Yoshimura Suzuki

James Stewart

James Stewart
#7 James Stewart

DoB: 12/21/1985
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: Haines City, FL
Hometown: Winterhaven, FL
Bike: Suzuki RM-Z-450

Career Highlights

AMA Supercross Champion

Paris-Bercy Supercross Champion
US Open of Supercross Champion
Motocross of Nations Champion
AMA Motocross National Champion (24-0 Undefeated)

AMA Supercross Champion

Motocross of Nations Champion
FIM World Supercross Champion

Stewart won his first Supercross race at Texas Stadium in Dallas TX. He also had main event wins at Seattle and Houston.

AMA 125cc Motocross National Champion
AMA 125cc East Coast Supercross Champion

AMA 125cc West Coast Supercross Champion











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therealjs7 Jul 26

So bummed I'm not gonna be at Washougal tomorrow but looking forward to getting healthy and finishing this series fighting for more wins. It's been a tough couple months for me but through the process I've still enjoyed racing. Not gonna lie, it's taken a huge toll on my body and it shut down on me last Saturday... But as bad as things were, I know it allows us as a team to become stronger. I'll never stop fighting even when there's nothing left, I'll still fight! I wanna thank all my sponsors for supporting me through these hard times. It shows that the people that support me are truly behind their athletes on and off the track and I sincerely thank all of them for that. My family has been with me through this also and I want to say I love you guys very much. My Fans.... I know it's been super hard to understand what's going on and you guys have been in the dark with most of the stuff going on but trust me... if I could speak about it I would but I couldn't and still can't... It's all going to come to light soon and I can't wait to explain what's going on to all of you. Through all this the hardest thing has been the feeling that I let thousand of fans down and it's been really hard on me personally... You guys are what I live and race for so to have the feeling of letting you down has hurt deeply... But I can tell that you guys are still with me and that means a lot! Thank you so much for your support from the bottom of my heart! I love & respect everyone of y'all. Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults, Cry behind close doors & fight battles no one knows about. James Stewart JS7

robertorsinger Jul 27

Just keep your head up and keep charging forward. We're not going anywhere. The true fan like myself will always stand behind you James.

wildflower_lj Jul 28

Wishing you the best & sending you prayers. I hope that you stay positive & know that you have true fans that care about you. As a lupus warrior i know how much stress can wear on your body. Please stay strong! You have many sending prayers. May you be surrounded with love, prayers & healing energy @therealjs7 .

blais84 Jul 28

Over 25,000 likes!! That's some bubba love!

justin_case_ Jul 28


kxllerkali Jul 28

Your the best bro! Don't worry about it, your a champ you need the rest & stuff. And when the time comes you'll kick ads like you always do! 🏁πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Œ

timthijssen1 Jul 28

Dont be sad james, your biggest fans will allways love for who you are and so me.

timthijssen1 Jul 28

Just get healty soon and be on the races every weekend and then it will be better for you your parents and your brother. For your team and the fans who cant let you down. We love you all james. We wilk never let you down!!!!!!!

_emilz_ Jul 28

You will never lose me as a fan! Keep your chin up! The human being is much more durable than you think-Charles Bukowski

therealjs7 Jul 18

Gonna miss ya this weekend bro. Everyone lets wish @malcolmstewart a speedy recover. Guess you caught a case of Mookie Fever lol. #mookiefever

v_werkin157 Jul 18


justin_cramer69 Jul 18

First like

itroutman222 Jul 18


jloundy Jul 18

Dudes gonna comeback strong and continue the legacy

martineztherry Jul 18

Bueno bueno

racnmx Jul 18

Heal up quick Mookie

realdealjeremy Jul 18

Get well soon πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

thereal531 Jul 18

Heal up son

benvanzutphen16 Jul 18

Kids an animal

viniciuseduardof Jul 18


wiscodabwizard Jul 18

See you Saturday @therealjs7 haven't been to spring Creek in many years. I'd like to see you win.

