World MX GP Round 6 results – Japan


MX1 results:

1. Billy Mackenzie – 1/2

2. Mike Brown – 5/1

3. Josh Coppins – 3/3

4. David Philippaerts – 4/6

5. Steve Ramon – 9/4

MX1 points:

1. Josh Coppins – 274

2. Kevin Strijbos – 211

3. Steve Ramon – 186

4. Seb Pourcel – 154

5. David Philippaerts – 148

MX2 results:

1. Chris Pourcel – 1/2

2. Antonio Cairoli – 3/1

3. Tommy Searle – 4/3

4. Tyla Rattray – 2/5

5. Gareth Swanepoel – 5/4

MX2 point standings:

1. Antonio Cairoli – 292

2. Chris Pourcel – 228

3. Tyla Rattray – 218

4. Tommy Searle – 175

5. Pascal Leuret – 173

Courtesy YouthStream & Team Suzuki MX Press.

Round 2 – Mt. Morris, PA – May 27

2007 MX Results – Round 2 – Mt. Morris, PA – May 27

450 Motocross Results
1. Ricky Carmichael SUZ 1 1
2. James Stewart KAW 2 2
3. Davi Millsaps HON 4 3
4. Tim Ferry KAW 3 4
5. Andrew Short HON 5 6
6. Grant Langston YAM 7 5
7. Kevin Windham HON 6 7
8. Michael Byrne SUZ 8 9
9. Mike Alessi KTM 11 8
10. David Vuillemin HON 9 10
11. Gracyk 12 12
12. Jason Thomas HON 13 13
13. Cole Siebler 14 14
14. Nick Wey HON 18 11
15. Chatfield 16 15
16. Josh Summey 10 34
17. Jeff Alessi KTM 15 22
18. Ryan Clark 21
19. Barry Carsten 22 17
450 Motocross Points
Ricky Carmichael 97
James Stewart 87
Tim Ferry 78
Davi Millsaps 76
Grant Langston 61
Andrew Short 59
Kevin Windham 59
Mike Alessi 50
Michael Byrne 48
David Vuillemin 43
Jeff Alessi 26
Gracyk 25
Jason Thomas 24
Ryan Clark 23
Cole Siebler 22
Balbi 18
Wey 17

250 Lites Motocross Results
1. Josh Grant HON 1 3
2. Ryan Villopoto KAW 2 2
3. Ben Townley KAW 10 1
4. Ryan Dungey SUZ 4 4
5. Jason Lawrence YAM 3 6
6. Thomas Hahn HON 6 5
7. Jake Weimer HON 5 7
8. Broc Tickle YAM 9 8
9. Josh Hill YAM 7 10
10. Matt Goerke YAM 12 9
11. Andrew McFarlane SUZ 14 11
12. Matt Lemoine 11 17
13. Kelly Smith 15 14
14. Ryan Morais YAM 13 16
15. Rob Kiniry 8 32
16. Kyle Chisholm 19 13
250 Lites Motocross Points
Ryan Villipoto 91
Ben Townley 83
Josh Grant 78
Ryan Dungey 76
Jason Lawrence 67
Tommy Hahn 59
Broc Tickle 52
Jake Weimer 48
Josh Hill 36
Matt Goerke 33
Brett Metcalfe 32
Matt Lemoine 22
Andrew McFarlane 21
Martin Davalos 20
Boni, Chisholm 17

High Point Raceway

Josh Grant scores first overall victory of pro career in 250 class, Ricky Carmichael dominates 450 class

250 class: Josh Grant won the first national motocross of his career, taking the overall win with race finishes of first and third.

Second overall went to defending national champion Ryan Villipoto with finishes of 2/2.

Third overall went to Ben Townley. Ben fell in the first moto, but fought back to tenth, and then won the second moto.

450 class: Ricky Carmichael is riding at a pretty good level for a ‘part-time’ racer. Carmichael is riding a limited outdoor schedule (the first six rounds, and the MX des Nations) as he makes the move to four wheel racing. But no matter – he won both motos today on his Suzuki RM 450.

In the first moto, everyone got to see what they wanted to see – James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael battling out front. James led early on, with Carmichael chasing. Around lap 13 of the 17 lap moto, Carmichael passed Stewart for the lead. The second moto was all Carmichael.

James Stewart finished second overall via finishes of 2/2. Remember, James is racing the entire series for the championship, so he’s in a good position even though Carmichael has won the first two events.

Notes: Fast lap times were approx. 2 minutes.

