Day 2 of the RockStar US Open of Supercross at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas! James Stewart, riding the 2010 Yamaha YZ 450F won Friday night’s 20 lap main event! To read what happened & see photos of Day 1 of the US Open of Supercross, you can visit this link.

Breaking news – Chad Reed has signed with Monster Kawasaki. Read info here

The two biggest story lines coming into the event – 2009 AMA Supercross Series Champion James Stewart, and the return to racing after a four and a half month layoff from knee surgery – multi time Lites Supercross Champion and Lites National Motocross champion Ryan Villopoto.

The first heat of Saturday, day 2 in Vegas – Ryan Villopoto with the holeshot – and looking very fast. At the finish, it’s Villopoto, Josh Hansen, and Nick Wey.

The second heat – it’s Chris Blose #63 with the holeshot. At the end of the heat race, it’s Dan Reardon winning, Blose is second, and Ezra Lusk, riding the number 11 Suzuki, third.

Heat three – James Stewart, Supercross Champion, on the number 1 Yamaha, pulls a nice holeshot. At the checkered, it’s Stewart winning, Robert Kiniry is second, Davi Millsaps makes some nice passes to finish third, with Heath Voss and Michael Byrne fourth and fifth. Christian Craig finished sixth.

The 20 lap main event gets going – 14 riders on the start line, and the holeshot goes to …. Daniel Reardon #122! But just a few corners into the race, Ryan Villopoto takes over the lead! Reardon is second, and James Stewart is running third. Then, Stewart puts pressure on Reardon to try and move into second. He bumps him in a tight left hander, stalls for a second, and then just comes right back four corners later and makes a nice pass. It’s now Villopoto leading, Stewart second. We are five laps into a 20 lap race, and Villopoto has three second lead over Stewart.

On lap 9, Stewart has closed up on Villopoto. Can Villopoto hold him off? On lap 11, as they exit the long first corner of the race track, Stewart slips inside Villopoto! They come down the longest whoop section, touch in the next corner, Stewart lets up for a second to they are even, … and then moves right back into first position in the next corner. On the 14th lap, Stewart already has a six second lead on Villopoto. Reardon is back in third. Next is Davi Millsaps, then Michael Byrne.

Stewart seems to be able to put the bike, whether with the wheels on the ground, or flying thru the air, anywhere he wants. It looks like he is on his way to winning $100,000.

Not a lot of action going on up front – Stewart leading Villopoto by almost 10 seconds. But Millsaps has moved past Reardon and now has third. Reardon fourth, Byrne fifth.

And that’s how the top five finish – James Stewart has won the 2009 Rockstar US Open of Supercross and $100,000!

The Main Event results from Saturday night:

  1. James Stewart
  2. Ryan Villopoto
  3. Davi Millsaps
  4. Daniel Reardon
  5. Michael Byrne
  6. Matt Boni
  7. Nick Wey
  8. Ezra Lusk
  9. Tyler Bowers
  10. Chris Blose

The Overall results from both nights of racing at the 2009 Rockstar US Open of Supercross:

  1. James Stewart 1/1
  2. Davi Millsaps 2/3
  3. Daniel Reardon 3/4
  4. Ryan Villopoto
  5. Michael Byrne
  6. Nick Wey
  7. Tyler Bowers
  8. Chris Blose
  9. Matt Boni
  10. Matt Georke

Saturday Night Alpinestars 85cc Mini Invitational

  1. Chris Alldredege
  2. Adam Cianciarulo
  3. Thomas Covington
  4. Colton Ford, KTM
  5. Brandan Leith
  6. Keith Tucker
  7. Troy Graffunder
  8. Cole Heath
  9. Jesse Masterpool
  10. Daniel Baker
  11. Nick Gaines
  12. Andrew Pierce

James Stewart said “This bike is so awesome. Yamaha works so hard. My endurance is good, and it’s a good way to come out of my ‘semi-retirement’. Always fun to get a win, but I’m really happy to win for my team, San Manuel.

Notes: Grant Langston announced that he will be returning to racing Supercross at Anaheim 1 in 2010. He should be announcing more plans later this next week. The crowd was bigger tonight than last night. Looks like a sell-out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Chad Reed was in attendance, but did not race. Ryan Dungey did not race as well. The rumor was that Ryan actually crashed before the Motocross of Nations last weekend in Italy, but raced there anyway. This weekend he did not race. The track has been changed around from Friday’s night’s course. Lap times today averaged around 46 seconds.

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Photos by Gerald Geronimo. Click on thumbnail to view larger image: View of the arena and track, opening ceremonies at 7pm, James Stewart’s YZ 450, Rockstar Girls (2), James Stewart #1, Davi Millsaps #18, Ryan Villopoto #2, James Stewart #1, number 63 is Chris Blose, number 100 is Josh Hansen, number 54 is Matt Boni, 578 is Christian Craig, two photos of number 220 Cole Seely, start of a race, start, 63 Chris Blose, 111 is Sleeter, Daniel Reardon 122, another start, James Stewart with a holeshot in his heat race, James Stewart leading, Davi Millsaps #18 (twice), Ryan Villopoto leading the main event, looking back at second place James Stewart, James Stewart #1 taking the win! The winner’s podium – L to R – Dan Reardon, James Stewart, Davi Millsaps.

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2009 US Open of Supercross - Las Vegas - Day 2 - Photo 29 of 29


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