2006 Troy Lee Gear & Trixter X-Bike now in

2006 Troy Lee Gear & Trixter X-Bike now in

The 2006 gear is starting to arrive in the Supercross.com Shop.

The latest additions: Troy Lee Designs pants, jerseys, gloves &
helmets, and the best work out machine for moto to date – the Trixter
X-Bike 1000 – used by almost every top pro rider.

To see any of the products in the Supercross.com Shop, you can click on the Shopping link in the left hand side navigation area.

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World MX GP Round 17 Ireland (Everts & Rattray)

Desert Martin circuit

Everts and Rattray cap off year …

MX1 results:

1. Stefan Everts – 1/1

2. Ben Townley – 2/2

3. Josh Coppins – 3/4

4. Steve Ramon – 2/3

5. Tanel Leok – 4/8

MX1 points:

1. Stefan Everts – 721

2. Josh Coppins – 652

3. Ben Townley – 589

4. Steve Ramon – 500

5. Mickael Pichon – 476

6. Joel Smets – 385

MX2 results:

1. Tyla Rattray – 2/1

2. Marc de Reuver – 1/3

3. Aigar Leok – 5/2

4. Alessio Chiodi – 11/6

5. Jeff Alessi – 8/10

8. Mike Alessi – 3/16

MX2 point standings:

1. Antonio Cairoli – 567

2. Andrew McFarlane – 518

3. Alessio Chiodi – 504

4. David Philippaerts – 468

5. Chris Pourcel – 372

Courtesy YouthStream & Team Suzuki MX Press.

Rodney Dale Bush, President KTM North America, 1955-2005

Rodney Dale Bush, President KTM North America, 1955-2005

Rod Bush passed away the evening of September 12th after a brief
illness near his Vermillion, Ohio home. He was surrounded by his wife
Cheri and their children Robbie and Stacy. In addition to his immediate
family, Rod’s countless friends, colleagues and worldwide KTM family
mourn his passing. He was 50 years of age.

Rod Bush was born in Huntington, West Virginia on July 6th, 1955. As a
young man he was drawn to the sport of off-road enduro/cross-country
racing, immediately becoming one of the sport’s most accomplished
competitors. Rod’s six ISDE medals along with his countless enduro and
cross-country victories place him in an elite group of national caliber
off-road racers from the 1970’s and early 80’s. From the very beginning
of his career Rod Bush was synonymous with Penton/KTM motorcycles.

In 1971 Rod began his motorcycle business career as a Penton motorcycle
dealer, after which he joined forces in 1978 with KTM America as a
service technician. By 1988 Rod was appointed President of KTM America
and helped lead the company through a worldwide corporate
restructuring, eventually becoming President of KTM North America. Rod
was not only the driving force behind KTM’s rise to prominence in North
America, but he has played a central role in KTM’s development as one
of the most prestigious manufacturers of motorcycles in the world. As a
Managing Director for the KTM Group parent company and the KTM factory
in Austria, Rod’s legacy is evident throughout every aspect of KTM’s
global organization.

Rod Bush was a true KTM “Orange Bleeder” long before KTM became
synonymous with the color orange. He truly defined KTM’s leadership
values and the essence of a passionate family and motorcycle life.

Any questions or comments, please contact Scot Harden, V.P. of Media
Relations at: 951-676-4576 x13 or [email protected]

Rodney Dale Bush, President KTM North America, 1955-2005 - Photo 1 of 1

New names for classes at AMA Supercross & Motocross

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (Sept. 9, 2005) Beginning with the 2006 racing
season, new class names will be in place for the AMA Supercross Series,
the AMA Motocross Championship and the AMA National Arenacross Series,
announced AMA Pro Racing today.

Instead of relying on displacement to define classes, the new names
define each class within the overall championship in a clear, more
easily understood manner.

In the AMA Supercross Series the two classes will now be known as AMA Supercross (for 250cc two-stroke and 450cc four-stroke machinery) and AMA Supercross Lites (for 125cc two-stroke and 250cc four-stroke equipment).

Similarly, in the AMA Motocross Championship the classes will be AMA Motocross and AMA Motocross Lites. The AMA National Arenacross Series will follow suit with AMA Arenacross and AMA Arenacross Lites.

