“Pela” Renet – 2009 MX3 World Motocross Champion!

“Pela” Renet – 2009 MX3 World Motocross Champion!

RANDERS (DENMARK), 30 August 2009 – Pierre Alexandre Renet (Suzuki Bodo Schmidt) conquered the MX3 World Motocross Championship title today, winning both motos. Second was Antti Pyrhonen and third Julien Vanni.

It started to rain before each race, which made the difficult race track even tougher. Everybody was expecting big fight for the title between Renet and Alex Salvini (Husqvarna Tecno B), but Salvini was involved in crash in the second race and his dreams about the Title finished in the first corner. The first race started with the holeshot of Antti Pyrhonen (Finnsco Honda Racing). Julien Vanni (Honda Team MB) passed Pyrhonen and became the winner of the first race. Pierre Alexandre Renet and Alex Salvini were riding close. Salvini tried to pass him several times but finished behind Renet. The Championship was still not decided because the advantage of Renet was not too big.

Two hours later the start of the second race put Salvini far from the top and Renet to the position of the new Champion. Many riders were involved in the starting crash and for some the race has started from the beginning. Julien Vanni was leading, Hugo Basaula from Portugal was just behind him. Home rider Nicolai Hansen started very fast, he was third. The order has changed during the race. Renet took the lead in the moment when Vanni had problems with the bike, because a stone hit his brakes. Hansen was fast during the whole race and finished second. That is his best MX3 result ever. Third was Christophe Martin (Husqvarna Tecno B). Salvini was continuing after the crash, but with the big pain in the knee. He finished eighteenth.

Pierre Alexandre Renet won. His advantage in the MX3 World Championship Classification is already 53 points so there is no chance that Salvini could still pass him. Julien Vanni finished second, Antti Pyrhonen third. Nicolai Marcher Hansen missed the podium for only two points and finised fourth, Christophe Martin was fifth and Hugo Basaula sixth. Alex Salvini is second in the Championship Classification. Pyrhonen is third and has 27 points less than Salvini.

The final event of the 2009 MX3 Motocross series will be September 13th in France, with the celebration of the new French MX3 World Champion – “Pela” Renet!

Renet said: It was a wonderful weekend. Yesterday I took the maiden pole position, today I won the event and took the MX3 World Motocross Championship Title. That’s fantastic. First start was not really fast, I was sixth, after I had a lot of mud on my goggles. Also the second start was not too good but I had a good line, then I saw that Vanni has some problems with the bike and I passed him. Our final race will be in France. As I took the Title already today, I will just enjoy and ride without any pressure.

Championship Classification Top Ten: 1. Pierre Renet (FRA, Suzuki), 540 points; 2. Alex Salvini (ITA, Husqvarna), 487 p.; 3. Antti Pyrhonen (FIN, Honda), 460 p.; 4. Julien Vanni (FRA, Honda), 439 p.; 5. Christophe Martin (FRA, Husqvarna), 404 p.; 6. Matevz Irt (SLO, Honda), 375 p.; 7. Alvaro Lozano (ESP, Yamaha), 308 p.; 8. Nicolai Hansen (DEN, Suzuki), 284 p.; 9. Hugo Basaula (POR, Suzuki), 275 p.; 10. Kasper Jensen (DEN, Honda), 251 p

"Pela" Renet - 2009 MX3 World Motocross Champion! - Photo 1 of 2

Julien Vanni, Pierre Alexandre Renet and Antti Pyrhonen

"Pela" Renet - 2009 MX3 World Motocross Champion! - Photo 2 of 2

Pierre Alexandre Renet – 2009 MX3 World Motocross Champion!

Round 14 – FIM World Motocross – Holland – August 30, 2009

Round 14 – FIM World Motocross – Holland – August 30, 2009

Antonio Cairoli wins 2009 MX1 World Motocross Championship Title! Ken De Dycker & Marvin Musquin win Grand Prix events!

