1984. Saddleback. National. Motocross. - Photo 1 of 1 Saddleback Park in Irvine, California is a name synonymous with motocross in the USA … even though the track has been closed since the mid 80’s.

In the late 60’s, and thru most of the 70’s, you could find America’s best motocross racers usually racing the Carlsbad/Saddleback ‘circuit’, racing mostly with the biggest club at the time, CMC.

Saddleback in famous in American motocross lore, with names like Rex Staten, Chuck Bowers, Tommy Croft, Marty Smith, Broc Glover, Gaylon Mosier, Bob Hannah, and almost every top motocrosser of that era having raced week in and week out at the hard-packed track. Saddleback even hosted Trans-AMA races which not only attracted the top American like Brad Lackey, Jim Weinert, Jim Pomeroy and many others, but also attracted the top riders in the world such as Roger De Coster, Joel Robert, Sylvain Geboers, Bengt Aberg, and others.

This video here is from VHS. It’s of the 1984 AMA National Motocross held at Saddleback. Jeff Ward went on to win the 125 National Motocross Championship that year, with Rick Johnson winning the 250 championship, and David Bailey taking the 500cc crown.

The track is fenced up, and no one has ridden there for at least a couple of decades …. but, it still sits right where it was, untouched. You can still see the layout of the course if you stop on the roadside right next to the track.

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