2008 FIM World Motocross – Round 3 – Portugal

Seb Pourcel overall MX1 winner in Portugal, David Philippaerts takes over MX1 World Motocross series lead, … Tony Cairoli wins both motos in MX2, takes over World Motocross series lead in that class …

MX1 Results
1. Seb Pourcel KAW
2. D. Philippaerts YAM
3. Josh Coppins YAM
4. Steve Ramon SUZ
5. Mike Brown HON
6. Billy Mackenzie HON
7. Jonathan Barragan KTM
8. Marc de Reuver HON
9. Kornel Nemeth KTM
10. Tanel Leok KAW
11. Clement Desalle SUZ
12. Max Nagl KTM
13. Carlos Campano YAM
14. James Noble KTM
15. Pierre A. Renet SUZ
MX1 Point Standings
David Philippaerts 102
Steve Ramon 96
Josh Coppins 83
Billy Mackenzie 79
Ken de Dycker 77
Max Nagl 58
Jon Barragan 54
Seb Pourcel 52
Tanel Leok 50
K Nemeth 48
Clement Desalle 43
Mike Brown 42
Manuel Priem 40
Marc de Reuver 40
Kevin Strijbos 36
MX2 Results
1. Antonio Cairoli YAM
2. Tyla Rattray KTM
3. Tommy Searle KTM
4. Nicolas Aubin YAM
5. Stephen Sword KAW
6. Rui Goncalves KTM
7. Carl Nunn SUZ
8. Shaun Simpson KTM
9. Manuel Monni YAM
10. J. van Horebeek KTM
11. Gautier Paulin KAW
12. Davide Guarneri YAM
13. Jeremy Tarroux KTM
14. S. Terreblanche SUZ
15. Gregory Aranda KAW
MX2 Point Standings
Tony Cairoli 126
Tyla Rattray 121
Tommy Searle 102
Davide Guarneri 86
Rui Goncalves 81
Stephen Sword 80
Nicolas Aubin 78
Manuel Monni 60
Shaun Simpson 60
J van Horebeek 57
Xavier Boog 55
Joel Roelants 49
Gautier Paulin 48
Erik Eggens 38
Jeremy Tarroux 34

Photo Gallery

2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 1 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 2 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 3 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 4 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 5 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 6 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 7 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 8 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 9 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 10 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 11 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 12 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 13 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 14 of 16
2008 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Portugal - Photo 15 of 16

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Courtesy Youthstream

Jason Lawrence 2008 AMA 250 Lites West Supercross Champion

Jason Lawrence 2008 AMA 250 Lites West Supercross Champion

Jason Lawrence 2008 AMA 250 Lites West Supercross Champion - Photo 1 of 1

  • Anaheim 1 – 2nd
  • Phoenix – 5th
  • Anaheim 2 – 21st
  • San Francisco – 1st
  • Anaheim 3 – 1st
  • San Diego – 1st
  • Houston – 2nd
  • Seattle – 2nd

Interview: 2008 AMA Lites Western Division Supercross Champion – Jason Lawrence

by Angela H

Angela: How are you feeling right now Jason?

Jason: I am feeling really happy right now … really really happy for me and Corey (race technician). I am just really pumped we were able to put it together with such a big deficit in the beginning, and be really dominate in the last 5 races. That’s what we are happy about now, and we’re also happy that I wheelied down the starting line and came out fifth. I wheelied so hard I couldn’t even shift. I had to wait for my front wheel to come down before I could shift, … I didn’t want to let off. I was like “Awwwhhhh! Dah dah dah dah tah dah, awh!” It was so funny, … oh, … and it was so easy.

Angela: You are the Lites West Coast Supercross Champion, what does this mean to you?

Jason: This means that it pays off, … everything I’ve worked for this whole year. It’s a dream come true to win a championship. I thought it was a dream come true when I got on the podium for the first time. Then I thought it was a dream come true when I finally won a race, … and now I’ve won the championship. I don’t know what comes after this, but back to back championships if I am lucky. I really want to thank my team manager Dan, my mechanic Corey, my agent Scott, Ryno (Ryan Hughes) my trainer, my bus driver, my whole family and all the awesome sponsors we have. Thank you!

Born April 8, 1987 & lives in Carlsbad, California. Congratulations Jason!

Bonus! With J-Law BEFORE the big race and championship!

by Angela

You could feel the good vibes at the Yamaha of Troy tent. Jason Lawrence had eight weeks off to think about how this night would end at the final West Coast event of 2008 here in Seattle.

