James Stewart & Kawasaki extend relationship

James Stewart & Kawasaki extend relationship

James signs multi-year agreement with Kawasaki, as the supercross star & the company continue their relationship.

irvine CA: Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (KMC) today announced that
James Stewart, one of the company’s most heralded Supercross/motocross
racers, has entered into a multi-year agreement to remain with the
Kawasaki Racing Team.

According to KMC President Scott Kiyama, “We are exceptionally pleased
to be able to continue our long relationship with James, as it has been
and will continue to be a rewarding one at both the personal and
business levels. Kawasaki takes great pride in the competition
equipment that we build and sell. We are equally proud of the
competitors that ride for Kawasaki at the professional level. James, of
course, is a valued member of our family”.

Stewart, age 20, and a Florida native, progressed through the ranks of
Kawasaki’s Team Green(TM) amateur racing program becoming the most
successful amateur ever, will also race his KX(TM)450F in AMA National
Motocross competition.

Mike Fisher, motocross team manager, said “James raises the bar for
everyone on our team with his winning attitude. We are very positive
about the continuity of our racing program with James on board.”

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Oh, Travis!

Oh, Travis!

What is X Games? It is definitive annual action sports competition, featuring more than 150 of the world’s best athletes competing in BMX Freestyle, Moto X, Skateboard, Surfing and new for this year, Rally Car Racing.

The X Games definitely has a supercross influence with names you know: Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Jeff Ward, Chad Reed, Doug Henry …

Undoubtedly, Travis was the star of this year’s event. And his crowning achievement was when he landed the first-ever double backflip to win the gold in Moto X Best Trick competition.

Travis competed in four events total, and won three gold medals. He was named the Saturn Most Outstanding Athlete of the Games. Besides gold in the Moto X Best Trick, he edged out Colin McRae by a half second to win the first X Games Rally Car Racing gold medal. Pastrana rung up his third gold with a victory in the Moto X Freestyle competition. He also finished ninth in SuperMoto. For earning the honor of Saturn Most Outstanding Athlete, Pastrana drives away with a new 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster!

Total attendance for X Games 12 was 138,672, an increase of nearly 13 percent over X Games 11 (122,614) in 2005. (Thursday, August 3: 26,600, Friday, August 4: 27,700, Saturday, August 5: 41,676, Sunday, August 6: 42,696.)

The venues for X Games include STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, The Home Depot Center in Carson, Puerto Escondido (Mexico) for Surfing and Gorman CA for parts of the Rally Car competition. X Games will remain in Los Angeles through 2009.

There is no way an article can truly do justice & show the magnitude of what X Games is. It’s huge …. to check out all the details of X Games 12, please visit EXPN.com.

Here is a list of Gold Medal winner and events: Robinson wins BMX Big Air, Pastrana Wins MTX Freestyle, Jeff Ward Wins SuperMoto (Jeff Ward became the oldest male X Games medalist in winning the SuperMoto. Jeff edged silver medalist Mark Burkhart by 0.572 second. Doug Henry won the bronze medal.), Way Wins 3rd SKB Big Air, Buyten Wins Moto X Step-Up, Steamer Three-Peats SKT ST, Cranmer Rolls in BMX Park, Pastrana Wins Rally, Lasek Wins Skate VBT, Pastrana Wins Moto BT, Zero Hero Cole Wins Street, Chad Kagy Wins BMX Vert, Robinson Wins BMX VBT.

Thanks to ESPN, Danny C., and all their crew.

