2004 Kawasaki KX photos

2004 Kawasaki KX photos

Photos courtesy Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA

2004 Kawasaki KX photos - Photo 1 of 4
2004 KX 125

2004 Kawasaki KX photos - Photo 2 of 4
2004 KX 250

2004 Kawasaki KX photos - Photo 3 of 4
The new four-stroke KX 250 F

2004 Kawasaki KX photos - Photo 4 of 4
KX 250 F (Yes, we just noticed the image is reversed!)

World MX GP – Round 8 – Belgium

World MX GP – Round 8 – Belgium

The historic Citadelle Circuit in Namur

This track is so special, you really need to see it in person to appreciate it. They have been having races there since 1947. The circuit is on top of a castle-like fortification, racing on a narrow track with trees surrounding the majority of it. Throw in some pavement and cobblestone sections, along with track-side cafes, and you can see why it’s something special and historic.

The passionate Belgian fans must of had a field day today, as one of their own, Stefan Everts, continues to make history almost every time he rides. He is the winningest GP rider ever, won two GP events today, and has taken over the lead in the point standings of the premier MXGP class.

Motocross Grand Prix Results:

Stefan Everts – YAM

Joel Smets – KTM

Mickael Pichon – SUZ

Marnicq Bervoets – YAM

James Dobb – KTM

650 Results:

Cedric Melotte – HON

Javier Garcia Vico – KTM

Joel Smets – KTM

Gordon Crockard – HON

Avo Leok

125 Results:

Stefan Everts – YAM

Steve Ramon – KTM

Andrea Bartolini – YAM

Tyla Rattray – KTM

Mickael Maschio – KAW

Motocross Grand Prix Point Standings:

Stefan Everts – 175

Mickael Pichon – 173

Joel Smets – 168

Courtesy Adam Wheeler/MX Press, DORNA Off-Road

World MX GP - Round 8 - Belgium - Photo 1 of 6
The circuit is on top of the Citadelle

World MX GP - Round 8 - Belgium - Photo 2 of 6
Chad Reed racing at Namur in 2001

World MX GP - Round 8 - Belgium - Photo 3 of 6

World MX GP - Round 8 - Belgium - Photo 4 of 6
Brad Lackey at Namur, 1979

World MX GP - Round 8 - Belgium - Photo 5 of 6
Roger De Coster on the pavement, 1980

World MX GP - Round 8 - Belgium - Photo 6 of 6
Stefan Everts, 2003

Random photos

Random photos

Just some random photos you might want to look at function OpenWindow(url, width, height) { window.open(url, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); }

Random photos - Photo 1 of 15

Bill Q bustin’ it on his CZ. Didn’t think I’d run this one did you? Remember when CZ’s were THE bike to have?

Random photos - Photo 2 of 15

How many people remember Bugs Bermie? Don’t lie!

Random photos - Photo 3 of 15

Remember when Ricky Carmichael rode Kawasaki? And on 125’s? Southwick 1998

Random photos - Photo 4 of 15

One of our favorite guys, Jeff Emig. Jeff won the National Championship that year. That’s Mike Kiedrowski giving him some water

Random photos - Photo 5 of 15

Hey! Quick! Take my picture on RC’s bike! (Mike Gosselaar – RC’s race tech)

Random photos - Photo 6 of 15

Ryan Hughes and Mike Brown exchange recipes for Christmas

Random photos - Photo 7 of 15

This is John Dowd, and National Champion Steve Lamson – Glen Helen 1996

Random photos - Photo 8 of 15

Another one of our favorite guys, and favorite photos – Jeremy McGrath – Glen Helen

Random photos - Photo 9 of 15

Can you name me? My brother is Randy

Random photos - Photo 10 of 15

Yes, you’ve seen it here first – the prototype top secret Supercross.com Frog Race Boot!

Random photos - Photo 11 of 15

Looks like an Alpine Star boot. Look again – it’s Huffy’s cast! Very cool!

Random photos - Photo 12 of 15

Hey dad! Why is my helmet so big?

Random photos - Photo 13 of 15

Me winning a moto at Unadilla in 1987 (Thanks Jason MXRacer)

Random photos - Photo 14 of 15

Side car motocross. Wow

Random photos - Photo 15 of 15

This is old school K-Dub, by Ed E.

Boost Crossover

Boost Crossover

Boost is big on motocross. They are title sponsor of the Boost Mobile Yamaha of Troy team, and they sponsor many individual riders as well. Boost is big on extreme sports in general – surf, MX, snow, and skate.

What is Boost? Why do they sponsor these events?

Boost is a mobile phone company. Sponsoring these extreme events is a great way to get their message and brand in front of the people they’re targeting, the extreme sports enthusiast.

We asked Adrian from Boost to give us the lowdown on tonight’s party: “It’s a big surfing event – the Boost Mobile Pro presented by QuickSilver. We are really stepping it up here in our second year, and tonight is our media launch at the Fox Sports Grill here in southern California. The actual surfing event starts Thursday September 4th, and runs until Monday of next week. It’s at a famous surf spot – Lower Trestles. We’ve got all the good guys here tonight. The 2002 Boost Mobile Pro was acknowledged as setting new standards in event production & promotion. This year’s Boost Mobile Pro is the mid-way point of the world title race, and it is the only mainland USA venue for a WCT event.”