MX1 Results
1. K de Dycker 1/1 SUZ
2. Josh Coppins 4/2 YAM
3. Clem Desalle 6/3 HON
4. Tanel Leok 3/6 YAM
5. D Philippaerts 2/8 YAM
6. Tony Cairoli 5/4 YAM
7. Max Nagl 8/5 KTM
8. Steve Ramon SUZ
9. A Leok TM
10. G Swanepoel KAW
11. M Priem APR
12. R v Vijfeijken YAM
13. J Barragan KTM
14. T Potisek HON
15. T Church CCM
MX1 Points

Antonio Cairoli 537
Max Nagl 487
D Philippaerts 463
Clem Desalle 461
K de Dycker 459
Josh Coppins 449
Tanel Leok 382
G Swanepoel 238
J Barragan 229
M Priem 195
A Leok 188
Steve Ramon 178
D Vuillemin 150
G Aranda 143
Tom Church 117
MX2 Results
1. Marvin Musquin 2/1 KTM
2. R Goncalves 1/3 KTM
3. Ken Roczen 4/2 SUZ
4. J Roelants 3/5 KTM
5. Mike Krass KTM
6. D Verbruggen HON
7. C Kromhof KTM
8. J v Horebeek KTM
9. X Boog SUZ
10. M Monni YAM
11. V Teillet KTM
12. N Larsen SUZ
13. S Simpson KTM
14. D Guarneri YAM
15. L Larrieu YAM
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 490
R Goncalves 468
Gautier Paulin 422
D Guarneri 387
Ken Roczen 346
S Frossard 294
Joel Roelants 284
M Monni 263
Nic Aubin 256
X Boog 253
J v Horebeek 227
M Schiffer 172
D Verbruggen 170
A Tonus 165
L Larrieu 163

Lierop, Holland

Antonio Cairoli wins 2009 MX1 World Motocross Championship title today, while Ken De Dycker & Marvin Musquin each won their respective Grand Prix events …

MX1 Grand Prix: The Braun Grand Prix of The Netherlands sees Tony Cairoli winning his first ever MX1 World Motocross Championship, despite a damaged left knee.

Ken De Dycker went on to dominate both motos and take the overall, with Josh Coppins and Clement Desalle completing the podium. Max Nagl crashed in heat one and decided to ride safe in heat two to at least build on his second place in the Championship point standings.

Yamaha Red Bull De Carli’s Cairoli wrapped up his third World Championship Title in Lierop despite a left knee issue that made it a tough outing for the Italian. Cairoli rode two brave races, finishing fifth in heat one after a mistake, and fourth in heat two. Once he snatched fourth from Nagl in the final heat, Cairoli had the World Motocross Championship Title under his belt courtesy of a 50 point advantage in the Championship standings, though he tried to move past Desalle as well.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Nagl struggled as he crashed in heat one while he was holding third. The German took eighth eventually, but despite the holeshot in heat two he just rode to build on his runner up spot in the Championship.

Pole man De Dycker dominated both motos by taking two first places. The Teka Suzuki World MX1 man grabbed his second season’s win ahead of Yamaha Monster Energy rider Josh Coppins, who had a dogfight with Desalle to take an eventual second in heat two.

Desalle completed the podium, but several crashes in the opening heat left the LS Motors Honda rider disappointed to have lost valuable Championship points.

Jonathan Barragan, who will be riding for Kawasaki in 2010, was 13th at his comeback race after being out for a long time. Last year’s Lierop winner Marc De Reuver returned to action too, he finished 16th.

Ken De Dycker said: I was having so much fun out there and it really helped me. It was not so easy because the track was so demanding and coming up to lapped riders I really had to concentrate. Sometimes I could look around and saw a lot of people cheering so I was waving to them when I could, it was a really nice experience. This was not a simple GP so I am really pleased with the result.

