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Chad Reed

Chad Reed
#22 Chad Reed

DoB: 3/15/1982
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 170 lbs
Residence: Tampa, FL
Hometown: Kurri Kurri, Australia
Bike: Honda CRF450

Chad Reed is a multi-time Supercross champion, winning the U.S. AMA Supercross Championship in 2004 & 2008. In 2009, he won the 2009 AMA 450 National Outdoor Motocross Championship, and the Australian Supercross Series for his fourth time. After winning the Australian Supercross Championship in 2000, Reed went to Europe in 2001 to ride for Jan DeGroot’s factory Kawasaki team. Reed and his KX250 won the MX Grand Prix of Lierop and eventually finishing the year second to multi-time World Champion Mickael Pichon.
Eager to move to America and campaign to world’s premiere series, Reed picked up a ride with Yamaha of Troy to ride 125 East Coast Supercross and 125 Nationals aboard the four-stroke YZ250F. Reed won all but two Supercrosses that season and earned the East Coast championship. Reed moved directly to the 250 class full-time in 2003 with Factory Yamaha. Aboard a YZ250, he won one more race than chief rival Ricky Carmichael, but lost the title at the last round to the Carmichael. For 2009, Chad joined Team Suzuki USA, winning the 450 outdoor Motocross Championship. For 2010, Chad joined with Kawasaki USA. In 2011, Chad decided to start his own team – TwoTwo Motorsports, this year riding Honda’s. In June 2011, Chad received a very special award – he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia. The second youngest person ever to receive the acknowledgement.

Career Highlights

AMA 450 Motocross Series Champion
Australasian Supercross Series Champion

AMA/FIM Supercross Series Champion
Australasian Supercross Series Champion

2nd Place – Supercross Championship

3rd Place – Supercross Championship
4th Place – X Games, Supermoto

Bronze Medal – X Games, Supermoto

AMA 250cc Supercross Series Champion
Action Sports Athelete of the Year Nominee, ESPY Awards
6th Place – X Games, Supermoto

FIM World Supercross Championship

AMA East Coast 125 Supercross Champion

Australian Supercross Champion

Australian Supercross Champion













Chad Reed Instagram

crtwotwo Jul 27

Some hate the travel and schedule I find it fun and unique It's peaceful up here #Embraceit #beats9-5

bchech521 Jul 27

@crtwotwo good job today buddy!

thatssojourdan Jul 27

Yes! πŸ™

shelby.mitchell Jul 27


lindseybelle5j Jul 27

Your already on a plane out of here! Holy cow that was fast @crtwotwo !!!!

belewtim Jul 27

I agree , enjoy the week off with the family and come back strong at unadilla

bryanoneill117 Jul 27

A man on a mission, heading home to a beautiful family and a new addition on its way!πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

kevo6767 Jul 27

Heard that πŸ‘

75duff Jul 27

Your a freaking legend from everyone back in aus

13y.h Jul 27

Safe flightπŸ™

zach_andrade33 Jul 27

Heal that back up looking forward to you kicking ass in SX and outdoors next year when you are 100% bud πŸ‘ @crtwotwo

csavage762 Jul 27

And when you land let the fun begin! @mrstwotwo #FinalCountdown! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

kos_steelers43 Jul 27

You rock

bigdannickell100 Jul 27

No doubt πŸ‘

jack_christiansen10 Jul 27

In the next supercross season you'll be 100% fit witch means you can kick ass @crtwotwo

aptwotwo Jul 27


scarhartt Jul 27

Good job reed

slightvision Jul 27

Secret fist bump from washougal

gfunk683 Jul 27

This is why no one can not like you. Positive attitude. Honest. Keeps it real.

colbyhillatx Jul 27

@crtwotwo I disagree..good race but stay an hang out for a bit with the fans who enjoy !

mickp_33 Jul 27

Good Job @crtwotwo coming from Australia to see you Race at #unadilla in 2 Weeks.

crtwotwo Jul 27

@colbyhillatx got a wife that's due date is tomorrow I'm heading home to be there... Seemed like the normal thing to do no?

steve_barnett Jul 27

good race man, me and my dad love watching you. been a fan of you for a while

jshala48 Jul 27

@crtwotwo some 9-5 aren't to bad man. You know what I mean. When you love what you do then it's not like a job. Congratulations on Reedy #3 on the wayπŸ˜ƒπŸ™Œ

murfsmama Jul 27

Absolutely @crtwotwo that's where you need to be! Family is always first!

lindzandmatt Jul 27

@crtwotwo family first always. Much respect

rydalton386 Jul 27

I would have to agree with @crtwotwo my wife just told me she would not be happy with me if I stayed to hang out with fans while she was due the next day

stonetwotwo Jul 27

I'm sure he'd rather see his third child come into the world than hang with you... be realistic pal

whynot_25 Jul 27

@crtwotwo you don't know how excited I was to see you near the front of the pack! You're the man!

