14th annual ESPY Awards – Vote for Ricky Carmichael

14th annual ESPY Awards – Vote for Ricky Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael, the current AMA Supercross champion, and winningest
rider ever in motorcycling, is up for an ESPY award. The ESPYS will be
hosted by Lance Armstrong, Sunday July 16, at 9pm Eastern Time on ESPN.

The ESPY Awards were created by ESPN in 1993, and are given for Excellence in Sports Performance. ESPN is the leading cable sports broadcasting network in the USA, along with having radio and Internet interests as well.

Vote for RC – he’s deserving of the award …

How to vote:

First, go to this link on ESPN.com

Next, either wait thru the Flash intro, or skip the intro.

Then click on the ‘Vote Now’.

Next, scroll to the ‘Best Male Action Sport’ link on the right, and highlight it

Then, highlight ‘Ricky Carmichael, Motocross’

Then click on ‘Submit Vote’

It’s that easy!

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RC / Ricky Carmichael

World MX GP Round 8 results – Great Britain

Matterly Basin

Over 39,000 fans see Everts & Philippaerts victorious …

In the premier MX1 class, World Champion Stefan Everts won his 95th
career Grand Prix, with a double moto sweep (again). Why retire? Stefan
is more dominant than ever!

In the MX2 class, it was once again David Philippaerts with the overall victory.

MX1 results:

1. Stefan Everts – 1/1

2. Kevin Strijbos – 4/2

3. Josh Coppins – 3/5

4. Ken de Dycker – 2/7

5. Tanel Leok – 6/4

MX1 points:

1. Stefan Everts – 392

2. Kevin Strijbos – 293

3. Tanel Leok – 278

4. Ken de Dycker – 267

5. Steve Ramon – 254

MX2 results:

1. David Philippaerts – 1/2

2. Antonio Cairoli – 6/1

3. Tommy Searle – 8/3

4. Billy McKenzie – 3/8

5. Ken Gundersen – 5/6

MX2 point standings:

1. Chris Pourcel – 305

2. Antonio Cairoli – 271

3. David Philippaerts – 257

4. Marc de Reuver – 250

5. Tyla Rattray – 245

Courtesy YouthStream, Team Suzuki MX Press, and others.

James Stewart out for Budds Creek National Motocross

James Stewart out for Budds Creek National Motocross

Irvine CA – After careful consideration, it has been decided that
Kawasaki Racing Team rider James Stewart will not be competing at the
fourth round of the AMA National Motocross Championship at Budds Creek
MD this weekend. Stewart, who put forth an epic performance last
weekend by posting a fourth overall finish despite a deep bone bruise
in his left knee, began feeling recurring pain and stiffness early this
week. Although Stewart remains determined to race, it was decided by
the team that Stewart should not race until his leg has had the
appropriate amount of time to heal properly according to his
physician’s recommendations.

“James has shown amazing determination and we appreciate that” said
Kawasaki Racing Team Manager, Mike Fisher. “However, we also know that
if he continues to ride on an injured knee, he may likely be riding in
pain all season and ultimately needs more time to recuperate.”

James Stewart out for Budds Creek National Motocross - Photo 1 of 1
HoppenWorld photo

World MX GP Round 7 results – Italy

World MX GP Round 7 results – Italy

Miravalle circuit, Montevarchi

Over 26,000 fans see Everts & Philippaerts sweep …

In the premier MX1 class, World Champion Stefan Everts won his 94th
career Grand Prix, and seventh in a row this season! He’s won all 14
motos as well! Go Stefan!

In the MX2 class, it was David Philippaerts with the double moto win.

MX1 results:

1. Stefan Everts – 1/1

2. Kevin Strijbos – 2/2

3. Steve Ramon – 4/4

4. Tanel Leok – 7/3

5. Ken de Dycker – 3/7

MX1 points:

1. Stefan Everts – 342

2. Kevin Strijbos – 253

3. Tanel Leok – 245

4. Ken de Dycker – 231

5. Steve Ramon – 227

MX2 results:

1. David Philippaerts – 1/1

2. Antonio Cairoli – 2/2

3. Chris Pourcel – 4/3

4. Seb Pourcel – 3/5

5. Garreth Swanepoel – 6/4

MX2 point standings:

1. Chris Pourcel – 274

2. Marc de Reuver – 246

3. Tyla Rattray – 235

4. Antonio Cairoli – 231

5. David Philippaerts – 210

Next GP: England next weekend, at Matterley Basin

Courtesy YouthStream, Team Suzuki MX Press, and others.

