12 Rounds of Amateur Days Slated for 2009 AMA Motocross Nationals

12 Rounds of Amateur Days Slated for 2009 AMA Motocross Nationals

MX Sports, in conjunction with the NPG, are pleased to announce the 2009 schedule of amateur racing events, which are held in conjunction with the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. These events, which are a long-standing tradition of the series, are organized to allow local motocross racers the opportunity to ride a world class facility.

“When I was making my way up through the ranks, I was one of those kids out there on any given national weekend,” explained Ricky Carmichael, 10-time AMA Pro Motocross national champion. “Jeff Stanton, Damon Bradshaw … there were so many top guys that I was a fan of back in those days, and it was cool to see all of them racing on the same track, knowing that I had just been out there as well.”

For the first time in over ten years, all 12 rounds of the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship will feature amateur events. With a variety of classes available to cover men and women of all ages and skill levels, the 2009 nationals’ amateur days offer something for every rider.

Amateur Days Schedule*

  • May 21-24, Glen Helen, Thursday, Friday, Sunday (Quads)
  • May 28-29, Hangtown, Thursday, Friday
  • June 5-7, Freestone, Friday (Night), Sunday
  • June 14, High Point, Sunday
  • June 28, Thunder Valley, Sunday
  • July 2-5, RedBud, Thursday, Friday (Night), Saturday (Night), Sunday
  • July 16-17, Spring Creek, Thursday, Friday
  • July 26, Washougal, Sunday
  • Aug. 14-16, Unadilla, Friday, Sunday
  • Aug. 21-23, Budds Creek, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Aug. 30, Moto-X 338, Sunday
  • Sept. 6, Steel City, Sunday

*Riders should check with each specific track for specific list of classes and schedules, which are subject to change.

Motocross is unique to other professional sports in that it is rare that fans and local participants get the opportunity to enjoy the exact same facility, on the same weekend, as the top professionals in the world.

“Throughout the years, top American riders like Ricky Carmichael and Kevin Windham have grown up attending and competing in the amateur days at the outdoor nationals,” said Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Director of Operations John Ayers. “With our on-site camping and a festival-like atmosphere, these events allow families the chance to enjoy the best that American Motocross has to offer. The chance to ride and compete on a track that is prepared for National Championship, including all the banners, sponsors and special touches is a special and rare treat.”

To read more about the professional AMA Motocross Series, such as venues, hotels, and more, please visit this link.

Xtremey’s, then Vegas Supercross folks!

Xtremey’s, then Vegas Supercross folks!

Tuesday night was the incredible Xtremey Awards, a video awards show put on annually by Impact Video’s Docy Andrews, and co-hosted by Malcom McCassy. It was held at the well known Shark Club in Costa Mesa CA. I was asked by Docy to co-present an award with my dear friend Laurette Nicoll.

So many people came to the Xtremey’s to show appreciation to all the extreme sports videos, and (of course) to have a good time. Names like Grant Langston, Mike Metzger, Rick Johnson, Robbie Madison, Ronnie Renner, and so many more.

Some of the big highlights of the night was the very sweet & well put together tribute video to Jeremy Lusk, the incredible singing and dancing performance by Docy, and seeing Grant Langston after his recent knee surgery. (And for me personally, being able to present a few awards with Laurette.)

It was the perfect evening before heading to ‘Viva Las Vegas’ this weekend for the Mini Moto Supercross on Friday night at the Orleans hotel, and then the Supercross Finale Battle Royale between James Stewart and Chad Reed Saturday night!

Who’s going to take home that number 1 plate in Supercross for 2009? We’ll know in a few days!


p.s. To see all the nominees and award winners for the Xtremey’s, please visit this link http://www.xtremey.net

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Looking back at Valkenswaard (Dutch Motocross Grand Prix) – Top Ten Things

Looking back at Valkenswaard (Dutch Motocross Grand Prix) – Top Ten Things

Geoff Meyer – MXLarge.com

Looking back at Valkenswaard (Dutch Motocross Grand Prix) – Top Ten Things

It has to be one of the best stops on the Grand Prix calendar. Valkenswaard, one of the old school circuits that brings so much to the GP series. Large crowds, huge atmosphere, brilliant racing and a very impressive paddock area. The Dutch sure know how to put on a show, and their crown jewel is the circuit just 20 kilometers south of Eindhoven.