To read Tony Cairoli’s own words about winning the 2009 World Motocross Championship, you can visit this link

MX2 Grand Prix: The Title quest remains open in the MX2 class even if series points leader Marvin Musquin took today’s overall victory ahead of his main rival in the Championship point chase – Rui Goncalves. Rui was second overall in today’s GP. Ken Roczen completed the podium in third. Gautier Paulin finished 20th (broken engine in heat 1), and lost his chance to fight for the Title in the final round in Brazil.

Goncalves went on to win moto one while Musquin took second. The Frenchman, who went down in the opening lap, was handed second as Joel Roelants crashed as well. The Belgian of the KTM Factory Junior MX2 Team was an eventual third ahead of young gun Roczen.

The latter took the holeshot in moto two, but let Goncalves and Musquin go ahead from lap two. Musquin grabbed the lead and pulled away while Goncalves crashed twice, struggling with a damaged right shoulder. Teka Suzuki Europe World MX2’s Roczen snatched second from a troubled Goncalves and made it to third on the podium.

The 2009 MX2 World Motocross title will be decided in Brazil at the final round between Musquin and Goncalves.

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To see some of the FIM riders Profiles, including new Motocross World Champion Tony Cairoli, you can visit this link

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Photos & Video News Highlights of the Motocross Grand Prix of Holland, courtesy Youthstream and Suzuki

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee?

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee?

Ryan Villopoto is a fan favorite at Washougal and even though he was not going to be racing, he was in attendance for all the racing action in the Northwest. I caught up with Ryan and asked him about his healing knee and what’s been keeping him busy since Hangtown. Enjoy!

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee? - Photo 1 of 6

Angela: Ryan, It’s great to see you out here at Washougal, how is that knee healing up?

Ryan: The knee is good. I had knee surgery and they took the hamstring and acl and fixed things up. I am eight weeks in now and it feels great, like I haven’t had anything wrong with it so we are defiantly on track and ahead of schedule. I just had my wisdom teeth taking out Friday so that’s that only thing given me problem right now.

A: Oh man, how many wisdom teeth did you get pulled out?

R: I had a total of three wisdom teeth pulled, they put me under and took the two top, and the tooth on the bottom broke in a few pieces, so yeah not that much fun.

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee? - Photo 2 of 6

A: What have you been doing this summer since you stepped out of the Nationals?

R: Going to a few races, I will also be at Steel City. I’ve been remodeling one of my houses in California so I am at home a lot. I am so used to being gone all the time at the races so right now it’s nice to be at home and not having to leave every weekend and be pulled in hundred different directions.

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee? - Photo 3 of 6

A: Yeah, Last year you weren’t really sitting around, you were out there racing the 250’s earning that title.

R: Yeah, last year was great, and Supercross went alright, I was just really looking forward to the outdoors. I came out to Glen Helen and went 1-1 and things were looking up for me and I then this happened, so it was a bummer.

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee? - Photo 4 of 6

A: What exactly took you out of the MX series Ryan?

R: I haven’t had an ACL for about six years now, back when I rode 80’s at Lake Whitney, it was an injury that I knew I had that was eventually going to catch up with me and bite. It just happened to bite me at the wrong time and the biggest series that I will ever race so it was a huge bummer. I popped it out the Thursday before Hangtown and I did try to ride but that didn’t work out well so I decided it was time to get it fixed. It was only the second round of racing so it seemed the thing to do. If it was near the end of the series I might have waited so, that’s how things played out.

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee? - Photo 5 of 6

A: When will you be back on the dirt bike?

R: I am using a road bike right now and working out in the gym but the doctors say I can be back on the bike in about 54 days at the earliest.

Washougal: Ryan Villopoto, how’s the knee? - Photo 6 of 6

A: Would that give you time to race the US OPEN?

R: No, I will go to the event, but racing that’s too soon.

Round 11 – AMA Motocross Series – Southwick MA – August 29, 2009

Round 11 – AMA Motocross Series – Southwick MA – August 29, 2009

450 Motocross – Matt Goerke with his first ever victory! 250 MX – Justin Barcia scores his first AMA Motocross overall! Ryan Dungey takes points lead!

