Dubach Racing Development (DRD) has started production on 2010 Honda CRF250R motocross / supercross bike exhaust system.

They received one of the first production units of the 2010 Honda CRF250R & immediately went to work testing, developing, and putting in laps at several motocross and supercross tracks. Their goal was to add balance to the power curve, improve the pulling power, and reduce overall weight.

The new DRD system enhances an adequate stock system with increased bottom end response, improved bottom-to-mid range with stronger pull, and without compromising the great top end power that Honda is famous for.

With the innovative changes that Honda has brought to the 2010 CRF250R, the DRD complete exhaust system is the perfect match to enhance it’s power.

The 2010 DRD Honda CRF250R exhaust retails for $549.95 and can be purchased at:


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