Chad Reed wins AMA 450 Motocross in Sacramento! Mike Alessi second overall in 450 MX! Eli Tomac wins his first ever pro race in 250 MX Lites! It’s round 1 of the 2010 AMA National Motocross Championships! 250, 450, and Women! It here at ‘Hangtown’!.

450 Motocross Results
1.Chad Reed 1/3


2.Mike Alessi 4/1


3.Davi Millsaps 3/2


4.Brett Metcalfe 5/4


5.Josh Grant 2/10


6.Ben Townley 6/7


7.Ryan Sipes 7/8


8.Ryan Dungey 10/6


9.Ken de Dycker 8/11


10.Andrew Short 15/5


11.Ben Lamay 13/12


12.Thomas Hahn 9/17


13.Mike Brown 14/13


14.Kyle Regal 19/9


15.Dan Reardon 17/14YAM

16.Kyle Chisholm 16/15


17.Matt Goerke 11/40YAM

18.Michael Byrne 12/24

19.Nick Wey 18/18


20.G Langston 21/16


450 Point standings

Chad Reed


Mike Alessi43

Davi Millsaps42

Brett Metcalfe


Josh Grant33

Ben Townley29

Ryan Sipes27

Ryan Dungey26

Ken de Dycker23
Andrew Short


Ben Lamay17

Thomas Hahn16

Mike Brown15
Kyle Regal14
Dan Reardon11
Kyle Chisholm11

Matt Goerke10

Michael Byrne9
Nick Wey6
G Langston5

250 MX Lites Results
1.Eli Tomac 3/1


2.Chris Pourcel 1/3KAW

3.Trey Canard 7/2HON

4.Jake Weimer 4/8KAW

5.Justin Barcia 5/7


6.Dean Wiison 10/4


7.Broc Tickle 11/5


8.Wil Hahn 13/6


9.Tommy Searle 2/31


10.Tyla Rattray 8/16


11.Max Anstie 12/14


12.M. Davalos 16/11


13.Ryan Morais 14/13


14.Blake Baggett 6/36


15.Darryn Durham 19/9


16.Blake Wharton 9/25


17.Travis Baker 23/10


18.Nico Izzi 22/12


19.J. Decotis 15/19


20.P. Nicoletti 21/15


250 MX Lites Point standings

Eli Tomac45

Chris Pourcel45

Trey Canard36

Jake Weimer


Justin Barcia30

Dean Wilson29

Broc Tickle26

Wil Hahn23

Tommy Searle22
Tyla Rattray


Max Anstie16

M Davalos15

Ryan Morais15
Blake Baggett15
Darryn Durham14
Blake Wharton12

Travis Baker11

Nico Izzi9
J Decotis8
Phil Nicoletti6

Prairie City SRVA

It’s the 42nd running of the ‘Hangtown’ Motocross, which is just east of Sacramento. Clear, bright conditions great all the riders as they start their 2010 outdoor MX season, including the Women.

At just past 1pm, the first 450 moto of the season blasts off. The early leader – defending AMA 450 Motocross Champion Chad Reed. Chad is riding with the number 1 red plates on his Kawasaki. Second place is David Milsaps, then Mike Alessi, Josh Grant, and Ben Townley.

Reed is looking smooth, and aggressive. Ryan Dungey is in 15th position. The track is very well prepared. The fastest lap times are in the 2 minute 14 second range.

As the race passes the 20 minute mark, it’s Chad Reed out front – looking good, Davi Millsaps is second, Mike Alessi third, Josh Grant fourth, Brett Metcalfe riding a 450 next, and Ben Townley, also riding a 450 following. Ryan Dungey is in 13th.

As the two lap flag waves, it’s Chad Reed leading, next is Davi Millsaps, then Josh Grant, Mike Alessi, Brett Metcalfe, and Ben Townley. Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey is up to tenth.

The finish of this first 450 Motocross race of the season – Chad Reed wins! Then Josh Grant, Davi Milsaps, Mike Alessi, Brett Metcalfe, Ben Townley, Ryan Sipes, Ken de Dycker (who normally is racing the MX1 class in Grand Prix Motocross), Thomas Hahn, and tenth was Supercross Champ Ryan Dungey.

At 2pm, the first 250 MX Lites moto of the season takes off – the leader at the end of the first lap – Christophe Pourcel! Then it’s Trey Canard, Tommy Searle and rooke Eli Tomac.

As the race starts to settle, it’s Christophe Pourcel still leading, rookie Eli Tomac, number 243 for Geico Honda is second, then KTM’s Tommy Searle, Trey Canard is next, then Jake Weimer, Blake Baggett, and Tyla Rattray.

With less than five minutes to go before the two lap flag, Pourcel has fallen, and it’s now Eli Tomac leading his first ever AMA Pro race! Second is Tommy Searle, and he’s battling with Christophe Pourcel just behind him.