lindsaysiegle Jul 27

Dang you got on an early red eye, ours ain't til 1040pm!

miltoncaputti Jul 27

@crtwotwo Family is first. Is what your kids are learning! because they see what you do and not what you say! #GreatMove #Example #LikeFatherLikeSon

codydevanis Jul 27


kdub_bolt_on Jul 27

@crtwotwo what about @_christiancraig who does both? Whats your thoughts? Should he return full time? I know you won't respond but just think. He might want to come back a little more. #22forever

heathh224 Jul 27

That's easy to say when you fly to all the races. Try logging all the miles in a van. Haha @crtwotwo #privateer

crtwotwo Jul 27

@lindsaysiegle hey but you guys seen the podium 😜 awesome job today guysπŸ‘Œ

crtwotwo Jul 27

@kdub_bolt_on life is about balance..wife, kid on way I say he's finding that balance..

crtwotwo Jul 27

@rydalton386 lol clearly dude doesn't have wife or kidsπŸ™ˆ wives winπŸ˜‚

alex_marsha_clark Jul 27

You love your job and family...thats a great thing to see! πŸ‘

caryscourtney Jul 27

Well said😊

chelseakay_10 Jul 27

@crtwotwo you are doing just what you need to do, family first! You have one heck of a wife always out there supporting you, time to give her some of your time, looking forward to hearing about the arrival of reed #3, keep on keeping on! Will always supprt my favorite rider, good days & the bad! You are an influence on people you don't even know! 2⃣2βƒ£πŸ

gklaird Jul 27

Your a great person keep it all together mate

manneke108 Jul 27

Keep doing your thing, true fans will be right beside you #mxlegend

misspresleykate Jul 27

You've always been my favorite, and I've always respected your riding style, but you continually putting family first makes me respect you as a person. You and Ellie's relationship is one for the books for sure! @mrstwotwo

omar_carrillo8221 Jul 27


dinobambino43 Jul 27

Good luck at home bud! Looked like you were riding pretty good today! Heal up! @crtwotwo

kellycoash Jul 27

@crtwotwo I've been watching you since Daytona of '08. And ever since you've been my favorite! I got to watch you race today at Washougal! Good racing out there 😊

pookiematthes Jul 27


azz729 Jul 27

Your dead right there @crtwotwo you've got the life and were on our way to unadilla next wk to come see you clean house #22 #comonaussie

clements_racing_151 Jul 27

good luck with the baby @crtwotwo @mrstwotwo

mrsreddog Jul 27

✈️😍 I miss flying coffee and good ole people watching.

luckybling Jul 27


smdisme Jul 27

Heck yeah! #enjoyit

dutton_ Jul 27

8-5 reedy! Enjoy it works fucked @crtwotwo

ryder_heikkila809 Jul 27

I just wanted to say you rode great today!! I was cheering you on the whole time!! And i would totally agree with you, about leaving for your baby thats do tomorrow:) So i know you wont reply, but i just wanted to say great job tonight!! #yourbiggestfan😏

knevel717 Jul 27

Awesome to still see you out there racing! Don't ever quit reedy.

iharmo Jul 27

Good job buddy .....

motobabe302 Jul 27

Agreed I love to travel I love trying new things

erinbatestv Jul 27

ExxxaccctlyπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š @crtwotwo

m1keandike24 Jul 27

I feel ya man I travel for a living to @crtwotwo looking forward to supercross with you and villopoto this season

gnride Jul 27


kdub_bolt_on Jul 27

@crtwotwo thanksπŸ‘βœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠ

_zack_sanford_ Jul 27

Good to see you at Washougal @crtwotwo

chappyhud Jul 27

Enjoy that peaceful 6 hrs in the air:))

bep8134 Jul 27

At least @crtwotwo realizes it's beats the 9-5

jbyrd220 Jul 27

I will teach you how to fly if you teach me how to ride!

joeldengler Jul 27

@rideblue429 how is @crtwotwo being a d bag? Not what I'm reading..

ntalt14 Jul 27

Thanks for signing a jersey for mike that was sent up to Wi. It will now hang in my sons room. Cheers

slasher200 Jul 27

Great way to look at it reedy @crtwotwo

justinhawksmith Jul 28

Sweet to see you replying to fans making people's day, ride on your doin great like always!! Support from KY. Go reed #twotwo

honeybadger506 Jul 28

Big fan bro still have the cigar you bought me in 2009 INDY.

