Ryan Dungey Supercross Champion, and points leader in 450 outdoor Motocross wins at Thunder Valley MX track in Colorado today! Chris Pourcel sweeps both motos in 250 class!

450 Motocross Results
1. Ryan Dungey 2/1 SUZ
2. Ben Townley 6/2 HON
3. Brett Metcalfe 4/4 HON
4. Josh Grant 1/10 YAM
5. Andrew Short 8/3 HON
6. Kyle Regal 9/6 HON
7. Kyle Chisholm 7/8 YAM
8. Mike Alessi 12/5 KTM
9. Chad Reed 10/7 KAW
10. Justin Brayton 13/9 YAM
11. Dan Reardon 11/11
12. Thomas Hahn 3/35 SUZ
13. K Cunningham
14. Nick Wey KAW
15. Grant Langston YAM
16. S Clarke
17. Ryan Sipes
18. W Peick
19. D Anderson
20. K Summers
450 Point standings

Ryan Dungey 218
Brett Metcalfe 167
Chad Reed 160
Mike Alessi 154
Andrew Short 153
Josh Grant 152
Ben Townley 151
Kyle Chisholm 108
Thomas Hahn 101
Kyle Regal 94
Ryan Sipes 88
K Cunningham 79
Davi Millsaps 76
Nick Wey 72
Justin Brayton 62
Dan Reardon 59
Matt Goerke 58
Michael Byrne 32
Grant Langston 27
Ken de Dycker 23
250 Lites Results
1. Chris Pourcel 1/1 KAW
2. Trey Canard 3/2 HON
3. Dean Wilson 2/3 KAW
4. Tyla Rattray 4/4 KAW
5. Blake Wharton 6/5 HON
6. Broc Tickle 5/6 YAM
7. M Davalos 8/8 YAM
8. Eli Tomac 7/9 HON
9. Cole Seely 9/12 HON
10. Justin Barcia 16/7 HON
11. Vince Friese
12. Alex Martin
13. K Rusk
14. H Hewitt
15. D Durham
16. Max Anstie YAM
17. Jake Weimer KAW
18. Matt Lemoine
19. L Smith
20. Jake Canada
250 Lites Point standings

Chris Pourcel 219
Dean Wilson 185
Tyla Rattray 180
Trey Canard 162
Broc Tickle 151
Justin Barcia 140
Eli Tomac 135
Blake Wharton 112
M Davalos 108
Wil Hahn 106
Jake Weimer 105
Tommy Searle 69
Max Anstie 64
Cole Seely 62
Blake Baggett 58
Darryn Durham 48
Vince Friese 35
Alex Martin 35
H Hewitt 34
Matt Lemoine 30

Thunder Valley MX

450 Moto 1 – Andrew Short is the leader on the first lap! Andrew’s lead is short-lived though … he falls on second lap. Supercross Champion, and current 450 Motocross points leader Ryan Dungey takes over the lead! Then, Josh Grant comes charging by Ryan and he takes over the lead!

It’s Josh Grant leading, Ryan Dungey second, Brett Metcalfe is third …. followed by Thomas Hahn, Kyle Cunningham, Ben Townley, and Kyle Chisholm. Short is in 9th. Chad Reed is in 11th, Mike Alessi 12th. The top guys are running lap times in the 2 minute 11 second range.

It was hot earlier in the day, but as this moto starts, the temp is just right, it is a high overcast, with a few drops of rain.

As the moto goes on, the running order on the beautiful prepared Thunder Valley Motocross track – Josh Grant, Ryan Dungey, Thomas Hahn, Brett Metcalfe, K Cunningham, Townley, Chisholm, Reardon, Short in ninth, then Kyle Regal and Reed and Alessi 11th and 12th.

In this 30 minute plus 2 lap moto, Josh Grant has won! He went a total of 16 laps. Ryan Dungey finishes second, Thomas Hahn third. Then it’s Metcalfe, Cunningham, Townley, Chilsholm, Short, Regal, Reed 10th, then Dan Reardon, and Mike Alessi.

250 Moto 1 – the leader at the end of the first lap – Christophe Pourcel! Christophe is the East 250 Supercross Champion, and leading the 250 outdoor MX point standings. In second place, it’s number 108 Dean Wilson. Those two are followed by Trey Canard, Martin Davalos, Blake Wharton, Tyla Rattray, Broc Tickle and Max Anstie. Eli Tomac is 10th. Jake Weimer 24th. Justin Barcia 37th.