450 Results
1. Matt Goerke 6/1 YAM
2. Michael Byrne 3/3 SUZ
3. John Dowd 10/2 KAW
4. Thomas Hahn 9/4 KAW
5. Robby Marshall 5/7 SUZ
6. Kyle Regal 4/10 YAM
7. Andrew Short 7/9 HON
8. Chad Reed 1/31 SUZ
9. Jake Moss 2/30 KAW
10. R Renner
11. Ivan Tedesco HON
12. L Smith
13. Tyler Bowers
14. J Albertson
15. Christian Craig YAM
16. Justin Brayton KTM
17. Jeff Alessi HON
18. Davi Millsaps HON
19. Cody Cooper YAM
20. Nick Wey YAM
450 Points

Chad Reed 459
Andrew Short 356
I Tedesco 338
Michael Byrne 316
Josh Grant 280
Thomas Hahn 259
Justin Brayton 214
Cody Cooper 184
Nick Wey 182
J Albertson 164
Davi Millsaps 149
M Alessi 142
Ricky Dietrich 136
Matt Goerke 131
Kyle Regal 107
Tyler Bowers 95
Jake Moss 94
Jeff Alessi 85
A Balbi 81
Jarred Browne 72
250 Results
1. Justin Barcia 1/3 HON
2. Tyla Rattray 6/1 KAW
3. Brett Metcalfe 4/2 HON
4. Ryan Dungey 2/4 SUZ
5. Taylor Futrell 7/7 HON
6. Tommy Searle 9/6 KTM
7. Blake Wharton 3/15 HON
8. Broc Tickle 8/13 YAM
9. Jake Weimer 13/9 KAW
10. Blake Baggett 15/8
11. PJ Larsen
12. Ryan Sipes KTM
13. Austin Stroupe KAW
14. Vince Freise
15. Steven Clarke
16. Scott Champion
17. Alex Martin
18. Chris Pourcel KAW
19. Wil Hahn
20. S Daily
250 Points

Ryan Dungey 459
C Pourcel 442
Brett Metcalfe 352
Jake Weimer 322
Justin Barcia 312
Tommy Searle 309
Broc Tickle 263
Blake Wharton 240
Tyla Rattray 236
K Cunningham 174
Matt Lemoine 174
Darryn Durham 150
Trey Canard 139
Ben Evans 124
PJ Larsen 114
Steven Clarke 108
Max Anstie 107
Wil Hahn 104
Alex Martin 94
A Stroupe 94

Motocross 338

Results, points and more coming ….

Rain, Sand, & Mud at Southwick

250 Moto 1 – It was a battle in the first race of the day, with the main guys up front being Justin Barcia, Ryan Dungey, and Blake Wharton. Series points leader Chris Pourcel was initially back outside of the top ten.

At the end of the moto, it would be ‘rookie’ Justin Barcia capturing the win. Ryan Dungey in second, Blake Wharton third …. and Christophe Pourcel walking away from his bike in the mud, officially scoring 27th position. BIG change of events in the point standings with only three motos left in the season! Dungey goes from 13 points down to nine points ahead of Pourcel!

250 Moto 2 – a lot of ‘top’ guys crash on the first lap, some of which included Ryan Dungey, Christophe Pourcel, Blake Wharton, and Justin Barcia. At the end of the first lap it’s Tyla Rattry leading, followed by Brett Metcalfe and Jake Weimer. Dungey is 14th, Barcia 17th, B Wharton 30th, and Christophe Pourcel 32nd.

At the halfway point of the 30 minute plus two lap moto, it’s Tyla Rattray leading, Brett Metcalfe is second, Taylor Futrell, number 977 on a Honda third, then Ryan Sipes in fourth. Dungey is in fifth, Barcia right behind in sixth. Pourcel is 13th.

