Kevin Windham wins Steel City 450 Motocross! Supercross & MX Champion Ryan Dungey already clinched the 2010 AMA 450 Motocross Championship last week – but he DNF the first moto today, but came back to win the second moto. There is still a battle in the 250 MX class between current series leader Christophe Pourcel, and Trey Canard – with just one round left in the series, Trey Canard trails Christophe by 7 points. Trey swept both motos in today’s 250 MX race!

450 Motocross Results
1. K Windham 1/2


2. Brett Metcalfe 2/3


3. Justin Brayton 5/4


4. Andrew Short 4/5


5. Mike Alessi 7/7


6. Ryan Dungey 40/1


7. N Paluzzi 10/8


8. Kyle Chisholm 14/6


9. Rob Kiniry 9/11


10. Ben Townley 3/37


11. Nick Wey 13/10


12. Ben Evans


13. Ryan Sipes 6/19

14. Michael Byrne 8/18

15. Matt Goerke 18/9


16. Austin Howell

17. S Borkenhagen

18. Steven Clarke


19. Jason Lawrence


20. L Spangler

450 Points

Ryan Dungey 493

Brett Metcalfe 356

Andrew Short 351

Mike Alessi 301

Ben Townley 291

Josh Grant 260

Kyle Chisholm 238

Ryan Sipes 211

Chad Reed 204
Nick Wey 201

Kyle Regal 201

Thomas Hahn 193

Justin Brayton 177
Kevin Windham 153

Dan Reardon 134

K Cunningham 132

Matt Goerke 108

Davi Millsaps 76

S Clarke 75
Michael Byrne


250 Lites Results
1. Trey Canard 1/1


2. Chris Pourcel 2/2


3. Tyla Rattray 3/4


4. Eli Tomac 4/5


5. Broc Tickle 7/8


6. Justin Barcia 10/6 HON

7. Blake Wharton 9/7


8. Wil Hahn


9. Dean Wison


10. Darryn Durham

11. Martin Davalos

12. G Swanepoel

13. Alex Martin

14. Cole Seely HON

15. Nico Izzi


16. T Weeck

17. L Smith

18. Tevin Tapia

19. Shawn Rife

20. Shane Durham

250 Lites Points

Chris Pourcel 443

Trey Canard 436

Tyla Rattray 402

Dean Wilson 387

Justin Barcia 317

Eli Tomac 296

Blake Wharton 285

Broc Tickle 259

M Davalos 229
Jake Weimer 195

Wil Hahn 185

Cole Seely 131

Darryn Durham 126
Tommy Searle 116

Nico Izzi 105
Vince Friese 91

Alex Martin 90

Les Smith 76
Matt Lemoine 76
Max Anstie 72

Steel City MX

450 Moto 1 – It’s Andrew Short with another holeshot! But for the first time this season, Ryan Dungey is having a big problem. He’s fallen … and then rides directly into the pits. Meanwhile, out front – number 24 Brett Metcalfe has passed Short and is leading! Andrew Short in second. Then Kevin Windham.

Steel City Raceway is partly known for being one of the longer tracks on the AMA circuit. Lap times run almost 2 minutes 30 seconds!

On the fifth lap, it’s Brett Metcalfe leading, Shorty is second, Kevin Windham is third, then Justin Brayton and Ben Townley. Mike Alessi follows. Ryan Dungey is going to have his first DNF of the season – he is out with a broken front brake.

To read a very in-depth interview with Ryan Dungey after he won the AMA 450 Motocross Championship last week in Southwick, go here!

Lap 6 – Kevin Windham is making his move. He’s moved past Short and into second. It’s Honda 1-2-3-4 with Metcalfe leading, Windham second, Short third, and Townley in fourth!

Kevin Windham is a man on a mission! He’s overtaken Metcalfe (who had a small problem) and is now leading! Kevin Windham is leading just past the 20 minutes mark of this 30 minute plus two lap race! Metcalfe second, Short third, Townley fourth, then Justin Brayton, Ryan Sipes and Mike Alessi.

But Brett Metcalfe has not given up. He’s gotten around Windham and is back into the lead! Metcalfe first, Windham second, Townley has moved to third, Short fourth, and then Justin Brayton.

But wait – Kevin Windham is not done. He’s passed Metcalfe back with less than 2 laps to go! Windham is looking really good out front. He seems to be getting faster as the race comes near it’s end!

