Ryan Dungey has won the 450 National Motocross today, making it his seventh victory in a row. He swept both motos. Trey Canard has done the same in the 250 class – sweeps both motos under sunny skies! It’s Trey’s third overall victory in a row! Dungey leads 450 points, Christophe Pourcel leads 250cc points.

450 Motocross Results
1. Ryan Dungey 1/1


2. Andrew Short 2/2


3. Brett Metcalfe 3/5


4. Thomas Hahn 7/3


5. Nick Wey 10/6


6. Ryan Sipes 5/11 YAM

7. Kevin Windham 9/9


8. Kyle Chisholm 8/10


9. Dan Reardon 12/7


10. K Cunningham 11/8

11. Mike Alessi 6/13


12. Josh Grant 4/16


13. Justin Brayton 17/4


14. Weston Peick


15. Ben Evans


16. Steve Clarke


17. Matt Moss


18. J Browne


19. D Anderson


20. T Pugmire


450 Points

Ryan Dungey 368

Andrew Short 273

Brett Metcalfe 257

Josh Grant 238

Ben Townley 223

Mike Alessi 219

Chad Reed 204

Ryan Sipes 166

Kyle Chisholm 158
Kyle Regal 157

Thomas Hahn 150

Nick Wey 139

K Cunningham 132
Dan Reardon 110

Justin Brayton
Davi Millsaps 76

Kevin Windham 58

Matt Goerke 58

S Clarke 49
Weston Peick


250 Lites Results
1. Trey Canard 1/1


2. Chris Pourcel 2/2


3. Tyla Rattray 4/3


4. Blake Wharton 5/4 HON

5. Dean Wilson 6/6


6. Jake Weimer 3/11


7. Eli Tomac 7/9


8. Tommy Searle 10/7


9. Vince Friese 12/12


10. Martin Davalos 22/5


11. Nico Izzi


12. D Durham

13. T Weeck

14. Travis Baker

15. L Smith

16. Justin Barcia 32/10


17. C Johnson

18. M Lemoine

19. T Ingalls

20. Tevin Tapia

250 Lites Points

Chris Pourcel 340

Trey Canard 302

Dean Wilson 294

Tyla Rattray 286

Justin Barcia 212

Blake Wharton 209

Broc Tickle 209

Eli Tomac 200

Jake Weimer 195
M Davalos 163

Tommy Searle 116

Wil Hahn 106

Darryn Durham 88
Cole Seely 83

Vince Friese 75
Max Anstie 72

Nico Izzi 69

Alex Martin 66
Blake Baggett 58
Matt Lemoine


Washougal Motocross Park

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450 Moto 1 – Big news before the race – defending 450 Motocross Champion Chad Reed will not be racing, most likely for the rest of the season. He has Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).

The start of this moto goes to the holeshot leader in the 450 class for 2010 – Red Bull Honda’s Andrew Short. At the end of lap one – it’s Short, Kevin Windham, and Ryan Dungey top three. Lap times for the top riders are in the 2 minute 12 second range.

Dungey has passed Kevin Windham, and moved into second. Brett Metcalfe has also passed Windham. The top five right now – Short, Dungey, Metcalfe, Windham, and fifth is Josh Grant.

About ten minutes into this 30 minutes plus 2 lap race, Ryan Dungey has moved past Short and into the lead. Dungey is now is his ‘normal’ spot – the lead. Short is second, then Metcalfe, Windham, and Josh Grant.

The Washougal track has long been a staple of American Motocross. And it is a beautiful place to see, and to be at. It’s in the Pacific Northwest, up in the mountains a bit, lots of trees, and lots of steep hills. The track is always nicely prepared. Perfect place for MX! And it is a beautiful summer day as well – clear blue skies.

Just past the halfway point – Dungey out front, Short second, then Metcalfe, Josh Grant, Thomas Hahn, Kevin Windham, Ryan Sipes, and Mike Alessi.

As this race winds down – no change at the front – Dungey out front, Short second, Metcalfe third.

As the checkered flag falls on this first race of the day, Ryan Dungey has won this first moto! Andrew Short second, Brett Metcalfe third. Then – Josh Grant, Ryan Sipes, Mike Alessi, Thomas Hahn, Kyle Chisholm, Kevin Windham, Nick Wey, and Kyle Cunnigham. Ben Townley crashed early on, and finished poorly.

250 Moto 1 – It’s the guy on a roll – Trey Canard with the lead! At the end of lap one – it’s Trey Canard leading, Dean Wilson is second, Jake Weimer is third, Justin Barcia fourth, Blake Wharton is next, then Nico Izzi, Tyla Rattray and Christophe Pourcel.

