2009 Supercross Series Schedule announced

2009 Supercross Series Schedule announced

2009 Supercross Series Schedule announced - Photo 1 of 2

Supercross.com Media Group announces 2009 Supercross schedule:

With the tremendous success of top name riders helping to design some of the supercross tracks during the 2008 season, Supercross.com Media Group’s decision to hold races in top riders home towns will take the sport to the next level in 2009, and beyond.


We proudly present our 2009 Supercross Schedule:

  1. January 9 – Anaheim, California
  2. January 16 – Belle Plaine, Minnesota
  3. January 23 – Tampa, Florida
  4. January 30 – Haines City, Florida
  5. February 6 – Centreville, Mississippi
  6. February 13 – Tallahassee, Florida
  7. February 20 – Poulsbo, Washington
  8. February 27 – Annapolis, Maryland
  9. March 3 – Dayton, Ohio
  10. March 11 – Murrieta, California
  11. March 18 – Perris, California
  12. March 25 – Dewitt, Michigan
  13. April 2 – Durban, South Africa
  14. April 9 – Victorville, California
  15. April 16 – Newcastle, Australia
  16. April 23 – Mico, Texas
  17. April 30 – Largo, Florida
  18. May 6 – Elk City, Oklahoma
  19. May 27 – Las Vegas, Nevada

You can listen to the press conference, where you’ll also hear from former Supercross Champion & current leader of the AMA Supercross Series Chad Reed, 15-time AMA Motocross & Supercross Champion Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham, Davi Millsaps, World & National Motocross Champion Grant Langston, and 7-time AMA Motocross & Supercross Champion Rick Johnson. Just click on the Play button to listen.

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Round 5 of AMA Motocross Series to be held Saturday night, June 28 ‘under the lights’

Round 5 of the 2008 AMA National Motocross Series, to be held at Thunder Valley Raceway in Lakewood Colorado, is going to be run ‘under the lights’ on a Saturday night. The official press release is below. (Please don’t ask us to decipher the acctual name of the event : )

The official press release: Lakewood‘s Thunder Valley MX to Host First-Ever Night Race for 4th Annual Toyota Trucks Pro Motocross National presented by Division 7

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (Mar. 28, 2008) – Thunder Valley MX will host the first-ever night round of AMA Motocross on Saturday, June 28, for the 4th Annual Toyota Trucks Pro Motocross National Presented by Division 7. This historic race will mark the fifth round of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship Presented by FMF, creating a milestone for the sport of American motocross.

Musco Lighting has jumped on board to supply temporary lighting services at the inaugural night race. As a world-wide leader in sports lighting, Musco will illuminate the mountain side and highlight one of the greatest outdoor racing facilities in the world. Musco Lighting and a group from Thunder Valley MX have staged several test runs at the facility to ensure proper lighting on the racetrack and general spectator areas.

“Musco Lighting is proud to supply the temporary lighting services for the Thunder Valley,” said Amy Yarnell, marketing, Musco Sports Lighting. “Musco is the world-class leader in sports-lighting, making sports-lighting projects happen around the globe from superspeedways to Olympic Games and collegiate athletics to hometown ball fields.”

Thunder Valley‘s promoter David Clabaugh has more than 20 years of experience in the motocross industry and has done an excellent job in developing the venue to meet the standards set by the NPG. Along with his astute team of knowledgeable motocross-savvy employees, Clabaugh has attracted the attention of Toyota Trucks as an event and series sponsor, which helps place the sport in mainstream.

“We wanted to break new ground this year by giving the series a new feel,” said Clabaugh. “Hosting the race at night brings a new element to AMA Motocross and gives fans a new perspective. And in this ever-changing marketplace, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our event and night racing seems like a perfect fit for our regions’ fans.

“We’ve met with officials from the Bandimere drag racing facility up the highway and we’ve done studies on local trends on event attendance in our area. We strongly feel that our greatest area for growth at Thunder Valley is to hold our national at night.”

Red Bull Honda’s Andrew Short is a Colorado native and has competed at each of the AMA Motocross nationals at Thunder Valley MX the past three seasons and sees the nighttime element as a positive for the sport and the event.