Photo credits: Scott McLaren presents a new Saturn Sky to the “Outstanding Athlete of the Games” Travis Pastrana. Donaldson/Shazzam/ESPN Images. SuperMoto Finals. Shazamm/ESPN Images. Travis Pastrana competing in the MotoX Freestyle finals at the Home Depot Center. Bakke/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Travis Pastrana makes a hard landing in his bid to win the gold. Shazamm/ESPN Images. Freestyle final Travis Pastrana gold medal. Buckley/ESPN Images/Shazamm. Best Trick Travis Pastrana gold medal. Paul Buckley/Shazzan/ESPN Images. Rally Car Colin McRea (silver) and Travis Pastrana (gold) Rally Racing. Tomas Zuccareno/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Freestyle Moto-X Best Trick winners (l to r) silver medalist Mat Rebeaud, gold medalist Travis Pastrana and bronze medalist Blake Williams. Pastrana pulled off the first double backflip on a motorcycle during the competition. ESPN Images/Shazamm/Tony Donaldson. Jeff Ward (3) raises his arm in victory as he crosses the finish line during the 2006 SuperMoto final at The Home Depot Center. Bakke/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Jeff Ward (3) battles with Mark Burkhart (6) to the finish line during the 2006 SuperMoto final at The Home Depot Center. Bakke/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Eventual gold medal winner Jeff Ward (3) keeps his eye on bronze winner Doug Henry in the stadium during the 2006 SuperMoto final at The Home Depot Center. Bakke/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Chad Reed, SuperMoto Finals. Shazamm/ESPN Images. Skateboarding Big Air awards, (l to r) Bob Burnquist (bronze), Danny Way (gold) and Jake Brown (silver). Tony Donaldson/Shazzam/ESPN Images. BMX Big Air Finals Chad Kagy. Shazamm/ESPN Images. Chad Kagy, BMX Freestyle Big Air. Matt Morning/ESPN Images/Shazamm. SuperMoto Jeremy McGrath. Buckley/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Lacey Baker, Elissa Steamer and Lauren Perkins – Women’s Skate Street Final. Kanights/Shazaam/ESPN Images. Mens BMX Park Finals Scotty Cranmer (Gold). Dom Cooley/ESPN/Shazamm. Mens BMX Park Finals – Dave Dillewaard. Dom Cooley/ESPN/Shazamm. MTX step up Jeremy McGrath. Buckley/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Best Trick. Marcus Paulson/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Gold medalist Chad Kagy, center, whoops it up while silver medalist Jamie Bestwick, left and bronze winner Simon Tabron, right enjoy the moment. Eric Lars Bakke/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Bad Religion. Tomas Zuccareno/Shazamm/ESPN Images. BMX dirt jumping final awards, (l to r) silver medalist Ryan Nyquist, gold medalist Corey Bohan & bronze medalist Anthony Napolitan. Tony Donaldson/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Men’s Skateboard Vert gold medalist Sandro Diaz. Tony Donaldson/Shazamm/ESPN Images. Gold Medal Winners Team Azteca with coach Matt Kechele. Lawrence/ESPN Images. Timmy Reyes slashing off the top. Lawrence/ESPN Images.

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Oh, Travis! - Photo 1 of 27

Scott McLaren presents Travis with his new Saturn!

Oh, Travis! - Photo 2 of 27

Travis, SuperMoto

Oh, Travis! - Photo 3 of 27

Oh, Travis!

Oh, Travis! - Photo 4 of 27

Travis, Rally Car

Oh, Travis! - Photo 5 of 27

Travis upside down (again)

Oh, Travis! - Photo 6 of 27


Oh, Travis! - Photo 7 of 27

Colin McRea and Travis

Oh, Travis! - Photo 8 of 27

Mat Rebeaud, Travis and Blake Williams

Oh, Travis! - Photo 9 of 27

Jeff Ward wins SuperMoto

Oh, Travis! - Photo 10 of 27

Wardy leads Mark Burkhart

Oh, Travis! - Photo 11 of 27

Doug Henry leads Wardy

Oh, Travis! - Photo 12 of 27

Chad Reed, SuperMoto

Oh, Travis! - Photo 13 of 27

Bob Burnquist, Danny Way and Jake Brown

Oh, Travis! - Photo 14 of 27

Chad Kagy

Oh, Travis! - Photo 15 of 27

Chad Kagy

Oh, Travis! - Photo 16 of 27

Jeremy McGrath, SuperMoto

Oh, Travis! - Photo 17 of 27

Lacey Baker, Elissa Steamer and Lauren Perkins

Oh, Travis! - Photo 18 of 27

Scotty Cranmer

Oh, Travis! - Photo 19 of 27

Dave Dillewaard

Oh, Travis! - Photo 20 of 27

MTX Step Up, Jeremy McGrath

Oh, Travis! - Photo 21 of 27

Nate Adams

Oh, Travis! - Photo 22 of 27

Chad Kagy (center) Jamie Bestwick, and Simon Tabron

Oh, Travis! - Photo 23 of 27

Bad Religon performing

Oh, Travis! - Photo 24 of 27

Ryan Nyquist, Corey Bohan & Anthony Napolitan

Oh, Travis! - Photo 25 of 27

Sandro Diaz

Oh, Travis! - Photo 26 of 27

Team Azteca

Oh, Travis! - Photo 27 of 27

Timmy Reyes

Your turn

Thanks to everyone that responded to our feature article Hello, Leadership? (to view this article, you can visit this link). The responses were overwhelming, and, they came from almost every country in the world. We received many messages from people within the industry as well. Every message we received was positive, and everyone was in agreement that supercross needs effective, dynamic leadership.