On lap three – Dean Wilson goes down. The running order – Canard, Weimer, Barcia, Wharton, Rattray, Pourcel, Izzi, and Matt Lemoine.

As the race is coming down to the just over ten minutes left … a few changes. It’s still Trey Canard up front. And Jake Weimer second. But Justin Barcia has pulled off the track, pointing toward the engine. Christophe Pourcel is passing quite a few guys, as is Eli Tomac. The running order at the top – Canard leading, Weimer second, Pourcel is now into third! Then Blake Wharton, Tyla Rattray, and Eli Tomac. Wilson has come up to 11th place.

On lap 13, Pourcel squeezes past team-mate Weimer. So, it’s still Canard leading, then Pourcel, Weimer, Wharton, Rattray, Tomac, Baker, Izzi, Wilson, and Tommy Searle in tenth.

At the checkered flag – Trey Canard takes the 16 lap race win! Pourcel is second! Jake Weimer is third, then Tyla Rattray, Blake Wharton, Dean Wilson, Eli Tomac, Travis Baker, Nico Izzi, Tommy Searle and Matt Lemoine.

450 Moto 2 – the start once again goes to Andrew Short! Ryan Dungey is second, and Kevin Windham is third. Big collision in the second corner. At the end of the first lap, Short is leading, Windham has moved to second, and Dungey is third. Matt Moss is fourth, Justin Brayton fifth. Ben Townley did not start this moto. Mike Alessi is near last – a victim of that big pile up.

Short is leading. If he were to win this moto, he would secure the overall victory. On lap five, Dungey has now moved past Windham. The running order as they start lap six – Short, Dungey, Windham, Brayton, Thomas Hahn, Nick Wey, Matt Moss, Josh Grant, Daniel Reardon.

On lap 8, approximately the halfway point of this race – Ryan Dungey makes his move, closes up right next to Short – and makes the pass for the lead! It’s Dungey, Short, Windham, Hahn, Brayton, Wey, Grant, Reardon, and Brett Metcalfe ninth.

After all the big and little set-backs Tommy Hahn has had this season, he’s looking good today. On lap ten, he moves into third place, passing Windham. As they start lap 12, it’s Dungey, Short, Hahn, Brayton, Windham, Wey, Metcalfe, Dan Reardon, Kyle Cunningham, and Kyle Chisholm.

Ryan Dungey is once again, out front, with a big lead, heading towards his seventh overall victory in a row. The 2010 Supercross Series champion is making it look easy …

The checkered flag – Dungey wins again! Double moto sweep! Battling until the very end, it’s Andrew Short holding onto second. Thomas Hahn with a great ride to take third, Brayton with a great ride as well to take fourth. Metcalfe moves all the way up to fifth. Sixth is Nick Wey, then Reardon, Cunningham, Windham, Chisholm, and 11th is Ryan Sipes.

250 Moto 2 – it’s Trey Canard with the early lead! As they start lap two, it’s Canard, Christophe Pourcel, Tyla Rattray, Jake Weimer and Martin Davalos. Then Blake Wharton, Tommy Searle, Darryn Durham, T Weeck, and Justin Barcia tenth.

As they start lap five, it’s still Trey Canard leading, Christophe Pourcel second, Tyla Rattray third, Jake Weimer fourth, then Davalos, Wharton, Searle, Durham, Barcia, and Eli Tomac is tenth.

At the end of 12 laps, it’s Trey Canard leading with a nice sized advantage over second place Christophe Pourcel. Tyla Rattray is third. Blake Wharton fourth, then Martin Davalos, Dean Wilson, Eli Tomac, Tommy Searle, Durham, Barcia, and 11th is Jake Weimer after falling.

The checkered flag … and it’s Trey Canard winning again! His third overall 250 MX victory in a row! Christophe Pourcel finishes second, then Tyla Rattray, Blake Wharton, Martin Davalos, Dean Wilson, Tommy Searle, Darryn Durham, Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia, and 11th is Jake Weimer.

It’s a retro theme event, so here are some ‘retro’ photos from Washougal:

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal - Photo 1 of 3

Washougal 2006: James Stewart leading Ricky Carmichael.

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal - Photo 2 of 3

Washougal 2003: James Stewart on a KX 125 two stroke!

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal - Photo 3 of 3

Washougal 2006: Ryan Villopoto on Monster Energy Pro-Crcuit Kawasaki

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