“David and his group have done an excellent job in bringing motocross back to Colorado, and to the entire region,” said Short. “It’s important to me to have motocross racing in my home state. I think night racing at an outdoor national will be good and can bring some excitement for the local fans. They’ll have to work at making the lighting right on the track, but I don’t doubt that they’ll be prepared. Thunder Valley MX has become one of the premier stops on the circuit and I think it has really helped local riders.”

Innovative and fan friendly, Thunder Valley MX features three large Jumbotron television screens where live race action is brought to the fans. Local and national media outlets were fed satellite feeds of the AMA Motocross Lites and AMA Motocross class highlights, giving the facility, sponsors and riders nationwide appeal. Since its inception, the key media members of the Denver media have provided excellent print, television and radio coverage.

In addition to the night race, Thunder Valley has also moved up the date nearly a month to accommodate the new and travel-friendly race schedule.

Last year at Thunder Valley Kawasaki’s James Stewart, of Haines City, Fla., picked up his first win in a tiebreaker at the Toyota Trucks Pro Motocross Nationals Presented by Division 7, round seven of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship Presented by FMF. Kawasaki’s Ben Townley, of Tallahassee, Fla., won his second-consecutive overall and fourth of the season in AMA Motocross Lites.

SCHEDULE: Friday (June 27) – Pro practice, 6:00 pm., Saturday (June 28) – Practice, 1:00PM. Qualifying, 2:50 pm. Opening Ceremonies, 5:30 pm. Final events start at 6:00 pm with two 30-minute, plus two lap motos for each class. A complete weekend schedule is available by clicking http://www.mxthundervalley.com/ThunderValley_Nat_info.pdf.

Tickets and Pit Passes

A two-day VIP ticket is available, which includes catered lunches on both days, all day pit passes on both days, and covered seating in the pro pits.

Friday June 27: Passes are on sale between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. Access to Pro Pits is allowed between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. Cost is $15.00 / person.

Saturday June 28: Passes are on sale between Access to the Pro Pits is allowed between 9:00am and 1:00PM. Cost is $20.00 / person.

For more information, please log on to http://www.mxthundervalley.com

Grant Langston Interview

Grant Langston Interview

Grant Langston Interview - Photo 1 of 4

This Week in Supercross

Featured Audio Netcast – AMA National Motocross Champion Grant Langston!

Play Below:

Grant talks about his eye injury, wrist, defending his National Championship in 2008, and more!

Play the audio cast, right now or download to your computer or device from one of the links below.

Grant Langston Interview - Photo 3 of 4

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The Navy Moto X World Championships, April 12 & 13, by ESPN

The Navy Moto X World Championships, April 12 & 13, by ESPN

The Navy Moto X World Championships, April 12 & 13, by ESPN - Photo 1 of 6

Watch the Inaugural Navy Moto X World Championships. April 12 & 13 at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium – Live on ESPN and ESPN2! Also watch on ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD!

Combine the X Games with the greatness of moto – and you have the first annual Navy Moto X World Championships!

Check out the TV commercial below. Check out the photos below. And check out the riders list!

Event Ticket Information

Competition And TV Schedule

Event Headliners

Nate Adams United States
Adam Jones United States
Kyle Loza United States
Jeremy Lusk United States
Scott Murray United States
Todd Potter United States
Mat Rebeaud Switzerland
Blake Williams Australia

Nate Adams United States
Taka Higashino Japan
Adam Jones United States
Jeremy Lusk United States
Robbie Maddison Australia
Mike Mason United States
Todd Potter United States
Mat Rebeaud Switzerland
Ronnie Renner United States
Jeremy Stenberg United States

Troy Adams United States
Justin Brayton United States
Ryan Clark United States
Josh Demuth United States
Gavin Gracyk United States
Broc Hepler United States
Jason Lawrence United States
Jeremy McGrath United States
Travis Pastrana United States
Eric Sorby France
Heath Voss United States
Nicholas Wey United States

Nate Adams United States
Kenny Bartram United States
Mike Mason United States
Travis Pastrana United States
Ronnie Renner United States
Jeremy Stenberg United States

Matt Buyten United States
Ricky Carmichael United States
Tommy Clowers United States
Brian Deegan United States
Jeremy McGrath United States
Todd Potter United States
Ronnie Renner United States

Could we really have a Jeremy McGrath & Ricky Carmichael battle?

