Round 7 of the AMA Women’s National Motocross Championship series! Jessica Patterson wins again! Ashley Fiolek gets second! One round remaining in the series at Pala Raceway next weekend for the championship! (You can also get’s iPhone app for results to your iPhone)

Women’s Results
1. Jessica Patterson 2/1


2. Ashley Fiolek 1/2


3. M Balbi 3/4


4. A Pearson 7/3


5. Sara Price 5/5


6. Tarah Geiger 4/7


7. Vicki Golden 9/6


8. Sherri Cruse 6/9


9. J Strong 8/10


10. S Whitmore 11/11


Women’s points

Jessica Patterson 335

Ashley Fiolek 313

Tarah Geiger 261

Vicki Golden 217

Sara Price 212

M Balbi


S Whitmore


A Pearson 172

Tatum Sik 152
J Strong


Steel City MX

Moto 1 – It’s Ashley Fiolek, the defending Women’s National Motocross Champion with the lead, and it’s current points leader Jessica Patterson on the ground. Patterson remounts, and is charging. At the end of the first lap, it’s Fiolek leading, Tarah Geiger is second, Mariana Balbi next, and Patterson comes by in about ninth.

The track at Steel City is classic outdoor MX. Lots of hills, set in a pasture-like area in Pennsylvania. Great setting for a race.

At the end of this first race, which is 15 minutes plus one lap, Ashley Fiolek has won! Jessica Patterson makes it all the way back to finish in second! Mariana Balbi takes third place! Then Tarah Geiger, S Price, Sheri Cruse, A Pearson, J Strong, V Golden and tenth goes to E Bash.

Moto 2 – Another battle between the top two contenders! Jessica Patterson with the early lead … but Ashley Fiolek makes the pass on lap three! But then Jessica passes Ashley back!

At the end of this moto – it’s Jessica Patterson with the moto win, and, she’ll take the overall victory as well! Ashley finishes second in this moto.

File photos:

2010 AMA Women's MX - Round 7 - Delmont, PA - Photo 1 of 2

Ashley Fiolek

2010 AMA Women's MX - Round 7 - Delmont, PA - Photo 2 of 2

Jessica Patterson

WMX Class Stats by MXSports

WMX Class Overall Wins

Jessica Patterson – 6, Ashley Fiolek – 1

WMX Class Moto Wins

Jessica Patterson – 9, Ashley Fiolek -5

WMX Class Wins by Brand

Yamaha – 6, Honda – 1

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