The 2005 Youthstream Organizers seminar took place this week at the
Holiday Inn in St Laurent du Var near Nice Airport. Most of the 2005
Motocross and Supermoto organizers were there, as well as
representative of the FIM (Wolfgang Srb, President of the Motocross
commission, Gernot Käufer vice-president, Race Directors Dave Nicoll
and Marc Pauwels) and the entire staff of Youthstream, including
President Giuseppe Luongo.

During this seminar the main news of 2005 was presented to the
organizers, as well as the development of TV broadcasting, new rules
concerning the tracks, the 2005 time-table, and the final calendars.
Each organiser presented his respective event to his colleagues on
hand, and everyone was able to have an open discussion with
representative of the FIM and Youthstream in order to improve the
standard of the Motocross and Supermoto World Championships.

“Last year we had a lot of positive changes, including the race format
of the GPs, and the Motocross of Nations, and all our expectations have
been made”, said Wolfgang Srb. “This year we’ll have a new format for
Supermoto, with two main heats instead of three races and the
re-introduction of the Super-Pole on Sunday mornings. In Motocross
we’ll enter 40 riders in the MX1 and 50 in the MX2, 30 will raced the
GP, and the non-qualified riders will have the opportunity to have a
race on Sunday morning. With 17 rounds in MX1-MX2 including two
overseas, 12 MX3 events and 10 Supermoto GPs, we have a strong calendar
with more stability, as most of the former promoters will be again
organizing this year. Concerning the future, we’re coming back with
Giuseppe Luongo from Japan, and we had a positive meeting with the
Japanese manufacturers concerning the Motocross and Supermoto World
Championships. The manufacturers want rounds in the developing
countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, where there
is the market, and for this they are ready to support more teams and
the World Championships. We have a strong Youthstream staff, FIM is
strong, and this is what we need to develop the sport” concluded the
FIM Motocross President.

The 2005 Motocross and Supermoto will have a huge diffusion this
season, as confirmed by TV Director Philippe Rahmani. “The main news is
the coverage of Eurosport, who will cover at least 7 heats of MX1 live.
The other heats will be aired delayed on Eurosport, and all the
MX1 will be aired live on Eurosport 2 while MX2 heats will be aired
delayed on Eurosport 2, which is a new digital channel. Sport Italia
will increase it’s diffusion, with all the MX2 and Supermoto heats
live, and thanks to Kawasaki Japan we will broadcast our World
Championships in Japan on Gaora. We just signed Channel 5 in England,
which is one of the biggest territorial network (similar to France
Television in France or RAI in Italy) to air all MX 52′ highlights, and
in New Zealand we have also interesting news as Sky (cable satellite)
will add Supermoto to Motocross while TV New Zealand (which is a
territorial network) will broadcast Motocross. In Germany DSF is
studying the launching of a new digital channel, and if they succeed
soon all the Supermoto GPs will be live on this channel. In the Middle
East ART was showing Supermoto last year and will now also broadcast
Motocross. There’s a lot of improvements, and we expect to sign new
deals during the next Sportel Asia – to be held next month. For many
years now we’re represented at the Sportel in Monaco, but for the first
time this only sports TV rights market worldwide will also be organized
in Hong Kong and we are sure that it can help us to develop our
diffusion in China and Asia.”

Giuseppe Luongo ended this second Organisers seminar by saying “I’m
very happy, and this Organizers meeting has been really positive. Many
people were scared that we put the Organizers together, but as we have
a clear and fair relationship between us, I think it’s really positive
to use the experience of each one in terms of promotion, organisation,
and preparation of the tracks. This seminar grows-up yearly, I see that
the feeling of the organizers is really positive. What everyone must
remember is that the organizers are the base of the world
championships: there were only twelve MX organisers a few years ago,
now it’s growing and everyone must respect their job. People have to
respect the FIM, Youthstream and the organizers because we create the
stage for everybody: riders, teams, and factories – to appear. The
economy is really tough at the moment, many things are going negative
but our sport is growing and this is good.”

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