Some things really impressed me about Valkenswaard this year. It is really funny, but I never liked going to Valkenswaard some years ago, it was always a bit of a boring GP, the atmosphere was never really that great because the local Dutch just are not as enthusiastic as the French or British.

The circuit was old and worn out. In the past few years though the Youthstream team have turned that old circuit into one of the best on the calendar. Really amazing technical sections, the sand has been roto-tilled, making it softer and forming more lines for the riders.

The beauty about sand is there never seems to be one fast line, or if there is it can change within a few laps and another faster line is formed. Valkenswaard seems to give the riders such a variety of lines, which of course makes brilliant racing, as we saw this last weekend.

I thought I would put down my 10 favorite things about my Valkenswaard weekend:

1. Moto one MX1: This race was just simply a classic. They will talk about Valkenswaard 2009 for many years, same as Sugo in 2005 when Pichon, Everts, Coppins, Smets and Townley went at it. What this MX1 class of 2009 has is a mix of so many things. The calm of Ramon, old school of Coppins, wild and at times reckless Barragan, De Dycker and Philippaerts, and the always exciting to watch Cairoli. There is a mix of so much talent in this class at the moment and that opening MX1 moto showed it.

2. Former World Motocross Champions at the circuit: There is always a long list of former World champions in the paddock, but this weekend seemed like it was overflowing with former greats. Names like Stefan and Harry Everts, Michele Rinaldi, Eric Geboers, Georges Jobe, Jacky Martens, Dave Thorpe, Ben Townley, Alex Puzar, John Van Der Berk, Joel Smets, Steve Ramon, Antonio Cairoli, David Philippaerts, Jacky Vimond, Heinz Kinigardner, David Strijbos, James Dobb, and Andre Malherbe were all in attendance. That is twenty former or present world champions on show and something like 52 championships. Why we don’t have a presentation of these riders on the Sunday morning I don’t know. Wouldn’t it make for a magical moment at each GP if these guys could to a parade lap?

3. Tent row: The signal area for the mechanics was just awesome. To me this was as Formula One as I have ever seen at a motocross race. With the colors and all those people hanging over the edge of the top floor of the tents was really impressive. Valkenswaard, with the crowd on the hill in the background and the line of flags that followed the mechanics area – it just looked amazing.

Looking back at Valkenswaard (Dutch Motocross Grand Prix) - Top Ten Things - Photo 1 of 3

4. Red Bull KTM: After starting the season with only bad luck, many expected the Red Bull KTM riders to give it a big shot at the sandy circuit in Holland. Shaun Simpson and Rui Goncalves didn’t disappoint as they dominated the podium in the MX2 class. As for Max Nagl, he won the Saturday qualification race, but poor starts cost him on Sunday. Still, he continues to ride the Valkenswaard circuit well.

Looking back at Valkenswaard (Dutch Motocross Grand Prix) - Top Ten Things - Photo 2 of 3

5. The crowd: As always Valkenswaard has a big crowd. While this circuit is pretty flat, in fact nearly as flat as the circuit in Turkey a couple of weeks earlier, there are the odd hill sections where a mass of people congregate. It makes for great photos and really adds a nice atmosphere. With Marc De Reuver doing well in the opening moto, the crowd also came alive, which is something the flying Dutchman (De Reuver) should be commended on. De Reuver has for sure brought his countrymen to life on more than the odd occasion.

6. The French riders: Despite not having the same sand skills as the Red Bull boys, Nicolas Aubin, Gautier Paulin and Marvin Musquin all had good moments in Holland. Aubin has always been the leading French rider in the sand, and once again he proved he is capable of running with anyone in the soft stuff. Paulin and Musquin though have always struggled in the sand, and their performances this year came out of the blue. The three leading French riders finished 3rd, 5th and 7th overall, which shows just how much they want it this year. Xavier Boog also did well to finish in 8th place.