As they near the end of the race, Dungey and Barcia keep making progress …. at the end of the 16 lap race, it’s Tyla Rattray with his first moto win in America! (And combine that with a sixth in the first moto – Tyla makes a strong comeback statement today – 2nd overall!) Brett Metcalfe is second, Barcia passes Dungey on the last lap to get third. Dungey finishes fourth, then followed by Ryan Sipes, Tommy Searle, Tyler Futrell, Blake Baggett, and Jake Weimer. Pourcel finishes in 11th postion.

The overall winnner on the day, and it’s his first ever AMA National Motocross overall victory, with a 1/3 finish – Justin Barcia!

And dramatically changing the points standings today by coming in with a deficit but leaving with the championship points lead – Ryan Dungey!

It’s Round 7 of the WMA (Women’s Motocross) today at Southwick too! Check the women’s mx results here!

450 Motocross moto 1 – After things settle, it’s 450 Motocross National Champion Chad Reed out front. And he made this race just like a lot of the previous races – he won : ) Second in this moto goes to Jake Moss, third place is Michael Byrne. Three guys from Australia on top!

450 Motocross heat 2 – early leader is Andrew Short, but Chad Reed is able to make a move and positions himself in first. At the five lap mark, it’s Reedy in first, Matt Goerke, is now in second place, Short is third, then Michael Byrne, Ivan Tedesco, and John Dowd!

At the start of lap ten, Chad Reed crashes. It’s now Matt Goerke in first! John Dowd is second! Michael Byrne is third, followed by Jake Moss.

As they complete the final lap, it’s Matt Goerke, riding for the Yamaha team, winning his first ever AMA National moto! John Dowd, riding a Kawasaki, finishes second! Michael Byrne is third. And the overall winner in the 450 Motocross class today? Matt Goerke! It’s Matt’s first ever overall victory in AMA Motocross as well! Second overall, with 3/3 finishes – Michael Byrne. And third overall, with 10/2 finishes – John Dowd! 44 year old, only races one national a year – John Dowd!

An unlikely day at Southwick. Pourcel loses 250 points lead. Dungey takes a nice 250 points lead now. Justin Barcia wins his first ever AMA 250 Motocross. Chad Reed crashes hard enough in second moto to not get back into the race. Matt Goerke, riding for Factory Yamaha, wins his first ever AMA 450 National Motocross, and John Dowd schools a bunch of riders half his age!

Notes: The next and final round of the 2009 AMA National Motocross Series is next Saturday in Steel City / Delmont PA.

Courtesy MXSports-Steel City National to Host Mystery Rider Auction as Part of the Race to Cure Breast Cancer

Fans Encouraged to Join Riders in a Show of Support by Wearing PINK

After a successful first event in 2008, the Steel City breast cancer fundraiser returns to the season finale for 2009, highlighted by The

Mystery Rider Auction. With top name riders like Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, Ryan Villopoto and Ashley Fiolek all donating their exclusive mystery items, the auction is sure to be a hit with the fans. These charitable riders will not only be donating an item but will also match the sale price of their item up to $1000.00 in support for the cure. The auction is scheduled to take place during the intermission between the first and second set of motos.

In addition to the auction, a variety of other activities are scheduled for the Labor Day fund-raising event. A raffle will be held throughout race day on September 5th at the Breast Cancer booth. Fans will have the opportunity to win exclusive autographed memorabilia donated by athletes and supporters of the industry. Raffle winners will be announced prior to the final moto of the day. Those who attend the event wearing an item of Pink clothing will be awarded one free raffle ticket. Additionally, fans can show their support by wearing a limited edition Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Bracelet, available for pickup at the Breast Cancer and Lucas Oil booths.

All proceeds from the fundraiser support the Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-day Walk, a 60-mile walk to raise money in the fight against the disease. The net proceeds will support the combined efforts of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) Breast Cancer Fund in their mission to fund access to care and a cure for breast cancer.

Stop by the Breast Cancer booth in the sponsor village for more info and to show your support!

To donate, visit:


Info courtesy MXSports-SPEED TV will present three hours of Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship coverage tonight!