The finish – Kevin Windham wins the first moto! Brett Metcalfe is second, Ben Townley third, Andrew Short fourth – Honda 1-2-3-4! This race goes 15 laps. Justin Brayton takes fifth, then Ryan Sipes, Mike Alessi, Michael Byrne, Rob Kiniry, and newcomer N Paluzzi tenth on a Yamaha (taking Josh Grant’s place for Joe Gibbs Racing).

250 Moto 1 – Tyla Rattray with the holeshot! At the end of the first lap though – it Christophe Pourcel taking over the lead from his team-mate! Rattray is now second, third is Canard. Wow – Canard has moved up quickly to Pourcel! Pourcel now leading, Canard second – the top two guys in the 250 AMA MX series up front!

Even though Pourcel and Canard are the ‘cream of the crop’, and already dominating this race – Canard has gone past Pourcel and into the lead on lap 3! And then Pourcel comes back just a little while later and passes back. They are very close together! Great race!

But Canard has passed Pourcel again! At about the 20 minute mark, it’s Canard out front, Pourcel in second, Tyla Rattray is in third, then Cole Seely, Eli Tomac, Nico Izzi, Wil Hahn, Broc Tickle, Justin Barcia, and tenth is D Durham.

At the end of this race, it’s Trey Canard with the win! Christophe Pourcel finishes second! A ways back is Tyla Rattray in third, … then Eli Tomac fourth, Wil Hahn next, then Nico Izzi, Broc Tickle, D Durham, Blake Wharton, and Justin Barcia finishes tenth.

The track at Steel City is classic outdoor MX. Lots of hills, set in a pasture-like area in Pennsylvania. Great setting for a race.

450 Moto 2 – Andrew Short – another holeshot! But quickly Kevin Windham and Ryan Dungey are by. The running order on lap three now – Kevin Windham leading! Ryan Dungey is second, then Short, Justin Brayton, Kyle Chisholm, Brett Metcalfe, Mike Alessi, Rob Kiniry, and N Paluzzi!

Ryan Dungey has moved past Kevin Windham. It’s Dungey, Windham, Short, Brayton, Metcalfe, Chisholm, Alessi, Paluzzi, Ryan Sipes, Rob Kiniry, and Matt Goerke in 11th.

At the halfway point of this race, it’s Champ Dungey leading, Kevin Windham second, but in line to win the overall! Then Justin Brayton third, Metcalfe, Short, Chisholm, Alessi, Paluzzi, Sipes, Goerke.

At the end of this final 450 race, it’s Ryan Dungey with the moto win. But in second place, it’s Kevin Windham. And with his moto finishes of first and second, Kevin Windham has won this overall victory! Brett Metcalfe finishes in third, then Justin Brayton, Andrew Short, Kyle Chisholm, Mike Alessi, N Paluzzi, Matt Goerke, and Nick Wey tenth.

250 Moto 2 – At the end of the first lap, it’s Pro-Circuit rider Dean Wilson with the lead. Second is Eli Tomac. Nico Izzi is third, Trey Canard fourth, then Tyla Rattray, Justin Barcia, and next is Christophe Pourcel.

Canard gained three points on the points lead the Pourcel had at the beginning of the day. It was 13, at the start of this moto it was down to 10.

Right now, at the five lap mark, it’s Dean Wilson leading, Tomac still holding second, Canard has moved into third. Then Rattray, and Pourcel. Izzi back a bit, then Barcia and Durham.

Even though Dean Wilson is in the lead, just past the halfway point, we’ve got the battle for the championship going on! Canard is second, Pourcel is third! Rattray fourth, Tomac fifth, Justin Barcia, and Blake Wharton.

On lap 11, Canard has passed Wilson and is leading. Pourcel has gone past Wilson and into second. Can you believe it? The top two riders in AMA 250 MX battling up front all day! Canard leads with 2 laps, Pourcel next, then Wilson, Rattray, Tomac, B Wharton, J Barcia, Broc Tickle, Martin Davalos, and tenth is D Durham.

This race goes 14 laps, and … Trey Canard has won this moto! And the overall! And closes in three more points on Christophe Pourcel, who finished second in this moto! The next weekend’s race at Pala Raceway will determine the 2010 AMA 250 National Motocross Championship! Pourcel leads Canard by seven points going into next Saturday’s final race of this series!

Third in this moto – Dean Wilson, then Tyla Rattray, Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia, Blake Wharton, Broc Tickle, Martin Davalos, and tenth belongs to D Durham.

