August 10, 2000 – St. Jean D’Angely, FRANCE

With the help of Pascal Haudiquert, Valentin Guinberteau, Christophe, El Ellks, and Frank Hoppen.

Both the host country France and the USA are fielding very strong teams for the 54th edition of the event. Could this be a battle for world motocross supremecy between the French and the Americans?

The Motocross des Nations is the most prestigious motocross event in the world. Some might call it the ‘Olympics of Motocross’. It is held once a year in a different country, and each nation sends it’s three best riders to compete as a team. This magnificent event was last held in the United States in 1987 at the world famous Unadilla track. Team USA won that event with riders Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward, and Bob Hannah. Twelve years ago France hosted the event at Villars sous Ecot, and that event was won by Team USA with Jeff Ward, Ron Lechien, and Ricky Johnson. This year the event returns to France and will be held at the St. Jean D’Angely circuit, which is 100 kilometers north of Bordeaux.

Many countries and clubs want to organize this event. The Motocross des Nations is back in France at a great time for the French fans, since their riders are stronger than ever, and must be considered a favorite to win. Other strong teams competing will be Belgium, America, English, and last year’s champion Italy. But more than thirty teams are expected in St. Jean D’Angely!

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For many months the staff at St. Jean D’Angely has been working very hardto prepare for this prestigious event. They have promoted many races in the past, but they know that for this event everything must be perfect ! That’s why they have called on the famous French track designer Jean Luc Fouchet to modify the track, and they have also worked hard to offer the riders and the public very good facilities. The public will find a very nice camping site (only 50 meters from the track) with all facilities (including toilets), wide parking areas and great views as you can see 90% of the track from any point. Saturday evening, September 9th the spectators will see the official team presentations on the track, and then they can visit the music concert in town. In 1988 30,000 spectators came to Villars sous Ecot ….. how many will come to St. Jean D’Angely? 20,000? 25,000? 30,000? More?

The US Team has been selected, and it includes rookie-sensation Travis Pastrana, GP veteran Ryan Hughes, and current leader of the AMA 250 series, Ricky Carmichael. The team manager is Roger DeCoster. And the French team has been selected too, with Stephane Roncada, Frederic Bolley and Sebastien Tortelli as the three team members.

No matter what, we expect to see a big crowd have a wonderful time watching some great racing!

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Past winners thru 1977:

  • 1999 – ITALY (in Brazil)
  • 1998 – BELGIUM (in Great Britain)
  • 1997 – BELGIUM (in Belgium)
  • 1996 – USA (in Spain)
  • 1995 – BELGIUM (in Slovakia)
  • 1994 – GREAT BRITAIN (in Switzerland)
  • 1993 – USA (in Austria)
  • 1992 – USA (in Australia)
  • 1991 – USA (in The Netherlands)
  • 1990 – USA (in Sweden)
  • 1989 – USA (in Germany)
  • 1988 – USA (in France)
  • 1987 – USA (in USA)
  • 1986 – USA (in Italy)
  • 1985 – USA (in Germany)
  • 1984 – USA (in Finland)
  • 1983 – USA (in Belgium)
  • 1982 – USA (in Switzerland)
  • 1981 – USA (in West Germany)
  • 1980 – BELGIUM (in Great Britain)
  • 1979 – BELGIUM (in Finland)
  • 1978 – USSR (in Germany)
  • 1977 – BELGIUM (in France)

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Discount tickets: To be sure to have access to the paddock (the number of spectators will be limited for security reasons, and the cost will be 30 francs) the best solution is to order right now your ticket. If you buy your ticket (220 francs, 1 free ticket for 20 payed, free entrance for children under 14 accompanied by an adult) before August 15th, you will have free access to the paddock. You may do this my mailing directly to MC Angérien, BP 85, 17416 St. Jean D’Angely or you may check them out on the Internet at

On the web: To get all information about the 2000 Motocross des Nations, you can visit the two official web sites of the event. The Action Group site, promoter of the World Championship events will give you all the technical information ( and the site of the city of St. Jean D’Angely ( will give you all the local information.

And be sure to check out

Shopping: To buy official merchandise of the event, please visit the Internet site ( or send a letter to the club (BP 85, 17416 St. Jean D’Angely Cedex, France) to get the official catalog.

Photos are of the US Team (Travis Pastrana, Ryan Hughes, Ricky Carmichael), the French Team (Frederic Bolley, Sebastien Tortelli, Stephane Roncada) and a wide angle shot of the St. Jean D’Angley race circuit.


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