Sheffield, England Supercross

Sheffield, England Supercross

Sheffield, England Supercross, October 25th

Special thanks to KTM North America

Red Bull KTM riders Mike Brown and Tommy Searle along with MDK/KTM Factory Junior Team rider Max Anstie each won their respective class at the opening round of the British Supercross Championship Series over the weekend.

Defending SX-1 British Supercross Champion, Brown, decided to race both the SX-1 and SX-2 classes aboard his KTM 250 SX-F. Brown had a great run in the SX-2 class where he took the win followed by fellow Red Bull KTM Factory rider Tommy Searle. In the SX-1 main event Brown, had a slight disadvantage riding on the lower displacement bike but still fared well finishing 4th overall.

Brown was not the only one pulling double-duty as Searle also competed in two classes over the weekend. Searle earned 2nd in the SX-2 class as described above, and also took an amazing victory in the British Open class over Carl Nunn. Searle passed Nunn in the last few remaining laps to take the lead and the win. This was Searle’s last race in England before leaving for the United States where he will compete for the 2009 season as a member of the MDK/KTM Factory Motocross Lites Team.

Multi-time British 85cc Champion, Max Anstie, had a great ride at Sheffield in his first Youth Open British Supercross race aboard the KTM 250 SX-F. Anstie easily won his heat race to qualify into the main event where he took the lead by the second corner and never looked back. Anstie lapped up to second place before taking the win. “It felt really good to win here. I have not had much time on the bigger bikes, so to come here and win like this helps my build my confidence a lot,” remarked Anstie, who will remain in Europe for the coming weeks to prepare for the Bercy Supercross. Anstie will compete on his KTM 125 SX in that event in the 125cc Invitational race.

SX-1 Overall Results: 

  1. Colton Facciotti
  2. Heath Voss
  3. Jeff Alessi
  4. Mike Brown
  5. Tyler Bright

SX-2 Overall Results:

  1. Mike Brown
  2. Tommy Searle
  3. Kyle Beaton
  4. Tyler Bright
  5. Carl Nunn

British Open:

  1. Tommy Searle
  2. Carl Nunn
  3. Gordan Crockard
  4. Martin Barr
  5. Neville Bradshaw

Youth Open:

  1. Max Anstie
  2. Christian Taylor
  3. Rowan Hill
  4. Nathan Rooks
  5. Ross Clarke

Sheffield, England Supercross - Photo 1 of 2

Sheffield, England Supercross - Photo 2 of 2



Australasian Supercross Series – Round 3

Australasian Supercross Series – Round 3

Australasian Supercross Series, Round 3 – Skilled Stadium, Geelong, October 25

Triple Challenge Race 2

  1. Chad Reed SUZ
  2. Troy Carroll KAW
  3. Cameron Taylor SUZ
  4. Jay Marmont YAM
  5. Cheyne Boyd YAM
  6. Craig Anderson HON
  7. Brent Landman HON
  8. Justin Carafa KTM
  9. Gianni Dalle-Molle KAW
  10. Nathan Crawford HON

Triple Challenge Race 3
  1. Chad Reed SUZ
  2. Daniel McCoy HON
  3. Jay Marmont YAM
  4. Cheyne Boyd YAM
  5. Craig Anderson HON
  6. Cameron Taylor SUZ
  7. Justin Carafa KTM
  8. Nathan Crawford HON
  9. Gianni Dalle-Molle KAW
  10. Brent Landman HON 

Courtesy Rush Sports

Australasian Supercross Series - Round 3 - Photo 1 of 1

Chad Reed – AMA/FIM Supercross Series Champion – victorious again in his home country



2009 FIM Motocross Calendars: MX1, MX2, Women’s, Veterans

2009 FIM Motocross Calendars: MX1, MX2, Women’s, Veterans

MX1 & MX2 Motocross World Championship Series:

