signs with Suzuki, new riders for 2002

Colorado Springs CO – Motoworld announced signing with American Suzuki Motor Corporation for the 2002 AMA/EA Sports Supercross Series and AMA/Chevy Trucks US Motocross Series. They have also signed Justin Buckelew, Ben Riddle, Andrew Short and resigned Damon Huffman for 2002. The team additionally signed agreements under which they will be using RG3 Suspension and Bill’s Pipes exclusively in 2002.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Suzuki because they are really behind us for next year. With the help of Suzuki, Bills Pipes and RG3, we are confident that we will be on the best equipment possible. We are also very honored to have the chance to work with the riders we have signed. The combination of our riders and sponsors create exciting possibilities for next season. All in all it looks like 2002 will be a great year for us,” said Team Owner/Manager Paul Lindsey.

Justin Buckelew, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a shot at a 125 title, coming off a third place finish in this season’s 125 West class. Ben Riddle, from Campbellsville, Kentucky, a former multiple AMA Amateur National title winner at Loretta Lynn’s will be entering his second year as a pro. Andrew Short, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, won the 125 Pro/Sport class at the 2001 AMA Amateur National Championships at Loretta Lynn’s. At 19, Short is one of the nation’s premier up-and-coming young riders. Damon Huffman, from Valencia, California, has a solid professional racing resume that includes two 250 AMA Supercross wins, two AMA US Motocross Championship wins and a win at the inaugural US Open. While riding for Suzuki, Huffman was also the 1994 and 1995 125 West Supercross Champion. He finished the 2001 Supercross season as the top privateer, 11th in the overall points standings. also announced creation of the new position of “Crew Chief” and has retained the services of Ed Lonacre, to fill the position. Lonacre served as Damon Huffman’s mechanic in 2001.

“We are excited about Ed tackling the heavy responsibilities that come with being a crew chief, working hand in hand with Suzuki, and our other sponsors to make sure that we have the best bikes out there,” said Paul Lindsay who will continue as Motoworld.comRacing Team Owner/Team Manager.

“With the new team sponsors, we leave behind some old friends. We have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with Yamaha, and it was a difficult decision for us to make,” Lindsey said. He added. “I have personally developed relationships with FMF, Varner Motorsports, and Enzo Racing and those were also very difficult decisions. We sincerely thank them for all of their help over the years.” released Greg Schnell from the second year of his contract allowing him to pursue an opportunity with Yamaha of Troy to continue to ride the YZ 250F four-stroke.

“There are no hard feelings on either side of this mutual departure, and we wish him the best of luck next year,” said Lindsey.

World MX Grand Prix – Round 11 – GERMANY

James Dobb and Mickael Pichon win their first ever World Motocross Championships at Gaildorf!

Dobb clinched the 125 championship for KTM by finishing fourth today. Pichon clinched the 250 championship for Suzuki by winning the Grand Prix today. Joel Smets won the 500 Grand Prix.

125 Grand Prix

1. Luigi Seguy – YAM

2. Steve Ramon – KAW

3. Alessio Chiodi – YAM

4. James Dobb – KTM

5. Ken Gundersen – KTM

125 Point Standings:

1. James Dobb – 228 (world champion)

2. Steve Ramon – 148

3. Luigi Seguy – 129

4. Ken Gundersen – 106

5. Alessio Chiodi – 104

250 Grand Prix

1. Mickael Pichon – SUZ

2. Chad Reed – KAW

3. Josh Coppins – SUZ

4. Yves DeMaria – YAM

5. Johnny Aubert – YAM

250 Point Standings:

1. Mickael Pichon – 248 (world champion)

2. Gordon Crockard – 156

3. Claudio Federici – 132

4. Chad Reed – 129

5. Josh Coppins – 110

500 Grand Prix:

1. Joel Smets – KTM

2. Andrea Bartolini – HUS

3. Stefan Everts – YAM

4. Peter Johansson – KTM

5. Jonny Lindhe – HUS

500 Point Standings:

1. Stefan Everts – 251

2. Joel Smets – 198

3. Marnicq Bervoets – 162

4. Francisco Garcia Vico – 100

5. Andrew McFarlane – 79

McGrath wins Melbourne supercross

McGrath wins Melbourne supercross

Supercross Masters Australian Supercross Championship

Round 10 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

McGrath Turns it on at Melbourne Supercross Masters!

He came. He saw. And he conquered. American Supercross legend Jeremy McGrath turned it on in a dazzling display to deliver a knock-out punch in last night’s (August 12) tenth round of the Supercross Masters at Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park.

But while the American star did it easy in the previous night’s ninth round at the downtown Melbourne venue, this time around McGrath had to work considerably harder for his money by charging through the pack from a fifth place start.

Australian riders Michael Byrne, Cameron Taylor TAYLOR and Craig Anderseon made the front-running in the 20-lap Final, bringing the partisan hometown crowd to the edge of their seats as McGrath staged a stunning blast through the field. One-by-one he picked off the Aussie guns with determined moves, before finally barging by Byrne on lap 12 to grab the lead and rip off his second straight win in his whirlwind Down-Under appearance.

“Well, I messed up on the start tonight, but I guess that maybe helped to make for the best race of the weekend!” enthused McGrath, who knew his rampaging ride had brought the crowd to the edge of their seats. “The guys rode really well tonight, and on a tight track like this, you have to make some heavy moves to pass, and that’s what it took for me to get through. The (Australian) guys kept me honest tonight, and that made for a great race.”


