Paul Carpenter Takes His First Win of the Season in Edmonton, Canada

Paul Carpenter scored his first win of the 2009 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton this weekend. The Monster Energy Cernic’s Kawasaki rider rode to a third place in moto one and easily won the second moto for the overall win. Bobby Kiniry earned a fourth overall and Jack Carpenter finished in sixteenth after some hard crashes.

Each of the Monster Energy Cernic’s Kawasaki riders had problems in the first MX1 moto. Bobby Kiniry got a great jump out of the starting gate but he was quickly dropped back in the pack when he missed a shift. Jack Carpenter shot out of the gate as well and rounded the first turn inside the top five. However, two hard crashes sent Jack to the pits early to prepare for the second moto. Paul ended up with a decent start inside the top ten but received damage to his goggles from a rock on the first lap. Despite the vision problems he managed to work his way into third position at the end of the moto as Kiniry battled through the pack to secure a very respectable fifth place.

The second moto saw all three riders start inside the top ten with Paul Carpenter and Kiniry leading the way in the top five. Kiniry quickly moved into second position but bad luck struck again when his shift lever broke on the second lap. Even though he struggled with the broken shifter Kiniry still crossed the finish line in fourth place, while Jack Carpenter was still not 100% and finished in fourteenth. Meanwhile, Paul worked his way into second position early in the race and set his sights on the

leader. Paul latched onto the leader’s back wheel and made the pass for the lead around the halfway point of the race. He continued to ride strong and distanced himself from the rest of the riders to secure his first moto win of the season.

“I’m so happy to get this win,” exclaimed Paul after the win. “The whole team has been working really hard and we thought the win would come sooner. Hopefully we can carry this momentum to the next rounds and close the point’s gap.

The Monster Energy Cernic’s Kawasaki Racing Team will travel to Shadow Valley Raceway in Morden, MB on June 27-28 2009 for round four of the CMRC Monster Energy Motocross Nationals. Visit the website and community for team news and updates.

Carpenter win in Canada, US Open Supercross Rider List, AMA Women’s Motocross TV Reminder, AMA Motocross Saturday night in Colorado

Here you will find the latest news that’s come into It includes info on Paul Carpenter’s Motocross win in Canada, the US Open Supercross Invited Rider List, Women’s Motocross TV info, and a preview of the Thunder Valley Colorado AMA Motocross this Saturday night.

Paul Carpenter Takes His First Win of the Season in Edmonton, Canada

Paul Carpenter scored his first win of the 2009 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton this weekend.  The Monster Energy Cernic’s Kawasaki rider rode to a third place in moto one and easily won the second moto for the overall win.  Bobby Kiniry earned a fourth overall and Jack Carpenter finished in sixteenth after some hard crashes.

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2009 Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open Supercross Rider Invite List Announced

World’s Top Riders Invited to Compete in the Intimate MGM Grand Garden Arena

The Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open announced today the invited rider list at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena October 9-10, featuring the world’s top supercross racers for the two-night showdown.

After revising the Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open race format two years ago to a one-class-one-champion program, the invitations were extended to not only the world’s top AMA Supercross class riders but also to the world’s top AMA Supercross Lites class riders. Sixty-five invitations went out to the sport’s biggest names, including reigning AMA Supercross class champion James Stewart, former two-time AMA Supercross class champion Chad Reed as well as the AMA Supercross Lites class champions Christophe Pourcel and Ryan Dungey.

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AMA Women’s Motocross TV Reminder – Round Two on Versus Network, Wednesday. June 24

Title Fight Grows Closer in WMX Class on Versus Wednesday, June 24 with Hangtown National at 6 p.m. ET

After an exciting debut on National television last week, the Women’s Motocross Class of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship will once again hit the airwaves, with round two airing on the Versus Network June 24, at 6 p.m. ET.

Honda Red Bull Racing’s Ashley Fiolek made a strong statement by winning the opening round, but her hard-charging rival Jessica Patterson battles back at the Hangtown Motocross Classic to tighten the championship chase. In the fight for third, Vicki Golden, Sherri Cruse and Sara Price inch closer to the front and go bar-to-bar looking for the final spot on the podium.

Lucas Oil TV hosts Jim Holthus and Dave Arnold will have all the action in the booth as Keli Snyder joins them track-side for the latest from the pits.


AMA Motocross Saturday night in Colorado – Thunder Valley Ready to Challenge World’s Best at Night

Leaders Reed and Pourcel Carry Points Lead into Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross National at Thunder Valley

Can Reed Back up First-Ever 450 Motocross Win?

For just the second time in history, the Toyota AMA Pro National at Thunder Valley, round five of the 12-race Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, will be held under the lights this Saturday evening. An international pairing sits atop the standings as Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki’s Chad Reed, of Australia, carries the 450 Class points lead while Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Christophe Pourcel, of France, aims to hold down the 250 Class points lead for a second week in a row.

