Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey sweeps both motos for overall victory, his ninth in a row, and clinches 2010 AMA 450 National Motocross Championship at legendary Southwick! Tyla Rattray victorious in 250 MX, as points battle between Christophe Pourcel and Trey Canard tightens in chase for the 250 MX Championship!

450 Motocross Results
1. Ryan Dungey 1/1


2. Mike Alessi 3/4


3. Matt Goerke 6/3


4. Kyle Chisholm 4/6


5. K Windham 7/5


6. Nick Wey 8/9


7. Ben Townley 34/2


8. Thomas Hahn 2/32


9. Brett Metcalfe 14/7


10. D Reardon 13/11


11. J Brayton 16/10


12. Kyle Regal 5/38


13. Ryan Sipes


14. S Sewell


15. Rob Marshall


16. Rob Kiniry


17. J Morrison


18. A Short 15/17


19. John Dowd 11/39


20. D Anderson


450 Points

Ryan Dungey 468

Andrew Short 317

Brett Metcalfe 314

Mike Alessi 273

Ben Townley 271

Josh Grant 260

Kyle Chisholm 216

Chad Reed 204

Kyle Regal 201
Ryan Sipes 194

Thomas Hahn 193

Nick Wey 182

Justin Brayton 143
K Cunningham 132

Dan Reardon 128

Kevin Windham 106

Matt Goerke 93

Davi Millsaps 76

S Clarke 67
Weston Peick


250 Lites Results
1. Tyla Rattray 2/2


2. Justin Barcia 4/1


3. Trey Canard 1/9


4. Wil Hahn 3/5


5. C Pourcel 7/3 KAW

6. Dean Wilson 5/4 KAW

7. Eli Tomac 6/7


8. G Swanepoel 10/6

9. M Davalos 11/8


10. Broc Tickle 8/11


11. B Wharton 14/12


12. T Weeck 13/13

13. Cole Seely 9/17


14. Ian Trettel 17/10 SUZ

15. Les Smith

16. Nico Izzi

17. James DeCotis

18. T Medaglia

19. Vince Friese

20. P Nicoletti


250 Lites Points

Chris Pourcel 399

Trey Canard 386

Tyla Rattray 364

Dean Wilson 363

Justin Barcia 291

Eli Tomac 262

Blake Wharton 259

Broc Tickle 232

M Davalos 210
Jake Weimer 195

Wil Hahn 159

Tommy Searle 116

Cole Seely 114
Darryn Durham 102

Nico Izzi 93
Vince Friese 91

Matt Lemoine 75

Alex Martin 73
Max Anstie 72
Les Smith


Motocross 338

There are three story lines coming into Southwick:

  1. First, as always, the track itself. Southwick is a historical part of the AMA National Motocross Series. Along with it’s history – the track itself is a brutal sand track. Lines changes each lap, and it gets rougher and rougher as the day goes on.
  2. Ryan Dungey can clinch the 2010 AMA 450 National Motocross Championship. If he does, he will have put his stamp on the sport in America for 2010. The premiere Supercross Championship, and possibly today, the premiere 450 Motocross (outdoor) Championship.
  3. Battle-royale in the 250 MX class. It’s really down to Pourcel (leading) and Canard (chasing, but on a roll having won the last four events). This 250 Championship could come down to the final moto at Pala Raceway September 11.

450 Moto 1: Brett Metcalfe is the early leader. Ryan Dungey is near the front, while Andrew Short (his closest competitor for the points chase) is getting bounced off the race track and is back near 30th.

The weather and the track are perfect right now. As they start lap five of this 30 minutes plus two lap race, it’s Brett Metcalfe leading. Ryan Dungey is second, then Thomas Hahn, Kyle Regal, Mike Alessi, Kyle Chisholm, R Kiniry, Nick Wey, Kevin Windham, and John Dowd rounding out the top 10! Lap times for the top riders are right around 2 minutes.

At the halfway point Metcalfe is still leading, and Dungey is making his usual charge, having closed right up on Metcalfe. Thomas Hahn is a ways back in third, and even further back in fourth is Mike Alessi. Then it’s Regal, Chisholm, Townley, and Wey. Dowd is now 15th, while Short is 20th.

On lap 11, Dungey is right behind Metcalfe. Together, they are slicing thru this track and thru lapped riders, almost in tandem.

Dungey doesn’t have to win, but he’s pushing on Metcalfe for the lead. Metcalfe though is holding his own and is still leading! Dungey second, Hahn third, then Alessi, Regal, Chisholm, Windham, Matt Goerke, and Wey. Dowd is 13th and Short is 15th.

On the 17th and final lap of this first race, Brett Metcalfe is just a few corners away from his first ever 450 win! But we don’t see Brett Metcalfe here at the finish! Ryan Dungey comes across with the win! Where is Metcalfe?

The top ten: Dungey first, Hahn way back in second, almost one minute behind Dungey. Mike Alessi third, then Kyle Chisholm, Kyle Regal, Matt Goerke, Kevin Windham, Nick Wey, R Marshall, R Kiniry and John Dowd finishes 11th.

With this moto win, Ryan Dungey has clinched the 2010 AMA 450 Motocross Championship Series with five motos still to be run in the season!

Metcalfe is being scored as 14th and Short is being scored as 15th but Honda riders did not finish the race. There is speculation that they both ran out of fuel, but we don’t know that for sure. Sand tracks use more fuel than a normal track.

250 Moto 1: The early leader is Wil Hahn, racing the Troy Lee Honda. Trey Canard, the man with four victories in a row, is running second. Third position is Nico Izzi, then Martin Davalos, Dean Wilson, Tyla Rattray, Cole Seely, Eli Tomac, Blake Wharton, Gareth Swanepoel (from South Africa and normally racing MX GPs), Justin Barci and then Christophe Pourcel.