But now, with 3 laps left, Tomac falls down and hands the lead to … it’s Tommy Searle leading! Christophe Pourcel is second. Eli Tomac is third. It’s a close race up front – Searle holding off Pourcel, and Tomac back in third. With one lap to go – Searle leading! Pourcel right behind! Searle is aggressive and charging, and Pourcel riding with his usual smooth style.

The final lap – Pourcel passes Searle for the lead with less than half lap to go! The winner is Christophe Pourcel! Tommy Searle second, Eli Tomac third in his first pro race, West Supercross Champion Jake Weimer, then Justin Barcia, Blake Baggett, Trey Canard, Tyla Rattray, Blake Wharton, and tenth Dean Wilson. Great race!

4pm – It’s the start of the 450 Moto 2! The leader – Mike Alessi number 800 on the KTM! Running second is Davi Millsaps, then Ryan Sipes, followed by Ben Townley, Andrew Short, Ken de Dycker from Belgium, Kyle Regal, Mike Brown, and Brett Metcalfe. First moto winner Chad Reed is next, and behind him is Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey.

Mike Alessi is running away with this race so far. Second position is Millsaps, then Ben Townley, Brett Metcalfe, Ryan Sipes, Andrew Short, Chad Reed, Ken de Dycker, Kyle Regal, Josh Grant, Ryan Dungey, Mike Brown, and Grant Langston.

As it’s getting closer to the ‘two laps to go’ flag, it’s Alessi out front, Davi Millsaps second, Brett Metcalfe third, Reed has made a nice charge up to fourth, Ben Townley fifth, Ryan Sipes next, and then Andrew Short. Ryan Dungey is seventh, Josh Grant is tenth.

With two laps to go, defending 450 Motocross class champion and first moto winner Chad Reed has moved into third place now. He’s in position to win the overall as well. The top five on the final lap now – Mike Alessi, Davi Milsaps, Chad Reed, Brett Metcalfe, Andrew Short, Ryan Dungey has come to life, Ben Townley next, followed by Kyle Regal, Sipes, and Grant. Mike Alessi wins the moto! Chad Reed wins the overall!

The second 250 MX Lites moto had to be restarted because of a few fallen riders on the opening lap. As this second 250 moto of the day gets going, it’s Wil Hahn with the lead! He is followed by Trey Canard, Eli Tomac, Dean Wilson, D Durham, Christophe Pourcel, Tommy Searle, Broc Tickle, Justin Barcia, Jake Weimer.

Tomac has the fastest lap so far on this 1.25 mile race track – right around 2 minutes 15 seconds. And now Eli has taken over first position. Trey Canard is second, Wil Hahn third. Then Wilson, Pourcel and Durham.

As this race progresses, ‘rookie’ Eli Tomac is out front and cruising. Right now he has the overall victory in hand if positions stay the same. It’s Tomac leading, as the track is getting rougher. Second place is Trey Canard, then Dean Wilson, Christophe Pourcel, Broc Tickle, Wil Hahn, Justin Barcia, Jake Weimer, and Nico Izzi. Tommy Searle is out of the race.

As the checkered flag falls on this second moto, the winner, is his first ever pro race, is Eli Tomac! And Eli wins the overall as well with finishes of 3/1! Second in this moto is Trey Canard, followed by Christophe Pourcel.

Chad Reed said “I didn’t even really break a sweat in that first moto, just like Mike (Alessi) in the second moto. It was fun. It was a good day. The past few weeks have been really crazy for me. I would like to be racing the GP next weekend at Glen Helen, a lot of people in that paddock are great friends of mine. But I’m looking forward to going home to Florida and resting up for Freestone (Texas – which is the next National Motocross). Supercross didn’t go as well as planned, so I’ve been working hard on outdoors. The track promoters did a good job here with the track – they had a lot of amateur racing for a few days beforehand, with not a lot of time to get it ready for us (professionals).”

Eli Tomac said “I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve been training with the Honda guys like Canard, and I was close on lap times in testing, so I knew I’d be close. I made a few mistakes at about the 20 minute mark, I was getting a little tired, and Trey and I were going back and forth as far as times on each other. After the first moto third, I was really excited. In the second moto, winning it was almost a shock : ) “

Click on thumbnail to view larger image – Chad Reed (1), Eli Tomac (243) winning second 250 moto and overall, Mike Alessi winning the second 450 MX moto, photo of Mike Alessi’s factory KTM 350, East Supercross Champ Christophe Pourcel (377), Chad Reed with the red number 1 plate, Davi Millsaps (18), Ken de Dycker (792) from Belgium, next photo is Ryan Dungey Supercross (5) Champ, close up of Eli Tomac on start line, next image is Josh Grant (33), part of the Danny ‘Magoo’ Chandler Memorial, KTM’s Tommy Searle (19), next Trey Canard (38), final image is close up of Ben Townley (101).

2010 AMA Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown - Photo 26 of 26

Chad Reed (1)

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