To learn more, you can visit the Boost Mobile web-site here

Click on the thumbnails to view larger images from the party

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Boost Crossover - Photo 1 of 27

Inside the Fox Sports Grill

Boost Crossover - Photo 2 of 27

The bar area from upstairs

Boost Crossover - Photo 3 of 27

Bowling was available

Boost Crossover - Photo 4 of 27

DJ Mark was playing great music

Boost Crossover - Photo 5 of 27

Food is always involved

Boost Crossover - Photo 6 of 27

Sunset outside the Fox Sports Grill

Boost Crossover - Photo 7 of 27
Boost Crossover - Photo 8 of 27

It was fashionably SoCal

Boost Crossover - Photo 9 of 27
Boost Crossover - Photo 10 of 27

Amy Jo & Nicole were great hosts

Boost Crossover - Photo 11 of 27

Proud parents-to-be, Salina and Adrian

Boost Crossover - Photo 12 of 27

This is someone important speaking, but I don’t know who

Boost Crossover - Photo 13 of 27

This is what the whole thing is about!

Boost Crossover - Photo 14 of 27

Pool was cool

Boost Crossover - Photo 15 of 27

Rena helped greet all the guests

Boost Crossover - Photo 16 of 27

Seb T & Ricky J. Seb hopes to be back on the bike in November

Boost Crossover - Photo 17 of 27

Here’s another important guy speaking, but don’t know who he is

Boost Crossover - Photo 18 of 27

Here’s all the famous surfers. Don’t know who they are either

Boost Crossover - Photo 19 of 27

The Hottest New Group Around: StephiJ KylaK & SalinaH rocked the house with their rendition of ‘Love Roller Coaster’

Boost Crossover - Photo 20 of 27

Stevie B and Seb T know how to chill

Boost Crossover - Photo 21 of 27

Actual real surfboards

Boost Crossover - Photo 22 of 27

Here’s more of those famous dudes. Don’t know who any of them are, but going to learn!

Boost Crossover - Photo 23 of 27

Check out this surfing poster – it’s awesome

Boost Crossover - Photo 24 of 27

Check it out – very cool

Boost Crossover - Photo 25 of 27

The stage

Boost Crossover - Photo 26 of 27

Outside the grill

Boost Crossover - Photo 27 of 27

Consistency Pays

Consistency Pays

Originally from South Africa, Grant won the FIM 125 World Motocross championship in 2000, and came to the USA for a new challenge in 2001. He and Mike Brown battled till the final race, with Brown winning the championship that year.

How did Grant do it this year? By never giving up. And consistency.

Grant’s moto finishes: First – once, second – four times, third – four times, fourth – five times, fifth – once, seventh – twice, eighth – twice, and three other finishes.

Here’s the final 125 point standings now that the finale in Troy Ohio has been cancelled due to rain (again).

1. Grant Langston – 380

2. Ryan Hughes – 373

3. James Stewart – 350

4. Mike Brown – 271

5. tie: Sellards, Byrne – 269

7. Craig Anderson – 222

8. Ivan Tedesco – 193

9. Kelly Smith – 190

10. Chris Gosselaar – 173

Here’s the official info on the cancellation from AMA Pro Racing:

The final round of the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship, scheduled to be held at Kenworthy’s Motocross Park in Troy, Ohio on September 6-7, has been cancelled due to heavy rains and flooding in the area. The event will not be rescheduled.

Championship standings will be determined by points earned through round 11 at Steel City Raceway in Delmont, Pennsylvania. Team Honda’s Ricky Carmichael has been crowned the 250-class champion and Red Bull/KTM’s Grant Langston is the 125 champion.

The Kenworthy round was originally scheduled for July 12-13 and had to be rescheduled due to rains and flooding that damaged the facility at that time. Owner Don Kenworthy and his crew worked hard to get the facility back in shape. This latest storm, and resulting cancellation, adds an unfortunate twist to the situation.

AMA Pro Racing’s Duke Finch said the decision to end the series under these circumstances was particularly difficult. “We wish the series didn’t have to end on this note,” said Finch. “We explored a second postponement for the Kenworthy round but that’s just not realistic at this time. The teams and riders are preparing for the U.S. Open, the Motocross des Nations and off-season testing. Waiting for the flood waters to recede and then for the facility to be restored again is just not possible. Regrettably, we had to make this tough call.”

Can you believe it? Grant Langston has gone thru Injuries, crashes, no overall wins, … and now the final round is cancelled? And what about Ryan Hughes? Did he get a fair shake? He’s second in points, seven behind Grant, and conceivably could of won the championship.

None of it matters now – 21 year old Grant Langston has won his first ever title in America. Congratulations Grant!

(Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.)

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Consistency Pays - Photo 1 of 6
Consistency Pays - Photo 2 of 6
Consistency Pays - Photo 3 of 6
Consistency Pays - Photo 4 of 6
Consistency Pays - Photo 5 of 6
Consistency Pays - Photo 6 of 6

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