At the halfway point, Canard wants past Wil Hahn for the lead. It’s Hahn leading, then Canard, followed by Tyla Rattray, Eli Tomac, Dean Wilson, Nico Izzi, Justin Barcia, Cole Seely, Blake Wharton, Martin Davalos and Pourcel is stuck in 11th.

On lap ten, Trey Canard has passed Wil Hahn and moved into first position. Canard, Hahn, Rattray, Tomac, Wilson, Barcia, Seely, Izzi, and next Pourcel in ninth.

Canard is still leading, but now Tyla Rattray is right on his rear wheel! Pourcel is in seventh. There are two laps left in this race. They are battling!

At the finish – 17 laps complete, it’s Trey Canard winning the race! Tyla Rattray is second, then Wil Hahn with a nice third place finish. Fourth is Justin Barcia, fifth Dean Wilson, then Eli Tomac, Christophe Pourcel with seventh. Then it’s Broc Tickle, Cole Seely and Gareth Swanepoel to complete the top ten. Trey has gained 11 points in just this one moto.

450 Moto 2: At the end of lap one it’s Ben Townley the leader. Ryan Dungey is second, then Kevin Windham, Mike Alessi, and last year’s ‘wick winner Matt Goerke fifth. Metcalfe is 32nd, Short is 36th and Dowd is 39th.

On lap six Ryan Dungey has made his move into the lead. Dungey is first, Townley now second, Windham third, Alessi fourth, Goerke is next, and then Thomas Hahn sixth. Metcalfe is 20th, Short is 26th and John Dowd and his Kawasaki have pulled off the track.

Conditioning and confidence come into play on a rough track like this. Dungey is way out front, heading to another double moto sweep, and his ninth overall victory in a row. He’s out front and cruising – leading second place Townley by almost 30 seconds. On lap 13, Dungey is first, Townley is second, Matt Goerke has moved into third, Mike Alessi is fourth, and Kevin Windham is fifth.

As the checkered flag waves at the finish of this 17 lap race, Ryan Dungey takes the second moto win! Ryan Dungey takes the overall victory – his ninth victory in a row! And Ryan Dungey claims the title – 2010 AMA 450 National Motocross Champion!

Top ten in this moto – Dungey, Townley, Matt Goerke, Mike Alessi, Kevin Windham, Kyle Chisholm, Brett Metcalfe all the way to seventh, Ryan Sipes, Nick Wey, and Justin Brayton.

Notable: James Stewart did not race and has decided to withdraw from the remainder of the AMA MX Series.Click here to read why.

Congratulations to Ryan Dungey, 2010 AMA 450 National Motocross Champion!

250 Moto 2: At the end of the first lap, it’s Justin Barcia leading! Wil Hahn is second, then Christophe Pourcel third, Tyla Rattray fourth, Dean Wilson fifth, and Trey Canard sixth.

More race drama though – on lap four, both Dean Wilson and Trey Canard have hit the ground. As we start lap five, the running order is Barcia out front, Pourcel is second, Rattray third, Wil Hahn fourth, newcomer Ian Trettel on a Suzuki next, then Dean Wilson, G Swanepoel, and next is Trey Canard. Ninth is Broc Tickle, and tenth Eli Tomac.

At the halfway point, Justin Barcia is still leading. Then Tyla Rattray is second, followed by team-mate and series points leader Christophe Pourcel. Fourth is Wil Hahn, then Dean Wilson, G Swanepoel, Ian Trettel, and eighth is Trey Canard. Ninth Eli Tomac and tenth is Broc Tickle.

They are coming to the end of this race. This one will be 17 laps as well. Justin Barcia wins this moto! Tyla Rattray is second, Christophe Pourcel third, followed by Dean Wilson, Wil Hahn, G Swanepoel, Eli Tomac, Martin Davalos, Trey Canard ninth, and Ian Trettel tenth.

Congratulations on the 250 overall victory to Tyla Rattray, but also congratulations to he and his fiance, as they became parents very early this morning with the birth of their first child!

The points battle between leader Pourcel and second position Canard has closed a bit. Canard has gained another three points on Pourcel. It could all come down to the final moto of the season the way it’s been going this year!

Saturday Sept. 4 is the next race in Delmont PA, with the finale of the 2010 AMA Pro Motocross season the following Saturday, Sept. 11, at the new Pala Motocross Raceway in northern San Diego.

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The USA Team for Motocross of Nations has been officially announced. Managed by Roger De Coster, the team consists of Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, and Trey Canard. James Stewart will not be on the team.

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Check out some past photos from Southwick in 2009. Justin Barcia won the 250 class and Matt Goerke won the 450 class. Ryan Dungey was battling with Chris Pourcel for the 250 title, while Chad Reed would go on to win the 450 title.

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 10 - Southwick, MA - Photo 1 of 7

Justin Barcia in 2009 signing autographs at Southwick

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 10 - Southwick, MA - Photo 2 of 7

Matt Goerke – Southwick 2009

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 10 - Southwick, MA - Photo 3 of 7

John Dowd – Southwick 2009

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 10 - Southwick, MA - Photo 4 of 7

Ryan Dungey – Southwick 2009

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 10 - Southwick, MA - Photo 5 of 7

Christophe Pourcel – Southwick 2009

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 10 - Southwick, MA - Photo 6 of 7

Ryan Dungey – 2010 AMA 450 Motocross Champion!

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 10 - Southwick, MA - Photo 7 of 7

Tyla Rattray 2010 overall 250 winner at Southwick


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