trentberryofficial Jul 28

love you man ! proud to be australian because of your talent πŸ™ thanks for being such an awsome guy @crtwotwo

crtwotwo Jul 27

People always wonder how I come back after such horrible seasons.. The passion I have for what I do is always predictably under estimated Many things motivate me! Pics like these lil 2⃣2⃣ fans lining the fences is a BIG one #alwaysthankful #itsoverwhenisayitsover ✌️😘 2⃣2⃣

tanner_ward54 Jul 27


cam.karter24 Jul 27


jmoto622 Jul 27


darron_turner Jul 27

Keep digging!! πŸ‘

yehbrah Jul 27

WFO Chad!

jrod1200 Jul 27

1 regret I have in life is not getting to the states to see you ride nationals. In your prime or not your an incredibly gifted and driven individual.

corbinsmom1 Jul 27

We will be supporting every step of the way! #neverdoubtTwotwo

handstheman24 Jul 27

Sweet pic forsure

toc427 Jul 27

Your the man

_kristenn42 Jul 27


shiftmx Jul 27

We believe in ✌️✌️!

jorusjensonian Jul 27

Since day one man! Watched your first washougal race and people were hatin then too..

punkin_butt_ Jul 27

Oww oww. Reed is backkk!(;

dani26mx Jul 27


luisferugalde Jul 27


lessmith64 Jul 27


alex_cavalca Jul 27

Look this @suelen_cavalca

ogmczp Jul 27

Bentley and Brantley wooooo woooo scuba Steve !!! @crtwotwo

ironhidefabrications Jul 27

@crtwotwo not everyone ! personally can't wait form suoercross to roll around , it sucks you can't take off the time you need to come back 100%

mrstwotwo Jul 27

❀️love u !

da3bsmom Jul 27

Twotwo twins will always be in your corner!! πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜˜ #bentley and #Brantley

motoxmom65 Jul 27

That is twotwo precious!! ;)

autoclarity_southflorida Jul 27

Go get heathy 100% for supercross I'm a Aussie living full time with my family in Florida - I haven't missed a round at the races since 2003 watching you - all the best for a 15. You have plenty off gas left in your tank

diana_azcarraga Jul 27

Mega like!

mrs830 Jul 27

@sam.sandoval13 @franny0131 Lucas needs one of these! ❀️

al76ab Jul 27


nicky_hayden Jul 27

@crtwotwo I hear ya loud and clear man stay strong man.

j_s1n Jul 27

It's refreshing to see a pro who's very thankful for the career they've earned. You work hard and have a great connection with the fans and thats why you have so many supporters who will back you until the end.

osetbikes Jul 27


pochitomx Jul 27

Next generation @crtwotwo ✊✊

jblackburn14 Jul 27


cpasta Jul 27

We're always by your side @crtwotwo

aaronlewis26 Jul 27

@crtwotwo class act!!

crtwotwo Jul 27

@da3bsmom they getting BIG:)

bryanoneill117 Jul 27

NO worries man! Your fans will always have your back! Press on Reedy we gotcha you!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ✊✊

crtwotwo Jul 27

@mrstwotwo on ✈️ 😘

crtwotwo Jul 27

@nicky_hayden ya buddy! I'm coming to misano. Heal up brotha πŸ’ͺ

reneebastylist Jul 27

Watched you today, loved your gear! Also love that you're so thankful! @crtwotwo

davemirra Jul 27

Amazing @crtwotwo #halloffamer

welsh64 Jul 27

@crtwotwo keep it up come back strong and win that long overdue supercross championship #twotwoneverquits

adambailey41 Jul 27


spokeskins Jul 27

@prettyninkmama aren't these adorable want to get for the kids!

custos_libertatis Jul 27

Love watching you, Reedy! You'll get there. If not, you can always murder supercross!

prettyninkmama Jul 27

Love em super cute @spokeskins

sammyjamison Jul 27

@crtwotwo great watching you ride today! Keep it up you're the one out there with all the passion! Always and forever a 22 fan!

da3bsmom Jul 27

@crtwotwo your telling me! Carry them around there's your cardio for the day! Wait til next year! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

hvlchk Jul 27

Umm @gabifloress !!!

matt_johanson454 Jul 27


tristanlane11 Jul 27

We all know what you're capable of , just happy to see you out there ! @crtwotwo you are still a bad dude !

krazykev9 Jul 27

Man that's cool

shawn_howard269 Jul 27

@cam_ibanez98 roots run deep.

spokeskins Jul 27

@prettyninkmama yep I am going to the have rep Chad all day long!

amos351 Jul 27

no matter what they say your still the best in my book! Don't ever give up!

brandon7190 Jul 27

Dont retire i idol you😩! @crtwotwo

shier28 Jul 27

You rode great today. Bike and gear looked great. Stay at it you got it.

joero9788 Jul 27


shannondempsey Jul 27

So cute. We are thinking of you, Chad.

