MX. GP. Europe. It’s where it all began. And the 2010 Series is set to start this coming weekend, in Bulgaria. You might think ‘Bulgaria .. that’s a strange place for a GP.’ And up until years past, you would be correct.

But Bulgaria has become one of the favorite places, and favorites tracks of many racers. With the help of the local, and federal government, the facility & circuit in Sevlievo have become one of the best in the world.

There will actually be three series starting at the first Grand Prix, that ultimately at the end of the season will determine three world motocross champions: MX1, MX2, and Women.

KTM has the defending champion racing in all three series! Antonio Cairoli from Italy is the defending MX1 World Motocross Champion. Marvin Musquin from France is the defending MX2 World MX Champ. And Stephanie Laier from Germany is the Women’s World Motocross Champion.

As with the start of any new season, you have many riders on new teams. Some include Josh Coppins on Aprillia. Ken de Dycker on Yamaha. Clement Desalle on Suzuki. And Livia Lancelot on KTM.

American Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek will be racing in the Women’s races! 15 year old Ken Roczen and Herlings will provide excitement. Former World Motocross Champion from Belgium Steve Ramon is back on form. And more will be covering all the races …

Here is more info on the 2010 FIM World Motocross Championships:

  • April 11 – ITALY – Mantova, Italy
  • May 30 – GREAT BRITAIN – Newport, Great Britain
  • June 6 – FRANCE – St. Jean d’Angely, France
  • August 8 – CZECH REPUBLIC – Loket, Czech Republic
  • August 22 – BRAZILCampo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
  • September 12 – ITALY – Fermo, Italy

And notice what the World Championships culminate with – the ‘Olympics of Motorcycling’, with each country battling to be the best – the Motocross of Nations – September 25 & 26 – Lakewood / Denver, Colorado – USA!!!

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