  • March 29 – Faenza, Italy
  • April 5 – Sevlievo, Bulgaria
  • April 12 – Istanbul, Turkey
  • April 26 – Valkenswaard, Holland
  • May 10 – Agueda, Portugal
  • May 17 – Bellpuig, Spain
  • May 31 – Mallory Park, Britain
  • June 7 – Ernee, France
  • June 21 – Teutschenthal, Germany
  • June 28 – Kegums, Latvia
  • July 5 – Uddevalla, Sweden
  • July 19 – Nelspruit, South Africa
  • August 2 – Lommel, Belgium
  • August 9 – Loket, Czech Republic
  • August 30 – Lierop, Holland
  • September 13 – Canelinha, Brazil
  • September 20 – circuit to be announced – USA


Women’s World Championship Series:

  • April 5 – Sevlievo, Bulgaria    
  • May 10 – Agueda, Portugal
  • May 17 – Bellpuig, Spain
  • June 7 – Ernee, France
  • June 21 – Teutschenthal, Germany
  • August 30 – Lierop, Holland
  • September 20 – circuit to be announced – USA

Veteran World Cup Series:

  • March 29 – Faenza, Italy
  • April 26 – Valkenswaard, Holland
  • May 31 – Mallory Park, Britain
  • June 28 – Kegums, Latvia
  • August 2 – Lommel, Belgium
  • September 20 – circuit to be announced – USA


  • October 4 – Franciacorta, Italy

  Also, here below is the MX3 and Junior Schedules:

 2009 FIM Motocross Calendars: MX1, MX2, Women's, Veterans - Photo 1 of 1

Courtesy Youthstream & FIM

KTM Announces Zero Emission Motorcycle Prototype

KTM Announces Zero Emission Motorcycle Prototype

Vienna, Austria – KTM, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, presents the prototype of a race-ready Sport Enduro with electromotor, the result of a cooperative research project with Arsenal Research.

KTM Announces Zero Emission Motorcycle Prototype - Photo 1 of 1

KTM and the engineering experts at arsenal research illustrate that fun-riding and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive with the latest development of the zero emission motorcycle prototype. The light, sporty and powerful zero emission motorcycle complies with the KTM sport-oriented, racing philosophy while ensuring an emission and practically noise free bike with an electric motor.

The development of the highly integrated motor was made possible through the expertise of arsenal research. The foundation stone for the bike was built through the commitment of KTM to stay innovative in the off-road motorcycle industry while also finding solutions that align the core business of KTM to important world-wide situations regarding topics such as “mobility,” “environment” and “energy.”

The KTM zero emission motorcycle embodies the typical KTM “Ready to Race” philosophy. The KTM zero emission motorcycle features the most modern construction characteristics and is fitted throughout with high quality vehicle components which have been a standard on KTM motorcycles since the beginning.

Thanks to the intelligent control technology and the most up-to-date energy management, the 90 kg light prototype zero emission motorcycle has a performance that rivals a light Enduro with a combustion engine. Apart from the very low weight, it is the engine’s significantly spontaneous development of torque that is responsible for the distinct dynamic of the zero emission motorcycle. The zero emission motorcycle completely does away with familiar motorcycle components such as exhaust, tank, air box or clutch.


Following promising tests and the numerous insights that resulted from the cooperation with arsenal research, the decision was made to make the transition from a pure research project to a development project for a series machine. KTM places the highest priority on the introduction of a sustainable emission-free electro motorcycle and will continue to intensify its development partnership with arsenal research. At this time, no statement has been released as to when the motorcycle will be brought into production.

Harald Plöckinger, Board Member of KTM Power Sports AG

“As an innovative and market leading company, KTM must also take up the task of testing out and developing new engine formats for our sports motorcycles. The concept of the zero emission motorcycle combines the well known KTM competence with new and highly interesting motor technology. With an emission free motorcycle we see a big opportunity to make Enduro sport available to a broader and completely new target group in the medium and long term by giving them access to a completely new sporting trend. The KTM Zero Emission Motorcycle will allow for riding in more areas, even densely populated areas, without coming into conflict with existing restrictions. Testing with the first prototype already reveals the big potential of this cooperative development project with arsenal research.”