jerrygallego Jul 27

Hope ur feelin good bro. It's good to see the love for the kids

mmeyer719 Jul 27

Even the little tots understand how amazing of a rider you are chad

moto_mom240 Jul 27

You never give up and that takes a lot... True reedy fans will always be here for you no matter what πŸ˜ƒ

adam_biker4561 Jul 27

Any one who has attempted to wrestle a 450 around a race track let alone ride at your pace deserves all respect. You are certainly a role model for all, not just those who ride and race dirt bikes.

milkshake_daddy Jul 27

Never give up

aptwotwo Jul 27

your amazing reedπŸ’š never ever ever give up #22allthewayyyy πŸ’— WE LOVE YOU !! keep up the awesome work πŸ˜˜πŸ˜›

powskier78 Jul 27

Respect @crtwotwo

jrkinc Jul 27


_trevorb Jul 27

You just need just find your groove dont give up you still have it!

misslana01 Jul 27

You looked great out there!!! Amazing time at washougal and a good sunburn as a gift. πŸ‘πŸ˜œ

50_beeks Jul 27

We all know you got this @crtwotwo

waymons55 Jul 27

Chad, your always the champ in my book, just get healthy bud.

jimbo_h Jul 27


marandaanderson3 Jul 27

Never give up. I have faith in you!!!!! 😘

ryder_heikkila809 Jul 27

You raced great today!! But it sucks you had to pull off. But i believe in you all the way through it, your the best of the best!!

csavage762 Jul 27

This is AWESOME!!!! 2⃣2⃣

cam_ibanez98 Jul 27

@shawn_howard269 yes it does 2⃣2⃣

blennerkaio22 Jul 27

Mateus twotwo #22 daqui uns dias nΓ© nΓ£o @brunoflorencio2 e @allisonmx

coltonbesselman Jul 27


akwagner459m Jul 27

We were cheering you on all day @crtwotwo We know you are a bad dude and will come back stronger. Keep charging.

z_saenz Jul 27


franny0131 Jul 27

@mrs830 I totally agree!!!! 😍😎

joeylethbridge Jul 27

Keep charging buddy , you will get it , only a matter of time . #22thebest

allisonmx Jul 27

Parece mesmo! Kkkkk Mateus so Γ© menos galeguin que o guri do Reed kkkkk @blennerkaio22 @brunoflorencio2

honeybadger506 Jul 27

I get it...there is no magic trick, a champion is a champion and will always figure out a way and do what it takes, that mental capacity exceeds the physical. You have it, a few have it, bottom line is the Risk VS Reward proposition with kids / wife / etc. Anyway your a bad ass and if the fire is there you know what to do with it. #ImAHugeFan!!

lifesabeachgcf Jul 27

Awwwww @sammeghji_838

alex_marsha_clark Jul 27

I posted a pic of my 2 yr old in his new Reed shirt. He's also a Tate fan, he loves to watch Tate's riding videos on instagram. #dontquit #stillinyourblood

dizzletwosix Jul 27

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @crtwotwo

champthed4 Jul 27

Think how awesome Tater would look @redhottzz

brettly36 Jul 27

Your the man! @crtwotwo

xkillynspreex Jul 27


scottystellingwerf Jul 27

Thats awesome @crtwotwo

northstarphoto Jul 27

You're a good role model Chad! You fall down but you get back up! It's so inspiring, thank you for not quitting. It's obviously a passion, not for the $$$$$. !

dcampbell1970 Jul 27

You are always an inspiration and I love that you love what you do! You don't have to win to be a winner! #truewinner #greatdad/husband #willalwaysbeafan

ezzybee Jul 27


ezzybee Jul 27


motomom727 Jul 27

You are a great man & father! And you are a motocross legend!

loedyer Jul 27


motobabe302 Jul 27

To cute

victro14 Jul 27


slack_attack Jul 27

Your positivity and persistence make you such a role model. And exactly why I want to work for you, @crtwotwo and the @twotwomotorsports team!! It would be a dream to work for you!! #cr22 #chadreed #twotwomotorsports #22 #crtwotwo @mrstwotwo

gnride Jul 27


121mxer Jul 27

@crtwotwo I have 2 little girls and they would love a t shirt like these, where can I get these from??

fly_racing33 Jul 27

I hope my kids turn out like this hahaha

cowboyschamp22 Jul 27

22 is where its at

nungaray141 Jul 27

Keeep the good work chad!!!!

mother_of_balls Jul 27

2⃣2βƒ£πŸ‘ braaaap πŸ’“

sofia_gamb Jul 27

Ay 😍 @luisferugalde

da3bsmom Jul 27

@121mxer we got them for them on http:/ the boys didn't want to take them off yesterday after washougal!!