Jason greeted fans, hung out with his team, and at one point looked to be having a blast as he and his team mates threw t-shirts and other gifts out in the crowd from atop of the Semi. After the first two practices and some spaghetti lunch, I sat down with Jason before his big night.

Angela: Jason, welcome back to some West Coast racing, here to finish up the series, you had an eight week break from racing. What have you been doing during that time off?

We took the first of the break to get all the outdoors stuff out of the way. I did a lot of testing and did a lot of outdoor riding in California. Then we got back to Supercross, so with two months off we did a month of outdoor and a month of Supercross … we split it up right down the middle. I did a lot of riding and training, and I feel like I am back where I was on Supercross right before the break.

Angela: You made an appearance at ESPN’s Navy Moto X World Championships – what was that like?

Jason: That was cool. It was a different race. I mainly went there to get more race experience before this race so I didn’t have the jitters here. I won my heat race and then I got a second place start in the main and I was pumped because I was on a 250F, but then I crashed in the third turn right after the whoops. At the half way point I was in fifth, so I just pulled off because there was no way I was getting on the podium.

Angela: Well, it was a unique and different event for you and looked like fun!

Yeah, it was a fun, and it was different. It was real close to my house and it wasn’t something I had to fly to; I can’t stand all that traveling, so it was cool to do that. I was also doing it for my sponsors, Monster was big in that event and that is who I did it for. For sure, I had a blast, I was just bummed that I didn’t get a gold helmet or whatever they were giving out to the winners, but it was still fun.

Angela: Okay, down to business and why we are here today, we are one Lites Main Event away from crowning that West Coast Lites Championship, how do you feel going into tonight’s race?

Jason: I feel like I am going to be the Lites Champion. It’s going to take something pretty stupid on my part not to get on the podium tonight. I don’t really have that much of a problem doing that, I just need to put my head down and not crash. I feel confident there is no way I won’t be on the podium to win my title, … if I can stay off the ground. It’s going to take a good start, with no mistakes and let Dungey do his own deal, and I just need to get on that podium.

Angela: You really stepped up your game this year and your results are proof, what did you do differently this year compared to past years?

Jason: It’s fitness and conditioning … it’s way better now. I trained with Ryan Hughes for a while and he got me in great shape, and I have to thank him for that. It’s kind of a bummer, because we don’t actually work together any more, but he did help me get into shape a lot, which is great and that set me up for the position I am in right now.

Angela: The track here in Seattle looks real technical. What do you think will happen in tonight’s race with a track like this?

Jason: It’s not going to be a close race because the track is very technical. So me, Dungey, & Stroupe should pull away from the rest of the pack, I think.

Angela: You have a lot of friends, family, and fans waiting to watch you race tonight. How excited are you getting ready for tonight, or are you nervous at all, and what will you do to till race time?

Jason: I am not really nervous; I just look at it as another race and I just need to get on the podium. It’s not too big of a feat for me, so I am just playing it calm and not letting the nerves get the best of me so I don’t make any dumb mistakes. And till race time I am going to eat my spaghetti dinner and do some yoga, … nah, … I am just kidding, I’ll just chill out till the race.

Round 16 – AMA Supercross 2008, Seattle, WA – April 26

Chad Reed & Kevin Windham will bring the 2008 AMA/FIM Supercross Series down to the final round in Las Vegas next weekend. Kevin wins tonight in Seattle, and Reed comes from last to second. Ryan Dungey wins 15 lap Main Event in West Lites, with Jason Lawrence second. With the second place finish, Jason Lawrence is the 2008 AMA 250 Lites Western Division Supercross Champion!

