Dan Reardon bests Chad Reed at Perth Supercross!

Dan Reardon bests Chad Reed at Perth Supercross!

Burswood Dome, Perth: Woodstock Honda Thor Racing’s Daniel Reardon, won the third round of the Monster Energy Super X tonight, in a very close and epic battle with defending Australasian Supercross Champion, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Chad Reed.

Reardon took the holeshot and rode consistently quick laps over the 10 lap final to hold off an incredibly fast and determined Reed. The race came right down to the wire, with Reardon besting Reed by just under 0.6 seconds at the finish. Reardon now leads the Open Supercross championship by two points over Reed.

The Perth round saw the debut of an all new Open class final format – the Round Robin, which pits riders against each other in three different, five-lap heat races, in order to progress to a ten lap final. There were nine heat races in total, meaning that every rider raced different competitors in each of their three heat races.

Reardon was ecstatic about his win. “I am so pumped about the win and it was a lot of fun racing tonight. It was a great track and a great venue and I felt really good on the bike.”

Second place Reed also commented on how impressive the venue, track and atmosphere were. “I want to thank the fans for coming out today and I am glad there was some great racing for them to enjoy. It was an awesome track & venue, and congratulations to Dan on a great race.”

The 250cc class, Shift Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss once again dominated the field in the eight lap final. He leads the point standings as well, with Kyle Cunningham second in points.

The Monster Energy Super X will now make its way to Canberra for the fourth round next Saturday, November 7.

Results Open Super X Quad Challenge final:

  1. Daniel REARDON, Honda, 25
  2. Chad REED, Kawasaki, 22
  3. Jay MARMONT, Yamaha, 20
  4. Cheyne BOYD, Yamaha, 18
  5. Tye SIMMONDS, KTM, 16
  6. Daniel McCOY, 15
  7. Cody MACKIE, Kawasaki, 14
  8. Robbie MARSHALL, Yamaha, 13
  9. Troy CARROL, Kawasaki, 12
  10. Cameron TAYLOR, Suzuki, 11

Results Lites Double Header Final:

  1. Matt MOSS, Suzuki, 25
  2. Lawson BOPPING, Suzuki, 22
  3. Kyle CUNNINGHAM, Yamaha, 20
  4. Wade THOMPSON, Honda, 18
  5. Adam MONEA, Suzuki, 16

OPEN Supercross Championship point standings:

  1. Dan REARDON, Honda, 69
  2. Chad REED, Monster Energy Kawasaki, 67
  3. Jay MARMONT, Yamaha, 63
  4. Tye SIMMONDS, KTM, 52
  5. Cheyne BOYD, Yamaha, 48

250cc Lites Championship point standings:

  1. Matt MOSS, Suzuki, 75
  2. Kyle CUNNINGHAM, Yamaha, 60
  3. Lawson BOPPING, Suzuki, 58
  4. Ryan MARMONT, Yamaha, 53
  5. Adam MONEA, Suzuki, 44

For ALL the info, latest news, point standings, Ticket info and more on the Australasian Supercross Series, visit http://www.superx.com.au !

Thanks everyone at Global Action Sports, Rush Sports, and Sport the Library

Dan Reardon bests Chad Reed at Perth Supercross! - Photo 1 of 3

250 winner Moss

Dan Reardon bests Chad Reed at Perth Supercross! - Photo 2 of 3

Open Supercross runner-up Chad Reed

Dan Reardon bests Chad Reed at Perth Supercross! - Photo 3 of 3

Perth Supercross winner Daniel Reardon!

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27th Paris Bercy Supercross – Night 1 – Stewart on top

27th Paris Bercy Supercross – Night 1 – Stewart on top

The first night of the 27th Supercross of Paris Bercy has AMA Supercross Series Champion James Stewart winning, followed by another American, Justin Brayton. Justin is now riding for the Yamaha Joe Gibb Racing Team as well.

