Antonio Cairoli, the defending World Motocross Champion in MX1, has won the Grand Prix of the Netherlands at the world famous Valkenswaard sand circuit. And 15 year old sensation Jeffrey Herlings, riding on his ‘home’ race track, won the MX2 Grand Prix.

MX1 Results

1. Antonio Cairoli 1/1 KTM
2. Steve Ramon 3/2 SUZ
3. David Philippaerts 2/4 YAM
4. Tanel Leok 5/3 HON
5. Max Nagl 4/6 KTM
6. Ken de Dycker 6/7 YAM
7. Evgeny Bobryshev HON
8. Jimmy Albertson HON
9. Davide Guarneri HON
10. Gareth Swanepoel HON
11. Kevin Strijbos SUZ
12. Xavier Boog KAW
13. Manuel Monni YAM
14. Sebastien Pourcel KAW
15. Josh Coppins APR
MX1 Point standings

Tony Cairoli 138
Max Nagl 120
Steve Ramon 101
David Philippaerts 100
Ken de Dycker 94
Clement Desalle 79
Xavier Boog 70
Tanel Leok 66
J. Barragan 56
Davide Guarneri 56
Jimmy Albertson 55
Evgeny Bobryshev 53
G Swanepoel 51
Seb Pourcel 50
Josh Coppins 49
MX2 Results
1. Jeffrey Herlings 1/1 KTM
2. Ken Roczen 2/2 SUZ
3. Steven Frossard 4/3 KAW
4. Shaun Simpson 3/7 KTM
5. Marvin Musquin 8/5 KTM
6. Joel Roelants KTM
7. J van Horebeek KAW
8. Christophe Charlier YAM
9. Arnaud Tonus SUZ
10. Harri Kullas YAM
11. Zach Osborne YAM
12. Dennis Verbruggen KTM
13. L Larrieu YAM
14. Jake Nicholls KTM
15. Petr Smitka KTM
MX2 Point standings

Ken Roczen 130
Marvin Musquin 129
Jeffrey Herlings 122
Steven Frossard 107
Arnaud Tonus 90
Shaun Simpson 87
J v Horebeek 80
Zach Osborne 78
Harri Kullas 61
Chris Charlier 60
Jake Nicholls 59
Joel Roelants 54
Dennis Verbruggen 47
Al Lupino 31
Matiss Karro 22

Valkenswaard Euro Circuit

MX1 – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider Tony Cairoli, the defending World Motocross Champion, shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, he’s getting better! Today, he won both heats of the Dutch MX GP. Former two-time World MX Champion Steve Ramon was second overall, with finishes of 3/2. 2008 FIM World Motocross Champion of MX1, David Philippaerts finished third overall. Tony Cairoli leads team-mate Max Nagl in the points chase, 138 – 120.

MX2 – Hometown racer Jeffrey Herlings, also riding for KTM, won both heats and the MX2 Grand Prix, in only his third ever professional GP! He is only 15 years old. Another 15 year old, Suzuki’s Ken Roczen, finished runner up to Herlings in both motos.

World MX 2 Champ Marvin Musquin had a less than stellar day, finishing fifth overall. Ken Roczen now leads Marvin Musquin in the MX2 point standings by 1 point!

Note: KTM has won every MX GP this season so far. Belgian Suzuki racer Clement Desalle did not score points in either moto – he crashed in the first moto and dislocated his shoulder. The next Grand Prix will be May 9 in Portugal, and that will also be round 2 of the Women’s World Motocross Championships. updates on Twitter Facebook

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Courtesy Youthstream, CDS, Steve Ramon Media, KTM, Suzuki

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Holland - Photo 18 of 18

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