Daytona Beach FL – March 11

Daytona Beach FL – March 11

Round 10 – Daytona Beach FL – March 11

250 Main Event Results
1. Chad Reed YAM    
2. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
3. Mike LaRocco HON    
4. David Vuillemin YAM    
5. Kevin Windham HON    
6. Travis Preston HON    
7. Ernesto Fonseca HON    
8. Andrew Short HON    
9. Tim Ferry YAM    
10. Sean Hamblin KAW    
11. Damon Huffman HON    
12. Kyle Lewis HON    
13. Tyler Evans SUZ    
14. Jiri Dostal HON    
15. Joseph Oehlhof HON    
16. Erick Vallejo YAM    
17. Jason Thomas HON    
18. Isaiah Johnson YAM    
19. Damien Plotts HON    
20. Seb Tortelli SUZ    
250 Points
Ricky Carmichael 239
Chad Reed 207
Kevin Windham 172
Mike LaRocco 169
David Vuillemin 150
Ernesto Fonseca 137
Seb Tortelli 129
Michael Byrne 103
Heath Voss 95
Tyler Evans 81
Damon Huffman 75
Nick Wey 73
Travis Preston 68
Jeremy McGrath 61
Tim Ferry 52
Jason Thomas 47
Joseph Oehlhof 46
Erick Vallejo 39
Kyle Lewis 36
Gibson, Clark 34
125 East Main Event Results
1. Josh Hansen KTM    
2. Josh Grant HON    
3. Troy Adams HON    
4. Chad Johnson YAM    
5. Kelly Smith YAM    
6. Ryan Mills KTM    
7. Steve Boniface HON    
8. Donnie McGourty HON    
9. Joaquim Rodrigues HON    
10. Justin Buckelew HON    
11. Jeff Dement SUZ    
12. Kevin Johnson YAM    
13. Jacob Saylor YAM    
14. Tyson Hadsell YAM    
15. Grant Langston KAW    
16. Eric Sorby SUZ    
17. Brad Ripple SUZ    
18. Davi Millsaps SUZ    
19. Matt Goerke SUZ    
20. Derrick Fisher YAM    
125 East Points
Josh Hansen 80
Grant Langston 78
Davi Millsaps 68
Kelly Smith 53
Troy Adams 51
Josh Grant 50
Steve Boniface 49
Joaquim Rodrigues 45
Brock Sellards 40
Matt Walker 38
Ryan Mills 37
Justin Buckelew 37
Chad Johnson 33
Branden Jesseman 30
Greg Schnell 27
Kevin Johnson 27
Jeff Dement 24
Donnie McGourty 18
Robbie Horton 14
Tucker Hibbert 13

Daytona International Speedway

Reed wins his second …

250: Chad Reed, riding for Team Yamaha, won the 20 lap 250 Main Event at Round 10 of the AMA Supercross Series at the world famous Daytona International Speedway – he led every lap. It’s Chad’s second win of the season, and his second in a row at Daytona. Series points leader Ricky Carmichael finished second tonight – he was giving Reed a run for his money, but went off the track briefly and then had banners tangled on his foot and in the rear wheel area. Carmichael leads Reed in the point standings, 239 to 207. Mike LaRocco, riding a CR 250 two-stroke, finished in third place.

125: Josh Hansen, riding the for the RedBull KTM team, won the 125 East Main event. Josh is the son of the 1982 AMA Supercross Champion, Donnie Hansen. Josh Grant took second. Hansen and Grant tangled on the final lap, and Hansen got going again first to take the win. Troy Adams, riding for the Samsung Honda team finished third. Hansen is the new points leader by two, 80 – 78, over Grant Langston. Langston finished 15th, and Davi Millsaps 18th. New names in the top ten include Chad Johnson (fourth) and Donnie McGourty (eighth).

Daytona is unique. They’ve been having supercross races there for 35 years. It’s run on a Friday night now. The track is a mixture of sand, grass, clay, ruts, and bumps.

TV: March 18 – Speed TV – 3pm Eastern Time – Daytona

Next event: March 19 – Orlando FL

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New Chad Reed, Travis Pastrana, Kevin Windham, and Jeremy McGrath Pennants!

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Daytona Beach FL - March 11 - Photo 3 of 4 Daytona Beach FL - March 11 - Photo 4 of 4

James ‘Bubba’ Stewart update – back for Orlando supercross March 19

After being sidelined for eight weeks, Team Kawasaki’s James Stewart
plans to return to racing in the 250 class on March 19th at the Citrus
Bowl in Orlando FL Stewart has been sidelined with a fractured left
forearm since mid-January.

“I was really pumped to race for the championship this year, and my
Kawasaki was running awesome. It was huge let down for me and my team
when I got hurt.” said Stewart. “But I’ve been working hard, and
between training and therapy, my arm is now 100 percent. I’m ready to
get back in the mix”.

James, who is 19 years old, looks forward to challenging the world’s
best riders in the 250 class for the remainder of this year. He is the
first African American to ever win a major motorsports championship in
any racing discipline, and, has won four AMA 125 championships (125
East Supercross, 125 West Supercross, and a pair of 125 AMA Motocross
Championships), all on Kawasaki motorcycles.

As you probably know, James broke his arm at the Phoenix supercross back in January, and had surgery after that.

