Normally, my blog is about me. But today, it’s about the new, 2010 AMA Supercross Series Champion, Ryan Dungey! Below is the interview I did with Ryan:

2010 AMA Supercross Series Champion Ryan Dungey: Interview - Photo 1 of 3

The future Supercross Champion at one of his first professional races – Glen Helen National Motocross, September 2006

Amanda: Hey Ryan – congratulations. First 450 Supercross Championship – no big deal right? : )

Ryan: (Laughing) Yeah, no big deal.

No, actually we still have work to do – we are going to try and knock these three remaining races out as best as we can.

I am really excited though … but we have a few rounds remaining and I want to keep the momentum going. It’s definitely been a hard fought, long season for sure. We had some ups and downs, but we always kept pushing forward. It’s nice : )

Yes, it has been a long season – your primary thoughts so far?

Coming into the start of the season, I knew I wanted to be ‘up there’ … I knew I wanted to be winning races. I didn’t know if wins would happen quicker than normal, or sooner rather than later … but I knew I wanted to be a top contender for sure.

In the off season, I really put in a lot of time, and I prepared well. I knew when I showed up at Anaheim 1 that I did everything I possibly could to be my best. Then I felt “Now let’s go racing”.

At Anaheim 1 I was able to get a good result, and then at Phoenix I was able to get my first win. That was a big step in the right direction. Awesome. It was a great experience.

Then, as the season progressed, it changed a little bit, a couple rounds were pretty tough for me … but I was able to get it back together in Indianapolis. Then I got some wins at Atlanta and Dallas.

But let’s just go back to this weekend in St. Louis. It was a pretty good race. Things really heated up there. At the end of the night to come out on top with the win was a great feeling.

It doesn’t sound like you are ready to celebrate yet though. Are you waiting to do that in Las Vegas instead?

There are three races left, and I definitely want to try and go out there and stick to our same game plan. But I’m definitely happy about everything. I think I just want to wait until everything is set and done and that’s when it’s time to celebrate a little bit.

I’m definitely happy. Like I said, it’s been a long, hard fought year. Not only for me, but for all the people working behind me to make this happen – winning the Supercross title. It is most definitely a dream come true. It’s one of the things you dream about when you grow up (in this sport). It’s been an amazing experience. It’s also been an amazing journey for myself, my family, my friends, and all of the team. It’s touched all of us …. it’s truly amazing.

Was there one race that was ‘the’ race for you this season?

You know, coming into St. Louis this past week, before the actual race, I knew it was going to be an important race. Coming off of Houston, which was a tough race, I knew I needed to get it back together and go for the win.

Me and Roger (De Coster) talked that night and we both agreed this was very important if we were going to keep going in the right direction. No matter what happened (that night) we knew and wanted to come away with a win. I couldn’t hold anything back.

I know that a lot of things that happened in that race were weird, but at the same time, before the race we all knew it was going to be a big one. We just knew that St. Louis was going to be a big and important race for the Supercross Championship.

2010 AMA Supercross Series Champion Ryan Dungey: Interview - Photo 2 of 3

Ryan Dungey, getting a little coaching from Rick Johnson at one of his first professional races – Glen Helen National MX, September 2006

I can imagine that the season was stressful at times. I know we talked a few times during the year, and you expressed that as you were getting closer towards the end of the series. Now we have three races left – what is the game plan for you for those three events? Do you take it easy? Do you try and have fun? Or are you going into those races to win?

To win every race, and to win the rest of the races in this series, is always the goal. Of course, the big goal in Supercross was to win the championship, and we did that. From here on out, those final three races, I’m going to go out and try to win those races. Going to stick to the same game plan.

We’ll probably start to get ready for outdoors as well. Those races will be coming up fast and we need to get ready. I just want to stay focused.

Ryan, how do you really plan on celebrating? Are you going to celebrate there in Florida with your family? Are you going to let it all hang out in Vegas? You going to buy a fast car? What’s the plan?

(Laughing) I don’t know!! I can tell you – no cars. Cars are tough. Really, I can tell you, we’ve just been doing the same thing all season. It’s just “Go go go!” all season. There wasn’t, and really isn’t much time for relaxation and calmness, and now …. I really haven’t had much time to think about it. We all just focused on that Supercross Championship.

Now that things are looking good, I’m sure I’m going to celebrate with my family and friends … I don’t know where … I don’t know when … but it is something we need to celebrate, and have a good time. When the time’s right …

Is there a way you can reward your team and all the people that helped you in winning this 2010 AMA Supercross Championship?

Definitely. All the mechanics and Roger and Mike Gosselaar (Ryan’s mechanic) …. everyone from Team Rockstar Makita Suzuki, … they’ve been in it all the way. And you need a team behind you 100%. We all work great together and it’s a solid team. They and Suzuki gave me a chance in the very beginning … and that’s something I’ll never forget. I definitely gotta’ take care of the guys from Suzuki – whatever they want to go out and do – we’ll do.

Ryan, once again, congratulations on winning this Supercross Championship. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but before you, only Jeremy McGrath had won the supercross title in his first full year in the premiere Supercross class. And now you – you are following in some big footsteps!

You know, I was watching that Legends of Supercross show a while back, and I was thinking “Only one rookie has ever won that Supercross title … that would be really cool to do.” To now have it happen, it’s definitely special.

2010 AMA Supercross Series Champion Ryan Dungey: Interview - Photo 3 of 3

Ryan Dungey – en route to winning the 2010 AMA Supercross Series Championship!

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