Franz Pirker, Monitoring, Energy and Engine Technology, Arsenal Research

“Alternative vehicle concepts demand new research efforts and an appropriately developed research structure. The use of the latest battery technology, the integration of a highly efficient electric motor as well as the introduction of the drive components in a highly integrated drive system forms the basis of the realization of the motorcycle concept. By the direct linking of a hardware prototype in the virtual simulation environment, real drive cycles can often be arbitrarily completed without having to build components into the test vehicle. This so-called Hardware-in-the-loop simulation makes an extremely time- and cost efficient development possible during which the motor, energy storage and power electronics can be optimized as well as being able to match the drive strategies and energy management without much expenditure in this phase.”

Andreas Dorda, Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology

“For the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), the development of alternative drive systems is, from a transport and environmental policy perspective as well as that of business location and industry policy, central in securing the competitiveness of the Austrian automobile industry through the promotion of research and in lowering the emission of pollutants, noise and greenhouse gases through innovative technical development. As the technological trend in vehicle technology is clearly going in the direction of electrification of engines, the development of the KTM Zero-Emission Motorcycle by KTM and arsenal research with support from the BMVIT in the A3-Technology program is an important showcase project for Austrian engineering competence, with promising perspectives for introduction onto the market both in terms of strategy and industrial policy.”

Courtesy KTM North America

Top ten reasons the off-season sucks

Top ten reasons the off-season sucks

So, I have been rattling my brain, thinking of what to write next for my blog (yes, it’s been a while hasn’t it?). I usually write about my traveling experiences, races, etc. But what do you write about when it is the off-season???

Then it hit me – I’ll write about how much the off-season sucks. =)

Before the season was officially over for me I was able to attend the US Open of Supercross in Las Vegas, and it was a blast. Two nights of racing in one of my favorite places on earth – Vegas. As you probably know, James Stewart won both nights and the overall on his first ride for L & M San Manual Yamaha.

Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 1 of 5

And Grant Langston made an appearance and spoke about his eye injury, and he announced he has melonoma of the eye – it’s a form of cancer. We all feel really badly about Grant, and his charm and grace and maturity have really shown as he talks openly and positively about what he’s going thru.

Chad Reed raced his first ever race on his new Suzuki in America, and in honor of Grant rode both nights with a red # 8 plate in place of his 22, and a ‘For GL’ on his side number plates – in honor of Grant. What a great gesture on Chad’s part – it was a neat thing to see.

OK, now, like I stated before, it is the off-season, and I’m having a hard time with it …

So here are my Top Ten reasons why the off-season sucks … 

  1. I have no race results to update
  2. I don’t get to see my friends at the races as often
  3. I find myself watching more Football than motorsports on TV
  4. More time in the office and not at a track or stadium
  5. A shortage of industry gossip
  6. No new hotel rooms to find in foreign cities
  7. No jet-setting off to new places, and not racking up any frequent flyer miles
  8. Not getting my usual fix of free energy drinks
  9. Overdose of campaign ads for John McCain and Barrack Obama
  10.  Miss the smell of dirt-bike exhaust and getting dirt on my shoes!

 Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 2 of 5

Valkenswaard, Holland, March 2008


Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 3 of 5

Loket, Czech Republic, August 2008

 Actually, maybe the off-season doesn’t suck that bad. Two cool things are happening:

  1. We are working here in the offices on some exciting new ideas that I know you are going to love! One of them I can share with you now: I’m very excited to announce that we are teaming up with Michele Johnson and MXGirls to better cover the entire world of woman’s motocross!
  2. I get to go to Maui in a few days! Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 4 of 5

Maui – here I come!




Top ten reasons the off-season sucks - Photo 5 of 5



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