250 Final

1. Jeremy McGRATH (Yamaha Australia)

2. Cameron TAYLOR (O’Neal Honda)

3. Michael BYRNE (Pirelli Honda)

4. Shane METCALFE (O’Neal Honda)

5. Craig ANDERSON (Castrol KTM)

125 Final

1. Jono PORTER (Axo Silkolene Suzuki)

2. Troy DORRON (O’Neal Honda)

3. Robbie MARSHALL (Noyes Honda)

4. Michel CONSTANTINOU (C-Track KTM)

5. Paul GRANT (FMF/MCA Racing Honda)

McGrath wins Melbourne supercross - Photo 1 of 1
Jeremy McGrath

World MX Grand Prix – Round 10 – SWITZERLAND

Roggenburg Circuit

Bervoets, Federici, and Dobb come away with wins.

500 Grand Prix

1. Marnicq Bervoets – YAM

2. Stefan Everts – YAM

3. Jonny Lindhe – HUS

4. Andrea Bartolini – HUS

5. Andrew McFarlane – YAM

17. Joel Smets – KTM

500 Point Standings:

1. Stefan Everts – 235

2. Joel Smets – 173

3. Marnicq Bervoets – 162

4. Francisco Garcia Vico – 92

5. Andrew McFarlane – 79

250 Grand Prix

1. Claudio Federici – YAM

2. Gordon Crockard – HON

3. Chad Reed – KAW

4. Yves DeMaria – YAM

5. Frederic Bolley – HON

8. Mickael Pichon – SUZ

250 Point Standings:

1. Mickael Pichon – 223

2. Gordon Crockard – 152

3. Claudio Federici – 124

4. Chad Reed – 109

5. Pit Beirer – 102

125 Grand Prix

1. James Dobb – KTM

2. Luigi Seguy – YAM

3. Steve Ramon – KAW

4. Ken Gundersen – KTM

5. Alessio Chiodi – YAM

125 Point Standings:

1. James Dobb – 215

2. Steve Ramon – 128

3. Luigi Seguy – 104

4. Erik Eggens – 101

5. Ken Gundersen – 95

List of Champions from Loretta Lynn’s

List of Champions from Loretta Lynn’s

The 20th Annual AMA Amateur National MX Championships at Loretta Lynn’s wrapped up Saturday, August 11th.

James “Bubba” Stewart became the winningest amateur ever with 11 total championships. He won every moto of the 125 Mod 12-15 and 125 A classes this week.

Andrew Short won the 125 A Pro Sport class after a close battle with Josh Hansen and Chase Reed. Hanson won the 250/Open B Mod title. Josh Woods won the 250/Open Pro Sport.

Mountain bike legend John Tomac won the Vet B/C class in a last moto thriller. Tomac went down in the first turn of the last moto and moved up far enough to finish second overall, then Rodney Cavender, who also fell in the first turn and was about to take the title, was knocked off his bike on the last lap.

Minibike sensation Mike Alessi won the 85 Mod 9-13 class. Broc Hepler won the 85 Mod 14-15. The toughest mini class, the 105 Super Mini, went to Jimmy Nelson.

The Women’s 105-125 Up class had great racing, with Stefy Bau finishing 1-1-2 and taking her first Loretta’s title. Defending champion Jessica Patterson suffered a broken leg while leading the second moto.

Tennessee’s Kevin Walker was the fastest old guy, winning both the Vet A Plus 30 and the Plus 25 classes.

The Loretta’s Lynn’s Amateur championships are seen as the most important preparation for professional motocross racing. Scouts and representatives attend the event throughout the week to congratulate the winners, pose for photos, and make the all-important deals for the nest season. Twelve minibike riders in the 85 Stock 12-13 class were chosen here to compete in the prestigious US Open at the Las vegas MGM Grand in October.

Past champions of Loretta’s include Travis Pastrana, Ricky Carmichael, Tim Ferry, Kevin Windham, Ryan Hughes, Jeff Emig, Ernesto Fonseca, Mike LaRocco, and Mike Brown.

Here’s a complete list of champions:

1. 250/OPEN A: Steve Mertins

2. 125 Mod 12-15: James Stewart, Jr

3. Masters Plus 50: Ike De Jager

4. 65 STOCK 10-11: Ricky Renner

5. 250/OPEN B MOD: Joshua Hansen

6. VET B/C PLUS 30: John Tomac

7. 85 MOD 9-13: Mike Alessi

8. 125A PRO SPORT: Andrew Short

9. WOMEN 80-105: Leah Cantrell

10. 125B STOCK: Gavin Gracyk

11. 125C STOCK: Shaun Skinner

12. 85 STOCK 7-11: Joshua Hill

13. FOUR STRK 201-650: Brian Carroll

14. 85 MOD 14-15: Broc Hepler

15. SENIOR PLUS 40: David Mack

16. 125A: James Stewart Jr.

17. 125B MOD: Michael Blose

18. 125C MOD: Jeremy Allison

19. VET A PLUS 30: Kevin Walker

20. 85 STOCK 12-13: Jason Lawrence

21. 65 MOD 7-11: Sean Hackley Jr.

22. 250/OPEN B STOCK: Gavin Gracyk

23. 250/OPEN PRO SPRT: Joshua Woods

24. WOMEN 105-125 UP: Stefy Bau

25. 125 STOCK 12-15: Nicholas Adams

26. PLUS 25: Kevin Walker

27. 250/OPEN C: Brandon Stooksbury

28. 65 STOCK 7-9: Ben Lamay

29. 105 SUPER MINI: Jimmy Nelson

A. 51 7-8 CLASS 2: Shawn Rife

B. 51 4-6 CLASS 1: Joseph Peters

C. 51 4-6 SHAFT: Tyler Mcswain

List of Champions from Loretta Lynn's - Photo 1 of 1
James Stewart

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