mild2wilditalian Jul 18

Rip that sht james ! Fk a honda !!! #bleedblue

bmuter Jul 18

Hope u have a safe and great weekend JS7!! We be rooting for ya!! πŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ‘Œ

eric15anderson Jul 18

This is so sad. Being injured myself I hate the feelin of not being able to ride and I cant imagine what mookie feels right now. Come one @therealjs7 bring home a 1-1 for your lil bro @malcolmstewart and make all of us proud. #BestOfLuck #InItToWinIt #GetWellSoon

eric15anderson Jul 18

This is so sad. Being injured myself I hate the feelin of not being able to ride and I cant imagine what mookie feels right now. Come one @therealjs7 bring home a 1-1 for your lil bro @malcolmstewart and make all of us proud. #BestOfLuck #InItToWinIt #GetWellSoon

jwinn509 Jul 18

Looking for a repeat of last year! #overall

grider32 Jul 18

Go get them Bubba! Keep Livin The Dream!πŸ˜ŽβœŠπŸ†πŸ GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!! @therealjs7 @giovanniii799

dannytheboss55 Jul 18


jessethetrojanman Jul 18

That's awesome! Always giving your bro props.

jake_carella199 Jul 18

Win for him itd be cool to see you get some more championships

__josevidal Jul 18

Sick dudee

ryan_liszewski Jul 18


mxquadcore Jul 18

Hope your bro gets well soon @therealjs7

darfeyy Jul 18

Not only do you gotta do it for your brother, but you gotta do it for the team.. πŸ†β˜οΈ

myshenke Jul 18

Stewart brothers!!!!!

bjdrewek Jul 18

Get well @malcolmstewart and good luck to you!!! @therealjs7 I'll be cheering you on! 😍

myshenke Jul 18


cdub2is Jul 18

Good luck Malcolm an Bubba be the champ you are.

therealjakethesnake48 Jul 18

Get well @malcolmstewart and let's kill this shit this weekend @therealjs7 just some bad luck u have been right their

brendonmateus Jul 18

nice pic!

bbphill190 Jul 18


giovanniii799 Jul 18

@therealjs7 @malcolmstewart@grider32 you guys will be back rippin together soon, let's get another W this weekend at millville like you did last year bubba πŸŽ°πŸŽ°πŸŽ°πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ

moaath_alansari Jul 18

Ω…Ψ§ΩŠΨ΄ΩˆΩ Ψ΄Ψ± Ψ§Ω„Ψ§Ψ³ΩˆΨ―

seasalt_vanilla Jul 18

Wishing u @therealjs7 good luck. And speedy recovery to @malcolmstewart

bmxsanti Jul 18

Sick! @bbphill190

cri_cri_bang Jul 18

@fracccoo me and u

rglynch114 Jul 18

Js, I skipped down the road at Daytona Supercross with @malcolmstewart get well soon bro!

gotopless14 Jul 18

Get well @malcolmstewart !!!! Get that win for your brother! @therealjs7

dustin_herbert_100r Jul 18

πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @malcolmstewart

fracccoo Jul 18

Hahah hell ya @cri_cri_bang

jvub Jul 18

@carlosjseliman mookie fever

rykov84 Jul 18

@vitalikgarkusha @cheraeyo

rubenrodriguez14 Jul 18

Marico el uniforme @gianf7

dbishbish Jul 18

Kill em' this weekend, show dungey how to rip those whoops and whip them jumps @therealjs7

badassdad21 Jul 18

You are a monster , keep it up on two.

dillonpayton60 Jul 18

.get better mookie!!!! James you know how to bounce back after a couple weeks of hard times but I just letting you know your fans are behind you 100% bro.....you the man and you inspire me so much man.....show Em what's up this weekend cause I'll sure be watching !!! @therealjs7

photo_redbeard Jul 18

Crank some PANTERA and go get it @therealjs7 @sevenmx

anis_chushha Jul 18

Good luck this weekend Bubba! U got this!