Created in 1999, Thunder Valley Motocross hosted its inaugural Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship race in 2005 and has been on the schedule ever since. Last year, the track reached a series milestone when it hosted the first-ever night race. After undergoing several upgrades and renovations, Thunder Valley is awaiting the arrival of the world’s best motocross racers to settle the score under the illuminated mountainside Saturday night. Fans that can’t make the race will be able to follow the 450 Class action live on SPEED at 11:00 p.m. ET. The 250 Class will also air on SPEED at 6 p.m. ET on July 5.

The preceding round of the series, held at High Point Raceway, was won by fan favorite Reed. The event served as the first first-ever 450 Class overall victory for Reed, who has two AMA Supercross championships to his name. After a two-year hiatus, he has come back to the Nationals with a vengeance for 2009. Finishing 1-1 at High Point, Reed extended his overall points lead and looks forward to a repeat this weekend.

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Supercross 2XL – the iPhone game

Supercross 2XL – the iPhone game

There is a game for iPhone’s that we all have here at, and we really like. As a matter of fact, it’s the best supercross game we’ve ever seen. We talked with former Supercross & Motocross Factory racer Stephane Roncada, who is part of the team that created the game … watch the video of it below!

Supercross 2XL - the iPhone game - Photo 1 of 3

How did the idea for the 2XL Supercross game come about?

Stephane: I have always wanted to play a great motorcycle racing game on a mobile device. When we first heard about Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, we looked at their capabilities and knew that we could create a very fun and high quality dirt bike racing game. The iPhone is a perfect platform for portable games, and being able to have a Supercross game in the palm of my hand was too tempting not to go for it!

How long ago did you start thinking about the 2XL Supercross game?

Stephane: We started thinking about making 2XL Supercross back in October 2008, when we finished our Xbox 360 off-road racer “BAJA: Edge Of Control”. The market for iPhone games was becoming bigger by the day, and the idea of completing a new game in under five months was very inviting. But, I have been thinking about something like this for years and until the iPhone came out, there really wasn’t any other device fast enough to run a portable game like 2XL Supercross.

Supercross 2XL - the iPhone game - Photo 2 of 3

What goes into making a game like this?

Stephane: We had a big advantage before we even started working on this game. We wrote the game engine for “BAJA: Edge Of Control” from the ground up, which allowed us to use it for 2XL Supercross. Of course, our Xbox 360 game engine had to be ported over to the iPhone, and optimized to run at peak performance on the new device. But having a great game engine running was a big step forward! It took a long time to port the engine to the iPhone, but it would have taken us three times longer to write a new one from scratch.

While the programmers were working on porting the engine to the iPhone and iPod Touch, the artists were prototyping new tracks and objects for the game. The weird thing was that we really didn’t know for sure how many objects the iPhone was capable of rendering. The first two months of the process felt like we were driving blind. I mean we didn’t have anything running on the new device yet and we were making and testing all the art on the PC. The very first time I saw the game prototype running on the iPhone, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders! A few days later, the game engine was finally ported over to the iPhone and ready to put to the test. We already had a few tracks to play with and some objects and stadiums to dress them up.

Now that the engine was running on the phone, it was time for second phase; making everything look good at a high frame rate! The way you create things such as track side objects and textures is very different on the iPhone. It’s a small screen compared to a 55″ TV, and textures just don’t look the same. I know I had to dramatically change the way I textured tracks and objects, as well as how everything in the scene was lit, from the stadium lights. There was a lot of trial and error, and in the end I am very happy with the final result!

The next important aspect of the game was game-play … it doesn’t matter how good a game looks, if the game-play sucks, then no one will have fun playing it. The biggest challenge with the iPhone was figuring out how to make a dirt bike racing game fun to play without a joystick. Do we tilt the phone to turn or use an on screen joystick? Why not both? How do we make both control schemes easy to pick-up and play, and still fully capable?

There were a lot of questions, and a lot of work ahead of us. Thanks to the iPhone’s accelerometer, we were able to allow players to play the game by tilting the phone. It turned out to be very fun and rewarding, while still being easy to pick-up and play for new players. You can customize the steering and tilting sensitivity, as well as the tilt dead zone, to make the controls perfect for you. You can also pre-load the suspension before a jump to get more air by quickly flicking the phone forward, and pull off crazy back-flips by flicking it backwards right before you take-off. I love the tilt controls, they are so much fun to play with once you’re familiar with them! The different on-screen joystick controls are also tons of fun to play with, so there’s something for pretty much everyone.

The final step involved fine tuning the tracks, textures and lighting. We made sure that there was a wide range of tracks, from very easy to very hard, for everyone to enjoy. The later tracks in the game are more life-like and more technical then the first few, which makes them much more challenging. They are my favorites : )

What specifically is your involvement with the game and the company?

