Vancouver, Canada Supercross Results

Published December 9th, 2006

BC Place

The ‘big three’ were ‘the show’ once again: Chad Reed, Ricky
Carmichael, and James Stewart. They are the very best supercross riders
in the world.

Tonight, it was Ricky Carmichael coming out on top. Carmichael passed
Stewart for the lead positing with about five laps to go, holding it
until the checkered flag. Second went to James Stewart. Stewart led
most of the race, even though his body is a bit banged up from last
weekend’s event in Toronto. Last week’s winner Chad Reed was third.

The new season starts January 6th in Anaheim California. We’ll have new
features coming online between now and then, highlighting 2007.

Supercross Main Event results (20 laps)

Ricky Carmichael – SUZ

James Stewart – KAW

Chad Reed – YAM

David Vuillemin – HON

Tim Ferry – KAW

Nate Ramsey – YAM

Travis Preston – HON

Jeff Gibson –

Nick Wey – HON

Jason Thomas

Supercross Lites (250 class) Main Event results (15 laps)

Ryan Sipes – HON

Ryan Dungey – SUZ

Zack Osborne – KTM

Martin Davalos – KTM

Kyle Beaton – YAM

File photos by Steve Bruhn.

Vancouver, Canada Supercross Results - Photo 1 of 1



Vancouver, Canada supercross results

Published December 11th, 2004

BC Place Stadium

250 Main:

1. Ricky Carmichael – SUZ

2. Nick Wey – HON

3. Damon Huffman – HON

4. Mike LaRocco – HON

5. Heath Voss – YAM

6. Jason Thomas – HON

7. Tyler Evans – SUZ

8. Kyle Lewis – HON

9. Josh Hansen – KTM

10. Erik Vallejo – HON

125 Main:

1. Nate Ramsey – KTM

2. Northrop – KAW

3. Hagseth – HON

4. Laughridge – KAW

5. Lockhart – YAM

Info courtesy of Clear Channel Entertainment Motor Sports. Photo of Ricky Carmichael by Steve Bruhn.

Vancouver, Canada supercross results - Photo 1 of 1