Aubriana Dunn Blogs for MXGirls from Europe!

Aubriana Dunn Blogs for MXGirls from Europe!

Hello MXGirls Fan!!

We are having a blast here at bringing the MXGirl action to you! I recently caught up with Professional Motocross Racer Aubriana Dunn out of Southern California, whom I’ve been friends with for the past 8 years. Aubriana is over in Europe living life to the fullest and making motocross dreams become a reality! After a couple minutes of chatting it up with Aubriana, I was so proud of what Aubriana is accomplishing I felt her story needs to be shared with the world! I asked Aubriana to blog for the MXGirls Section here at and she is super pumped on doing it!!  Please check back weekly for Aubriana’s Blogs!!



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Aubriana Dunn is on a Mission through Europe
photos courtesy of Aubriana Dunn

Hello everybody,

Well, I am back in Belgium training for the FIM Women’s World Championship series starting this coming weekend, April 5th, in Bulgaria. I had the opportunity to fly to Europe last year to race the last round of the FIM Women’s World Championship September 7th, at a track called Lierop. This year, I decided to fly out four weeks early to get use to the culture shock, the time difference, my new equipment, and the difficult race conditions.

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Last year, I was able to get on a team called Diga racing which was an all men’s team based out of Belgium. They were extremely intrigued that I flew over from America on my own in hopes to find support for the last race and make a name for myself here in Europe. They told me if I eat, breath, and sleep motocross for the next two weeks leading up to the last GP they would help me. The next day, I moved into my own apartment and started training on a KTM250f. I did well at the next race in Lierop and they wanted me to try and hit a few more women’s races in the area. We raced the last two rounds of the German Championship, a race in France, and a women’s race in Belgium. I was able to take a few podium finishes and from there they where hooked on women’s racing. 

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We spoke about me coming back for the 2009 race season and starting the first women’s race team in Europe. We talked with Stefy Bau and the Youthstream President, and the FIM/CMS President and they thought it would be great for the sport. They were willing to back Diga Racing 100%. We thought it would be a good idea considering the FIM Women’s World Championship would be airing LIVE on TV in 2009!  With having the second moto and podium broadcasted live on TV at every event this chance would allow more riders and teams to have even more visibility and create possibilities to find international sponsors.The FIM/CMA President said “The FIM Women’s World Championship is simply a story of great success. The level of riding is very high and the competition is excellent. This Championship attracts a lot of new fans to our sport and I believe this will increase involvement from teams and manufacturers who have started to consider this fast growing championship”.

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Our team this year consist of two riders; Morane De Barqune, a 16 year old Belgium rider and myself, Aubriana Dunn 24 years old from Fallbrook, CA. The team has two professional mechanics which work 24/7, plus we have a new fully equiped race truck to go to the races. We also have the best doctors and trainers who help us with our training

We will be participating in the all eight of the WMX World Championship, all ten of the German Championship races and some selective women’s races through out the year. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about my adventure through Europe. I will keep you all updated and let you know how things continue to go for me and my new team Diga Racing.

Aubriana Dunn 120

2009 AMA National 250 Preview


What do you get when you mix hot sun, tons of skin and even more tattoos? The answer is the “AMA Pro Lucas Oil Motocross Championship.” 

This year int he 250 division might just be as good as it gets. There is a large group of riders who have not only potential to win races, but the championship as well. With the list of guys ready to do battle we will all bein for a little treat this summer.

My favorite this summer is going to be Ryan Dungey.  Dungey is on a good bike and with the guidance of DeCoster he looks primed to finally step up and take it to the next level. The only problem he will have is the ten other guys with a title shot. Yes I said it, ten!

Runner up is going to be a close one. I do believe that when the final race rolls along both second and third in points will have a shot at winning the title that day. 2nd will be Christophe Pourcel despite the fact that this will be his first time around the circuit and will eventually be what keeps him just off the top step in the end. Pourcel is a world-class athlete and his story at this point should be up in the most prestigious sporting awards you can get.  The question will be is Christophe fit enough to last the whole summer? I believe he will be close, but just short.

Third and just a few points short of his other rivals will be Tyla Rattray. I actually think that Tyla will lead the early part of the series, but a few mistakes mid way through will cost him. I have been following him since he was just breaking onto the seen back in 2000 and almost ten years later he is finally getting his big break. I will also remind you one more time that I believe that he will have a shot at the title at the last round.

Tommy Searle another Euro transplant looks to America for triumph in 2009. His weakness appears to be his team at this point. I am not sure about the current management structure, but something needs to change. They have the riders, they have the resources, but they still lack the discipline to mold their riders into champions. These two remind me of when Grant Langston and Mike Brown both came back from GP’s, both being offered the same rides just off a championship GP battle to the end.

So I am sure most of you are now scoffing and laughing thinking about all the other guys that have a shot and who the surprises of the summer will be. Let’s first start off with the surprise of the summer with Justin Barcia. The only thing is the closer we get, the more I hear about how it won’t be much of a surprise. Barcia’s teammate Blake Wharton looks primed for a win this summer and appears to have a early start to a good career.