450 Supercross Results
1. Kevin Windham HON
2. Chad Reed YAM
3. Andrew Short HON
4. Davi Millsaps HON
5. Tim Ferry KAW
6. Josh Grant HON
7. Josh Hill YAM
8. Nick Wey KTM
9. David Vuillemin SUZ
10. Heath Voss HON
11. Josh Summey YAM
12. Ryan Clark HON
13. Jeff Gibson KAW
14. Jason Thomas HON
15. Manuel Rivas KAW
16. C Gosselaar HON
17. Tyler Bright HON
18. Travis Preston KAW
19. Dusty Klatt KAW
20. Bryan Johnson HON
450 Supercross Points
Chad Reed 340
Kevin Windham 330
Davi Millsaps 262
Andrew Short 261
Josh Hill 210
Tim Ferry 206
Nate Ramsey 173
David Vuillemin 158
Nick Wey 144
Paul Carpenter 136
Josh Summey 130
Heath Voss 120
Travis Preston 96
Jason Thomas 93
Eric Sorby 83
Troy Adams 74
Mike Alessi 69
Jake Marsack 66
Ivan Tedesco 53
J Gibson 52
250 Lites West Results
1. Ryan Dungey SUZ
2. Jason Lawrence YAM
3. Broc Hepler YAM
4. Austin Stroupe KAW
5. Thomas Hahn KAW
6. Justin Brayton KTM
7. Brett Metcalfe KAW
8. K Cunningham HON
9. M Willard HON
10. J Keeney HON
11. C Blose SUZ
12. Adam Chatfield SUZ
13. S Skinner HON
14. Gavin Gracyk HON
15. Zach Osborne YAM
16. Matt Lemoine YAM
17. Wil Hahn YAM
18. K Beaton YAM
19. C Gonzalez KTM
20. Robert Kiniry HON
250 Lites West Points
Jason Lawrence 157
Ryan Dungey 154
Austin Stroupe 131
Brett Metcalfe 126
Thomas Hahn 117
Justin Brayton 100
Daniel Reardon 95
Broc Hepler 79
Wil Hahn 77
Robert Kiniry 72
K Cunningham 70
Gavin Gracyk 69
Billy Laninovich 62
Chris Blose 62
Jake Weimer 55
Michael LaPaglia 49
M Willard 41
J Northrup 39
M Blose 33
Justin Keeney 24

Qwest Field

450 Supercross Class: In the premier Supercross class, the championship battle is between Chad Reed, and Kevin Windham. Yamaha v. Honda. In the qualifying heats, Kevin Windham made it to the main by winning heat 1, and Chad Reed made it to the main by winning heat 2.

In the main event, Reed crashed on the first lap! Kevin Windham was the early leader, but one of the covers to the track markers got attached to his bike – he had to stop to get it off and get the bike running again!

Kevin Windham and Chad Reed put on a show! Both moving up thru the pack – Windham took over the lead on lap 18! And Reed came all the way back to second place on the final lap!

Going into the final round in Las Vegas next Saturday, Reed has a ten point lead over Windham: 340 to 330.

250 West Lites: It was all coming down to two riders for the championship – Ryan Dungey on a Suzuki, and Jason Lawrence on a Yamaha. Coming into the race, Lawrence led Dungey by six points.

In the 15 lap main event, Dungey did all that he could – he won the 15 lap main event. But Lawrence finished second. And with that second place finish, he wins the 2008 AMA 250 Lites Western Division Supercross Championship by 3 points over Dungey, 157 to 154!

AMA/Maxxis Mini Moto Supercross is coming – May 2nd – Las Vegas – Orleans Hotel & Arena!

“The Biggest MiniBike Race on the Planet” is back for it’s fifth annual event, held inside the Orleans Arena during the AMA/FIM Supercross Finals weekend, and is considered by many to be “the best racing in Vegas”.

We interviewed MiniMotoSX founder Eric Peronnard:

Eric, we find ourselves with Mini Moto SX year 5 coming up – what gave you the idea to come up with this event?

Eric P: You know we call that brainstorming, Tim Clark (my now retired partner) and I were having one of those session where good ideas were flying high, and, I had been contacted by the Orleans who was interested in motorsports … and … it did not take long to have a feasible project!! (Lauging) On top of all this, we were both minibikes freaks, so when you combine passion and reason you have a slam dunk!

And so, how did it go from an ‘idea’ to reality?

Eric P: Well, signing a check to secure the building, lots of commitment, a lot of hard work, and passion for the sport. It may sound simple and boring but there is no secret!

What goes on in the months and weeks leading up to producing this event?

Eric P: A lot of logistics – you’d be very surprised how much, and of course the marketing & communication keep a staff of half a dozen persons pretty busy!

What is something you’d like the fans to know about the event that happens ‘behind the scenes’ that they wouldn’t normally know about?

Eric P: I would like the fans to know that Mini Moto Supercross is not only the biggest minibike race in the world, but also the world biggest indoor race in activity. Where else to you have 700 amateurs and pro riders qualifying under one roof!

By the time we finish the last race on Friday night, we will have dropped the gate 160 times for all the various practices and qualifiers and LCQ’s and last but not least the track will endure over 16,000 “man laps”! Those numbers should make your head spin … it’s about 10 times bigger than a normal, full-sized supercross event.

What else do you have coming up in the future?

Eric P. We just want to keep improving a good product … we are already the un-official world championship of mini bikes. We just want to get better and make sure everybody is having a lot of fun! See you in Vegas at the Orleans – Friday May 2nd!