“The beauty of this plan lies in its simplicity,” said Scott
Hollingsworth, AMA Pro Racing CEO. “With the inclusion of four-stroke
machinery into supercross and motocross, tying class names to a
particular displacement has been somewhat misleading and potentially
confusing to casual followers of the sport. This direction accomplishes
several objectives in terms of clarifying the classes, defining the
hierarchy between the support and premier class and building on the
inherent equity and awareness of the AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross

Hollingsworth pointed out that this naming procedure is similar to what
is already in place with other AMA Pro Racing disciplines. “We
established this system with our AMA Supermoto Championship and it is
working well. The premier class in that discipline is AMA Supermoto and
it is supported by the AMA Supermoto Lites class and the AMA Supermoto
Unlimited class. The names also intuitively quantify the relative size
of the bikes comprising each class without locking us into a specific

The approach is also consistent with the direction AMA Pro Racing has
taken in its AMA Superbike Championship where none of the classes are
identified with a specific displacement. In that championship AMA
Superbike is the premier class supported by AMA Supersport, AMA Formula
Xtreme and AMA Superstock.

“The naming process for supercross and motocross has been an ongoing
initiative at AMA Pro Racing” commented Kerry Graeber, AMA Pro Racing
Vice President, Director of Communications. “We’ve been studying our
class name system for quite a while,” said Graeber. “It has been on the
agenda of the SX/MX Advisory Board and we’ve considered naming ideas
submitted by such diverse groups as fans, riders, sponsors and members
of the industry. The objectives were clear but we never saw anything
that entirely met what we were trying to accomplish. With these new
class names we’re confident that we have now finally met those

Steve Whitelock AMA Pro Racing SX/MX Series Manager and the person
within the organization most closely connected to the discipline
agrees. “When I heard the new names I knew we had nailed it,” said
Whitelock. “The names perfectly communicate the two classes, remove the
displacement confusion and fit within each overall championship. I
couldn’t be happier and I’m looking forward to rolling them out with
the 2006 racing season.”

Courtesy AMA Pro Racing

Honda Unveils 2006 Powesports Line at Las Vegas Dealer Show

Honda Unveils 2006 Powesports Line at Las Vegas Dealer Show

American Honda unveils its powersports line-up for 2006 at the MGM
Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Biggest news for supercross and motocross
racers – the new 2006 dual-exhaust CRF250 (below).

“This year’s theme is the Power of Red’,” said Ray Blank, American
Honda’s Motorcycle Division Senior Vice President, “Honda has the best
people, the best product line-up, and the best dealers in the industry
… it’s the Power of Red in action. With the product announced here
tonight we will continue to be number one.”

Dealers benefit from a product line-up with over 70 motorcycle,
scooter, ATV and personal watercraft models, were delighted with the
new line for 2006 and excited about the prospects for continued sales

Here’s a brief description of some of the 2006 Model Previews:

Gold Wing – The 2006 Honda Gold Wing elevates luxury motorcycling to a
higher plane with the advent of satellite navigation, 80-watt premium
audio, a cold weather comfort package and an industry first fully
integrated rider airbag.

CBR1000RR – Sharing DNA with Honda’s MotoGP winning RC211V, the awesome
CBR1000RR elevates its Superbike status to new high performance levels
in 2006 thanks to extensive changes that sharpen handling, boost
horsepower and reduce weight.

Interceptor / Interceptor ABS – The enduring Interceptor boasts a host
of changes for 2006, including a revamped VTEC system and a plethora of
styling upgrades.

599 – Back in the line for 2006, the 599 features a host of upgrades,
including an inverted HMAS fork, two-piece mini-cowl with tinted
flyscreen, and lots of detail touches.

CRF150F – Hailed as the ideal ride for off-road adventure, the CRF150F
redefines fun in 2006 thanks to an all-new engine with push-button
electric starting, new transmission ratios and new suspension settings
that provide even better handling.

FourTrax Rincon / FourTrax Rincon GPScape – With the massive power of a
new 675cc engine – including Electronic Fuel Injection – new
suspension, front disc brakes and new colors that include Natural Gear
Camouflage, the Rincon takes its rightful place at the head of the

TRX450R – For 2006, the TRX450R is an all-new machine form the ground
up, and features more power, sharper handling, and an electric start

TRX250EX – Honda’s sporty, fun to ride TRX250EX just got even more
sporty and fun. Check out the TRX450R race inspired styling, new front
and rear suspension and a revolutionary innovation called Honda
SportClutch, which provides the fun of manual shifting for experienced
riders, while offering the ease and fun of no-stalling to those with
less seat time.

TRX90 – Honda’s smallest TRX gets big time changes for 2006, including
an electric starter, TRX450R inspired bodywork, new suspension settings
and a host of other refinements.

NSF100 – For decades, Honda has conjured up brilliant roadracing
machines, and now for 2006 the all-new NSF100 takes its place in line
as the ultimate roadracing starter kit. Designed for track use only,
this performance 99cc four-stroke single will show aspiring young
racers the quickest path to the top step of their local podium.