Then you have the small enigma of the rest of the Pro Circuit team. How could I not consider them a threat? Simple, their teammates will be stronger mentally. I know Stroupe will be the fastest on the track most of the time. To win races and keeping it on the earth, both the wheels and his head, will be a test. Jake Weimer could have a head of steam if he wins the West Coast Championship, but I am not putting to much money if any on him winning the outdoor title.

This still leaves us with Nico Izzi and Jason Lawrence. Two kids who are supposed to be title contenders, but both had Lites seasons they would rather forget. I hope both rebound and have good summers. Lawrence has proved worth on the big bike so I am sure his drum is pounding a little bit. Izzi on the other hand needs to get going quick. There are a few younger kids ready to go and when budgets tighten up again he could be looking from the outside in.

We will stay with the theme of riders hoping to have a new start to a season and we can add poor Brett Metcalf. Brett has a new ride and a couple of rookies nipping at his heels. Brett has been primed to step up and take a championship and if he doesn’t break a bone in his body he may have a chance. I think Brett will start off strong, but sputter a bit in the end. It is a long season and for a guy like him it always seems to catch up to him.

If we are going to talk about Brett then we must talk about another Honda, Trey Canard. Yet another rider who spent some time on his head, but for him it was probably a little hard to take. After winning the East Lites title his rookie year, it set the bar high and everything that comes with being a defending champion. If Trey can match the experience of some seasoned competitors he could be an outside threat for a win here or there.

Other honorable mentions for podiums could be Will Hahn the MDK KTM rider. Hahn’s teammate Martin Davalos has shown the speed in the past, but his ability to keep it together is holding him back. He keeps referring to himself as a young guy just learning and it is getting kind of old.

Ryan Morais has had a good season so far in Supercross, but he himself admits he has a uphill climb this summer. The good news for him is that he has a Mitch Payton tuned missile and all the reasons to win. I grew up racing with Ryan so it would be great to see a Central California guy to well.

At this point I am sure I am leaving out at least five guys who should be top ten, but then my already top ten doesn’t work so don’t do like me and chase your tale. In all reality this seems to be the widest open a championship has been in a while. There is some new changes to the series including the 250’s running after the 450’s and all the races going to Saturdays. The TV package has the riders on live national TV so all the ingredients are mixing well. When the gate drops this may in California one thing is for sure, the cream always rises to the top.





Supercross Is Heading To Spring Break


Welcome back race fans! Well this weekend came and went much in the way I thought it would. This cat and mouse points championship is coming right down to the end with Reed still leading by eight. Stewert rode sharp all night and despite a few near misses he came away showing he is still the man to beat.

In the Lites division Christophe Pourcel capped off a championship run with a huge exclamation mark. He rode hard and determined all night, while his other potential title contenders crashed or started slow.  This has to be one of the better comeback stories of all time. I am really happy for Christophe.

The real story through out the whole night seemed to be what the track was going to do. You could see that the Lites guys had a little better time at it early in the night, but the Supercross guys were tiptoeing by the end of the night.  The question I kept asking myself is how does this still happen. Is it really that hard to find better dirt for a top-notch race like a Supercross?

Now the series turns to the south and we can see if we get some good sun block racing as I like to call it. The series comes to a new venue in Jacksonville and right in the heart of spring break. I am hoping we see some good dirt, good racing and most importantly a continuing championship battle when it is all said and done.

Good job to Josh Hill for really pushing hard this weekend. I have always liked him and it is great to see him up front. This year has proven that sixth through twelfth can be a real toss up.

I will finish with a back up statement to how I felt last week in terms of the championship. If Reed waits for James to make a mistake and hand it to him again he will lose. Chad must finish ahead of James at least once to win it. He doesn’t have to win, just finish ahead of him in one of the remaining races.


Round 13 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2009 – Toronto – March 28

Round 13 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2009 – Toronto – March 28

James Stewart wins round 13 in Canada and pulls within eight points of Chad Reed for the overall points lead in 450 Supercross. It’s James ninth win of the season! Christophe Pourcel wins the 250 East Supercross Main event, and, the 2009 Supercross Lites East Championship.