7. The paddock: As mentioned last year, this is one of the best looking paddocks in the series. This year was even better as Teka joined Red Bull with a huge hospitality area. When you add all the well presented team trucks and sponsor areas, you can see that the sport is growing in leaps and bounds. The whole paddock area is concrete and well spread out, giving the fans and officials very easy access, and makes for a very professional look.

8. Freecaster television: These guys really deserve a big slap on the back. The Freecaster team of Tim Van Goethem and Mike Van Cleven work harder than most at a GP, and with a long list of videos on show from Friday until Sunday night, this has been a huge bonus for the motocross fan. Not only that but we all love to watch those pre-race interviews with the legendary Stefan Everts and the beautiful Lisa Leyman.

9. The Eurocircuit track at Valkenswaard: Greg Atkins and Jason Barcley (hope I spelled that okay Jason) did a great job on the circuit. Some really interesting changes, and they all seemed to make Valkenswaard better. More waves, more jumps, … but what I really enjoyed was a section coming into the tent row, where after a small chicane, the riders arrived at a small hill, before dropping down into a corner, the concentration level of the riders there was really impressive.

10. Antonio Cairoli: I know, I probably talk about this kid too much, but he is just impressive. He didn’t win the GP, but he sure looked solid all weekend. His come from behind performance in the Saturday qualification race, where he was caught up in a first corner crash, then fought his way to seventh was impressive. He then won a moto and after another terrible start in the second MX1 moto he fought his way from outside the top 15 to third in that second moto. He probably should have won the overall, but did finish equal on first place points with Jon Barragan.

Looking back at Valkenswaard (Dutch Motocross Grand Prix) - Top Ten Things - Photo 3 of 3


Racing Karma


Is there really such a thing in racing sports or I guess life in general? Last weekends controversy over Chisholm trying to punt Reed brings this very question to hand this weekend. The old saying what comes around goes around is a perfect fit, but never will it have held to be so true until this weekend. I am going to make what not should be such a bold prediction and say Reed wins the championship after dropping Stewert in the Main Event. How do I come to this view, well let me tell you.

One let’s break down the ways they Reed can win the championship and in what scenarios. One Reed wins and Stewert finishes gets worst than fourth in a clean fair straight up race, not going to happen. Two Stewert crashes out or has a mechanical failure and this is an ok possibility. Three and most importantly the one I think most likely to happen is Reed and Stewert getting away out front and Reed realizes there is only one way to win now, drop him and do it good because he needs to finish worst than fourth. Now any of you kids reading this, you need to consult your parents before taking my advice on this or remember the bigger lesson to be learned.

When Chisholm made the move on Reed that he shouldn’t he potentially changed things enough to give that what if factor, but what is done is done and he has been dealt with. So the question is where does Reeds emotions fall in line with his goal. If I am he I have one goal and that is to win fair and square and there is nothing that states that Reed can’t race aggressive against Stewert. The AMA/FIM has set the bar with acceptability when no punishments came out after Jacksonville, so not to let them race the same way would be a little hypocritical and we know how heated things were when that race ended.

 The point is when racing is racing anything can happen. There was a punishment, but the results stayed the same, so what is the point. Reed knows what he must do and I bet he is willing to do it. From James point of view it will be business as usual as he usually welcomes any challenge brought his way almost feeding off of it. The factors will be the variables or the unknowns.  Adding to the fun will be the live broadcast with no commercials so nothing will be missed when or if it happens. 

My last point will be to readdress where the marketing of SX is being missed. How can they not be advertising this championship rivalry and getting it all over the news. I know the guy who does it and he is a really great guy, but they are missing the boat on this one. E: 60’s profile on James was great and interest is there. It is funny to see a company so good at mining the miners miss the boat on this one. 



Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City ’09

This week’s theme…

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 1 of 19

Conspiracy theories, anyone?

After a seesaw-like points battle throughout the ’09 SX season, the stage was set for an epic finish. Chad Reed entered Salt Lake City trailing James Stewart by a mere 3 points on the heels of his worst finish of the year at Seattle. A win by Reed would tie the series heading into the final round in Vegas – surely a dream finish for any season in the minds of fans. And for a while it seemed like fans’ desires just might be fulfilled.