Stephane: I was fully involved in the creation process from the very beginning. I created many of the tracks, stadiums and all the track side objects, such as hay bales, towers, start gate, etc. I was also in charge of the textures of all of these objects, as well as creating the rider gear and bike graphics. I was also involved in the rider animation process, and helped develop and tune the bike’s physics and controls.

Supercross 2XL - the iPhone game - Photo 3 of 3

What is really cool about this game?

Stephane: I love the fact that it almost looks like a Playstation 2 game running on a cell phone! But the really cool part is how fun the game is racing against very competitive AI riders. I love ripping around a Supercross track by tilting the phone to control my bike, flicking it to pre-load and jump huge rhythm sections, hearing the great sound coming out of my 2 or 4 stroke, and throwing back-flips over huge jumps. I mean, what is cooler then being able to race a few laps around gnarly Supercross tracks wherever you are, whenever you want? Knowing that I have a Supercross game waiting for me in my pocket, and going with me everywhere does it for me … that’s the coolest part!

You can get the game now in Apple’s iTunes Store!

And watch the game video right here!

Tony Cairoli, Motocross World Championship points leader, talks about his German Grand Prix win

Tony Cairoli, Motocross World Championship points leader, talks about his German Grand Prix win

Tony Cairoli is the former MX2 World Motocross Champion, and currently leading the MX1 World Motocross Series. Tony is from Italy, and rides for Yamaha Red Bull De Carli, number 222. Below are Tony’s own words after his German Grand Prix of Motocross victory yesterday.

You can access a lot more ‘Tony’ too!

There is the ‘Tony Cairoli Official FaceBook Club‘,

and Tony’s own website

Hey Everybody,

After the muddy race at our last Grand Prix in Ernee (France), we finally arrived at the newly modified race track here in Germany. I was happy to see that the organisers made the track more technical, but the most important thing for me – that everything was able to stay dry! : )

From early on Saturday, I had a really good feeling about this weekend’s event, and riding on the track. I second in the first practice behind the always-fast Mickael Pichon, and I was able take the first time in the pre-qualifying, and then first in the qualifying heat.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I looked outside and I could see that it was starting to rain …. but after the warm-up session, the sun came out, and it stayed for the entire day!

At the start of the first heat, I came out initially in third place, behind Max Nagl and Josh Coppins. I lost a little bit time in getting past Josh, and then Max had a gap of about 12 seconds. Towards the end of this heat 1 of 2, I was slowly closing the gap on Max, and came up on him on the last lap. We had a good battle during that last lap, but I couldn’t make the pass.

In the second heat, I started in second behind Nagl, that was good enough for me, because this is what I had in mind. Max is always such a good starter, so second position was a perfect beginning for me in this second heat.

I tried to pass him on the first lap, but we were both going really fast. So I decided to wait a few laps and watch where I could possible pass him. After a few laps of watching and waiting, I made my move and was able to pass him … and I went on to win my 29th career GP win!

Next weekend we’ll arrive in Latvia for the tenth Grand Prix of the season! I hope to see you there!

Take care!

Tony 222

Tony Cairoli, Motocross World Championship points leader, talks about his German Grand Prix win - Photo 1 of 1

Don’t forget, you can access more ‘Tony’!

There is the ‘
Tony Cairoli Official FaceBook Club

Tony’s own website

And has a Rider Profile on Tony as well here

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class

I love a great adventure, and motocross racing can really take you on some amazing journeys. The traveling, hotels, restaurants, rental cars, the race track, the friends … and then you have your online, printed mapped directions to guide you to your destination!

However, that’s not always the case! Watch out! Some of those online maps can lead you to a quiet road in the middle of some amazing place … but the hotel you planned on seeing might not be there! (Note to self and y’all – always call ahead and verify the directions!)

After a nice scenic view of the local area, I was ready to find my hotel and catch up on some grub, lost sleep, the Lakers … and get ready for the weekends race!

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 1 of 11

Round 4 of the AMA Lucas Oil Motocross Nationals took place in the great state of Pennsylvania. Nestled in a grassy patch of land called Mount Morris – the area is truly beautiful. The road to get to the race track was very small and it seemed as if I was driving into the back lots of some homes, but the road continued to wind and weave and I saw more homes with large porches and rocking chairs – just like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

All my driving was finally rewarded as the scenery opened up to hillsides of big grassy hills and meadows, and in the distance I could see High Point Raceway.

Deep in the tree lined cities of Pennsylvania, in a little town called Mount Morris, this hidden oasis was alive and thriving with people ready for motocross, and I was ready to check out this sweet track. The ‘weatherman’ talked about possible rain and thunderstorms, which meant we might see some mud racing …. but it certainly didn’t seem the case as I walked the track.