James Stewart said “The atmosphere is always great here, and I’m happy to be back. The fans were nice to me, and it took me some time to feel comfortable, but I did it and won all the races’.

3rd overall position on the night belonged to Frenchman Greg Aranda.

Results for the Superpole:

  1. Stewart (USA, Yamaha L & M)
  2. Brayton (USA, Yamaha JGR)
  3. Aranda (FRA, Kawasaki Bud)
  4. Izoird (FRA, Suzuki)
  5. Coulon (FRA, Suzuki)
  6. Boniface (FRA, Honda Hall de la Moto)
  7. Musquin (FRA, KTM Red Bull)
  8. Hill (USA, Yamaha L & M)
  9. Boni (USA, Honda Campeneac Moto)
  10. Coisy (FRA, Honda)

The American race:

  1. Stewart
  2. Brayton
  3. Coisy
  4. Hill
  5. Boniface
  6. Wey (USA; Kawasaki Bud)
  7. Aranda
  8. Boni
  9. Izoird
  10. Martin (FRA, Husqvarna)

Main Results:

  1. Stewart
  2. Brayton
  3. Musquin
  4. Aranda
  5. Izoird
  6. Boni
  7. Wey
  8. Martin
  9. Hill
  10. Renet (FRA, Suzuki Bodo)

Overall classification for first night:

  1. Stewart
  2. Brayton
  3. Aranda
  4. Izoird
  5. Hill
  6. Boni
  7. Musquin
  8. Wey
  9. Boniface
  10. Coisy

All courtesy Pascal Haudiquert, one photo Geoff Meyer

27th Paris Bercy Supercross - Night 1 - Stewart on top - Photo 1 of 4

Start – left to right – James Stewart, Justin Brayton, Marvin Musquin

27th Paris Bercy Supercross - Night 1 - Stewart on top - Photo 2 of 4

Justin Brayton on his new Yamaha

27th Paris Bercy Supercross - Night 1 - Stewart on top - Photo 3 of 4

MX2 World Motocross Champion Marvin Musquin

27th Paris Bercy Supercross - Night 1 - Stewart on top - Photo 4 of 4

Greg Aranda, James Stewart & Justin Brayton – podium of the first night

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Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas

Here I am again, running behind on my blog updates here on MXGirls at Supercross.com. I think that whole concept of time flys when you are having fun applies to my life.

So Halloween is today and I really hope you are all gearing up for a very spooky night on the town! Last night I went out with the girls, as seen below, but tonight I will be escorting Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street and a Gedi Storm Trooper through the streets of Murietta, California.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 1 of 8

Left to Right: Paris Davis, Michele Johnson and Amanda Hippe

I wanted to share a couple picture highlights from the US Open in Vegas.. I was able to make it to the TWMX Awards show, it seems everyone in the mx industry was in attendence. The awards show was awesome, Rockstar kicked it into high gear with a hosted bar and the right vibe!

We started out in a limo bus from the MGM over to the Hardrock Hotel. This crew was definitely pumped on attending the awards show.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 2 of 8

Looking around our fancy limo bus, I noticed the Deft Family was representing; large and in charge. This crew is promoting and sharing the new product they are launching into the motorsports community, the Deft Gloves. Nate Adams having a lil interview session with Chris Kinman from TWMX and in true entourage style you can see the men of the Deft Family in full support.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 3 of 8

Since I am one of the biggest fans of womens motocross and this is MXGirls at Supercross.com, I highly suggest you visit the www.DeftFamily.com website, you will notice that one of our own MXGirls Tara Gieger is part of the family! Very cool. I took my 3 favorite things I found on the Deft Family website and made a collage [so girly of me], below you see Gieger, really cool gloves and super model Janelle McGuire showing off a cool thread for the ladies..

