Supercross 2010 has started! Today was the Anaheim 1 press conference. Jason Weigandt introduced and MC’ed the press conference. The first rider introduced – Honda Red Bull racer Andrew Short.

Andrew said: I’ve been working on my speed, and things to improve speed specifically. I always want to improve, and our bikes have improved greatly since last year.

The next racer introduced, Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey. Ryan said: It’s a big step moving to the 450 Supercross class. As a kid I always imagined myself here – and here I am. The 450 has EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection (instead of a carb), and it’s great. My new mechanic this year is Mike Gosselaar. Our bikes are brand new, and fresh.

The next rider introduced, the Joe Gibbs Yamaha Toyota rider Josh Grant. There was some mystery surround Josh – it was not known if he was going to even be able to ride this weekend because of a practice crash earlier in the week. But here’s what Josh has to say: I feel great, even after crashing during the week. I fell in some whoops, and hit my head pretty hard. I’m going to be careful here as far as riding the next few days, and I’ll see how I feel Saturday night (Josh did ride in the limited practice / demo this afternoon). Winning A1 last year was priceless. And the look on my dad’s face, and winning in my home town – it was awesome.

Ryan Villopoto was the next rider up to address the media. Ryan said: I felt I had a lot of momentum at the end of last season. But this is a brand new season. I feel much better now than coming off the couch to race the US Open in Las Vegas last October after knee surgery. It was beneficial in a way though to actually have some time off (due to the knee surgery in the summer). It definitely is a benefit to have Chad (Reed) as my team-mate this year too.

Next rider up – Chad Reed. Chad said: Racing in Australia in my supercross series made for a nice transition to the Kawasaki. Kawasaki and Monster stepped up, and have allowed me to continue living my dream of racing supercross and motocross. It’s a new season – what happened last year is over. We can start this year new, and maybe create some new drama. My team-mate Ryan (Villopoto) and I have the same goal – to be in a position come the Vegas Supercross Finale in May to win the AMA Supercross Championship.

The final racer introduced? 2009 AMA Supercross Champion James Stewart. James said: Winning a supercross championship is much more than showing up on the weekends. Me and my team work very hard during each and every week. I think it’s going to be a fun and exciting year with all the guys – Chad, Ryan, Ryan, Josh, Andrew …. and more. I have my own reality TV show coming March 28th. It will be a fun part of my life, but a lot of it was done during this past summer. Now, it’s time for business – supercross. The 2010 Supercross season should be fun!

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2010 Supercross Press Conference from Anaheim 1 - Photo 1 of 25

Photos Gerald Geronimo. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger images! Top photo number 5 Ryan Dungey. Images below are: Chad Reed’s factory Kawasaki, James Stewart’s factory number 1 Yamaha, Josh Grant’s number 33 Yamaha, Ryan Dungey’s #5 factory Suzuki, Andrew Short addresses the media, Chad Reed talks 2010 Supercross, James Stewart shows off the championship ring presented to him by Dave Prater of Feld Motor Sports, James and his Supercross Championship ring, Josh Grant up on stage, Ryan Villopoto talking, Ivan Tedesco will be riding Yamaha’s this season, Monster Girl is … nice, hey – two Monster Girls are nice too! Close up of Ryan Dungey’s frame, Ryan Dungey being interviewed, inside Team Suzuki’s big rig, showing their number 1 plates, Andrew Short on the track, Chad Reed getting airborne – looking good! Number 1 on the track with the red number plate is Supercross Champion James Stewart (twice), number 33 is Josh Grant in the air on his Yamaha, number 5 is Ryan Dungey. Number 2 is Ryan Villopoto.

2010 Supercross Press Conference from Anaheim 1 - Photo 25 of 25

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