clark416 Jul 18

Best of luck to both of you! And bubba u got this always #1

kherman_brynt_duay Jul 18

Go go go james!

igorgsilveira Jul 18

@felipesilveirareis o cara eh feraa!!

perryrox01 Jul 18

You are seriously my hero bubba @therealjs7

jerseyshorerose Jul 18

Awesome picture!!!

jr_spirit_32 Jul 18

Yes agreed. And redddbuddd

thereal_lancecoleman Jul 18

Get well soon mookie!!!

ramzii_alfonso Jul 18

Lol lay off the herb man fim catching on

foxxmotolife Jul 18

What was with @malcolmstewart suspensions during indoor season

chrisanchez31 Jul 18

If he misses shougal I'm not going.

brantly12 Jul 18

He pushed barcia @foxxmotolife

brantly12 Jul 18

And james is suspended to for using peds @foxxmotolife

jf16x Jul 18

Damn gonna miss the broths out there!

0people0 Jul 18

Das meh boii @moto_life99 @rj739 @hayden47912

tsmith111 Jul 18

@malcolmstewart wish you the best man heal up fast you and your bro are the best I remember playing hot potato with you at vmp when we were on 80s during the llq man you and @therealjs7 are me Heros hands down

nbmx515 Jul 18

ily guys

perrigohard Jul 18

Been watchin you at Millville since I was 11! See you there homie. Good like. #BubbaFast #SpringCreekMX

bike_life_bully Jul 18

I saw on @malcolmstewart page man. That's some shit! Hope he gets well soon @therealjs7

papa__storey Jul 18

Get well soon M stewart!!

swoll352 Jul 18

Get well

leewilliamz Jul 18

The Stewart family bring so much to the sport, mx needs characters and big personalities like @therealjs7 & @malcolmstewart πŸ‘Œ

daniel_danny18 Jul 18

Hello nice pix

mayala_ps4610 Jul 18

Lord heal @malcomstewart give his family peace, take over. Amen

caymanadam Jul 18

JS7 is a class act. Mookie....not so much.

plainandsimplegee Jul 18

Get better soon @malcolmstewart

water_melon_331 Jul 18

Get bettah soon

felipesilveirareis Jul 18

Muito @igorgsilveira πŸ”πŸ”

foxxmotolife Jul 18

I knew bout @malcolmstewart suspension but @therealjs7 dang ok @brantly12

dannyrock115 Jul 18

Why did u get sepended from fmi

eric_cliff Jul 18

Failed drug test in Seattle @dannyrock115

brantly12 Jul 18

Ya they said it on the last outdoor moto ref bud i think @foxxmotolife

danmcgrath52 Jul 18

Hope you are getting well.

foxxmotolife Jul 18

Oh I missed the last moto @brantly12

doorman123 Jul 18

Eric_cliff get a life

ec2l Jul 18

shame on you πŸ’‰πŸ’Š

motobarry111 Jul 18

Hope he gets better soon, BUT YOU NEED TO GO OUT AND WIN THIS WEEKEND DUDE> Think about that. And don't listen to the CBK's (cowards behind keyboards) with their negative crap

rc_214 Jul 19

U gotta get on the podium both motos this weekend I bet 5 $ on you

michaelsmith413 Jul 19

You probly don't read these but. I'm a big fan but I can't stand when you don't have a good start or go down and it's like you give up. Leave it all on the track. Everyone knows you one of the best but get a fire in ya and get it done. You better than what you been showing.

carson__17 Jul 19

Get well @malcolmstewart. Lets have a solid ride like last year @therealjs7. Dial it back a little late in the 2nd. You were pushing pretty hard and almost threw it away a few times last year. We want to see a consistent JS7 not a broken JS7. Good luck!

