MSR & Kevin Windham: New Three-Year Agreement

Corona CA: MSR and Kevin Windham announced today that the two parties have reached a three-year agreement for Kevin Windham to use and endorse MSR apparel starting in the 2009 racing season.

Windham, who is known as one of the most naturally talented riders of his era turned pro in 1994 and quickly scored a Regional Supercross championship in 1996. He has become a fan favorite, and continues to be a podium threat in any race he competes in.

“I am really excited about starting this new relationship with MSR” Stated Kevin Windham. “They have a tremendous heritage, and the apparel is the perfect blend of style & functionality. It’s going to be great to be involved with the MSR brand at both a personal & performance level”.

MSR’s Director David Casella is equally excited. “Signing a three-year deal with an icon like Kevin Windham is just awesome for MSR. The brand has really flourished the last few years and there is no doubt in my mind that having Kevin on board will really take it to the next level “.

MSR Marketing Manager Randy Valade adds, “Kevin has been in the sport so long now, I believe with his experience and willingness to win, this will put MSR where it needs to be in the gear industry.”

Make sure to watch Windham’s debut as a MSR team rider this weekend as the AMA Supercross series kicks off at Anaheim.

MSR has been in the business of making quality motocross products since 1971.


We all know Tatum Sik .. Right ??

A lil gossip from a motocross insider that Southern California rider Tatum Sik, WMA Professional Racer and XGames Bronze Metalist is all packed up and on her way to the WMA Cup in Texas. I guess that annoucement was not too hard to guess, especially for anyone who knows Tatum, she is by far one of the most talented WMA racers coming up the Professional Ranks.

Here is the mind boggling part. Tatum who was running Kawasaki Team Green at the XGames is pretty much bikeless, she has not been able to lock down a bike sponsor for 2009 and she is on her way to win the WMA Cup on a 2006 Yamaha 250F. Im not saying the bike is vintage, but it will be a set back for her success at the WMA Cup, we all know that our equipment is key to success on the track.

If you would like to sponsor or know more about Tatum Sik and her 2009 race schedule including a repeat invite to the 2009 XGames and the WMX Outdoor Nationals please feel free to contact me [email protected]

As for the 2006 YZ250F and Tatum, Im still looking forward to the results Tatum will bring in on a refreshed clapped out bike!

We all know Tatum Sik .. Right ?? - Photo 1 of 1

Monster Energy Supercross After-Party Anaheim 1 and Monster Energy want to invite all supercross fans to supercross after-party at Heat Ultra lounge for a blow out party with their athletes and the entire industry. Heat is the newest and hottest Bar in Orange County.

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WMA Pro Jessica Patterson WMA Cup Update

After review of the WMA Pro Class lineup I discovered that WMA Champion and XGames Finalist Jessica Patterson was unconfirmed to attend the WMA Cup. For those of you who dont know, the WMA Cup is the Championship race of the year, hosting the most competitive divisions of womens racing.

I had to catch up with Jessica Patterson to figure out what was going on, very unlike this six-time WMA Pro National Champion (2008, 2007,2006, 2005, 2004 and 2000) to be unconfirmed for any race! I found Jessica on AOL Instant Messenger..

Here is our quicky conversation!

MXGirlRacing (7:47:44 PM): Hey Jessica.. Rumor has it your unconfirmed for the WMA Cup this week.. What the deal with this ??

JP (7:48:58 PM): Im trying to get my insurance switched over. It happens when you get to old to be on your parents. lol

MXGirlRacing (7:49:12 PM): So how many days do you have to make this happen?

JP (7:50:40 PM): well the one I have now one ends on the 31st and Im hoping my other one is going to start the 1st. Ill know tomorrow

MXGirlRacing (7:51:33 PM): Do you believe in “meant to be” .. so if you cant switch it then, I guess it just not meant to be?

JP (7:51:59 PM): sure… it happens

MXGirlRacing (7:52:08 PM): Such a rad attitude ..

JP (7:52:14 PM): And I wont be racing if it dont for sure have insurance

MXGirlRacing (7:52:10 PM): ha!

MXGirlRacing (7:54:03 PM): Right on girl, thanks for the update and if you make it to the WMA Cup, you know Ive always been your number 1 fan!

MXGirlRacing (7:54:17 PM): Good Luck and Kick some butt!!!

WMA Pro Jessica Patterson WMA Cup Update - Photo 1 of 1

Photo from 2008 XGames – Photographer Jake Ashcraft

Jessica Patterson – Always a top contender in the womens motocross scene.

Vans to Sponsor WMA Cup

The WMA is pleased to announce that Vans is a sponsor of the upcoming WMA Cup, the largest women’s motocross race in history, being held at Freestone County Raceway, Wortham, Texas. January 1st 3rd.

Vans, who has been a supporter of women’s motocross through sponsorship of the 2008 WMA Pro National Champion Ashley Fiolek will now also be supporting women’s motocross at the WMA Cup. Vans will be providing a $100.00 gift card good for any Vans Girls shoes, clothing or accessories to each of the 14 different women’s amateur classes at the WMA Cup. The gift card will be awarded in a non-traditional way at the event during the women’s amateur trophy presentation.

“We are very excited to partner-up with the WMA,” said Vans Motocross Team Manager Jerry Badders. “Vans shares the same commitment to women’s racing and we are proud to support events, such as the up-coming WMA Cup, that create opportunities for women in the sport.”

Be sure to check out all the great Vans products at While on their site take the Girls Poll and give them your thoughts and input on fashion, trends and so much more.

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