And, here is all the info on the 2006 Honda CRF250R

Honda innovation scores once again as the 2006 CRF250R boasts a unique
dual-muffler exhaust system to improve handling and power.

New dual-muffler exhaust system centralizes mass and reduces turning inertia to improve the lightweight feel of the bike.

Dual-muffler exhaust system also increases low-rpm torque.

New piston shape increases mid- and high-rpm power.

New thinner piston ring for reduced engine friction.

Cylinder head features new exhaust port shape for improved power at high rpm.

Intake valve seats incorporate a new material to improve valve durability.

New camshaft profile increases high-rpm power.

New 40mm Keihin FCR carburetor increases high-rpm power.

New ignition mapping works in conjunction with new cylinder head and camshaft for improved power throughout the rev range.

New front hub is lighter and stronger.

New front fork outer tubes for lighter weight.

Radiators are mounted 5mm lower for lower center of gravity and improved weight feel.

New swingarm construction for lighter weight.

New front and rear suspension valving for improved bump absorption.

Lightweight titanium intake valves permit the use of smaller valve springs, reducing overall engine height.

Twin-sump lubrication system separates the oil supply for the
crankshaft, piston and valve train from the clutch and transmission.
This ensures a cool supply of oil to the clutch, eliminates clutch and
transmission material contamination to the engine oil, reduces the
amount of circulating oil and permits the use of a smaller oil pump.

Vertically split crankcases feature a built-in oil pump, reducing weight compared to a conventional design.

Exhaust system uses a lightweight stainless exhaust header and repackable aluminum mufflers.

Dual radiators feature a refined core area for improved heat dissipation compared to conventional dual-radiator design.

Gear-driven balancer reduces vibration and drives the water pump. Eight
clutch disks provide the surface area necessary to handle the engine’s
impressive torque, while carefully matched clutch springs provide a
light feel at the lever.

Fourth-generation twin-spar aluminum frame is derived from Honda’s
CR(R) series. Forged aluminum steering head and tapered downtube
section are designed to optimize frame rigidity. In addition, tall
swingarm pivot plates and thin-frame spars create a narrow overall
frame cross-section for superb rider comfort and maneuverability.

Frame design features a single, large-diameter, tapered downtube. Two
rugged box-section rails attach to the base of the downtube and support
the engine. A forged aluminum steering head provides a compact and
extremely durable mount for the frame spars and engine downtube.

The aluminum frame design is matched to rider ergonomics to maximize handling and control operation.

Swingarm features a dual-axis, double-taper design with a large cast-aluminum cross-member.

Front wheel features large-diameter front axle and wide wheel-bearing span for excellent rigidity.

Rear axle diameter of 25mm and large-diameter bearings provide significant rigidity to withstand torturous track conditions.

Lightweight, 47mm inverted Showa twin-chamber cartridge fork with
aluminum dampers. The fork offers 12.4 inches of travel, 16-position
rebound and 16-position compression damping adjustability. The inner
surface of the front fork outer-tubes receives same honing treatment as
works bikes for low-friction operation.

Pro-Link(R) single-shock rear suspension system features a fully
adjustable Showa rear damper and 12.4 inches of wheel travel, separate
low-speed (13 positions) and high-speed (3.5 turns) compression damping
adjusters and 17-position rebound damping.

Rear shock damper piston diameter is 50mm for consistent performance under demanding riding conditions.

Compact twin-piston front brake caliper, anodized aluminum brake
pistons and lightweight front brake disc minimize unsprung weight for
improved turning and handling.

HRC works-type rear brake system integrates the rear master cylinder
and fluid reservoir, eliminating the rear master cylinder reservoir and

Large, 240mm front and rear brake discs.

All plastic body components (radiator shroud, sidecovers, rear fender,
seat base, fuel tank, front fender and front number plate), offer a
slim, aggressive style and light weight.

Frame design allows airbox sidecovers to have larger intake ducts,
contributing to significant airflow in the mid- and upper-rpm ranges.

“;Non-slip” seat cover for increased rider control.

Aluminum Renthal handlebar (971 bend) is rubber-mounted to reduce rider fatigue and improve comfort.

Ownership includes one-year complimentary membership for an individual
in the Honda Rider’s Club of America(HRCA).Benefits include: discounts,
travel benefits, roadside assistance, one year of Honda Red Rider(TM)
magazine, access to HRCA Clubhouse Web site (www.hrca.honda.com) and
access online to Honda Common Service Manual.

Honda Unveils 2006 Powesports Line at Las Vegas Dealer Show - Photo 1 of 1


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