And, we also got a few words from Director of Sales & Marketing from Source Interlink Media’s Lance Bryson:

“We have put a lot of energy into continuing the growth of the MMSX. With the resources of a media based company behind us, we are all very excited about what the future holds for this event! The success of the MiniMotoSX is not entirely judged upon the number of tickets sold, but rather the very impressive number of participants that come in droves to be part of this family friendly event. With over 500 talented racers already registered to compete, the race is on track to shatter it’s previously held record for the total number of racers competing in a MiniBike race!”

Be sure to make plans today for this unbelievably entertaining and fun event… the 2008 AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 2; the kick-off event of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Finals weekend! Tickets are going fast, log on or call today to get yours!

2008 AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX

Friday May 2nd Las Vegas , Nevada , Orleans Arena


Tickets On-Sale NOW at the Orleans Arena, 888-234-2334

Or online at www.orleansarena.com




Back from Spain

I just wrapped up my second weekend at the 2008 Motocross Grand Prix series.

Sometimes, it’s hard to explain. And the reason why … well, … everyone thinks ‘Wow, you get to travel all over the place and have fun and see things and vacation!’

I can tell you – it’s nothing like that at all! It’s fly in/fly out, with 20 hour work days and no sleep. But it is also a lot of fun, and a wonderful life experience!

So, I did it! I survived yet another weekend at a crazy Motocross Grand Prix. It was an adventure!! From the hotel, to the food, to the fans, to the track, and ultimately, to the weather. It was something I’ve never experienced before.

OK, first, after flying into Barcelona, being upgraded for free into a nice BMW rental car, I drove almost 2 hours to get to my hotel. And let’s just say that the hotel was ‘different’ from anything I’ve been at in the United States. I can say it was ‘quaint’, and ‘charming’ : )

And it was! The people and the staff there at the Hotel de Carme were wonderful, and I can’t wait to go back again next year!

The food – I went ‘Spanish’ most of the time, having lots of paella, taupas, sangria, and even ….. escargot! Yikes!

The fans – they were incredible. The Spanish fans cheered and hooted and hollered for EVERY rider. Especially at the finish of each race. They are really appreciative of ALL the racers. The fans themselves, with their blow-horns and dressing up to represent their favorite rider or country were entertaining themselves!

The race circuit itself was great. At almost any point on the track you can see almost all the racing action, which is perfect for an outdoor motocross track!

However, what didn’t add to the entertainment was all the rain that came on Sunday. We’ll have the video up on the site in the next couple of days. Check it out. You’ll thank me. : )

I have another job as you might know – helping with the Television Broadcast of the event worldwide. On Friday I just got caught up to date on who was sick, who was feeling better, who liked the track, who didn’t, pretty much just doing my homework for the race, so that I had intelligent questions to ask on camera.

On Saturday we shot an opening to the TV show, and a closing. (We usually do that before the racing even starts that weekend, a little TV secret for you!)

Then we did a little ambush on Tommy Seara’s motor home … to give curious minds a little peak of just what you may find in these ‘Motocross Guys’living quarters. Anna (my co-host) and I had fun with Tommy and his girlfriend. Fun fact – they are both moving to California after the season is up in Europe. Tommy has a ride For KTM in the States for ’09. I think he will do well. Keep an eye out for him.

Sunday was Race day, and shortly after my alarm clock went off I heard the sound of rain hitting the window. I knew right away it was going to be a day full of rain and mud … lots of it. The racing was insane to watch … picture in your mind the Daytona Supercross this year … only in some ways worse. There were sections of the track (steep uphills) that became impossible to ride up, and the start and first corner were literally underwater (again, watch the video later this week to see it).

The most important part of my television job that day to be on the starting gate for the first MX1 moto and interview 3 riders in two minutes. Remember, this show is being broadcast live all over the world, so there isn’t a lot of room for error. That makes it especially exciting, and a tad nerve racking. 3 guys in 2 minutes? Hmmmmm … sounds easy, right? Just add to that equation a half of foot of mud, and pouring rain and what seems easy becomes really chaotic – for everyone! I’m happy to say besides a potential fall in the mud it was a success, and im happy with the way it all turned out for the TV show.

The flight home was a breeze, no screaming babies and no little kids kicking my seat. Oh, and did I mention I slept pretty much the whole flight? (Yep, that’s what I did!)

So, I’m back in California now. This weekend I’ll do a show for the website highlighting Rick Johnson and Jeremy McGrath. It’s my birthday this week, which I’ll spend with friends and family. And then it’s onto my next year in llfe – I think it’s going to be a great year!



Back from Spain - Photo 1 of 1




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