Cassidy Anderson United States
Darryl Atkins New Zealand
Ben Bostrom United States
Mark Burkhart United States
Benny Carlson United States
Adam Cini Australia
Brandon Currie United States
Steve Drew United States
Micky Dymond United States
Chris Fillmore United States
Carey Hart United States
Troy Herfoss Australia
Drake McElroy United States
Jeremy McGrath United States
Joey Pascarella United States
David Pingree United States
Heath Voss United States
Jeff Ward United States

Look at the names overall – Pastrana, McGrath, Carmichael, Metzger, Ward ….. and a few other surprises could pop up! The dirt will be there … will you?

The Next Level of Supercross Worldwide – Mike Porra Interview

The Next Level of Supercross Worldwide – Mike Porra Interview

The Next Level of Supercross Worldwide - Mike Porra Interview - Photo 1 of 4

The new Australasian Supercross Series

Change, Excitement, and The Future – The Next Level of Supercross Worldwide

Interview: Supercross Promoter Mike Porra

by Amanda

Mike Porra and Chad Reed have a vision – to bring supercross to a new level worldwide. Mike and Chad have teamed together to create a new supercross series in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Below you can read the interview with Mike Porra about this new series – how it started, what the initial plans are, and what the future hopes to bring.

Amanda: Hi Mike. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. We’ve been hearing quite a lot about the new supercross series in Austrailia. What is the official name of the series?

Mike: The series is called a new name, “SuperX – The Australasian Supercross Championship”.

Amanda: Mike, can you tell us a little about yourself and your history?

Mike: Yes. At the moment, I’m the worldwide promoter of the Crusty Demons Live shows. That’s kept me quite busy the past three or four years. My company is called Rush Sports & Events International. The major thing we do right now, among many other things, is the Crusty Demon Live shows, which we’ve taken around the world in the past three or four years to many countries … the United States, Australia, England, India, China, and others.

In 2008, we’ll do close to 100 show, across 20 countries in Europe, and throughout Australasia.

Before this, I was a partner in another sports and entertainment business … and I was with the sports and marketing group IMG, as the General Manager for the Australasian region, and that’s what really got me into the whole sports and entertainment area. I’m a marketing person by background, having owned advertising agencies before that. So, I’ve been involved in motocross through the sport of freestyle motocross and Crusty Demons for the past four years, which has now lead to the supercross.

The Next Level of Supercross Worldwide - Mike Porra Interview - Photo 2 of 4

Amanda: It sounds like you are very busy. How did the idea of this new Australian Supercross Series come about, and when did it come about?

Mike: Australia has the highest per capita sales of dirt bikes in the world, by far. And Australia sells the second most in total sales of dirt bikes in the world behind only the United States, which is extraordinary considering Australia is a country of only 20 million people total. Australia sells more dirt bikes than any other country in the world, including all in Europe and every other country in the world except the US.

So, this is definitely a dirt bike crazy country, and area. The Crusty Demons phenomenon is absolutely massive here as well, and ‘Crusty Demons’ in a household name and brand here. ‘Crusty’ has an almost 100% brand awareness now, with huge numbers as far as live attendance. In 2005 / 2006, Crusty Demons became the biggest touring event to tour in Australia, bigger than the Rolling Stones or U2 at that time, which really blew a lot of peoples minds’ being that a dirt biking sport could do that.

The sport of supercross has not been run as well as it could be here, and has not done as well as we believe it can do here in Australia. It has a great grass roots following, but certainly was not a very high level. I decided to look at it (the sport) seriously about a year ago, and started to do some work, and some strategic research. At about the same time as this, I went and met with Chad Reed. Chad knew very well about Crustys, and he knows about riders all over the world.

Right away, Chad and I had a good ‘meeting of the minds’ so to speak. We met in Los Angeles, and we had a meeting with his manager, and within a half of an hour, we both knew that we wanted to do exactly the same thing: to build a fantastic new supercross series in this part of the world, with Chad and I doing it in partnership.

The paperwork followed, and we had the contract signed in a matter of weeks.

We created a new company, with its major objective is to re-invent and recreate supercross in this part of the world.