Yet as die-hard fans sat glued to their computers listening to the live webcast, the events that would unfold in Salt Lake City elicited an altogether different reaction.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 2 of 19

Throughout most of the main event, fans were treated to one of the most heated duels in recent memory. Team Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Chad Reed grabbed the holeshot, with San Manuel/L&M Racing’s Jame’s Stewart quickly closing in. For the first dozen laps Reed controlled the race, though his lead would never reach more than just over a second. Each time Stewart was able to execute a pass, Reed would answer – on occasion aggressively. On lap 13 Stewart was finally able to make a pass stick, though Reed stayed right with him. On the next lap Reed was just a tad faster than Stewart, hanging right off Stewart’s rear wheel as they raced through lapped traffic – eagerly poised for his next opportunity to pounce.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 3 of 19

Suddenly, on lap 15, it happened.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 4 of 19

In what may henceforth be known in the annals of SX history as “The Chisholm Incident,” a permanent scar was branded on the 2009 Supercross Championship.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 5 of 19

AS the blue flag waved, Stewart’s lapped L&M teammate Kyle Chisholm…

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 6 of 19

…yielded ample space to Stewart.

He was not so kind to Chad Reed. Divebombing Reed in a subsequent turn, Chisholm allowed teammate James Stewart to quickly open a gap that neither rider was able to establish previously.

The response on the moto message boards was immediate:

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 7 of 19

This smells like team work.

Initially enticed by one of the closest races in the most dramatic of championship scenarios, disgruntled fans were suddenly left with a bad taste in their mouths.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 8 of 19

Distraught fans eagerly waited to catch the incident on video the following day.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 9 of 19

Almost instantly, fans’ attention focused on beleagured L&M team manager Larry Brooks.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 10 of 19

Rumors instantly ran amuck. Some crazed fans even insisted they had caught a glimpse of Chisholm’s pit board.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 11 of 19

Had Brooks ordered the “Incident?”

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 12 of 19

A man of many hats…

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 13 of 19

…Brooks had recently come under fire for his side gig as a celebrity blogger.

In fact, Brooks had spoken of this very problem in a recent blog – henceforth to be known as “The Hypocritic Oath.”

“The integrity of the races depends on the AMA trying to maintain some semblance of order. This is what we rely on the AMA for. It will be a sad day when some disgruntled lapped rider determines the outcome of a race that 45,000 people paid to watch. It is dangerous enough on the track for all the racers without having scofflaws trying to greedily take advantage of the blue flag.” —-Larry Brooks

If Larry Brooks feels so strongly about the interference of lapped riders, is it too much for fans to expect of him as a manager to relay those feelings explicity to his own team?

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 14 of 19

Fans waited patiently for an official response from the team…

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 15 of 19

…yet were met with an official denial.

Despite the team’s insistence that the “Incident” was nothing more than rider error, race officials found Chisholm’s actions blatant enough given the clear meaning of the blue flag.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 16 of 19

After being black flagged and DQ’ed from the race, Chisholm was later suspended for the remainder of the supercross season and also fined.

What lies next for Kyle Chisholm? Opinions vary. Some feel that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and the “Incident” may lead to incident celebrity.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 17 of 19

Yet others feel that in the future Kyle will have a difficult time finding a decent ride.

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 18 of 19

What lies in the future for Mr. Brooks? The sad truth is that results speak the loudest. The ’09 title is now L&M’s to lose. With back-to-back titles for L&M (last year’s courtesy of Chad Reed, ironically), Brooks will surely be a hot property. Whispers already have him moving up in the ranks…

Thumpa Report: Salt Lake City '09 - Photo 19 of 19

…with a rumored switch to Team Nami for next season.

Would the results have turned out differently if not for Chisholm’s interference? We’ll never know. Fact is, it’s irrelevant. What IS relevant is that Chad Reed and James Stewart were denied the right to decide the fate of the race in accordance with the established rules. As a result, fans were deprived of not only one of the most exciting individual race finishes ever, but also possibly one of the most dramatic season finishes in history.


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