gillard767 Jul 27


clowers6 Jul 27

KeeP iT up @crtwotwo

__aubrie__14 Jul 27

awwww they r cute kids u have really cute kids chad reed

jessicajohnson413 Jul 27


tammygooderham Jul 28

Having great passion and love for racing and your skills is what makes you a wonderful racer. Love watching you race, keep up the good work!

crtwotwo Jul 25

Awesome edit @shiftmx Shooting washougal LE while doing a Moto and the rain rolled in #makesforgoodshots

airryno17 Jul 26

Damn it @crtwotwo .... I'm goin broke buying all your badass gear!!! But I gotta have it! #onpointasalways

kimpeters1 Jul 26

Sick! 😍

michael_geraci Jul 26

Hope you back feels better!!!

jcmphotoz Jul 27

I am loving that green gear

ayden_bacon Jul 27

This is just one out of a million why you are my favorite

trentberryofficial Jul 28

what program did they use to create this!!!? a response would be lovely πŸ˜€πŸ˜† thanks chad. @crtwotwo

bradbartlett99 Jul 28


lachie364 Jul 29

Shot chad

crtwotwo Jul 25

Been a tough run of late! Haven't been able to ride during week What I miss most is taking lil man out to the track for motos with daddy Tate helps @mike42mcq pit board than hitches a ride back. This shots from my @shiftmx @foxheadinc LE shoot a month or so ago AVAILABLE TODAY you'll love it!! 2⃣2⃣

cjamesohara Jul 25

Go chad reed 2⃣2⃣ forever

burts132 Jul 25

Wicked moment @crtwotwo ! Sharing our passions with our kids is the best gift we can give them.

andy69m Jul 25


tanner_a_93 Jul 25


brandonfaust2 Jul 25

Love your gear

ronbaum62 Jul 25

Nice clothes @crtwotwo πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

terrhooper Jul 25

Awesome MOTODAD!!!! @crtwotwo

mbflatland Jul 25

What happened @crtwotwo ? Knee and shoulder?

blakehersh Jul 25

Can't wait to see you in Indiana!

nastassjasexton Jul 25

He's adorable! 😊

maxberry628 Jul 25


jacobriver11 Jul 25

V3...? Why not a v4 helmet @crtwotwo @foxheadinc @shiftmx

steviehall23 Jul 25

Thats sick gear

casig237 Jul 25


matsmith728 Jul 25

@rediracing them boots😍

matsmith728 Jul 25


xxtucker22xx Jul 25

Your the best

adamaderhold110 Jul 25

@maloy_55 get that gear setup haha

dawes903 Jul 25

Dat gear.... Yewww

bennnnyg Jul 25

@cbgypsy what do you think of this gear

wesleystarks Jul 25

Your a stud @crtwotwo

hays_damien Jul 25


jose_sanchez54 Jul 25

Dat gear

treeves420 Jul 25


smith5one8 Jul 25

Heads up chad we're all behind you , great man on and off the track that's why we follow the 22!!

willzamora Jul 25

Boots are ridiculous !!

juniorsilva45 Jul 25


brookegrace_ Jul 25

the gear πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @dylan_grace117

johnstarky Jul 25

More than the races you boy will remember riding with dad - some of my best as a kid were with my pop. Cheers Chad!

jaimearauz Jul 25


slotty565 Jul 25


bretcleland Jul 25


swk92 Jul 25

@beefybeefybeefy πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

tabernacjack Jul 25

Gotta get the @crtwotwo gear @jmartin222 , already got the neck tat lol

maxberry628 Jul 25


naaat_p578 Jul 25

The gear and boots are sick

kodywithaak723 Jul 25

@austinbritt717 I almost want to buy this gear so I'll start riding again

mattdewski Jul 25


king_cw23 Jul 25

@shoutout1us Ayuda

michellesheptak Jul 25

Love that Chad!! Lil man looks super happy!!

ramosmx108 Jul 25


whitneywoodruff14 Jul 25

@lancaster_524 I can't wait for that to be you and baby Ryder πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

johnbonner17 Jul 25


frankrobie Jul 25

@walter214 that gear

spaded1523 Jul 25

Can't wait to see u back at the Supercross tracks. Your gonna take it this year. No doubt.

amir_shahresali_ Jul 25


colton_comer_52 Jul 25

Hey chad umm I have a friend that would like to see you and he is a great rider I'd love to send you some videos if him riding to you

tommy_s_25 Jul 25

He nicked my racing nunber

dwerner_22 Jul 25


vaisclothing Jul 25


hankjones544 Jul 25

🚨🚨 stay focus on cash and cash will come one investment‼️‼️!! Can change your whole life financially hit me up at (858) 240 1852 πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

mackwish54 Jul 25


da_seep Jul 25


p_campbino Jul 25

I love seeing stuff like this. You're a perfect role model of what I want to be when I'm a father.

yorpez2 Jul 25

Great picture!!

