2007 MX Results – Round 3 – Southwick, MA – June 10

450 Motocross Results
1. Ricky Carmichael SUZ 1 1
2. James Stewart KAW 2 2
3. Grant Langston YAM 3 3
4. Andrew Short HON 4 5
5. Mike Alessi KTM 6 8
6. Gavin Gracyk HON 5 11
7. John Dowd SUZ 10 9
8. Troy Adams SUZ 9 10
9. David Vuillemin HON 7 12
10. Kevin Windham HON 16 6
450 Motocross Points
Ricky Carmichael 147
James Stewart 131
Grant Langston 101
Tim Ferry 96
Andrew Short 93
Davi Millsaps 90
Kevin Windham 79
Mike Alessi 78
David Vuillemin 66
Michael Byrne 59

250 Lites Motocross Results
1. Ben Townley KAW 2 1
2. Ryan Villopoto KAW 1 2
3. Ryan Dungey SUZ 3 3
4. Jason Lawrence YAM 5 4
5. Josh Grant HON 4 5
6. Kyle Chisholm KAW 9 6
7. Josh Hill YAM 6 9
8. Billy Laninovich HON 8 10
9. B Ainsworth KAW 12 11
10. Robert Kiniry KAW 11 13
250 Lites Motocross Points
Ryan Villipoto 138
Ben Townley 130
Ryan Dungey 116
Josh Grant 112
Jason Lawrence 101
Tommy Hahn 74
Josh Hill 63
Broc Tickle 58
Jake Weimer 55
Matt Goerke 46

Motocross 338

Ricky Carmichael wins 450 class, Townley & Villipoto battle in 250 class, with Townley scoring overall

In the 450 Motocross class, it was definitely a Ricky Carmichael day. In the first moto, James Stewart led the first two-thirds of the race over Ricky Carmichael. RC went by Stewart for the lead on lap 12, and held it until the end of the race. Stewart finished second. Grant Langston had a nice ride in third.

In the second moto, it was all Ricky Carmichael. Second was James Stewart, third was another nice ride by Grant Langston on the Yamaha YZ 450.

Ricky Carmichael is the defending 450 National Champion, and is riding only the first six rounds of the 12 event series (he’s moving on to race ‘late-model’ stock cars). Wouldn’t that be ironic if he’s leading the point standings after those first six rounds? The point standings right now have Carmichael on top with 147, Stewart is second with 131 points.

In the 250 Lites class, it’s shaping up to be a battle between two members of the Kawasaki/Pro-Circuit team – National Champion Ryan Villipoto, and former World Champion Ben Townley.

In the first moto, Ryan Villipoto was out front early, and beat team-mate Townley to the checkered flag. In the second moto, Villipoto fell, giving a slight advantage to Townley, who went on to win the moto.

Both Townley and Villipoto tied on points for the day (47 each), but it’s Townley with the overall victory based on a second moto tie-breaker. Ryan Dungey scored third overall with 3/3 finishes on the day.

The points have Villipoto in front with 138, and Townley second with 130.

Notes: Southwick is one of the most unique tracks on the entire circuit because of it’s sand – it’s very sandy, and gets very bumpy and rough as the day goes on. Fast lap times today were just under 2 minutes. Southwick legend John Dowd raced today, finishing 10/9 in the 450 class. Also, there was a benefit auction to help another Southwick legend, Doug Henry. (Doug was injured earlier this year riding at a Supermoto event.) Tim Ferry was running in third place in the first moto, but came around one lap very slowly, looking down at the motor, eventually pulling off the track.


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