Marc de Reuver wins MX1 Grand Prix … world championship between Philippaerts & Ramon comes down to next weekend! Tyla Rattray one step closer to MX2 World Championship with double moto sweep!

MX1 Results
1. M. de Reuver 1/3 HON
2. Ken de Dycker 8/1 SUZ
3. Max Nagl 5/2 KTM
4. D Philippaerts 3/5 YAM
5. Josh Coppins 4/6 YAM
6. J. Barragan 2/13 KTM
7. Clem Desalle 11/4 KAW
8. Steve Ramon 7/8 SUZ
9. Marcus Schiffer 10/7 KTM
10. Manuel Priem 12/9 KAW
11. Seb Pourcel KAW
12. A Leok YAM
13. W Saris YAM
14. T Leok KAW
15. C Melotte APR
MX1 Points
D Philippaerts 477
Steve Ramon 463
Ken de Dycker 452
J Barragan 419
Josh Coppins 415
Max Nagl 394
Seb Pourcel 392
Tanel Leok 337
B. Mackenzie 293
M. de Reuver 277
Clem Desalle 263
M. Priem 245
A. Leok 164
J. Bill 159
K. Nemeth 159
MX2 Results
1. Tyla Rattray 1/1 KTM
2. Tommy Searle 2/2 KTM
3. N. Aubin 4/3 YAM
4. R. Goncalves 3/4 KTM
5. S. Simpson 6/6 KTM
6. Gert Krestinov 12/5 KTM
7. M. Karro 9/8 HON
8. E. Bobryshev 11/7 YAM
9. J v Horebeek 8/10 KTM
10. G. Swanepoel 10/9 KAW
11. M.Seistoia HON
12. J. Roelants KTM
13. D Guarneri YAM
14. S. Sword KAW
15. M. Monni YAM
MX2 Points
Tyla Rattray 596
Tommy Searle
N Aubin 381
S Simpson 367
R Goncalves 365
T Cairoli 357
S. Frossard 289
X. Boog 283
J v Horebeek 277
M Monni 259
S. Sword 257
A Boissiere 243
D Guameri 181
J Roelants 181
M Musquin 180

Lierop, Netherlands

Native Dutch rider, and sand specialist Marc de Reuver, riding for Honda, won the MX1 overall of the Benelux Grand Prix in Lierop, Holland today, with moto finishes of 1/3. Second overall went to Team Suzuki’s Ken de Dycker, with an eighth in the first moto, and the win in the second moto.

The MX1 World Motocross Championship boils down to the season finale next weekend between leader David Philippaerts of Italy, and Steve Ramon of Belgium. Philippaerts leads Ramon by 14 points with one round remaining. And Ken de Dycker still has an outside chance at the championship – he is 25 points behind Philippaerts, and 11 points behind Ramon. However, Philippaerts, who is from Italy, looks to be in good position to claim his first Motocross World Championship in front of an enthusiastic home crowd next weekend at the Faenza circuit!

South African Tyla Rattray made a strong statement today in his bid to become 2008 MX2 World Motocross Champion – a double moto sweep in the sand of Holland, which gives him the Grand Prix victory as well. He can clinch the championship next weekend at the Italian Grand Prix by scoring at least 17 points, even if second place rider in the points standings rider Tommy Searle wins both motos.

However, Searle still has a chance at the championship. He finished second in both motos today behind his KTM team-mate Rattray, for second overall. He is 33 points behind Rattray with the one round remaining. Each event has a maximum of 50 points possible.

The final round of the 2008 World Motocross Championships are next weekend in Faenza, Italy, to determine who will be the MX1 and MX2 World Motocross Champions! will be on hand with coverage starting Saturday morning.

The 2008 FIM Women’s World Championship Series ended today, and Livia Lancelot claimed the first ever Women’s World title by also claiming the overall win!

Race results:

  1. Livia Lancelot
  2. Steffi Laier
  3. Ashley Fiolek
  4. Larissa Papenmeier
  5. Marielle de Mol

Final Standings First Ever FIM Women’s World Motocross Championship:

  1. Livia Lancelot
  2. Steffi Laier
  3. Maria Franke
  4. Larissa Papenmeier
  5. Elin Mann

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