A true worldwide world championship super series – 18 events – 9 different countries. And two different series!

“We are trying to simplify it for the fans, while maximizing profits at the same time. I’m positive everyone will see that we are not accomplishing the first, but definitely accomplishing the second with our new CWGPMXSSS. We are pleased to achieve this milestone, which demonstrates our commitment to bringing new products to market” says Harvey Saulenstein, Senior VP of Public Relations.

  1. December 25 – Anaheim California USA – Ed’s International Field
  2. January 3 & 4 – Thunder Bay CANADA – Woodspank Arena
  3. January 10 – Cayo Largo PUERTO RICO – Bay West Trans-Domette
  4. January 17 – North Lanarkshire SCOTLAND – Wee Stadium Centrale
  5. January 24 – Anaheim California USA – Ed’s International Field
  6. February 30 – Los Angeles USA – Los Angeles County RiverDome
  7. March 14 – Dayton USA – Net.Com.Org Stadium
  8. March 21 – San Francisco USA – Pac Track Park
  9. March 28 – San Francisco USA – Pac Track Park
  10. April 3 – San Francisco USA – Pac Track Park
  11. April 24 – San Diego USA – The Q Stadium
  12. May 14 – Cabo San Lucas MEXICO – Neuvo Rojo Estadio y Cantina
  13. May 21 – Kaohsiung TAIWAN – Grand Hall of Motorsport
  14. May 28 – Úmyslovice CZECH REPUBLIK – Volsky Parkes
  15. June 11 – Oakland USA – Beach Front Field
  16. June 18 – San Jose USA – TBA
  17. September 9 – Alanseiru Island MICRONESIA – Gambo Resort Stadium
  18. September 16 – Mt Hagen PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Coliseum Finale (Parking is $200, however admission is free)

There will be a ‘Convenience’ charge, a ‘Handling’ charge, a ‘Delivery’ fee, a ‘Venue’ fee, and other charges & fees. Anyone wearing a Bob Hannah jersey from the 70’s will receive an immediate upgrade to the luxury suites, and the ability to hang with ‘beautiful’ people. No ice chests or personal beverages allowed.

*** There will be a concurrent ‘California World Grand Prix MX Super Supercross Series’ run in conjunction with this series.

About The California World Grand Prix MX Super Supercross Series (CWGPMXSSS): The California World Grand Prix MX Super Supercross Series, presented by (sponsor’s name goes here) is a virtual extravaganza in it’s new revamped format. CWGPMXSSS is a leading producer & marketer, with extensive experience in global vertical integration. The company, with offices in Fontana, Chino, South Central, Anaheim, Corona and the Inland Empire, also owns Independently Operated Businesses (IOB’s) and is looking for more ‘creative’ ways to make money, including a surcharge on air in venues.

The California World Grand Prix MX Super Supercross Series will be organized using normal rules. The 125 class has been re-structured into ‘North’ and ‘South’ divisions. Riders who participate outside the U.S. will be required to have a license. To be eligible for CWGPMXSSS bonus awards, riders must participate. Exceptions to this will be made for riders who are unable to participate. Because he did not compete in our previous CWGPMXSSS, ‘The Defending Champion’ is not eligible for the CWGPMXSSS Championship, or the G-Money-RiderX-Gas-Guzzler-Card.

The California World Grand Prix MX Super Supercross Series will crown it’s champion at ‘The Banquet’, produced and presented by CWGPMXSSS. Additionally, the North & South 125 Champions will be crowned at a completely different banquet.

About Air: Air contains oxygen, hydrogen, and helium. It’s needed for all humans on planet Earth to keep living, along with food and water.

About the Earth: The Earth is a terrestrial planet in the Milky Way Solar System, approximately 3.8 billion miles from it’s sun. The Earth rotates around it’s sun once every 365 days.

About the Milky Way: The Milky Way is a candy bar, containing chocolate, caramel, and other tasty ingredients.

About Dirt: Dirt has been around since the earth cooled, and is the leading form of dirt worldwide. Dirt is generally found in all 50 states, and eight of the nine continents. ‘Really Good Dirt’ is the ‘Official Dirt of CWGPMXSSS because dirt works!’.

“Our goal” continues Senior VP Saulenstein “is to take the sport to the level above the next level. We realize the travel schedule might be demanding, especially the drive from Puerto Rico to Scotland, but our fans and pocketbooks tell us it’s worth every penny.”

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