Both 250 Moto’s were high intensity and all the action was easy to see from a variety of viewpoints. Moto 1 was led by Christophe Pourcel – from holeshot to the checkered flag; you would never guess that this guy’s been struggling with abdominal pains the past few weeks.

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 2 of 11

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 3 of 11

Trey Canard started Moto 1 in ninth place, but quickly made up time and moved his way up to second place by lap seven. Making passes on guys and keeping the gas on, Trey did pull the fastest lap time of the moto, but it was no match for the leader, who had a nice gap over the rest of the field.

Another racer with a challenge in Moto one was Ryan Dungey. He started back in 13th place and was forced to battle through some tough situations, but dug deep and made some significant passes to finish third in the moto.

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 4 of 11

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 5 of 11

Starting off in fourth and finishing Moto1 in fourth counts as a good race to me, but I am sure Tommy Searle is getting eager for a podium finish. Tommy definitely looked comfortable out on the track, and his effort appeared seamless when he was racing especially up and down the steep grades of the race track.

Those last few spots in the top 20 of any moto are especially hard fought and the guys who gut it out and race like it’s for first place are the heart of motocross. Everyone’s been there one time or another, mid-pack in a class of 40 participants, determined to prove your abilities and skills. Example: #144 Alex Martin battle to 17th place; 475 Kyle Regal of Kemp, Texas followed right behind in 18th, #24 Brett Metcalfe was 19th and the 719 of Vince Freise was 20th.

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 6 of 11

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 7 of 11

One of the most important pieces of protection in motocross riding and racing are your goggles – imagine all that roost from the other bikes shooting in your face! Just ask Ryan Clark – ouch!

After an hour break, the 250 riders returned to the gate for Moto 2, and I took my place on a grassy area of Mount Morris. Soon, a barrage of riders fly past me, flinging dirt high in the air, while the extreme sounds of 40 dirt bikes create an impressive earth shaking rattle for me and my camera lenses!

It was Trey Canard who had the lead and his biggest competitors were in his roost, one of which was the guy in 2nd place, Christophe Pourcel.. Each lap it was the same, Trey and Christophe both rode with great speed and agility with Trey leading the race and Christophe right there in second, patiently waiting to make his move.

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 8 of 11

After an impressive 13 laps in first and with only two laps left to go, Trey’s charge for the win took a radical turn in a split-second mistake – Trey flying over his handlebars pounding straight to the ground. Trey didn’t make it back into the race, but he did get up and make his way to the medic unit to get his injured arm examined. (Broken!)

It was then with nearly two laps to the checkered flag that Christophe Pourcel would benefit from Trey’s unfortunate crash. Of course, Christophe had Ryan Dungey just a few bike lengths behind him, so those last few laps around Pourcel really had to stay focused to the finish – and that’s just what he did. Christophe cruised to another first place finish to take the overall 250 win with a 1-1 sweep, and he not only won the purse money, but also the money for Round 1 of Monster Energy Triple Crown.

Ryan Dungey was quick to battle for a place on the podium. Ryan spent most of the race in a strong third place but with that hard crash by the leader, Ryan quickly turned a third into second, giving him second overall for the day. Unfortunately Ryan Dungey would now loose his point’s leads and red background number plate to the day’s winner.

Justin Barcia was back to earning points at Mount Morris – he rode smooth and looked like he was back in his element even though he lost two positions to Tommy Searle and Ryan Dungey at the end. Finishing the day sixth overall is a step in the right direction though!

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 9 of 11

One rider on the gas, moving and passing guys left and right was Blake Wharton. He started lap one mid-pack, but made strong and strategic passes on each lap, and in the last few laps of the race he maneuvered past Broc Tickle, Darryn Durham, and Brett Metcalfe for a 6th place finish; not a podium finish, but definitely nice.

Tommy Searle finally got the grand views from the podium at High Point Raceway via his third overall finish. It looks as if Tommy is finding his footing in the AMA Motocross Nationals, and we are bound to see more as he learns his way around the series.

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 10 of 11

Fourth overall on the day, South African Tyla Rattray. Tyla rode two strong races; Moto one fifth, Moto two fourth.

Matt Lemoine has his best weekend yet in the series. Moto one Matt finished strong in seventh place, but in Moto two Lemoine had to dig deep after getting a bad start – 26th, and moving up to 11th by the checkered flag. Matt Lemoine finished 8th overall at High Point.

Round 4 of the Motocross Nationals was a great day of racing; the crowd was awesome, the track was great, and thankfully we didn’t have any rain. Sweet!

And the big winner on the day in the 250 class at the AMA National Motocross at High Point – Christophe Pourcel!

MX ADVENTURES: High Point 2009, 250 Motocross class - Photo 11 of 11

You can view Christophe’s rider profile on here

To see all the results, points, and photos from the AMA Motocross round in Mt. Morris, you can visit this link


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