co_mart Jul 25


myle08 Jul 25


spokeskins Jul 25

This is what it's all about! Good luck have fun and great shot what a great role model you the man!

alyssama24 Jul 25


ro151n Jul 25

@_holty42_ this pleaseπŸ‘ͺ✊✊ πŸš²πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

dakotah_duke Jul 25

OG straight badass

alison_proctor6 Jul 25

I ride as we'll

alex_marsha_clark Jul 25

These are the memories that stick w/u #wishtimestoodstill ⏳

ix_liam_xi Jul 25

Two thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ‘ for a fantastic moto dad

lowbreeze Jul 25


ix_liam_xi Jul 25


brandonfitzpatrick86 Jul 25

Are you still on the honda @crtwotwo

fjtessa Jul 25

@clementnuzzo πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘¦πŸš²πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

lmstrs Jul 25

@yosam34 ......A LITTLE BIT?

aterry224 Jul 25

@crtwotwo will win 2015 sx championship #doitcauseyacan #letsgoreed

ryanwhitt Jul 25


jarret15 Jul 25


_rachelwhitt Jul 25

@ryanwhitt so cute!!

mrstwotwo Jul 25

😍 at the end of the day. Enjoying moto w family is why we all started #familytime #makememories #livefun

seanyb822 Jul 25

Lil skippy

jeff_sorenson14 Jul 25

It's you! @beamed03

austinclayland22 Jul 25

@raqueltomrose @brittney_tomrose

_paluzzi_seee Jul 25

Love the green machine.

pedro_a_galindo Jul 25

Lil boy is probly scared

djp519 Jul 25

@mattdewski πŸ™†

kyleminnis Jul 25

@babythatcher_xo 😍

danicastilho14 Jul 25

great moment!!

francis_4s Jul 25


__krystallee__ Jul 25


onealmxwilson Jul 25

That's a sick setup πŸ‘Œ

brentnelle_c Jul 25

@emanuelrodrig95 see. Bummer, hasn't even been able to train.😒

ay3itsmadii Jul 25


dustin__beinke72 Jul 25

Australia is proud! @crtwotwo

steev_24 Jul 25

Toujours aussi classe!!! @d_db

d_db Jul 25

Le vieux il a le style ! @ @steev_24

chae_huff Jul 25

Love this shot of father & son!

wu_tang_clan_forever Jul 25


chevy_guy350 Jul 25


hasch_tag Jul 25


kaytaylor130 Jul 25

Sooo cute!!! That's awesome!

flinner_394 Jul 25

The man

scorpionexo Jul 25

@crtwotwo your a good Dad!

lobatito25 Jul 25


brandon_218 Jul 25

Damn the green is sick @_mikebeck

workingwhiteboy Jul 25

Time to hang it up Boss man.

gnride Jul 25


jesusmercadob89 Jul 25


kicv Jul 25

Se ven todos cute y todo pero NO-.- @jaimearauz

tobytate18 Jul 25

@crtwotwo soak up every moment man cuz before u bat a eye he will be grown an u will look back an go where in the world did time go. I promise u that.

kitbroom13 Jul 25

What cc do you ride ?

slowride858 Jul 25

@crtwotwo you got it right. Don't worry about a few positions on the track, keep enjoying the moments that truly matter.

zane_spradlin Jul 25


tyty_r6_raw Jul 25

I agree enjoy these moments. But still worry about the positions! Show the world what twotwo is about and that you still got it! I believe! Cant wait to see you in next #sx season!

toppgunn Jul 25

Good luck tomorrow in washougal. I will be there with my 2⃣2⃣gear @crtwotwo

seth_vanslyke_4 Jul 25

Don't let a couple bad races get to you're head you're still the man! You will always be my favorite rider πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ2⃣2⃣

tman_1025 Jul 25

Sweet bike

josh_johnson109 Jul 25

@okkcasey so fucking cute

stenlis53 Jul 25

Nice gearπŸ‘green πŸ†’

okkcasey Jul 25

awwwwwwwwwww 😍😍@josh_johnson109

kora_weber23 Jul 25

@97erickson_travis97 ;) <3

bwilliams_gsr Jul 25

@justinebeaulne your favourite !

welch915ktm Jul 25

Father like son

emanuelrodrig95 Jul 25

What's wrong with him 😞😠?! @brentnelle_c

scottyc331 Jul 25

Looks the a tree

davemirra Jul 25

Love it. @crtwotwo #beadadnotafad

kwhit1000 Jul 25

You were better on a honda. @crtwotwo still your one of the best guys out there keep it up make Oz happy

manonb_611 Jul 25

@obmx23 toi et notre futur fils ?

