James ‘Bubba’ Stewart & Kawasaki team together thru 2006

James ‘Bubba’ Stewart & Kawasaki team together thru 2006

Info courtesy Kawasaki USA, Irvine CA

James Stewart, the young supercross and motocross champion from
Florida, has signed a two-year agreement today to continue riding
Kawasaki – the brand he’s been riding since he was four years old.
James has won multiple national championships, at both the youth and
professional levels. The announcement was made at Kawasaki Motors
Corp., USA (KMC) headquarters by Bruce Stjernstrom, director,
professional racing.

“James has been part of the Kawasaki family since he began under the
Team Green banner. The talent exhibited by James over the past several
years is indicative of the type of positive influence he brings to
everyone associated with him, and it also is a solid indicator of what
the future holds for him, and Kawasaki” said Stjernstrom. According to
Stjernstrom, Stewart will race 250 class motorcycles in both the 2005
AMA Chevrolet Motocross Championship and in the stadium-based AMA THQ
Supercross Series.

Stewart, 18, is considered by many to be the most talented professional
rider in the sport. His recent 125 Eastern Region AMA THQ Supercross
Series title was just one of the many championships he has won since
beginning his career at the age of four. The Haines City FL resident
signed his first contract with Kawasaki in 1993, when he was seven
years old. He could soon break the all-time win record in the 125 class
on his KX 125.

Stewart said “Kawasaki has been like home for me since my early days as
a Team Green rider. They have a bike that I’m really comfortable with,
and that will be a really big advantage as I make the step up to the
250 class. I feel like I have some unfinished business here with
Kawasaki. Everyone knows that the 250’s are the big leagues of our
sport and I’m looking forward to the challenge of winning at the next

James 'Bubba' Stewart & Kawasaki team together thru 2006 - Photo 1 of 1

Canada gets two ‘world’ supercross events

  • Toronto – SkyDome – December 4
  • Vancouver – BC Place – December 11

Says Charlie Mancuso, president, Clear Channel Entertainment – Motor
Sports (the promoter of the two new events) “Toronto and Vancouver
offer the teams, riders and sponsors very attractive branding and
marketing opportunities. The two Canadian events add diversity and
creativity to the THQ World Supercross GP schedule, and will be aired
worldwide through the Dorna global television distribution network. The
proximity of Toronto and Vancouver to the United States’ border also
offers (US) fans two added chances to see the top supercross riders in
the world, and finally provides a supercross event in the northeast,
something fans have been anticipating for a long time.”

Courtesy Clear Channel Entertainment Motorsports

Everts, Melotte on Yamaha for World MX ’05

Everts, Melotte on Yamaha for World MX ’05

Courtesy Yamaha Racing Communications

Motocross legend Stefan Everts has re-signed with Yamaha for 2005. The
Belgian star will contest the MX1 World championship with the Michele
Rinaldi managed Yamaha L & M Motocross Team. Everts’ team-mate
Cedric Melotte will also continue with the team. Title sponsors L &
M have confirmed their support of the team next season as well.

Everts joined Yamaha in 2001 and has delivered a world title in each of
his three years on the blue bikes. He won back-to-back world titles in
the 500 class in 2001 and 2002. Last year he added the MXGP world title
and the 125 vice-world title to his already impressive tally.

Stefan, 31, is on track for his eighth world title this season. He
currently leads the MX1 World Championship with a 97 point advantage
over second-placed Mickael Pichon. Everts has already won five Grand
Prix races this year.

Early season revelation Cedric Melotte made remarkable progress with
Yamaha, from privateer in the 650 class last year to race winner in the
MX1 class this year. Melotte, 25, showed that he has the speed and
spirit to compete for victory by winning the opening GP this year.
Despite mid-season injuries, Cedric is sixth in standings.

Everts, Melotte on Yamaha for World MX '05 - Photo 1 of 1
World Champion Stefan Everts

Peronnard & Clark merge, fill creative void

Eric Peronnard, creator of the U.S. Open supercross and former Vice
President of International Development for Clear Channel Entertainment,
announced today that he will be joining forces with Tim Clark, owner of
Pro-Motion Motorsports and MiniMoto Enterprises. Both Eric and Tim have
been very successful at producing stand-alone motorcycle events and
plan to develop future projects revolving around the motorcycle

“I am very excited to be partners with Tim. As you know, Tim is well
known in the industry and most recently produced the MiniMoto SX
National in Las Vegas which was a huge success. I am confident by
merging our talents, we will strengthen our ability to produce unique
and innovative events” explained Peronnard.

“The sky is the limit here” commented Clark. “The motorcycle industry
is always looking for creative avenues to promote their products. Right
now, there is a lack of fresh ideas. Eric and I will be introducing new
concepts for both racing and promotion opportunities. Together, with
Eric’s international experience and rock solid reputation for
developing and producing quality motorcycle events, we will help fill
that creative void”.

Both Eric Peronnard and Tim Clark can be reached through the Pro-Motion Motorsports office at 541-772-8150

World MX GP Round 11 Sweden results

Uddevalla circuit

Mickael Pichon wins again …

MX1 results:

1. Mickael Pichon – 3/1

2. Brian Jorgensen – 2/3

3. Stefan Everts – 4/2

4. Kevin Strijbos – 1/6

5. Steve Ramon- 6/4

MX1 point standings:

1. Stefan Everts – 483

2. Mickael Pichon – 386

3. Josh Coppins – 357

4. Steve Ramon – 350

5. Kevin Strijbos – 295

Courtesy YouthStream & Team Suzuki MX Press

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