold Sponsor); Challenge Skateboard (Official Skateboard Supplier); ELECOM (Official Supplier ); Pizza Boy ( Official Food Supplier ). It is also supported by Howard Johnson Caida Plaza (Official Hotel) and East Ticket (Ticketing Agent).

The event is proudly sanctioned by the Chinese Extreme Sports Association and is organized by ESPN STAR Sports, the Shanghai Media Group and the Shanghai Sports Federation. The Shanghai Yang Pu District Government is the event’s Special Organizer and Shanghai Sports Competition Management Centre is the Co-Organizer while the Great Sports & the Shanghai Extreme Sports Association are the Supporting Organiser. The KIC Jiangwan Sports Center is the Official Venue. Other partners include footprint & Koobee (Special Intranet Streaming Partner), M312, Soma Art, Linktune (Music Partner), Holiday (Official KTV) and Guandi (Official Club)

About ESPN’s X Games Franchise: ESPN held its first X Games in 1995. ESPN’s Global X Events and Development group is responsible for creating the company’s action sports programming currently airing on ESPN, ESPN2 and across its various international networks. In addition to the two U.S.-based X-branded events – X Games, and Winter X Games, ESPN has held X Games competitions and demonstration events around the world, including Dubai, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, China and Spain. The global X franchise has also expanded its reach to, the definitive site for action sports fans, and to consumer products such as X Games bikes, protective gear, skateboards and DVDs.

About MegaRamp Events: Inventor of MegaRamp skateboarding Danny Way is the only skateboarder to jump The Great Wall of China (2005), MegaRamp Events and ESPN debuted Skateboarding Big Air at X Games 2004. The BMX Big Air Event followed in 2006. Skateboarding Big Air MegaRail Best Trick followed in 2009. The first mini-MegaRamp contest debuted in 2009. This event is the first to feature skateboarding and BMX mini-MegaRamp contests outside North America. MegaRamp Events produces MegaRamp events around the world. For more information on MegaRamp:

Details and a list of scheduled athletes for KIA X Games Asia 2010 will be forthcoming on


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