Besides currently lacking effective leadership, supercross has a long way to go before being considered a major sport. Major sports have live television. Major sports have a presence in major markets. Major sports have a plan for the future. Supercross has none of those things in place right now.

As part of any premier series with the best riders in the world competing, supercross is not in any of the top thirty markets worldwide. The recently released 2007 AMA Supercross Series schedule has events in only four of the top ten markets in the USA, and, there are no events in the top three USA markets (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago). (a)

If you look at the current and long range plans of NASCAR, the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, and others, all have formulated a cohesive plan for growth, and to expand their presence outside the United States, reaching the entire global market.

Supercross can become bigger, better, and truly global. But will it? In our previous article, we addressed major issues of leadership, including the establishment of a Commissioner, Riders Union, Collective Bargaining Agreement, and more.

Will anyone ever lead and unify all the fractured elements (riders, promoters, sanctioning bodies, manufacturers, etc.)? Is there a plan in place for the future of supercross? Think back to February 2004, when the largest current promoter of supercross in the USA abandoned their entire Formula USA National Dirt Track Series. Are there any safeguards in place to deal with such an occurrence happening in supercross?

Supercross needs effective leadership for it’s future growth and viability. Additionally, a strategic process for it’s future growth must be implemented, with all major parties involved participating. Until these things happen, supercross will remain as is: lacking leadership, no real plan for it’s future, and a minor sport to many people that are not familiar with it. Riders, manufacturers, sponsors, advertisers, and fans deserve better.


What would you do if you had leadership of supercross?

You certainly had many ideas! So, now it’s your turn … tell the world how you would lead supercross. What are your ideas? What changes would you make? How would you unify those four major parties? What structure of leadership should supercross have? Where do you want supercross to be in 25 years? Would you like to see Ricky Carmichael and Stefan Everts race together every week? Shorter schedules? Longer schedules? How many events? Where would you have the races? Larger purses and more money? Team racing? Playoffs? Tougher tracks? Longer motos? Pit stops? Would you have a global, two discipline (supercross and motocross) series that produces a real world champion?

You can post your ideas here. Any idea is welcome. Big ideas start with big dreams. Dream big.

(a) Top 30 most populous cities in the world

1. Tokyo, Japan – 28,025,000

2. Mexico City, Mexico – 18,131,000

3. Mumbai, India – 18,042,000

4. Sáo Paulo, Brazil – 17, 711,000

5. New York City, USA – 16,626,000

6. Shanghai, China – 14,173,000

7. Lagos, Nigeria – 13,488,000

8. Los Angeles, USA – 13,129,000

9. Calcutta, India – 12,900,000

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina – 12,431,000

11. Seóul, South Korea – 12,215,000

12. Beijing, China – 12,033,000

13. Karachi, Pakistan – 11,774,000

14. Delhi, India – 11,680,000

15. Dhaka, Bangladesh – 10,979,000

16. Manila, Philippines – 10,818,000

17. Cairo, Egypt – 10,772,000

18. Õsaka, Japan – 10,609,000

19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 10,556,000

20. Tianjin, China – 10,239,000

21. Jakarta, Indonesia – 9,815,000

22. Paris, France – 9,638,000

23. Istanbul, Turkey – 9,413,000

24. Moscow, Russian Fed. – 9,299,000

25. London, United Kingdom – 7,640,000

26. Lima, Peru – 7,443,000

27. Tehrãn, Iran – 7,380,000

28. Bangkok, Thailand – 7,221,000

29. Chicago, USA – 6,945,000

30. Bogotá, Colombia – 6,834,000

info by worldatlas.com

Top 10 most populous cities in the USA

New York NY

Los Angeles CA

Chicago IL

Houston TX

Philadelphia PA

Phoenix AZ

San Antonio TX

San Diego CA

Dallas TX

San Jose CA

info by infoplease.com

World MX GP Round 3 Portugal (Everts & Rattray again!)

World MX GP Round 3 Portugal (Everts & Rattray again!)

Agueda Circuit

In the premier MX1 class, World Champion Stefan Everts won his 90th career Grand Prix, and third in a row this season!