Beginning at 8 p.m. ET, the super competitive 250 Class race from Budds Creek will kick-off an evening of the world’s premier motocross racing. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Christophe Pourcel and Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey are in the midst of a major battle for the series championship, but a determined Jake Weimer had plans of his own.

Immediately following the Budds Creek 250 race at 9 p.m. ET, SPEED will present the first of two same-day coverage broadcasts from Saturday’s Moto-X 338 Motocross National in Southwick, Mass. The 250 Class and its aforementioned title fight take center stage for the first time in 2009.

At 10 p.m. ET, newly-crowned 450 Class Champion Chad Reed looks for his sixth overall victory of the season and a continued dominance of the premier class aboard his Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki. However, Honda Red Bull Racing teammates Andrew Short and Ivan Tedesco are in the midst of a tight battle for the runner-up position in the standings and know a win would help solidify their efforts. Throw in Southwick legend John Dowd as a special guest competitor and the stage is set for a possible upset victory.

Same-day coverage of the race will feature each class for the first time in 2009. SPEED will present the 250 Class beginning at 9 p.m. ET immediately followed by the 450 Class at 10 p.m.

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Round 7 – AMA Women’s National MX – Southwick MA – August 29, 2009

Jessica Patterson takes the overall win in Women’s Motocross at Southwick! Winning both motos!

AMA / WMA Results
1. Jessica Patterson 1/1 HON
2. Ashley Fiolek 3/2 HON
3. Tarah Gieger 7/3 YAM
4. Sherri Cruse 2/9 SUZ
5. Heidi Cooke 6/4 KAW
6. Sara Price 4/6 KAW
7. Julie Parizek 5/5 KAW
8. Alyssa Fitch 9/7 HON
9. Elizabeth Bash 8/8 KAW
10. Jacqueline Strong 12/11 HON
AMA / WMA Points

Ashley Fiolek 336
Jessica Patterson 295
Sherri Cruse 258
Sara Price 208
Vicki Golden 192
Elizabeth Bash 187
Sara Whitmore 149
Penni Cyrus 134
Mariana Balbi 126
Jacqueline Strong 114

Motocross 338

Moto 1 – With a strong start and holding her first place position for the entire moto Jessica Patterson took the 1st place win! Ashley Fiolek was running 2nd place until the white flag last lap and she unfortunately when down, still able to come back and take the 3rd place podium spot and of course Sherri Cruse was able to maximize on Ashley Fioleks spill and fill in the 2nd place win.


  1. Jessica Patterson
  2. Sherri Cruse
  3. Ashley Fiolek
  4. Sara Price
  5. J. Parizek
  6. Heidi Cooke
  7. Tara Gieger
  8. Elizabeth Bash
  9. A. Fitch
  10. P. Cyrus
  11. D. Sawicki
  12. J. Strong
  13. Ashley Boham
  14. K. Sweeney
  15. B. Gagne
  16. April Zastrow
  17. A Vrba
  18. Nicole Madsen
  19. Ayla Cabus
  20. T. Rau
  21. E. Grzinicic
  22. Jackie Ives
  23. K. Crowley
  24. J. Smith

Moto 2 – Jessica Patterson held on the gas and took the holeshot all the way to the podium 1st place finish. Ashley Fiolek pulled in behind Patterson with a 2nd place finish and Sara Price picked up the pace from moto 1 and stole the 3rd place podium spot.


  1. Jessica Patterson
  2. Ashley Fiolek
  3. Tara Geiger
  4. Hiedi Cooke
  5. J. Parizek
  6. Sara Price
  7. A. Fitch
  8. Elizabeth Bash
  9. Sherri Cruse
  10. A. Vrba
  11. J. Strong
  12. K. Sweeney
  13. Ashley Boham
  14. P. Cyrus
  15. April Zastrow
  16. B. Gagne
  17. Nicole Madsen
  18. T. Rau
  19. E. Grzinicic
  20. Ayla Cabus
  21. D. Sawicki
  22. Jackie Ives
  23. J. Smith
  24. K. Crowley


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