450 Supercross Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Chad Reed SUZ
3. Josh Hill YAM
4. Josh Grant YAM
5. Ivan Tedesco HON
6. Kevin Windham HON
7. Davi Millsaps HON
8. Matt Boni SUZ
9. Andrew Short HON
10. Ben Coisy HON
11. Mike Alessi SUZ
12. Nathan Ramsey YAM
13. Kyle Chisholm YAM
14. Paul Carpenter KAW
15. Nick Wey YAM
16. Tyler Bowers HON
17. Broc Hepler YAM
18. J Marsack HON
19. Thomas Hahn KAW
20. J Lawrence YAM
450 Points

Chad Reed 293
James Stewart 285
Andrew Short 209
Josh Grant 190
Ivan Tedesco 179
Kevin Windham 173
Mike Alessi 170
Davi Millsaps 166
Ryan Villopoto 165
Josh Hill 128
Tim Ferry 100
M Boni 78
H Voss 74
Nick Wey 70
B Coisy 66
P Carpenter 64
K Chisholm 61
B Hepler 60
J Lawrence 39
T Bowers 32
250 East Results
1. C Pourcel KAW
2. Austin Stroupe KAW
3. Broc Tickle YAM
4. B Jessemen KAW
5. M Lemoine YAM
6. Wil Hahn KTM
7. Matthew Goerke SUZ
8. Vince Friese HON
9. Daniel Blaire HON
10. Blake Wharton HON
11. Nico Izzi SUZ
12. Jason Thomas HON
13. Kyle Keylon HON
14. K Johnson YAM
15. Steven Clarke SUZ
16. Jacob Saylor YAM
17. Darryn Durham YAM
18. Fred Karrle SUZ
19. Tyler Wharton HON
20. Brady Sheren SUZ
250 Points

C Pourcel 156
Austin Stroupe 128
Nico Izzi 112
B Wharton 102
B Jesseman 91
W Hahn 83
M Goerke 82
M Lemoine 82
D Blair 75
S Clarke 71
D Durham 64
M Davalos 57
B Tickle 46
L Kilbarger 43
V Friese 42
J Saylor 40
K Keylon 33
T Wharton 31
S Sewell 29
B Metcalfe 22

Rogers Centre

Toronto is always one of the toughest course of the series … why? The Dirt. The Toronto dirt starts out as frozen tundra, and then thaws out when it is brought indoors to create the track. Almost immediately after motorcycles hit the dirt, the track becomes soft, and rutted. Ultimately turning into a track thats difficult for everyone. Anything can happen on a track this difficult.

In Heat #1 for the 450 Supercross Class:

Suzuki Rider Mike Alessi had the holeshot, then made a mistake by going to wide in the first turn – causing Ivan Tedesco to take the lead on the first lap. Ivan led the race for 4 laps (first time in the season). Defending Supercross Champion Chad Reed got behind Ivan (4 laps in) and ended up making the pass and into the lead, resulting in yet another race win for Chad.

“Its a really difficult track tonight, the ruts are gnarly, and underneath the dirt and the ruts have a ton of rocks!” said Chad Reed

In the 450 Supercross Class Heat #2:

The Factory Honda Rider of Davi Milsaps #18 takes off right out of the gate and is able to hold off James Stewert for a short while. After Stewart catches Millsaps, its only a matter a time before he puts a 3.5 second lead over 2nd place. (Note: James Stewert has won all but one of his heat races all year.) New Joe Gibbs Toyota Yamaha rider Nate Ramsey just barely made it into the main event, taking the 9th spot.

250 Supercross East Lites class Main:

Matt Lemione had the first gate pick, which gave him a great start … but he ended up making a few mistakes on that first lap, giving the lead to Christophe Pourcel. Christophe has been very consistent all season, and only seven points away from wrapping up the East Coast Supercros Championship for 2009. Following him on lap 10 is his Kawasaki team mate Austin Stroupe. Nico Izzy didn’t perform as well as he usually does and ended up in 11th due to a run in with a tough block.

Winning the AMA 2009 East Coast Lites Championship was French Rider Christophe Pourcel. Walking away with a number 1 plate and a new nickname of the “Flying Frenchman.” Austin Stroupe was your 2nd place Lites finisher, Broc Tickle ended the race in 3rd place, his best finish of the season. Pourcel took the championship in style by winning this 15 lap main event!

450 Supercross Main Event:

Mike Alessi for the second time started a race with a the holeshot, but Mike was quickly passed by James Stewert. Chad Reed started in fifth place and moved to second quickly. In third was Andrew Short, who was riding very well, but not as well as JGR Rider #33 Josh Grant, who battled Short for third, eventually taking over the position. Grant was able to hold onto third until a very impressive Team Yamaha rider Josh Hill came from outside the top ten to take over third place.

With 10 laps to go Stewert hit a track marker, although he didn’t go down. That mistake closed the gap between him and the defending Supercross Champion Chad Reed to under ten seconds.

At the end of the 20 lap main event: James Stewart walks away with his ninth 450 Supercross win of the season. Chad Reed takes second place, and Josh Hill finished in third – his best result of the season.

James Stewart said “Feels good to have two Yamaha’s on the podium!”

Chad Reed now leads James Stewart by eight points with four rounds remaining in the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series. Next weekend – Jacksonville, FL!

Notes: Jason Lawrence hurt his wrist/hand in his heat race and elected not to race the main event. Ryan Villopoto is not racing his second event in a row due to a viral infection. It’s not fully known when he’ll return to racing, but it won’t be until he’s 100%.

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