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Supercross Champ James Stewart and X Games, All-Time Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath joins with Hammerhead Designs, Scott Champion factory motocross rider for Washougal MX, Josh Hill out for Washougal Motocross, Shock Doctor at Loretta Lynn’s Motocross

Supercross Champion James Stewart: X Games update, ESPN The Magazine

2009 AMA / FIM Supercross Series Champion James Stewart will be making his debut at X Games 15. And James will be competing in three events – supercross, supermoto, and best whip. To read the full article, you’ll want to go here: http://www.supercross.com/-news/press-releases/1877-supercross-champion-james-stewart-x-games-update-and-espn-the-magazine

All-time winningest Supercross rider ever, Jeremy McGrath, has joined with Hammerhead Designs

You can read a quote from Jeremy and visit his Supercross.com Rider Profile by going to our page here: http://www.supercross.com/-news/press-releases/1880-all-time-supercross-great-jeremy-mcgrath-joins-with-hammerhead-designs

Scott Champion gets to be a Factory Yamaha Motocross Rider for the weekend at the Washougal National Motocross

To read about Scott and his Yamaha Factory Motocross ride, it’s here: http://www.supercross.com/-news/press-releases/1878-scott-champion-gets-factory-yamaha-motocross-ride-for-the-day-at-washougal-national-mx

Yamaha Supercross & Motocross Factory rider Josh Hill to miss Washougal Motocross

Josh Hill is out with a back injury – he won’t be racing this weekend’s AMA National Motocross at Washougal, Washington.

For more, read: http://www.supercross.com/-news/press-releases/1879-josh-hill-out-for-washougal-motocross-due-to-injuries-suffered-at-millville-mx

Shock Doctor will be on hand at the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championships

To read more on Shock Doctor and motocross – please visit this link: http://www.supercross.com/-news/press-releases/1876-shock-doctor-keeps-riders-safe-at-loretta-lynns-amateur-national-motocross-championships

All time Supercross Great Jeremy McGrath joins with Hammerhead Designs

It is our great pleasure to announce that the King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath, has joined Hammerhead Designs as a Rider and Brand Ambassador. Jeremy will be representing Hammerhead at various events that he participates in around the world including some Supercross races in Australia and the Xgames in Los Angeles. As one of the greatest icons in our sport, Jeremy is respected and beloved all over the world. His record both on and off the track is equally impressive and he is universally considered to be a class act and a true Champion in every sense of the word. Jeremy will be helping Hammerhead to develop new products and keep up with the steady growth of our fantastic sport. We are very proud to have him on board with us at Hammerhead Designs.

“I’m stoked about joining Hammerhead, a company with great style, cool parts, and the drive to get to the top,” said McGrath. On how this deal came together, Jeremy said, “I have known John Clark at Hammerhead for quite a long time and he is the kind of guy who wants results to speak for themselves. Hammerhead makes great parts and I wouldn’t get involved if I didn’t believe that. I want to be with the best and Hammerhead is certainly that. It’s easy to be involved in a company that you believe in. I look forward to lending a hand in representing such a great company and I am proud to have Hammerhead as a Sponsor.”

To launch this new relationship, Hammerhead has been a sponsor for Jeremy’s Monster Toyota Pro Race Truck at selected races this summer. Look for these races on ABC and ESPN. If you haven’t yet seen this kind of racing, imagine supercross racing in a Trophy Truck and you will have some idea what it’s like! For more information on the Traxxas TORC Series, go to: http://www.torcseries.com/

For more information on Hammerhead Designs, go to http://www.Hdmoto.com

To view all time great Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath’s Rider Profile on Supercross.com, please visit this link.


Josh Hill out for Washougal Motocross due to injuries suffered at Millville MX

Factory Yamaha supercross / motocross rider Josh Hill will not be racing this weekend at the Washougal National due to a nagging back injury that he suffered in June, but flared up in the second moto at Millville. Josh has been working with his doctor on therapy and rehabilitation the whole time, but after Millville it was decided missing Washougal and utilizing the two weekend break in the AMA National Motocross schedule would give Josh the best opportunity to heal up and be ready to go when the series resumes at Unadilla on August 15th.

Scott Champion gets Factory Yamaha Motocross Ride for the day at Washougal National MX

Scott Champion gets Factory Yamaha Motocross Ride for the day at Washougal National MX

VitalMX test rider and aspiring pro racer Scott Champion will have the experience of a lifetime this Saturday at the Washougal National Motocross, as he will be calling the Factory Yamaha Semi his personal rig for the day. Racing a Full Factory prepped YZ450F and having the complete support staff of Yamaha technicians at his disposal just as it would be for Josh Hill and Broc Hepler, Scott will get to live out every racers dream, to be a “Factory Rider” even if it’s only for the day.

“I still can’t believe I’m getting to race a Factory YZ450F. Getting to ride one for a magazine test would be cool enough, but I’m actually getting to race one at Washougal. This is definitely a dream come true” said Scott Champion.

“We’re glad to have the opportunity to show the public what goes on behind the scenes of a Factory race team during the race weekend. Even better VitalMX test rider Scott Champion will be living out his dream experiencing it from a Racer’s point of view on a Factory race bike”, said Racing Team Manager Jim Perry.

Scott Champion gets Factory Yamaha Motocross Ride for the day at Washougal National MX - Photo 1 of 1


Supercross Champion James Stewart: X Games update, and ESPN The Magazine

Here’s the latest news on James Stewart, the 2009 AMA / FIM Supercross Series Champion

The July 27th issue of ESPN Magazine, one of the nation’s leading sources for sports news, features a five-page feature on current two-time Supercross Champion James Stewart. The piece begins on page 82 and includes a spectacular action photo on page 9 of the magazine’s table of contents.

The feature is part of ESPN Magazine’s popular, yearly X Games preview issue – which provides a candid portrayal of Stewart as he prepares to compete in his first X Games ever.

For his debut outing at X Games 15, Stewart will be competing in three events – Moto X Racing (Supercross); SuperMoto Racing and Best Whip.

Another first for Stewart – network broadcast duty – he will be providing televised commentary for ESPN during the Step-Up portion of the Games.

X Games competition starts on Thursday, July 30th at Staples Center in Los Angeles and continues through August 2nd at Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.

Online, the ESPN/James Stewart feature may be found at http://espn.go.com/action/news/story?id=4334688 ESPN Magazine has a circulation of more than 3.7 million.

For more information on Team San Manuel visit www.sanmanuelracing , for more information on James Stewart visit www.js7.com

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