Exclusive Mike Alessi video from Europe

Mike Alessi talks about his KTM, riding in Europe, missing supercross, and racing outdoors.

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Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Awards Unveiled

Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Awards Unveiled

MXSports, producers of the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Championship, are pleased to announce the awards for the event. The event, which is to be held March 7, 2010 at Daytona International Speedway, marks an important step in recognizing and supporting Amateur Supercross racing.

“We are very pleased with the selection of these prestigious awards,” said Tim Cotter, Director of MX Sports. “Winners will receive an award that depicts Ricky Carmichael at the World Center of Speed, Daytona International Speedway, which are two very successful and prestigious names in the world of racing. We expect to build this event into one of the leading Amateur Motocross races in the world”.

First through third places in each class will be awarded a trophy and third through tenth place finishers will receive a special plaque.

In addition, American Honda Motor Corp. has also stepped up to provide a $16,000 Contingency payout. Honda will pay out to the top 5 finishers in 20 classes. Furthermore, American Honda staff will be onsite with their Trackside Support Truck.

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Photo Feature: 2010 Supercross from Indy

Photo Feature: 2010 Supercross from Indy

Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto won his third 450 Supercross Main Event of the season, while defending East Regional Champion Christophe Pourcel won the first round of racing in the East.

Click here to view the results, points, additional photos & more from Round 7 of 2010 AMA / FIM Supercross race from Indianapolis.

Here are photos from the event, by Angela Hall. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image. Justin Barcia and Brett Metcalfe in mid-air at the Lucas Oil Stadium, Justin Barcia on the podium, Barcia 17 off a jump, Justin Brayton number 23, Christophe Pourcel number 1 thru the air, the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium, Martin Davalos leads another rider in the air, 108 is Pro Circuit Supercross rookie Dean Wilson, two shots of number 5 – Ryan Dungey, 341 is Nico Izzi, Josh Hill on the podium, Brett Metcalfe 24 and Justin Barcia 17 continue their battle, number 18 is Davi Millsaps, 250 East Supercross winner Christophe Pourcel on the podium, 450 Supercross winner Ryan Villopoto signs an autograph for a fan right after the race, Ryan with his trophy, 46 is Ryan Sipes, that’s Ivan Tedesco being introduced to the fans, 38 is Trey Canard, Ryan Villopoto confers with other team members after a moto, Nick Wey is number 27, Kevin Windham and Ryan Villopoto battle in the Main Event.

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World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli updates you on his MX pre-season so far

World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli updates you on his MX pre-season so far

Hey Everyone – I just got done racing the first two big pre-season international MX races in Italy & France, and I’d like to give you an update of my 2010 season so far!

First, Mantova, Italy, 6 & 7 February

We left for Mantova a few days early because on Thursday I trained near Mantova together with Mike Alessi. After that training day we arrived at the track in the night, and that was the first time we saw both of our team’s together, linked with the trucks in one big setting, it looked great!

On Friday it rained whole day, so we had time to catch up with all other riders, to chat about our winters and such. On Saturday my feeling on the track, and the feeling with my new 350 bike in Mantova was really good. I could ride some good last lap’s and I was looking forward to my first starts on my new KTM.

In training this winter, I rode both new KTM’s, the 350 and the 450. They are both great bikes, so I’m gonna use the pre-season races to decide which bike I’ll start the GP’s with in April.

Race day in Mantova: My three moto’s went really well on Sunday. I had good start’s and and was able win the first two heats. So that was a great start for my first race this year!

Results for Mantova MX:

1. Cairoli 70 p

2. Ramon 52 p

3. Desalle 51 p

4. Philippaerts 51p

5. De Reuver 48p

It was a busy weekend, and it was nice to see everybody again after the winter. It was also nice to ride for such great fans again!

After the race in Mantova I did go back to Rome, and I trained for two weeks together with Mike. The weather was terrible all over Europe, so it was hard to find a track for training, but near Rome we did have a few good and sunny day’s so we where able to train!

Second, Valence, France, 20 & 21 February

On Friday I flew with Mike, his girlfriend and dad to France for the race. Jill flew to the same airport, cause she was coming from Holland, where she works. So we all meet at the airport in Lion, and with a car full of bags we start off to Valence.

It was my first time riding in Valance, and when I was riding practice on Saturday I didn’t feel confident in my riding at all! The track was pretty dangerous, very difficult, and there where so many stones! Sunday I tried to ride for a good qualification time, ’cause I know that the start would be important! When you can make a good start you are a bit protected from the stone ‘rain’. I made the third best time, so that was great.