sierrabadgley Jul 19

Good luck! @therealjs7

reedbop45 Jul 19

Is he racing today

laidoutloaded Jul 19

@reedbop45 its Malcolm that's not racing this week

thiskiddwagner_4 Jul 19

get back out on your bike man quit being a pussy! I was looking forward to you in Moto 2 but unfortunately you cant handle that @therealjs7

kx250frida Jul 19

He's going to retire soon

jimmyb401 Jul 20

You are my favorite rider but you have become such a pussy ! You are not a professional and you can't keep off the ground nor keep up with the top boys . Very disappointed in you @therealjs7

kendalllholmes Jul 20

good job today ❀️

jake_carella199 Jul 20

Racing is ups and downs james you know that, and your 4th in points!!! Guys would kill just to be in the top 10! accept that maybe you can't always be the champion, finish this series get ready for a fresh start in SX @therealjs7

mxboy2661 Jul 20

James, just keep being u, dont let the negativety bring u down. Life is tuff no matter what way u look at it, i love my life n my family but would dream to be in your shoes! Heck, my bucket list would to be able to ride wit u n your bro one day! Keep positive, your my inspiration!

moegainzz Jul 20

Why did u quit

cross_p Jul 20

@therealjs7 i really Like you but your attitude if you don't want race again stop the championship before you become ridiculous #realfan

r6rubin Jul 20

@jimmyb401 your not his favorite rider you his favorite rider when he win but when he dose't you got another rider smh we should all have James back no matter what that's a true fan..

damian_cook77 Jul 20

I'm in Haines city 😱

rhylee_bevin236 Jul 21

@hudson_edwards this is his brother

juniorbeme Jul 21

Wayyyyy toooo much DRAMA with you bro !!

ben_wright156 Jul 21

Cmon james if your not winning you gotta try,its just always something with you

motellv Jul 21

James is the man, he'll be back!

jake_carella199 Jul 21

He didn't quit he fainted

suzuki_racing_778 Jul 22

James I have to ask how do you handle when you have a big crash I need some help my leg got caught in a guys back tire and I have a race this Thursday I'm nervous of that happening again

jerry_cochran7 Jul 22

I wish I can ride everyday at lake elsinore track but noo my parents wont let me πŸ˜₯

jerry_cochran7 Jul 22

I live right next too a super cross track and we ask if we could ride on it then he said yes but then we rode on it then we got kicked off it sucks

keelan_southwood_44 Jul 23

@010k_shoutout_u u got me 1k

dakota_major2 Jul 23

@Suzuki_racing_778 man up

billy_mcdaniel_15 Jul 23

Hey James I just wanted to say something um your one of the best riders ever man you show a great champion inside almost all the time like when you kept getting better and better every race at the beginning of motocross season then you went 1/1 I thought you were going to pull this championship out of ken roczen and Ryan dungeys grasp but you didn't after the ped things came down on you I think that your confidence went way down hill after those wins bring yourself back up man be the best rider you can be james you dont even know but im seriously a huge fan of yours I'd love to see you win a couple more races and overalls man and a supercross championship next season ... I can't believe people are saying you need to hang up the boots man that would pussy me off and I'd want to show all those people really what they think with whooping ass on that track like you did in Toronto in supercross I just want you to finish on top at least beat Ryan villopoto everyone knows hes not as good as you james you are the most skilled and most talented rider probably ever do go prove it @therealjs7

stevecmill Jul 24

@therealjs7 check out @chatbooks

samuelburrr Jul 25


ajrobinson92 Jul 25

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

chikalfaizal Jul 25

please come back and win again bubbaaaa . dont give up semangat saud

ilovekicksandbud Jul 25

Get well soon bubba

mickolobe Jul 27

Get well soon and get rid of the Mookie Fever and both of you get back the WINNING Fever.....

go4thewin Jul 27

God speed on your health your still the fastest man alive and where's Bubba world we miss it

therealjs7 Jul 15

Lil @Gopro action from last weekend prac.