You can view all of the ‘Get Well’ messages sent to him via at this link in the Message Boards.

2005 Mammoth Mountain Motocross is on!

The tradition continues June 16-26, 2005 when the Ford Mammoth
Motocross swings open the gates to the famed track. Many said it
couldnít be done, but through the cooperation of many entities, the
Mammoth Motocross is alive and well.

After 37 years of Motocross racing history in Mammoth Lakes, the 2004
event was billed as the ìLast Annualî after Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
was informed that a permit would no longer be issued to the event
organizer. Since then, the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Mountain Ski
Area and the US Forest Service have been working together to keep the
race intact. The new proposal allows the Town of Mammoth Lakes to hold
the event permit and the Ski Area to run the race during the
traditional two week time period in June. This is great news for the
generations of racers and spectators that have built family traditions
around this annual gathering.

“We are very proud of this accomplishment. Especially, in this era when
riding areas and tracks are being taken away from motocross riders”
said Mike Colbert, Mammoth Motocross Event Director. “Perseverance and
cooperation made this a reality and we are very happy to be opening the
gates to the track for riders to enjoy during the event. Our heartfelt
thanks for the overwhelming support during this process.”

“We are extremely pleased to have been able to work with MMSA, the U.S.
Forest Service, and concerned citizens on this very important event. It
is a strong step towards working together for the benefit of our whole
community, and the passion we have experienced for the return of the
Motocross is very impressive” commented Mammoth Lakes Mayor Rick Wood.

For more information on the 2005 Ford Mammoth Motocross, visit

St Louis MO – March 5

St Louis MO – March 5

Round 9 – St Louis MO – March 5

250 Main Event Results
1. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
2. Chad Reed YAM    
3. Kevin Windham HON    
4. David Vuillemin YAM    
5. Seb Tortelli SUZ    
6. Ernesto Fonseca HON    
7. Mike LaRocco HON    
8. Michael Byrne KAW    
9. Andrew Short HON    
10. Tim Ferry YAM    
11. Travis Preston HON    
12. Jason Thomas HON    
13. Damon Huffman HON    
14. Jeremy McGrath HON    
15. Tyler Evans SUZ    
16. Joseph Oehlhof HON    
17. Clark Stiles HON    
18. Keith Johnson (R) YAM    
19. Sean Hamblin KAW    
20. Ryan Clark YAM    
250 Points
Ricky Carmichael 217
Chad Reed 182
Kevin Windham 156
Mike LaRocco 149
David Vuillemin 132
Seb Tortelli 128
Ernesto Fonseca 123
Michael Byrne 103
Heath Voss 95
Nick Wey 73
Tyler Evans 73
Damon Huffman 65
Jeremy McGrath 61
Travis Preston 53
Jason Thomas 43
Tim Ferry 40
Joseph Oehlhof 40
Jeff Gibson 34
Ryan Clark 34
Erick Vallejo 34
125 East Main Event Results
1. Grant Langston KAW    
2. Davi Millsaps SUZ    
3. Josh Hansen KTM    
4. Joaquim Rodrigues HON    
5. Branden Jesseman SUZ    
6. Steve Boniface HON    
7. Greg Schnell HON    
8. Troy Adams HON    
9. Ryan Mills KTM    
10. Brock Sellards YAM    
11. Kelly Smith YAM    
12. Chad Johnson YAM    
13. Josh Grant HON    
14. Robbie Horton KAW    
15. Kevin Johnson YAM    
16. Justin Buckelew HON    
17. Randy Valade HON    
18. Bradley Ripple SUZ    
19. Nathan Skaggs YAM    
20. Dennis Ewing HON    
125 East Points
Grant Langston 72
Davi Millsaps 65
Josh Hansen 55
Brock Sellards 40
Matt Walker 38
Kelly Smith 37
Steve Boniface 35
Joaquim Rodrigues 33
Troy Adams 31
Branden Jesseman 30
Josh Grant 28
Greg Schnell 27
Justin Buckelew 26
Ryan Mills 22
Kevin Johnson 18
Chad Johnson 15
Jeff Dement 14
Robbie Horton 14
Tucker Hibbert 13
Dennis Ewing 10

Edward Jones Dome

Carmichael gone again …

250: Ricky Carmichael, number 4 on the Makita Suzuki, dominated once again. He led all 20 laps. It’s his seventh victory of the 2005 season. He leads the points with 217 over Chad Reed’s 182. Reed finished second tonight, on the number 22 Yamaha. Kevin Windham, number 14 on the Honda grabbed the final podium position.

Grant Langston, number 8 on the Pro Circuit/Monster Energy Kawasaki, led from the very start, all 15 laps. That is his second win in a row, and he leads the 125 East point standings as well. Davi Millsaps, Makita Suzuki’s number 188, finished second tonight. He’s also second in the point standings behind Langston. Third place went to Red Bull KTM’s number 100, Josh Hansen.

TV: March 6 – ESPN2 – 12pm Eastern Time – St. Louis

Next event: March 11 – Daytona Beach FL

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New Chad Reed, Travis Pastrana, Kevin Windham, and Jeremy McGrath Pennants!

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St Louis MO - March 5 - Photo 1 of 4 St Louis MO - March 5 - Photo 2 of 4
St Louis MO - March 5 - Photo 3 of 4 St Louis MO - March 5 - Photo 4 of 4

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