Finale of the World Motocross Championships for 2010, in Fermo, Italy. Wonderful old school MX circuit, beautiful venue. Ken Roczen dominates in MX2 with a double moto sweep … Clement Desalle wins in MX1 for Suzuki sweep

MX1 Grand Prix Results


Clem. Desalle 4/1



Steve Ramon 1/4


Seb Pourcel 3/2


Xavier Boog 2/5


Max Nagl 6/3


D Philippaerts 7/6


Josh Coppins APR

R Goncalves KTM

D Guarneri HON


Greg Aranda KAW

Manuel Monni


Jim Albertson HON

M d Reuver


J Barragan



Tanel Leok

MX1 Point Standings

Tony Cairoli 625
Clement Desalle 537
David Philippaerts 502

Max Nagl 498

Steve Ramon 491
Tanel Leok 356
Xavier Boog 337
Ken de Dycker 331
Davide Guarneri 290

‘Bobby’ Bobryshev 270
R Goncalves 269
Josh Coppins 256
Kevin Strijbos 201
G Swanepoel 182
Seb Pourcel

MX2 Grand Prix Results
1. Ken Roczen 1/1



Gautier Paulin 4/3


Arnaud Tonus 5/4



S Frossard 11/2



Joel Roelants 6/6



Zach Osborne 8/5



Michael Lieb KAW

Jake Nicholls KTM


Chris Charlier YAM

M Musquin 2/dnf KTM

Al Lupino

J v Horebeek 3/dnf


Harri Kullas YAM


M Michek



Nik. Larsen


MX2 Points Standings

Marvin Musquin 635

Ken Roczen 574
Steven Frossard 478

Zach Osborne 397

Joel Roelants 396
Jeffrey Herlings 391

Arnaud Tonus 390
Shaun Simpson 367
J v Horebeek 365

Gautier Paulin 336
Harri Kullas 329
Chris Charlier 245
Jake Nicholls 241
Al Lupino 193
D Verbruggen 166


A beautiful setting and a real, old school MX track greet riders and fans at the Italian MX GP this weekend. The setting – just a few kilometers off the Adriatic coast, lush meadows and hillsides, vineyards, and a track that is truly something out of the past with it’s long, steep climbs and off camber sections.

In MX2, it was all Suzuki’s Ken Roczen, as he completely dominated both motos. In the first moto, MX2 World Motocross Champion Marvin Musquin was the early leader, but Ken passed Marvin early. Marvin would finish second in this heat.

In the second moto, Marvin again was the early leader, and he held off Ken a bit longer … but Ken would pass and go on to victory today. Marvin eventually pulled off in the second moto – a possible sore shoulder as well.

Second overall on the day goes to Gautier Paulin, on the Monster Energy Yamaha. Gautier is a former BMX Champion, who is ‘someone to watch’ in the future as he gets more experience in supercross and motocross racing.

American Zach Osborne rose to fourth place in the final point standings. Well done.

But the day belonged to Ken Roczen. He dominated in MX2. He and Marvin Musquin have put on ‘shows’ at almost every GP this season. Those two are head and shoulders above everyone else.

Here’s what Ken had to say, courtesy of Suzuki:

“This is what I wanted. I took two race wins and I was really going for it. I felt better today than I did yesterday and rode really well. I had a good fight with Marvin until he crashed in the second moto. Marvin has been a great opponent but lately I have come closer and showed that I can be good too. I had two fast starts and that really helped. I planned to make the break early and it worked to perfection even if I did have to wait a little bit in the first one because the track had been watered and was quite slick. We have had a season with some ups and downs but I am really happy to have finished my first full year in this strong way.”

And in the big bike class, MX 1 – let’s start with World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli – he pulled off halfway thru the first race – it was reported that he hurt his foot and went to the hospital. But he did come back to the track, his ankle is sore, and he watched the second moto, limping just a bit.He is now.

The first moto victory went to Steve Ramon. And it was a good race, with early leader Clement Desalle, and Kawasaki riders Sebastien Pourcel (Christophe’s brother) and Xavier Boog.

The second moto saw Desalle lead early and often – he would go on to the moto victory and the overall. Steve Ramon finished fourth in this moto, tying Clement on points (43 each) but Clement gets the overall victory due to the better second moto performance. Steve Ramon gets second overall, and Sebastien Pourcel third, in his best ride of the season.

And Clement raced to the win with a bruised back. Here is his quote from Suzuki after winning today.

“It is incredible for me to win here because I could not do anything during the week and was having a really tough time. Anyway I took second in the World Championship and we managed something special here today. I really want to thank my family, my girlfriend and the team for all their help this week. I knew after the first practice that I was in for a hard weekend and I was just focused on keeping that second place. I would actually like to win when I do not have an injury! The bruising actually improved in a few days during the week so I hope it will be much better very soon.”

Suzuki sweeps all three classes today (Roczen in MX2, Desalle in MX1, and Larissa Papenmeier in Women’s), but KTM sweeps all three FIM World Motocross titles – Musquin in MX2, Cairoli in MX1, and Laier in Women’s.

Italy had other news as well, with Cairoli and Philippaerts both being named to the Italian team for the upcoming Motocross of Nations in the USA. Read more …

And, in late breaking news, around 10:30pm local time in Italy, KTM announces it has signed Ken Roczen for 2011!

Here is video of Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin in the MX2 Qualifying Race

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2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 1 of 13

Here is part of the track. This photo does not do it justice – the hills are very long, and very steep!

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 2 of 13

The town that overlooks the race track

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 3 of 13

Red Bull presented Motocross World Champions Tony Cairoli (MX1) and Marvin Musquin (MX2) special awards in recognition of their 2010 MX World Championships

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 4 of 13

Marvin Musquin gets ready to plunge down one of the steep Fermo hills

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 5 of 13

Tony Cairoli!

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 6 of 13

David Philippaerts won Saturday’s MX1 Qualifying Race

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 7 of 13

Ken Roczen won the MX 2 Qualifying race on Saturday. And dominated the MX 2 Grand Prix on Sunday!

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 8 of 13

Gautier Paulin checkin’ out the competition

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 9 of 13

Sebastien Pourcel, number 90 on Kawasaki

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 10 of 13

Steve Ramon one hands it over a downhill jump (he’s tearing away a ‘tear off’ on his goggles)

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 11 of 13

Clement Desalle

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 12 of 13

MX1 Grand Prix winner – Clement Desalle from Belgium

2010 FIM World Motocross - Round 15 - Italy - Photo 13 of 13

Ken Roczen on his way to victory in moto 1 of the MX2 class


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