2005 AMA Supercross & Motocross Photo Flashback …. Ricky Carmichael won the Supercross title, his first season on Suzuki, riding a two-stroke RM 250 …. he then won the ‘250’ outdoor motocross championship, but on the four-stroke RMZ 450. We are going to let you comment below on who won the 125 West Supercross title, the 125 East Supercross title, and the 125 outdoor motocross title … think you can do it?

Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger image. Photos are: Ricky Carmichael in supercross, Ricky Carmichael number 4 & James Stewart number 259 battle outdoors, the 250 podium at an outdoor motocross, L – R Chad Reed, Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart, Amanda and Ricky Carmichael, The brother’s Alessi, RC, Jeremy McGrath 2 and Ricky Carmichael put on a show for the fans mid-air, Ricky Carmichael number 4 in supercross, RC at the top of the podium at an outdoor race, Carmichael again outdoors, Roger De Coster shows off a poster of himself from a few years ago, along with Stephane Roncada, number 24 Ernesto Fonseca, two shots of number 35 Josh Grant, number 60 Broc Hepler, number 8 Grant Langston (twice), number 5 Mike LaRocco, number 800 Mike Alessi on a KTM, Jeremy McGrath number 2 and Mike LaRocco 5 battle, number 2 Jeremy McGrath, Davi Millsaps after winning an event, Davi number 188 on Suzuki, Chad Reed number 22, the podium with Chad Reed and Ricky Carmichael talking, and Jamie Little ready to do the TV interviews, 5 shots of Chad Reed number 22, James Stewart 259 with six photos in a row, three shots of Ivan Tedesco on the Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Sebastien Tortelli number 103, number 12 is David Vuillemin, and finally, two shots of number 14 – Kevin Windham.

2005 AMA Supercross & Motocross Photo Flashback - Photo 44 of 44

That’s Amanda on the left before she become Amanda!


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