Kevin Windham news

Kevin Windham news

As you know, Kevin was injured this past weekend in Atlanta. Broken femur. Ouch!

Kevin had surgery on his leg to put a metal rod in to help recovery. He’s out of the hospital now, and is expected to have a four-month recovery period.

You can send Kevin a greeting thru our Message Boards, and we’ll make sure he reads them.

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Beaucaire International Motocross

Belgian Joel Smets wins riding a KTM

With very nice weather and a big crowd (15,000) the 2002 European motocross season started with success for Joel Smets, winning for the third time this prestigious preseason race.

Smets did the holeshot in the first heat and won easily, followed by Italian rider Andrea Bartolini, who is back to racing on his 450 Honda.

The second heat was more difficult for Smets, as Bartolini did the holeshot and led the race for the first six laps. Smets passed him and won, but during the last four laps both Bartolini and German Pit Beirer put a lot of pressure on him.

In the last heat Frenchman Frederic Bolley did the holeshot, followed by Smets and another Frenchman Yves Demaria. Smets was really close but he broke his rear brake and crashed in the fourth lap. Bolley won, with Beirer second, Smets third, and Demaria fourth.

The overall was Smets, followed by Bartolini and Beirer.

250 World Champions Mickael Pichon was not in Beaucaire, due to a finger injury suffered one week earlier in England.

Overall (same points system as GP):

1. Smets – 66

2. Bartolini – 50

3. Beirer – 45

4. Bolley – 44

5. Coppins – 32

6. McFarlane – 27

7. Demaria – 26

8. Everts – 25

9. Ramon – 18

10. Bervoets – 16

11. Aubert – 14

12. Dobb – 14


Mike LaRocco update

Mike LaRocco update

As many of you know, Mike was involved in a crash at round 7 in Minneapolis on February 16, and was injured. Officially, he has an acute dislocation of the lunate joint in his right wrist.

He had surgery on Wednesday, Feb. 20th in San Diego. Right now, it’s projected to be a six to twelve week recovery time for Mike.

You can send an e-mail message for Mike. We will print all the messages, and give them to Mike is a few weeks. (click here)

The Amsoil/Dr. Martens/Journeys/Factory Connection Honda team will still be going to the races to represent the team and sign autographs.

In addition to the surgery to repair the dislocated bone, Mike says “I tore the ligaments, but not all the way through, so I got it pinned and they pulled some bone chips out. The doctors all said it was an easy surgery. I’ll be in a cast for a while but plan to be in re-hab right away to help speed the recovery process, about six weeks I hope. I’m definitely bummed – seven years without missing a race. And it’ll be hard to not be there for my teammates and everybody else around me. I want to be out there as bad as everybody wants me to be.”

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Michael Byrne update

Michael Byrne update

As many of you know, Michael fell in the 125 East Main at Indy. This is an update on him.

According to his team manager (Ziggy) at Factory Connection, Michael has multiple minor injuries. He will sit out the next few rounds, but will be back for Daytona.

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Michael Byrne

Red Rider Ranch

Red Rider Ranch

Honda’s Red Rider Ranch

Off-Road Training & Education Centers

[img1] What is the Honda Red Rider Ranch?

It’s education designed to train riders in skills they need to be safe while riding off-road!

All riding levels. Age 6 and up. Four ranches – Southern, Midwestern, Western, and Pacific. One day course. They can provide everything you might need – motorcycles, helmets, goggles, etc. Program designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Personal instruction. Covers starting, stopping, Turns, Hills, Obstacles, and Learning Motorcycling’s place in the Environment. Prices start at $70. Parent or guardian must be there for kids under 12 years of age. No personal motorcycles allowed (must ride the Honda motorcycles provided – XR50 thru XR400).

[img2] Southern Ranch

1450 Morrison Parkway

Alpharetta GA 30201

Phone 770 442 2043

Midwestern Ranch

101 S. Stanfield Road

Troy OH 45373

Phone 937 332 6177

Western Ranch

4529 Royal Lane

Irving TX 75063

Phone 972 929 5455

Pacific Ranch

1301 Via Venita

Colton CA 92324

Phone 909 824 7080


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Red Rider Ranch - Photo 3 of 3

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