File photos:

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 11 - Delmont, PA - Photo 1 of 2

Kevin Windham

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 11 - Delmont, PA - Photo 2 of 2

Trey Canard

Info courtesy MX Sports

Series Statistical Report

  • Steel City is the second of two rounds held in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • The renowned facility has hosted an AMA Motocross event since 1989.
  • The Steel City track is one of the most picturesque on the circuit and features one of the most technically challenging layouts of the 12 national events.
  • Ryan Dungey and Ashley Fiolek clinched their respective 250 and WMX Class titles at Steel City last season.
  • Ryan Dungey’s nine straight victories are the most ever by a rookie and the most ever by a rider that didn’t achieve a sweep of all 12 rounds.
  • Dungey’s nine wins ties the rookie record set by Ricky Carmichael.
  • Dungey has swept both motos at the last five rounds and has captured 16 of the last 18 motos. He boasts an average finish of 1.9 and remains the only rider in the class to capture more than one moto win.
  • With his ninth win in the 450 Class, Dungey sits 13th on the all-time wins list and has more 450 Class victories than he did through three years of 250 Class competition.
  • Dungey possesses the best average finish of any rider in the 450 Class at 1.9 and best average start at 3.0.
  • Andrew Short has the most holeshots in the class with eight.
  • Through 10 rounds of his rookie season, Ricky Carmichael had seven overall wins. He went on to win the final three rounds to bring the total to nine.
  • Through 10 rounds of his rookie season, Ricky Carmichael had 12 moto wins. Dungey has 16.
  • Dungey currently boasts an 11-moto winning streak. Carmichael’s longest in his rookie season was five.
  • Throughout his entire rookie season, Carmichael had five moto sweeps. Dungey has seven through 10 rounds.
  • Only Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki and GEICO Powersports Honda riders have won 250 Class motos in 2010. Each team boasts five overall victories.
  • Tyla Rattray has only one moto win this season, and has surprisingly has led just one lap. Both of his overall wins have come from a pair of runner-up efforts.
  • Of the five different winners in 10 rounds of the 250 Class, four were first-time winners in 2010.

450 Class Stats

  • The first 450 Class race held at Steel City was September 4, 1994. Mike LaRocco won on a Kawasaki.
  • This will be the 17th time the gate will drop for a 450 Class race at Steel City.
  • Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham, Jeff Emig and James Stewart have won at Steel City in both classes. Ryan Dungey will look to join that group.
  • Ricky Carmichael won five consecutive races at Steel City from 2002 to 2006.
  • From 1989-1993, Steel City hosted the 500cc National Championship. Kawasaki won all five races with Jeff Ward winning from 1989-1992.
  • Suzuki and Kawasaki have swept Steel City in both the 450 and 250 classes twice, Honda has done it once.
  • After an eight year drought at Steel City, Kawasaki has gone back-to-back with wins and stands as the winningest manufacturer at the track.
  • Tommy Hahn became just the second first-time winner at Steel City last season.

Wins by brand at Steel City

Kawasaki – 6, Suzuki – 4, Honda – 4, Yamaha – 2

First Time Winners at Steel City

Grant Langston, 2007 – Yamaha, Tommy Hahn, 2008 – Kawasaki

Riders to win Steel City in both classes

James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham, Jeff Emig

Brand Sweeps at Steel City

Kawasaki: Mike LaRocco, Robbie Reynard – 1994

Honda: Jeremy McGrath, Steve Lamson – 1995

Suzuki: Ricky Carmichael, Broc Hepler – 2005, 2006

Kawasaki: Tommy Hahn, Christophe Pourcel – 2009

Past Winners at Steel City

September 5, 2009 Tommy Hahn, Decatur, TX Kawasaki

August 31, 2008 James Stewart, Haines City, FL Kawasaki

August 26, 2007 Grant Langston, South Africa Yamaha

September 3, 2006 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Suzuki

September 4, 2005 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Suzuki

September 5, 2004 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Honda

August 31, 2003 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Honda

September 1, 2002 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Honda

September 2, 2001 Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS Suzuki

September 3, 2000 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Kawasaki

September 5, 1999 Greg Albertyn, South Africa Suzuki

September 6, 1998 Doug Henry, Oxford, CT Yamaha

August 31, 1997 Jeff Emig, Riverside, CA Kawasaki

September 1, 1996 Jeff Emig, Riverside, CA Kawasaki

September 3, 1995 Jeremy McGrath, Murrieta, CA Honda

September 4, 1994 Mike LaRocco, South Bend, IN Kawasaki

450 Class Overall Wins

Ryan Dungey – 9, Chad Reed – 1

450 Class Moto Wins

Ryan Dungey – 16, Mike Alessi – 1, Josh Grant – 1, Chad Reed – 1, Andrew Short – 1