When I ride in preseason races I don’t wanna’ take any risks. It is just good training for myself, and we can test more things with the new bikes. I wanted to find out how I could start with my 350 on conditions like this. In all three races I had a really good starts, so we passed that test with the new bike again.

In moto one I made a really good start, but after a small mistake in the first corner, I fell back to fifth. Later, when I was riding in third position, Clement Desalle came close to me and he was pushing so hard, that I decided to take no risk and let him go. A few laps later, David Philippaerts passed me and I finished fifth. In moto two I grabbed the hole-shot, and I kept the lead until the finish – I won that race. In the SuperFinal (the 15 best of MX1 & MX2) I again had a great start, … I had a good battle with Steve Ramon, but in the end I could pass him and was able to win the SuperFinal as well!

Over all again a great weekend, but especially I learned a lot about my new bike. This is great training, and that’s the importance of pre-season races like this!

Valence International Motocross race results:


1. Antonio Cairoli

2. David Philippaerts

3. Steve Ramon

4. Anthony Boissiere

5. Seb Pourcel


1. Ken Roczen

2. Marvin Musquin

3. Steven Frossard

4. Gautier Paulin

5. Valentine Teillet

I’m back in Rome again with my team. We will train here this week, and then I will ride the next Italian MX Championship in Castilion del lago on Sunday, February 28! I’m looking forward to ride in Italy again for my fans, so I will see you there!


Tony – 222

You can access a lot more ‘Tony’ too! There is the ‘Tony Cairoli Official FaceBook Club‘, & Tony’s own website http://www.tonycairoli.com

And Tony’s Racer Profile on Supercross.com

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Suzuki & Steve Ramon share his blog

Suzuki & Steve Ramon share his blog

Suzuki Racing and 2007 World Motocross Champion Steve Ramon share a blog Suzuki does with their various racers. Below is what Steve Ramon has to say in his most recent blog.

A few days ago I rode at Lommel for an International race and it is not the first time I have ridden in the snow and ice, even if it is an unusual situation and a bit of a waste. We were told that the track would be cleared and graded before the meeting but they had a problem with the machinery on Saturday, so it was rock hard and difficult to ride on Sunday because it was so slippery. I did my motos and took it easy.

We usually have a few options for pre-season races every year but obviously the early months mean that these events can be victims of the weather and winter conditions. I have been at races where they have been cancelled at the last moment; in Lommel a decision like that was not made! The internationals are important because they allow you to build up your speed and confidence to be ready for the start of the World Championship.

One week beforehand we were in Italy for the Mantova Starcross and that was the first meeting for me and the team. I travelled to Italy with my dad and used his small camper. I had bought a new one but at the end of 2009 I lost the registration papers and hadn’t received the new version yet, so I needed him to drive me down there.

I was happy with the three motos, even if I did have a lot of arm-pump in the first race and had to slow down. The next two were fine and all of my starts meant I was right up there going for the lead in the first turns. I hadn’t been riding so much in January so I was a little surprised with how easily everything came to me; normally I am not that good in the first few outings of the year! The track was not easy and there were a lot of ruts as well as hard and soft parts of the terrain. It was hard to read sometimes.

Mantova was the start of a pretty heavy schedule of races for me. I had spent part of December in Portugal doing running and cycling and then came home to start riding in January but as the weather was so poor we headed to the south of France for a week. After that I managed a few trips to the sandy circuit of Dunkirk because most of the tracks in Belgium were still closed. So I came to Italy with not a great deal of track-time but it worked out OK.

The GPs are of course the most important races during the year but I like the Belgian Championship and will continue to do it. It means that I have a busy calendar but I think it gives my fans an extra chance to see me compete and I value the title.

I have a new mechanic, Bo, who worked with me a few years, again and is a good friend. With Frank taking a step back from his position, there was the chance for Bo to come into the team after previously working with the MX2 guys. I am happy he is with us and we get on well together. The RM-Z450 we used at Mantova is more or less my 2010 factory bike and there are no major differences, just some refinements here-and-there like a new silencer.

On Friday we will go to Valence for the next International and then stay in France for several days to do some testing. In two weeks we will be in the UK for Hawkstone. Before long Bulgaria and the first Grand Prix will be here!


To see Steve’s racer profile on Supercross.com, please visit this link

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