And just as importantly, for us to do some new things that are not being done anywhere else in the world. We want to be much more innovative and create a much better supercross series experience than any of the others in the world. And when we explain some of what we’ll be doing, you’ll be able to understand better what we have in mind.

We are really starting fresh down here in Australia, and the manufacturers are very, very excited about what’s happening, and the possibility of an exciting new supercross series here in Australia.

The manufacturers have said to us “We know you are going to do some new things, shakes things up, and maybe do some things we wouldn’t normally go for ….. but go ahead and do your thing!”

So, we are going to be able to be very innovative from the start. Our company has a ten-year license with Motorcycle Australia, which is the governing body of motorcycling in Australia. We are officially sanctioned, and M. A. (Motorcycling Australia) has said they are fully behind us and will support us with whatever we need to make the sport successful in Australia.

The Next Level of Supercross Worldwide - Mike Porra Interview - Photo 3 of 4

Amanda: How long have you had a relationship with Chad Reed, and when did you know things were really starting to get serious with Chad on this supercross series?

Right now, I’ve had a relationship with Chad about 18 months. And I think Chad will tell you about 30 minutes into our first meeting, we really had already started to come together on the business side of things, and knew that we were going to do this together. We both had exactly the same vision of what needed to be done to make it something special.

Amanda: Can you tell us a little bit about what the series will be like in this first year?

We are going to have seven championship races all over Australia this year, and possibly one in New Zealand as well. In the event doesn’t happen this year in New Zealand, it will definitely happen next year. We have seven races locked down, and we are just finalizing the contracts with the venues. We are very close to announcing the dates and locations.

Securing the venues has been the most difficult aspect by far. That, combined with Chad’s schedule, and then also our schedule of doing events all over the world. Each of the venues might have only one or two open weekends during the year … doing seven events during a possibly nine week window of Chad’s schedule … it’s been quite difficult. It’s been crazy, but we are there now. We’ll start in October and end in late November this year. It includes all the major cities in Australia.

Very importantly, we are doing three or possibly four events with new formats that have not been done before and are being introduced in our series. In Australia I have been involved in developing other sports such as Iron Man, and triathlons. With these, we created race formats that were very different … some are shorter, some are very different ideas that are made for television or for the live crowd in attendance.

I wanted to bring those ideas and thinking over to supercross. I’ve been to the United States and seen the sport at it’s very best … I was surprised to see that every single race is run exactly the same. Eight times out of ten, by the first lap the guy out front is leading a parade.

I believe that presents a great opportunity for us to do it in a much more exciting way. And seeing that we are starting from the beginning, that gives us the ability to do that.

To give you an example, one of the rounds of the series will have a format called ‘Man on Man’. It will be like a tennis format, with 32 riders that have qualified for the finals. We’ll have 16 heats of 2 riders, doing one lap. Each race is only one lap … and the next race starts right away as the previous guys cross the finish line.

Then it goes to quarterfinals, semi-finals, and final. The final will be two laps, with maybe a third rider thrown in. But apart from that, every single race is two-man only, man-on-man, one lap only.

You can imagine, that’s frightened a lot of people of doing a race like that and having it as a full championship round, counting for points in the series … but we are going to do it.

We’ll have another race in the series called ‘Survival’. We’ll have two heats that will get the field down to 20 riders. We’ll start the race with the 20 riders, and do a five lap race … and at the end of that five laps, the last five competitors will drop out.

When the first place riders crosses the line, a clock will start, running for 60 seconds, until the next race starts.

So, if a rider finishes in 15th place and survives for the next race, if the clock is at 55 seconds, he has only five seconds to rest, get organized, and over to the starting area for the next race. So, the winner gets 60 seconds of rest, with each rider finishing behind with less and less time in between his finish and the start of the next race.

There will be points and prize money for each of those 5 lap races, so riders will definitely be going for the wins. But there’s also real racing going on at the back of the pack, to try and not be one of the last five riders that will be eliminated. So it will start with 20, the next race will be 15 riders, then ten, then the final race of five riders.

We have a few other different concepts for races planned as well that we are going to put in place, including one called ‘Super Sprint’. We’ll also have three or four of the traditional 20 lap races. One of the races will be run at a big speedway venue, and we’ll run the track right up the hill 60 or 70 meters or so right into the crowd, and then it will run back downhill, with a massive jump bringing them back to the main track.