cody_shuckhart Jul 25

@yockel18 I'm sure you already seen it but crap man

chandlerhampton69 Jul 25

@mhampton28 look at this scrub

raphael_schalhas Jul 26

Oh you didn't crash ?! πŸ˜‚

marcoscollazo4 Jul 26

@kmariegr my favorite view

kmariegr Jul 26

Nothing better @marcoscollazo4 πŸ™Œ

akurek_17 Jul 27

Fag? @raphael_schalhas

khyreeboards Jul 28


kurtgoddard Jul 28

Dat low whip

therealjs7 Jul 10

TBT. Blowing it out.

jlrandhislife Jul 15


cdub2is Jul 16

Your a true champ you've rewritten the book thanks for all you do for the sport

tuck_244 Jul 16

Your my favorite racer I love your whips and scrubs I have a rm 85 and ktm 85 you'll always be my champion

jack_rowls Jul 17

U and Adam are my favorite races

samcwach_69 Jul 18

How often does your bike get rebuilt

ethanstoffle Jul 20

@samcwach_69 every race

tylerwhitney15 Jul 22

I have that same picture on a poster in my room

smokethatshit916 Jul 23

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

therealjs7 Jul 10

It's hot boss

glloyd87 Jul 18

Dang!!!! I remember riding those motor bike things waaaay back when!! @tommyxlee

a_realtingdis Jul 18

Bring back two strokes.

roflmyinmysoul Jul 24


cjamesohara Jul 25

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

charlie_thurgate Jul 25

Nice bike mate biggest fan go suzuki @therealjs7

kristoffer_randen Jul 25


samtheking5 Jul 26

I'm your biggest fan

mickolobe Jul 27

Wish you were on that horse killing it this weekend.

therealjs7 Jul 10


moto_27 Jul 10


klaycoker_143 Jul 10

First like what now

garrett_b_7 Jul 10

1st comment

alexhammer Jul 10


rmuguinho101 Jul 10


alsoknownasyounginfo Jul 10

^first to call you all idiots

agarcia315 Jul 10


kassp2001 Jul 10


kassp2001 Jul 10

Still my fav rider

_austinloose51_ Jul 10

Surprised he hasn't crashed lol jk

bucktussel_386inkedup Jul 10


alexcjunior_ Jul 10


jojomx21 Jul 10


n_channels16 Jul 10

Here's a cookie πŸͺ

reganwalker11 Jul 10


jeeerss Jul 10

Damn bro you you have to stay on your bike

d_whelen86 Jul 10

@moto_27 @klaycoker_143 @garrett_b_7 so proud for ya! What do you want? A medal

brittanyrlee Jul 10


chancewatson572 Jul 10

Best motocross racer ever

alyssa2367 Jul 10

@therealjs7 sick gear!

grider32 Jul 10

This is freaking gross bubba! Glad your still livin the dream! Keep err tapped fella! Wish you nothing but the best!πŸ˜ŽβœŠπŸπŸ† @therealjs7 @giovanniii799 #livinthedream

ali2tuning Jul 10


titito_morales Jul 10

Bruce Keep it up

_jia_nna_ Jul 10


jake_carella199 Jul 10

Pleaseeee don't crash your the fastest guy out there easily but Roczen and dungey are just more consistent not necessarily faster be patient bubba

zain.nolen Jul 10

best man to throw a leg over a bike

metalmulisha597 Jul 10

@therealjs7 hey man just saying about the drug verdict I think the media did that to cover up villiopoto about his fake new injury awhile back

therealretrospect Jul 10


soo_saucy Jul 10

Crash or not.. He still boss status.

joeysmith925 Jul 10

I agree @metalmulisha597 i thought it was funny he announced that surgery shortly after the new drug test policy was announced dame with alessi going to canada

franky_450 Jul 10

@metalmulisha597 that was a fake ass crash

austinkenworthy Jul 10

@joeysmith925 @metalmulisha597 as much as I don't like either of those riders Ik for sure villo passed the same test same day as Js ... So don't act like he's doing stuff to plus James will work it out and be fine if it's for a prescribed drug! But just letting u guys know

carlt571 Jul 10

Bubba for president!

