Round 3 for the AMA Women’s National Motocross Championship series! Jessica Patterson wins both motos, the overall victory, and extends her series points lead! (You can also get’s iPhone app for results to your iPhone) Ashley Fiolek finishes second overall.

Women’s Results
1. Jessica Patterson 1/1


2. Ashley Fiolek 5/2


3. Sara Price 2/6


4. J Strong 3/5 YAM

5. S Whitmore 6/4


6. V Golden 9/3


7. T Geiger


8. A Pearson


9. M Balbi


10. E Cook


Women’s point standings

Jessica Patterson 150

Ashley Fiolek 124

Tarah Geiger 109

Vicki Golden 97

Sara Price 88

M. Balbi 78

S Whitmore


J Strong


A Pearson 70
Tatum Sik 68

Thunder Valley MX

Moto 1 – Ashley Fiolek, the defending National Motocross Champion, with the early lead. But she’s involved in a crash! It’s Jessica Patterson now leading … S Price is second, then S Whitmore, A Pearson, V Golden, S Kaneshiro, J Strong, A Boham, P Cyrus, and tenth is Tatum Sik.

Jessica Patterson is leading by almost 30 seconds, and wins this first moto. S Price second. J Strong third, then T Geiger with a nice ride for fourth, and Fiolek comes all the way back to fifth. Then Whitmore, Balbi, Pearson, V Golden, T Sik, Kaneshiro and Cook. Shout out to J Ives – 16th!

Moto 2 – as the ladies lined up for their second moto – the wind, rain, and lighting started up big-time. Especially the wind. The start of the race was delayed, hoping the weather would improve. But at 5:42pm, they are lined up at the gate and taking off! Well …. it looks like maybe they are going to take off – it is not only extremely windy, and potentially dangerous with lightning, it has started to rain incredibly hard. Really hard!

At 5:50pm, in a pouring rain storm, thunder, lightning and wind – the girls take off for their second race!

The leader – number 2 on her Yamaha – Jessica Patterson! Second is S Price, then M Balbi, A Boham, P Cyrus, …. Fiolek is 27th.

Lightning and rain are making for some problems getting our electronics working 100% here : )

Jessica Patterson did sweep both motos, and win the overall. Defending Women’s National Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek finished second overall.

Jessica Patterson said she’s really thankful for her opportunities and team this year, and that things couldn’t be better. Being on her new team and all the positive people around her inspire her and improve her confidence.

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2010 AMA Women's MX - Round 3 - Lakewood - Photo 19 of 20

Ashley Fiolek

2010 AMA Women's MX - Round 3 - Lakewood - Photo 20 of 20

Jessica Patterson on her way to victory in the first moto.

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