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 4 of 8

This blog would not be right if I was not able to locate a Professional MXGirl in Vegas to take a power picture pose with! So here I am with the one and only Kawasaki Monster WMA Professional Sara Price. Im sure everyone is aware that Sara rocked the 2009 WMX Outdoor Race season with a 4th place overall finish, not bad coming off the Amateur gate. Sara looked beautiful at the awards night, so I just had to snatch her up and take a picture with her.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 5 of 8

Im so bummed I didnt capture a picture of the awesome moment, but Im going to at least mention it. Vicki Golden took the 2009 WMA Rookie of the Year Award! Awesome accomplishment from a very talented rider! I am looking forward to watching her race in 2010. You can check out some more cool details on Vicki at CRFSTUFF.com

I ran into another very fun yet inspiring woman, Docy Andrews, President of Impact Video and creator of the Impact Xtremey Awards here in Southern California. Docy lives for the sport of motocross and offroad racing. She is a huge supporter of womens motocross and I just adore her. From left to right: Docy Andrews, Kasey Brancroft, Cherie Kobiske, myself and Docy’s best friend, shame on me for not remember her name!

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 6 of 8

Besides spending most the days checking out the action in the pits, watching the race, doing buisness and making sure the MGM pool was up to standards, I also made it a priority to visit the Sheckler Racing launch party, so we bounced on over to Club Blush for some festivities to launch Sheckler Racing into fortune 500 status!! Randy Sheckler hosted a premier party! Here is the only picture I could fine with Randy and I in it, I swear Im in there, my back is better than nothing!

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 7 of 8

and to end the night and this blog, here is the cool red carpet picture with the 10 Designs girls, my friends Kasey Bancroft, Jeff Bell and Blake Morlet.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 8 of 8

2010 AMA Woman’s Motocross Class National Numbers

With the conclusion of the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships, MXSports Pro Racing has turned its attention towards 2010, making a number of improvements in the woman’s motocross racing program.

One of the first things to get a make-over is how WMX racers earn, & score a prestigious national number. The new WMX national number selection process assigns national numbers based on final point standings from the previous season, rather than allowing riders to randomly choose their numbers, which was the case in 2009 and prior.

The new rule is stated as follows: Riders participating in the 2009 WMX race season will be assigned numbers based on final championship standings. Riders not participating in the 2009 WMX race season may request numbers. Numbers 100-119 are reserved for visiting international riders.

Says Jeff Canfield, Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Director: MXSports is excited to help continue growing the Women’s Motocross Class. By changing the national number process to an assignment-based system rather than selection, we hope to make it easier for everyone, especially the fans, to identify the riders.

Below are the final standings from the 2009 Women’s Motocross Class of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship and the coordinating assigned national numbers for the 2010 season.

Ashley Fiolek will be the defending AMA Woman’s national motocross champion for 2010.

Position – Name – 2009 Points – 2010 National Number

  1. Ashley Fiolek – 350 – 1
  2. Jessica Patterson – 345 – 2
  3. Sherri Cruse – 258 – 3
  4. Sara Price – 237 – 4
  5. Elizabeth Bash – 217 – 5
  6. Vicki Golden – 192 – 6
  7. Sarah Whitmore – 185 – 7
  8. Mariana Balbi – 170 – 8
  9. Penni Cyrus – 157 – 9
  10. Jacqueline Strong – 148 – 10
  11. April Zastrow – 102 – 11
  12. Tatum Sik – 101 – 12
  13. Ashley Boham – 98 – 13
  14. Kimberly Kocher – 81 – 14
  15. Sayaka Kaneshiro – 80 – 15
  16. Alyssa Fitch – 80 – 16
  17. Jackie Ives – 79 – 17
  18. Tarah Gieger – 70 – 18
  19. Nicole Madsen – 68 – 19
  20. Hailey Larson – 60 – 20
  21. Danielle Sawicki – 50 – 21
  22. Julie Anne Parizek – 40 – 22
  23. Allison Vrba – 39 – 23
  24. Tressa Rau – 39 – 24
  25. Heidi Cooke – 33 – 25
  26. Haruna Masu – 31 – 26
  27. Jessica Smith – 29 – 27
  28. Lindsey Scheltema – 27 – 28
  29. Ayla Cabus – 24 – 29
  30. Lindsey Palmer – 23 – 30
  31. Taylor Miller – 20 – 31
  32. Krisa Sweeney – 16 – 32
  33. Samantha Farr – 16 – 33
  34. Brittany Gagne – 11 – 34
  35. Lauren Volentir – 10 – 35
  36. Katelyn Crowley – 9 – 36
  37. Christina Reed – 9 – 37
  38. Vanessa Florentino – 8 – 38
  39. Kristine Wright – 7 – 39
  40. Elissa Grzincic – 4 – 40
  41. Jennifer Mead – 4 – 41
  42. Maria Forsberg – 2 – 42