frattini33 Jul 10


metalmulisha597 Jul 10

I know than they pin pointed Stewart for actuall medication prescribed by a doctor , to much cover up , tbh I think alessi got scared of Supercross after his contact incident but that's the way she goes , some people are saying they are liking Canadian moto x more and more but me being from canada I like the states races @therealjs7 @joeysmith925

cjtitus7 Jul 10


rramirezuc96 Jul 10


robbie901 Jul 10

U mean work it peds

metalmulisha597 Jul 10

@austinkenworthy it's easy to pass a drug test in other terms I mean fake it , it's also easy to flush out your system. Fuck villo in every way he took the easy way to the top. Chad reed , Stewart , Carmichael and pastrana crash and burned for their career

robbie901 Jul 10


lobach13 Jul 10


as_oficial Jul 10


britz317 Jul 10

Beast πŸ‘Š Baddest on a bike ever n ever will be! ✊

austinkenworthy Jul 10

@metalmulisha597 who knows but all Ik is js7 for life! And villohomo can stay injured for all I care so happy he's retiring after his contract ends

cooling_92 Jul 10

He's not retiring @austinkenworthy

blackdeere05 Jul 10


mmbermudez82 Jul 10

@metalmulisha597 how is villipoto missing full seasons due to injury the "easy" way to the top?! That and getting his ass handed to him all his am career as opposed to the guys you mentioned? Carmicheal is the best hands down and he only missed one season due to injury your statement is confusing.

k_dub4 Jul 10

Villohomo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ^

zieber7 Jul 10

Got that damb right

cooling_92 Jul 10

Aldon doesn't know shit

crisstobalti Jul 10


thatguyseany Jul 10


jonathankosmas4 Jul 10


tdubmx37 Jul 10

See you Saturday @therealjs7

garrett_b_7 Jul 10

@d_whelen86 idk do u want a smaller noise

therealsm584 Jul 10

@110mx @marshallracing @brandiejst

arjmx383 Jul 10

Just win already @therealjs7 the issue is behind you. No ones gonna think it's becuz of a pharmaceutical advantage. Just get it over withπŸ‘ we all know you can beat em!

c_a_m_r_o_n_8 Jul 10


g_bullock9 Jul 10

Yeah he is @cooling_92

laurenroberts2 Jul 10


sean_supernant Jul 10

Yass:) @laurenroberts2

laurenroberts2 Jul 10

Lol, as soon as I seen it I thought of you. @sean_supernant

brettyager23 Jul 10

Fake injuries my ass he had surgery what do u expect his was trying to be nice and take the surgery now and let other riders win and kick there asses in supercross

dirt_bike_swag_56 Jul 10

@therealjs7 do u wear a bell helmet ?

love_mx_dh Jul 10

@therealjs7 After ur 1-1 at Mt. Morris came that news u being + on the drugs test... Since that u have lost some confidence n I think everybody understand that! I was supposed to be at Budd Creek this Sat but work will make it impossible 4 me... I just hope that u Kick some asses this weekend n stay + all the way πŸ‘πŸš²πŸ...

g_bullock9 Jul 10

No he wears nike lejon brames signature mask @dirt_bike_swag_56

calvin5one Jul 10

πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ @g_bullock9

kaydizzl3 Jul 10

James Stewart #1

christopherweaver2 Jul 10

Still in it! Gotta fightπŸ‘

rohland_351 Jul 10

@g_bullock9 @calvin5one your makin fun of someone for asking a simple question? Lol pathetic. Yes he wears a bell @dirt_bike_swag_56

willthedirtdoctor Jul 10

Yea @dirt_bike_swag_56

strmrdr89 Jul 10

I'm stoked you're staying positive bubba. I on the other hand have been getting a little discouraged waiting for another win.