A group of us here from Australia, went to the big Anaheim Supercrosses last year, and the year before, and … I was very surprised. The sport is so big in the USA, … it was good, and the entertainment was OK, and the introductions were pretty good … but I thought all the way across the board, the show side and the entertainment side were not as good as I thought it might be on the world’s biggest stage for the sport.

And the racing … at the last race I attended, I think Bubba Stewart had the lead into the first corner … and after about seven or eight laps I was ready to head out. He was so far out front … there wasn’t much racing after the start.

So, I think for it to be successful here, we need to make it much more exciting, and different, and entertaining. And we need to make it fantastic for television as well. I think a few ears will *** up once they get a hold of what we are doing here. We plan on having a great field of great.

In addition to the formats I spoke about previously, we are looking at other components such as pit stops, and many other ideas. And having these top riders race with these different formats, I think we’ll be changing things up on the international level as well.

Amanda: What are your future plans for the series and its growth?

The ultimate goal for us, which we hope to get done by year two, but certainly by year three, is to take this series into Asia. Australia and New Zealand are a given. We are already getting great support from New Zealand, And Ben Townley is really keen to coming back. Also, the New Zealand government is very keen to get us in and have a big race there. And then we are looking take the supercross series into Asia.

After a period of time, if we are successful in doing that, then the vision is certainly to have this series as a proper Asian series. That is why it is actually called the Australasian Supercross Series because we would like to have a whole range of races right through Australia, New Zealand, and south east Asia.

We would like to see another major series between what’s going on in the United States, and in Europe – three major series: the United States, Europe and Asia. And with our window of time, which is currently October through November, we hope that will avoid other people’s seasons, so that riders are able to come in and treat this as an entirely different season. They can come to win great prize money and expose their sponsors as well.

Amanda: Speaking of your vision and thinking of the future, if you were to dream about what this series will be like in ten years, what would that be like?

Mike: It is interesting that you bring up ten years. Something that has happened already here in Australia, which is incredibly exciting for us, is we are just about to sign off on an offer to have all these events televised live in Australia.

I say that’s amazing because our deal with Motorcycle Australia said that we have to get some coverage for these events, and we imagined that for the first couple of years we would be a one-hour TV package on daytime television. But where we will end up the first year is with the one hour TV package that will be 100 percent live. So that’s a really big result for us in the first year.

So the ten-year plan is a big hunk of that – getting live television coverage, to therefore really being able to promote the sport. We need to see this go live because people need to get into the actual live racing of these events. And I believe when people start to see it with these new racing formats, they will really enjoy it, and our version of supercross here is not going to be positioned like other motor sport events, like our Formula 1 racing (which is like NASCAR) which is very big here.

The whole positioning of this sport is it’s going to be a cross between action sports and motor sports compared to just straight motor sports. We are making it very cool, very young and very hip. The racing will be extreme and very exciting. So that’s the way we are positioning it. I think when people see it, we will have a good chance of developing into something that is mainstream very quickly, and in 3-5 years I want to see this thing being a mainstream sport in Australia and New Zealand. But in ten years, I would like to see the SuperX series be a mainstream sport not only in Australia and New Zealand, but all throughout Asia.

The Next Level of Supercross Worldwide - Mike Porra Interview - Photo 4 of 4

Amanda: Now if you could say anything to the fans about this very exciting new Australasian Supercross / SuperX series, what would you like to tell them?

Mike: I would like to tell them two things: One is to come and see one of the great sportsman that this country has ever produced. Chad Reed is not that well known in Australia, because he hasn’t really competed here. The majority of his career has really been in the United States. So he isn’t that well known here … but (with a chuckle) he will be very quickly! Come to SuperX, see Chad and support him. He is excited to come back and help develop the sport.

The second thing: get ready for a great sporting event, which is really going to blow your mind in terms of excitement and entertainment! The sport has a huge following anyway, so many people ride here. And the thought of super exciting, bar-to-bar action, and the brand new racing formats, new venues and tracks … it’s going to be very spectacular!

My message to Australian sports fans especially is your going to want to put SuperX on your radar, because you’re going to love it!

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