The Supercross Community

The Supercross Community

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La comunidad de Supercross está aquí

The Social Networking Community- the place for you to publish your own profile – put your interests, your results, your photos, your videos, network with other supercross fans, and more.

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The Supercross Community - Photo 1 of 1

Chad Reed to fund, run & contest a new Australasian Supercross Series in 2008

Chad Reed to fund, run & contest a new Australasian Supercross Series in 2008

Courtesy Mark Hinchliffe / Courier Mail / The Sunday Mail /

Chad Reed will return from the US next year to fund, run and contest a new Australasian Series.

Australia’s fifth-highest-earning sportsman has formed a partnership
with Crusty Demons motorcycle stunt show promoter and Uncle Tobys Iron
Man Super Series founder Mike Porra to run the series over the next
five years and compete in it for at least three years.

“For a long time I’ve been wanting to lift the profile of supercross in
this country and play a role in it. I want to put supercross back on
the map,” the Yamaha rider said yesterday.

“I’ll be making the big decisions and putting my name to it.”

He will also invest his own money in the venture, although he would not disclose how much it would cost.

“Everything is a risk. Walking across the street is a risk, but Mike has a great track record,” he said.

Reed, 25, of Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley, is a two-time Australian
supercross champion, won the world title in 2003 and the US title in
2004 and is this year’s runner-up in the US and world titles.

While the company is yet to announce venues and dates, the 2008 series
will start about August and consist of night events on man-made tracks
in six stadium venues in Australian capital cities and regional
centres, including at least one in Queensland.

Within three years, Reed said they expected the series to expand to 10
rounds, with events in New Zealand and possibly Japan, attracting
riders from the US and Europe, with national and possibly international
television coverage.

“TV coverage is in the works right now for a network like 7 or 10,” Reed said.

“Supercross has been kind of run down here and it needs to be changed up a bit.

“Supercross is what I love most and what I’ve made a career out of.
Motocross is cool and more grass roots, but supercross is more

Reed last week was a surprise entrant in the NSW round of the national
motocross competition winning both motos against title leader Daniel
Reardon (Kawasaki) of Brisbane.

“There is so much talent in Australia at the moment,” Reed said.

“Right now it’s looking like he’s (Reardon) the guy who’s the best.”

Motorcycling Australia CEO David White said they had approved the
rights for the as-yet-unnamed Reed/Porra company to run the national
supercross championships.

“To have a world champion who is still competing on the world stage,
actively participate in the running and promotion of a sport, is a huge
coup for this country and not something we have ever seen before,”
White said.

“The fact that Chad is one of the top two riders participating in the
World Supercross Grand Prix and AMA Supercross Series will bring
additional focus to this new Australasian Supercross Series.”

Porra said the venture was an opportunity to establish supercross as a mainstream Australian sport.

“In the United States and Europe, Supercross is personified by its
heroes, each event is a complete experience where racing plays the lead
role but is backed up by various forms of entertainment and exhibition
sessions,” he said.

“To have Chad Reed commit to the venture is a major coup for Australian
sport in general, he has a devoted following of millions world-wide and
is a perfect ambassador for supercross in the country and beyond.

To see the article in it’s entirety, you may visit this link,23739,21786351-5012789,00.html

Chad Reed to fund, run & contest a new Australasian Supercross Series in 2008 - Photo 1 of 1

2007 Motocross des Nations preview?

2007 Motocross des Nations preview?

The 2007 Motocross of Nations will be held at Budds Creek in September. The event is the biggest motocross of the year, with each country having a team of three riders. It’s the first time the event will be held in the USA since 1987. Some of these riders in the photos below will anchor their respective teams (Carmichael, Stewart, Villipoto – USA, Reed – Australia, Townley – New Zealand). Should be fun in September!

Click on thumbnail to view the larger image.

To see the results from last weekend’s race at Budds Creek, just click ‘Results’ on the left hand side navigation area.

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2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 1 of 15

Crowd, Carmichael, Stewart

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 2 of 15

Ryan Villipoto

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 3 of 15

Carmichael chasing Stewart

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 4 of 15

450 podium

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 5 of 15

Ricky Carmichael

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 6 of 15

Ricky Carmichael

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 7 of 15

Carmichael chasing Stewart

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 8 of 15

Chad Reed

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 9 of 15

Chad Reed

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 10 of 15

Stewart, Carmichael battle

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 11 of 15

Stewart, Carmichael battle more

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 12 of 15

Ben Townley

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 13 of 15

Ben Townley

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 14 of 15

Ryan Villipoto

2007 Motocross des Nations preview? - Photo 15 of 15

Villipoto, Townley, champagne


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