shearer_802 Jul 10

Just smash on these next Motos do it for us

g_bullock9 Jul 10

It says bell on the top..kinda self explanatory there. @rohland_351

rohland_351 Jul 10

@g_bullock9 yea i know but not everyone is going to notice that it says bell

giovanniii799 Jul 10

@grider32 @therealjs7 sooo sick, let's get another W this weekend

jake_carella199 Jul 10

Never too late for the championship man @therealjs7

jalop515 Jul 10

That's a nice shoie helmet.

rittonbay Jul 10


alisha_mozgovaya Jul 10


gmh62681 Jul 10

Keep chugging man!!! Kill it @therealjs7

beaucottington Jul 10


dunmiremfg Jul 10

Get some

chriscasta436 Jul 10

Losing hope man @therealjs7

cateto69 Jul 10


dane_schadel Jul 10

He's @therealjs7 people! He's amazing but has his ups and downs!

bwoods_ Jul 10

@tylerbatsell @tj_harder

bolen4 Jul 10

Can you give me a shout out @therealjs7

jake_coon66 Jul 10

You're badass @therealjs7

jacksonleonard12 Jul 10

I'm a big fan of you

hylandarris139 Jul 10

Black jersey lookin fly bubba

hylandarris139 Jul 10


tunax7 Jul 10

Im ur fun number 7

kawi529 Jul 10

Looks like an old pic of Decoster the man old school cross up

tunax7 Jul 10


codypike19 Jul 10


bayley_deg_28 Jul 10

That's sick

robciriaco1424 Jul 10

I admire u Brother God bless u James......

greatwhite1011 Jul 10

Greatness right there! @therealjs7

b_heezy86 Jul 10

Rough ass weekend for the Stewarts! But that is usually followed by an amazing performance the next! Hope you guys catch a break, we all cheering for ya mane.

eliteracer16 Jul 10

Best rider in the world right there

kozdoe Jul 10


thedu_mx Jul 10


babyjace_777 Jul 10

Js7 da best of all time

bgamg2013 Jul 10

Used to be

kbrewer_7 Jul 10

When you gonna drop more of the seven gear?! @therealjs7 @sevenmx_

kevinriccitelli14mx Jul 10

Your sick bud! Follow back?!

alex_kenny5 Jul 10


nbmx515 Jul 10

Looking good like always!

jraadd Jul 10

Wishing there was more 7 gear to pick from or somewhere local to pick it up from.πŸ˜‘

atouchabovephotography Jul 11

Were you at Muddy Creek TN?

sophie.101 Jul 11

my idol πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

d.j.wibbs Jul 11

@micahh53 @cole_w21 @shane_eksb

d.j.wibbs Jul 11


amchaos384 Jul 13


ldalton101 Jul 14

U remember a guy named Kent Ross from dugspur va???

ollie_kingston_49 Jul 14

I'm getting that kit @therealjs7

smokethatshit916 Jul 23

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

therealjs7 Jul 8

Tough weekend but I'll never stop climbing that mountain. Thx @garthmilan for this rad shot.

therealjakethesnake48 Jul 9

Let go James your fans will never stop climbing with you... to @therealjs7 @sevenmx_

therealjakethesnake48 Jul 9

@lucaventurini410 I said the same thing only true @therealjs7 dlfans right here

eliteracer16 Jul 10

Work hard train hard and take your vitamins

eliteracer16 Jul 10

Did you ever thank of going to race in motocross of nations this year what do you thank comment if you agree guys

tivomx314 Jul 12

Much respect!!

cindgod Jul 15

Eliteracer16 it's think not thank. Thank you.

kevinriccitelli14mx Jul 23

Your sick bud! What would i gotta do for a follow back!?

smokethatshit916 Jul 23

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

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mcstatues Jul 28

I a fan of you to James and I'm only 9 and my nickname is bubba to. #socool

kurtgoddard Jul 28

Follow this guy! @brayden1_2_3

hassan_bwa Jul 28

@azmirc @muhrizwan

jarmanbrad Jul 28


jarmanbrad Jul 28


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muhrizwan Jul 28


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