On the eighth lap of this race, it’s Pourcel still leading team-mate Wilson by about four seconds. Trey Canard is third. Then Davalos, Wharton, Rattray, Tickle, Tomac, Seely, Anstie 10th. Weimer is 15th. Barcia 24th.

12 laps in, Christophe Pourcel is out front and looking smooth … pulling ever-so-slowly away from team-mate Dean Wilson. Third is Canard, fourth is now Tyla Rattray, then Wharton, Tickle, Davalos, Tomac, Cole Seely, Max Anstie .. and Jake Weimer has moved up to 11th. Barcia is 17th.

At the end of this 16 lap race, it’s Christophe Pourcel winnning! Second is team-mate Dean Wilson, then Trey Canard, Tyla Rattray, Broc Tickle, Blake Wharton, Eli Tomac, Martin Davalos, Cole Seely, and Jake Weimer comes all the way up to 10th. Then Alex Martin, Max Anstie, and Vince Friese. Barcia gets 16th position.

450 Moto 2 – It’s Andrew Short with the lead! And first moto winner Josh Grant crashes in the first corner, tumbling over the front end of his bike.

The running order on the third lap is: Andrew Short first, Ryan Dungey second, Ben Townley, Kyle Regal, Brett Metcalfe, Thomas Hahn, Mike Alessi, Kyle Chisholm, Chad Reed and Matt Moss. Josh Grant is 30th.

On lap four, Ryan Dungey moves swiftly past Short and into first position. Now running Dungey, Short, Townley, Regal, Metcalfe, Hahn, Alessi, Chisholm, Reed. Grant is up to 18th!

At the eight lap mark – Dungey out front, now Townley into second, then Short, Metcalfe, Alessi, Regal, Chisholm, Reed, Brayton, Dan Reardon, and Josh Grant up to 11th!

On lap 11 – Dungey leading Townley by almost 15 seconds. Short third. Metcalfe fourth. Then Alessi, Regal, Reed, Chisholm, Brayton, Reardon, and Josh Grant.

Another 16 lap race, and … it’s Ryan Dungey with the win! And the overall victory! He extends his 450 Motocross series points leader as well!

Top ten in this moto – Dungey, Townley, Short, Metcalfe, Alessi, Regal, Reed, Chisholm, Brayton, Grant 10th!

Regarding the point standings, Dungey has a nice point lead over the new second position racer – Brett Metcalfe. And look at the battle in points between Short, Grant, and Townley!

Ben Townley commented it’s the first time he’s been on the podium in AMA Motocross since 2007.

Ryan Dungey said he’s really enjoying racing in the 450 class. He also talked about next week’s race at Red Bud – great dirt, great elevation changes, great crowd, always fun.

250 Moto 2 – It’s Trey Canard with the hole-shot! At the end of one lap, it’s Trey Canard in first, Blake Wharton second, Dean Wilson third, followed by Tyla Rattray, Christophe Pourcel, Vince Friese, Jake Weimer, Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia, and Matt Lemoine tenth.

West Supercross Champ Jake Weimer goes down. As they start lap four, it’s Trey Canard leading, Blake Wharton in second, Dean Wilson third, Christophe Pourcel fourth, Tyla Rattray fifth.

On the eighth lap, it’s Canard leading Christophe Pourcel by just a few bike lengths. Dean Wilson is about 5 seconds behind those two. Then Wharton, Rattray, Barcia, Tickle, Tomac, Davalos, Friese, Seely.

It’s starting to get very cloudy, and very windy … but it’s great motocross!

Christophe Pourcel, after 16 laps, has won this race, and the overall victory, and, extends his 2010 250 MX points lead!

Second in this moto goes to Trey Canard, then Dean Wilson, Tyla Rattray, Blake Wharton, Broc Tickle, Justin Barcia, Martin Davalos, Eli Tomac, and Darryn Durham.

Look at the 250 point standings – Pourcel has a commanding lead, but those top three are all part of the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Racing Team (Pourcel, Wilson, Rattray).

Christophe Pourcel commented that is was a great day for him. He got good starts, he won both motos – all good!

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