In addition, MXSports has announced that 250cc two-stroke motorcycles will be eligible for competition in the WMX Class for the 2010 season. The class engine displacement will be 122-250cc.

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels

It was going to be a good idea. Key word being ‘was’. It was going to be a good idea!

My idea was to show you what the truck racing series that I promote and race in is like. It’s like Supercross, only on four wheels!

So, my plan was simple – I’d invite my good friend Lex out to the finale of the Traxxis TORC series in Las Vegas, we’d mount a camera on the hood of my race truck, and I’d show you just how rough the racing is. It would be me (a former 2 time AMA Supercross Champion) and Jeremy McGrath (best Supercross rider in history!) showing you supercross – on four wheels!

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels - Photo 1 of 7

Here is the grand experiment – camera is mounted on my truck’s hood. Ready to go. But not for long!

It is rough. Very rough. We bump, grind, rub, and run into each other. It’s ‘no-holds-barred’ racing. Trucks get abused & trashed. Not only that, but the roost of dirt, mud, rocks, and @#$% that comes up in your face following another 900 horsepower truck is … ballistic.

OK, … the key word was “was”. Lex was confident the camera he put on the hood of my truck would stay on the hood, and we’d have some great video action from practice to show you just how cool TORC is (The Off Road Championship – website http://www.torcseries.com – that’s where you can see all the results from the series and more info).

I asked him again. “Are you sure that camera is going to stay mounted?” And his very confident reply was “Yeah, … uhhhhh …. well …. I think so. Uhhh ….. I hung it up on the door of my office and hung from it. It stayed mounted there. But …. uhhhhh ….. yeah, I think it will stay mounted.”

Yeah, right! It didn’t stay mounted.

Last time I saw Lex, he was walking around the track looking for his camera. For about 2 hours. In the mud.

One thing I know for sure … that camera is now part of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dirt Track.

So, guess what you get to see instead of that cool footage? You get to see a few photos, and a quick video of the race from Friday night. I’m number 48 in the Red Bull truck, and Jeremy is number 2 in the Monster truck. See more below. And come out to a TORC event next year! You’ll have a great time!


RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels - Photo 2 of 7

Jeremy McGrath inside his truck. Ready to go out and roost!

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels - Photo 3 of 7

That’s me in practice. If you look closely, you’ll see the camera is actually still on the hood! Racing these trucks is very much like supercross, except we have an extra 2 wheels, and an extra 850 horsepower.

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels - Photo 4 of 7

Jeremy getting some air over one of the jumps

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels - Photo 5 of 7

Jeremy leading me in Friday night’s main event.

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels - Photo 6 of 7

Jeremy McGrath

RJ SAYS: Supercross, on four wheels - Photo 7 of 7

That’s me getting a little air over one of the jumps on the course

In this video is this corner where the mud on top was incredibly slick. So we couldn’t accelerate like we wanted to, or we’d slide right into the wall. I’m number 48 in the Red Bull truck and Jeremy is number 2 in the Monster truck.

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