jonas.han Jul 25

Right father

_moloodkh_ Jul 25


911mike Jul 25

Hold your head high. Every dog has his day

caryscourtney Jul 25


arh0023 Jul 25

@chevy_guy350 oh my <3 this

obmx23 Jul 25

Oui c'est toute a fais Γ§a !! :) @manonb_611

hayhoo__ Jul 25


sel_doohan Jul 26

Such a great pic✌️

jlundin_1 Jul 26

I like the gear

kimmoore58 Jul 26

Awesome pic 😘

victro14 Jul 26


robynreed18 Jul 26

I love it. My boyz!!!! Love them!!!! Miss them!!!!

adam_chamberlain Jul 26

Fantastic! You're an inspiration cr22! What a great dad!

dhause18 Jul 26


airryno17 Jul 26

@crtwotwo Your heads on straight with your priorities in order! Your family is the overall and that's badass!!!!! Keep doin what you're doin!

_michael_luizzi_jr Jul 26

@jmull229 your bike ?????

jmull229 Jul 26

Only thing missing is the 9. Chads the reason I got two two graphics @_michael_luizzi_jr

aptwotwo Jul 27

WHY DID I JUST SEE THIS😍😭 this picture is perfect πŸ’—

dwillis7 Jul 27


___alonzo___ Jul 27


crtwotwo Jul 24

Trying to ride today see how I feel Loving @asterisk_com @stancesocks comboπŸ‘Œ

fuelclothing Jul 25

@75lock Never bagged on Fox, but you can assume all you want. I just know to much about how our industry works.

fuelclothing Jul 25

@kyle_wells_ True

fuelclothing Jul 25

@rockingm yes they are, just socks and yes they are just Dirtbikes in different colored plastic. It's all good, someday will be on the best riders too.

fuelclothing Jul 25

@beaulindau β›½οΈπŸ‘#true

cjamesohara Jul 25

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

trailworxfab Jul 25

Maybe you didn't offer enough money @fuelclothing ..... It's a dollar and cents game.

ty_johner Jul 26

Really wow

calderonfelipe998 Jul 26

Nice pants

crtwotwo Jul 24

Thinking thinking! Throwing around ideas for 2015 The mind never stops #busy #iloveit #howmanymoreyrs @twotwomotorsports

sweetjazz1222 Jul 24

@dirtrider601 it's his truck for the bikes

mrstwotwo Jul 24

Just let me know 😜

gwass227 Jul 24


peterson2710 Jul 24

Whatever you choose to do to the 22 rig, will always be the sickest rig out there

agasperi1 Jul 25

Hello chad reed

agasperi1 Jul 25

What is the name of your son

tyrone_arrow Jul 25

😏 yamaha champion

ty_johner Jul 27

More like Kawasaki champion @tyrone_arrow

crtwotwo Jul 23

Sneak peak at my LE color way for this weekend.. @foxracing @shiftmx always on pointπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ #blamepete

buttercup14_ Jul 26


onlyonehuman23 Jul 26

@orca_steve were can i buy these

ridgeway167 Jul 27

@kylebitterman581 you need this!!!!!!

_cauy_ Jul 27

Omg so sexy @zebable @taj_72

millerhighlife__ Jul 27


chairman_prescott Jul 28

Nice boots

dylandevitt22 Jul 28


bradbartlett99 Jul 28


crtwotwo Jul 23

How's this hitchhiker! #FL #bugs

wilkey_nelon Jul 23

Holy fuck. Lol

flyingtrumpet22 Jul 23


rebekka_hudson Jul 23

You're in Fl?

kyle__monaco Jul 23

Hit that windshield wiper button real quick

aptwotwo Jul 23


shannondempsey Jul 23

#holycrap #atleastitwasntasnake!

ryansmith831 Jul 23

That's a big onee

cameronhill10 Jul 23


mackenzie_oneil Jul 23

I live in Florida and those things are annoying they're always on your cars

brycehunnings305 Jul 23

He lives in florida @rebekka_hudson

derek_kelliher Jul 23


tallonlafountaine Jul 23

Is that @deanwilson15

daisyrosales16 Jul 23


ge_twotwo Jul 23


kelliegalland Jul 23

I would D-I-E!!!! @crtwotwo

kelliegalland Jul 23


stones_4_reed22 Jul 23

Fish bait!!

