The 2002 FIM World Champions Awards Ceremony, organized by DORNA, was held yesterday evening at the Grand Hotel Billia in St-Vincent, Val d’Aosta, Italy. In the presence of FIM delegates and many guests, the World Champions received their medals and trophies from FIM President Francesco Zerbi and the respective Presidents of each Commission. Representatives of the Manufacturers World Champions received diplomas.

Two FIM Environmental Awards were awarded in St Vincent. One was received by Mr. Dieter Junge, UEM President, on behalf of his brother Peter Junge for his work and dedication to the CIE from the founding of the Environmental Working Group in 1992 to his death in April 2002. The other was received by Mrs. Sarah Claire Ahlers on behalf of the Northland Motorcycle Riders Association for their very efficient work in favor of the environment during the American round of the Individual World Championship for Trial in Duluth, Minnesota.

Champions in all disciplines of racing were honored. In motocross, that would include Stefan Everts (500 World Motocross Champion), Mickael Pichon (250 World Motocross Champion), and Mickael Maschio (125 World Motocross Champion).

Courtesy Marc Pétrier / FIM Press Officer

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