Unfortunately, Seb Tortelli, riding for KTM, suffered a dislocated hip
from a fall in the second moto. He will be out of action for an
indefinite period of time.

In the MX2 class, it was once again South Africa’s Tyla Rattray winning
on his KTM, and it’s Tyla’s third victory in a row as well!

MX1 results:

1. Stefan Everts – 1/1

2. Jonathan Barragan – 5/2

3. Kevin Strijbos – 4/3

4. Ken de Dycker – 3/5

5. Tanel Leok – 6/4

MX1 points:

1. Stefan Everts – 142

2. Tanel Leok – 115

3. Seb Tortelli – 99

4. Kevin Strijbos – 98

5. Barragan, de Dycker – 97

MX2 results:

1. Tyla Rattray – 3/1

2. Chris Pourcel – 2/2

3. Antonio Cairoli – 1/10

4. Marc de Reuver – 4/5

5. Alessio Chiodi – 8/3

MX2 point standings:

1. Tyla Rattray – 128

2. Chris Pourcel – 108

3. Marc de Reuver – 108

4. Antonio Cairoli – 89

5. Alessio Chiodi – 81

Courtesy YouthStream, Team Suzuki MX Press, and others.

World MX GP Round 3 Portugal (Everts & Rattray again!) - Photo 1 of 1

Interview: Ricky Carmichael

Interview: Ricky Carmichael

Interview: Ricky Carmichael - Photo 1 of 1I love motocross because…

There are a lot of reasons! The travel is nice. We get to meet a lot of great people. It’s a lot of fun too!

Tell us about your plans and expectations for this season.

Well, I’d like to be in the top five consistently, then maybe on the podium consistently, and then I’d like to win some races. I’m going to try and be up front as much as I possibly can.

What goes on during the week when you are in the racing season?

Lots of riding, and lots of training! It’s a seven-day per week job. We get paid a lot of money to do what we do. We spend most of our time either on the bike, or training.

What responsibilities come with being a factory racer?

You have to take care of your fans. You have to be respectful, and do your “homework” during the week.

Tell us about the 2000 Team Chevy Trucks Kawasaki KX 250.

It’s different from last year’s bike. I have the suspension set-up and the bike as a whole set-up more to my liking. I definitely have it set-up a lot better than I did last year.

You are gone from home to attend a race. You come home and see you have phone messages. There are also a lot of responsibilities during the week. How do you handle all that?

My mom pretty much takes care of all that stuff. She is a tremendous help to me, and she has a good handle on all that.

When you are racing… are you racing against other riders, or are you just competing against the race circuit?

I try to just race against the track itself.

What would you like fans to know about you personally?

I’m a fun person. I always try to help people out as best as I can. I’m a ball of energy that’s always on the go.

Do you have a favorite race circuit?

My favorite tracks are Steel City, Mt. Morris, and Budds Creek.

What kind of music are you listening to these days?

I like a variety of things. Lately it seems as though I’ve been listening to a bit of everything.

Your ideal woman is…

My girlfriend Ursula! She’s tall; she’s 5’11”. She’s got blonde-brown hair, blue eyes, and she’s fun to be around. She has a good attitude, and keeps me on top of stuff.

You meet many fans from all over the world – any stories about them that immediately come to mind?

There are a few fans that really put in the effort. They make banners and stuff like that. I have a few fans that I keep in close contact with.

The biggest thrill in your life has been…

Probably winning my first 125 Supercross down in Atlanta in ’97. That was great.

We are going to name some riders – tell us what you think:

Emig – I like Jeff a lot. As a teammate he was really fun to be around. He’s keeps things happening, and he’s a fun person.

McGrath – Of course, Jeremy’s a great rider, and he’s really good to the fans. He’s a good person. What more can I add to that?

Albertyn – Greg is very nice. I’ve talked to him a little bit. I don’t know him all that well, but he seems to be a pretty straightforward kinda’ guy.

LaRocco – Mike has the heart of a lion. He’s definitely a bulldog.

Ward – Larry’s a lot like Emig… he livens things up around the team.

Tortelli – I don’t really know a lot about Sebastien. I haven’t been around him enough.

What do you think of yourself as a rider?

I’m just young. I’m full of energy, and I want to make things happen.

When is the best, and worst time for a fan to approach you?

The best time would be either at the beginning of the day, or at the very end. In between races it’s tough to do anything other than concentrate on racing.

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