World MX GP Round 7 results - Italy - Photo 1 of 1

2007 Motocross of Nations to be held at Budds Creek USA

Youthstream Press Release

Youthstream, which promotes the
World Motocross Championships on behalf of the Federation
Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), confirmed that agreements are in
place for the 62nd Annual Motocross of Nations to be held at Budds
Creek (Maryland) Motocross Raceway on the weekend of September 21-23,
2007. This will mark just the second time that the famed event will
have been held in the United States, and only its fourth appearance
outside of Europe.

The FIM Motocross of Nations is a competition for national teams often
referred to as the olympics of motocross by fans of off-road
motorcycling. The event typically attracts 30-plus national teams, with
Great Britain, Belgium and the United States the traditional powers.
Those three countries have combined to win 46 of the 60 Motocross of
Nations heading into the 2006 renewal at Matterley Basin near
Winchester, England, this fall.

America’s only previous experience hosting the Motocross of Nations
came in 1987, when Team USA scored a hard-earned victory in difficult
muddy conditions at New York’s Unadilla Valley Sports Center. That
victory came during an unprecedented 13-year American win streak that
lasted from 1981-93.

“I am very pleased that we will present the 2007 Motocross of Nations
at Budds Creek,” said Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo. “It’s
great to have the strong backing of the FIM and the American
Motorcyclist Association (AMA) at one of America’s finest motocross
circuits. The friendly rivalries created by the Motocross of Nations
are something really special, and we invite motocross fans from
throughout the world to come to Budds Creek and cheer for their teams.”

For event promoter and Budds Creek Raceway owner Jonathan Beasley, the
event represents “a lifelong dream” and the biggest challenge ever for
a track that has hosted numerous high-visibility events including FIM
Grand Prix, AMA Nationals, AMA Amateur National Qualifiers and
All-Terrain Vehicle Association Nationals.

“My staff and I are thrilled to have this opportunity and determined to
make the event a memorable one,” Beasley added. Budds Creek Motocross
Raceway is located just 35 miles south of the nation’s capital of
Washington, D.C. in rural Maryland.

The Motocross of Nations will be sanctioned by the FIM with the AMA as
the host federation. FIM Motocross Commission President Wolfgang Srb
and AMA President Robert Rasor, who is also an FIM Vice President,
expressed enthusiasm about the announcement.

“I am sure that fans not only in the USA but worldwide will be happy
that the world’s most prestigious motocross event will be held at Budds
Creek,” Srb said. “The Motocross of Nations is the showcase of our
sport and deserves to be staged on the best circuits of the world. The
FIM congratulates all the partners who concluded this deal.”

“The AMA is excited to help bring the Motocross of Nations back to
America on the 20th anniversary of AMA Team USA’s victory in New York,”
Rasor said. “Budds Creek Raceway is a proven grand prix circuit and
will be an excellent venue. We look forward to welcoming teams from
throughout the world to the USA in September of 2007.”

“We announced in May of 2005 that Heartland Media and Events had been
retained to begin work on this project,” said Youthstream’s Luongo. “A
number of venues were consulted, but Budds Creek Raceway was our first
and our favorite possibility. The close relationships among Bill Amick,
Jonathan Beasley and the AMA made it possible to solve the negotiations
with minimum difficulty. Now, along with the FIM we can focus on the
job of making the event a great success.”

“It’s a privilege to play a role in this project,” Amick said, “and we
intend for the 2007 Motocross of Nations to usher in an era in which
the event will occur more frequently on this side of the Atlantic. As
the FIM and Youthstream move forward and motocross becomes more and
more a global sport, we can build upon traditional rivalries and
cultivate new ones with the active involvement of all of the FIM’s
Continental Unions.”

A number of physical upgrades are already in progress at Budds Creek
Raceway in preparation for its traditional AMA National Championship
event on Father’s Day weekend, as well as the 2007 Motocross of Nations.

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