Jessica Patterson wins round 1 by sweeping both motos at Hangtown! It’s the 2010 AMA Women’s National Motocross Championships! Defending Women’s National MX Champion Ashley Fiolek finishes second! Results, points, and photos below!

Women’s Results
1. Jessica Patterson 1/1


2. Ashley Fiolek 3/2


3. Tarah Geiger 2/6


4. M. Balbi 9/3


5. Alexa Pearson 5/5 YAM

6. E. Bash 8/4 HON

7. Vicki Golden 4/10 YAM

8. S Kaneshiro 7/9 SUZ

9. Tatum Sik 10/7 YAM

10. J Strong 14/8 YAM

Women’s point standings

Jessica Patterson 50

Ashley Fiolek 42

Tarah Geiger 37

M. Balbi 32

Alexa Pearson 32

E. Bash 31

Vicki Golden 29

S Kaneshiro 26

Tatum Sik 25
J Strong 20

Prairie City SRVA

Jessica Patterson won the overall by winning both motos. Jessica (2) riding a Yamaha. Defending Women’s National Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek finished second overall, and Tarah Geiger (18) finished third overall.

Jessica Patterson said, “I decided to change it up a bit this year. I’m excited. I’m on a new bike and a new team.”

2010 AMA Women's MX - Round 1 - Hangtown - Photo 9 of 10

2009 AMA Women’s Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek

2010 AMA Women's MX - Round 1 - Hangtown - Photo 10 of 10

Jessica Patterson – winner of today’s Women’s Race at Hangtown

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