ktm932 Jul 23

Leave jimminy cricket alone

mrsozzy22 Jul 23

@crtwotwo πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

jack.rogerss Jul 23

It's jerry the cricket @justin.529

ms_paigeelaine Jul 23


marco_g_322 Jul 23


justin.529 Jul 23

@jack.rogerss πŸ˜‚jerry died

jack.rogerss Jul 23

It's his brother

jack.rogerss Jul 23


bryan_marx927 Jul 23

Haha Brendan. This is chad reeds account @brendanfeichko

ridicoulous_slurpie Jul 23

Are u riding Yamaha or Kawasaki or honda

mottocross169 Jul 23

Pepe el grillo

ridicoulous_slurpie Jul 23

Kawasaki right @crtwotwo

laiguanita29 Jul 23

Ist a Kawasaki

austinmueller424 Jul 23

@bpozas452 @ryanlazar701 @motosister this bitch was just in the truck with us πŸ˜‚

heyits_missnichole Jul 23

Gotta free rider lol @crtwotwo

k_valleroy Jul 23


bichardson Jul 23

I wouldn't last two minutes in FL @tnash481

oswi_cbad Jul 23

That's my roomy

jlsylvester22 Jul 23

How was the chadapult two night ago @crtwotwo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

findelcamino Jul 23

@marissabryan No.

mcnoche Jul 23

@sanger47 it's your homie

marissabryan Jul 23

@findelcamino omg love it

nofx_nug Jul 23

Fuckin planet hopper!

dirtbikebarbie91 Jul 23


wholookin123 Jul 23


sweerooh89 Jul 23

@Hayaalshuaibi_79 Ω…Ω†ΨͺΨ΄Ψ±Ω‡ Ω‡Ψ§Ω„Ψ§ΩŠΨ§Ω… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ ΩŠΨΉΩŠΩŠΩ†Ψ¬ ΨΉΩ„Ω‰ Ψ«Ω‚Ψ§Ω„Ψ© Ψ―Ω…Ω‡Ψ§ .. Ψ¨Ψ³ Ω†Ψ΅ΩŠΨ­Ψ© Ω…Ψ§Ω„Ψ¬ Ψ΄ΨΊΩ„ ΩΩŠΩ‡Ψ§ ΩˆΩ„Ψ§ ΨͺΨ±Ψ―ΩŠΩ† ΨΉΩ„ΩŠΩ‡Ψ§ فلفل Ψ΄Ψ·Ω‡ ΨΉΩ„Ω‰ Ω‚ΩˆΩ„ΨͺΩ‡Ω… 😘😘😘

wholookin123 Jul 23


chris_terres Jul 23

Crikey mate!

tyty_r6_raw Jul 23

You are right down the road from me and you are an idol for me with my son, wish i could come ride with you and learn a few things! @crtwotwo

kristibutton Jul 23

Woahhh @crtwotwo

twowheelintim Jul 23


cdub2is Jul 23

I guess it's better to have him on verses being splattered

stevegiuliante Jul 23


kyfaye Jul 23


dbardos Jul 23


tracymcgrathgallaher Jul 23

@crtwotwo That just gave me a serious case of the heebie jeebies! Yuk!

brook4416 Jul 23

Those are good luck! They pray for you πŸ™

chaffeeee Jul 23

@wholookin123 dirty af

auribs Jul 23


bmjp8899 Jul 23


rattler82 Jul 23


bengarrett.7 Jul 23


blktom Jul 23

Better than having it explode between your goggles and helmet!!! @crtwotwo

queenyatta Jul 23


the___kid___dope Jul 23

Lol creepy @queenyatta

osridin Jul 23

Good grief! That thing could stand flat footed and shit in a dump truck!

nick_willyyyy Jul 23

I got a bee in my helmet once alive and mad

mayonguyon Jul 23

@wizy_401 J'sais pas ce qui se passe av les sauterelles sur Insta en ce moment ms elles sont de sorties 😹

wizy_401 Jul 23

BIG sauterelle !!!!!!!!!!!! @mayonguyon

elaineodell326 Jul 23

I've been seeing a lot if these critters lately!

apaggio Jul 23


rumbler1619 Jul 23

Shark bait ooooo haha

whitewartiger Jul 23


chunk_316 Jul 23

That would be a grasshopper @apaggio

guy_keenan Jul 23

@osridin easily the funniest comment i've ever seen 😭😭😭

dfblue132 Jul 23

@aisciakesia #tutta#tua πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

aisciakesia Jul 23

@dfblue132 😱😱😱😱😱😱

crashcinquezerodue Jul 23

@danieletamanti @cliovale tiΓ¨ guarda che robbetta πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

cliovale Jul 23

Grande Andre' Ho trovato il modo x fargli dare un accelerata a quella macchina @crashcinquezerodue @danieletamanti

maldalton Jul 23

Remind you of Kurri Kurri!

dfblue132 Jul 23

@aisciakesia cioΓ¨ se non mi metti il like te la faccio trovare nel letto stasera πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

bentoye Jul 23


danieletamanti Jul 23

@cliovale @crashcinquezerodue ve ammazzo

davidebuldrini Jul 23

incontri del quinto tipo

alex_marsha_clark Jul 23

My gosh! Hope they're not all that size! 😨

dkeffer916 Jul 23

That's good luck!

ricardoschuttmann Jul 23

that's a good sign for this weekends races Reedy. Go for the W

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