450 Class Wins by Brand

Suzuki – 9, Kawasaki – 1

450 Class Laps Led

Ryan Dungey – 157, Andrew Short – 56, Brett Metcalfe – 25, Ben Townley – 20, Mike Alessi – 19, Josh Grant – 19, Chad Reed – 16, Kevin Windham – 7, Clement Desalle – 4

450 Class Holeshots

Andrew Short – 8, Brett Metcalfe – 3, Ryan Dungey – 2, Kevin Windham – 2, Mike Alessi – 1, Justin Brayton – 1, Chad Reed – 1, Ryan Sipes – 1

250 Class Stats

  • The first race was held at Steel City on October 1, 1989. Jeff Matiasevich won on a Kawasaki.
  • This will be the 22nd time the gate will drop at Steel City for a 250 Class race.
  • Three riders have won back-to-back races at Steel City: Robbie Reynard (93-94), Kevin Windham (96-97), and Broc Hepler (05-06). James Stewart won three in a row (2002-2004).
  • Robbie Reynard and James Stewart are the winningest riders at Steel City with three victories each.
  • Suzuki has won three of the last five races at Steel City. Kawasaki has won two of the last three.

Wins by brand at Steel City

Kawasaki – 10, Suzuki – 6, Yamaha – 3, Honda – 2

First time winners at Steel City

Jeff Matiasevich, 1989 – Kawasaki

Last win by brand at Steel City

Kawasaki – 2009, Suzuki – 2008, Yamaha – 1997, Honda – 1995

Past Winners at Steel City

September 5, 2009 Christophe Pourcel, France Kawasaki

August 31, 2008 Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN Suzuki

August 26, 2007 Ryan Villopoto, Poulsbo, WA Kawasaki

September 3, 2006 Broc Hepler, Kittanning, PA Suzuki

September 4, 2005 Broc Hepler, Kittanning, PA Suzuki

September 5, 2004 James Stewart, Haines City, FL Kawasaki

August 31, 2003 James Stewart, Haines City, FL Kawasaki

September 1, 2002 James Stewart, Haines City, FL Kawasaki

September 2, 2001 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Kawasaki

September 3, 2000 Travis Pastrana, Annapolis, MD Suzuki

September 5, 1999 Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL Kawasaki

September 6, 1998 Robbie Reynard, Norman, OK Suzuki

August 31, 1997 Kevin Windham, Baton Rouge, LA Yamaha

September 1, 1996 Kevin Windham, Baton Rouge, LA Yamaha

September 3, 1995 Steve Lamson, Pollock Pines, CA Honda

September 4, 1994 Robbie Reynard, Moore, OK Kawasaki

September 5, 1993 Robbie Reynard, Moore, OK Kawasaki

September 27, 1992 Jeff Emig, Highland, CA Yamaha

September 29, 1991 Guy Cooper, Stillwater, OK Suzuki

September 30, 1990 Mike Kiedrowski, Canyon Country, CA Honda

October 1, 1989 Jeff Matiasevich, La Habra Heights, CA Kawasaki

250 Class Overall Wins

Trey Canard – 4, Christophe Pourcel – 2, Tyla Rattray – 2, Eli Tomac – 1, Dean Wilson – 1

250 Class Moto Wins

Christophe Pourcel – 9, Trey Canard – 6, Justin Barcia – 2, Tyla Rattray – 1, Eli Tomac – 1, Dean Wilson – 1

250 Class Wins by Brand

Honda – 5, Kawasaki – 5

250 Class Laps Led

Christophe Pourcel – 101, Trey Canard – 91, Dean Wilson – 40, Justin Barcia – 35, Eli Tomac – 35, Wil Hahn – 13, Tommy Searle – 2, Tyla Rattray – 1

250 Class Holeshots

Eli Tomac – 5, Christophe Pourcel – 4, Trey Canard – 3, Wil Hahn – 3, Dean Wilson – 3, Justin Barcia – 1, Nico Izzi – 1

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The USA Team for Motocross of Nations has been officially announced. Managed by Roger De Coster, the team consists of Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, and Trey Canard. James Stewart will not be on the team.

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