Rockstar Valli Yamaha

Ryan Morais

#65 Ryan Morais

DoB: 02/27/1983
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160
Residence: Murrieta, CA
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Bike: YZ 450F

Ryan Morais is setting his sights for the preimer 450 SX/MX classes in 2012. A seasoned veteran of the Supercross Lites class, he joins Star Valii Yamaha as a full time 450cc rider. In 2010 Ryan raced for Rockstar Energy Suzuki. After crashing out at Round 2 of Anaheim he missed multiple rounds of the series, but returned to the East Coast Region on top of a 450 bike. His debut in the premier class was impressive as he raced to finish 10th. Despite missing many of the West division races, Morais still finished 10th overall in 2010, thanks to top-five results in every competition which he raced. Unfortunately Morais was forced to sit out the outdoor season, after an injury to his thumb after a practice crash at Freestone TX. Morais returned aboard the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team for 2011 where he contested both the SX Lites Championship and the 250 AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

Career Highlights

5th (WSX), 26th (250 MX)

10th (WSX), 34th (250 MX)

3rd (WSX), 33rd (250 MX)

7th (ESX), 32nd (250 MX)

2nd (ESX), 29th (250 MX)

9th (WSX), 47th (250 MX)

11th (WSX), 38th (125 MX)

13th (WSX), 32nd (125 MX)

29th (WSX)



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morais116 Jul 27

What a great day for the team today. What made the day even more amazing was eating dinner with Kramer.

ichorsportsmedicine Jul 27

Is that a smile?

martijn375 Jul 27

Did we still have to be a little bit better from uncle Don!

delarocha313 Jul 27


nethersjohansson Jul 27

Haha #hoorah

brittanyhorner Jul 27


morais116 Jul 24

Krue airing it out for the first time tonight. 👍👏

motobarbie556 Jul 24

@brettohrhien this will be your little boy soon (:

brettohrhien Jul 24

@motobarbie556 oh he jumps I guess we gotta get him a kicker now!

janelle_mcguire_fit Jul 24

He's freakin awesome!

mrrenezapata Jul 24

Gopro and all!!!

jadedungey Jul 24

😂😂 #redbullStraitRythem

motobarbie556 Jul 24

Haha that's rad! @brettohrhien

mx614 Jul 24

That's great!!!

andrewshortmx29 Jul 24


morais116 Jul 22

Krue pushing the limits as usual he's one tough SOB!

fathead625 Jul 22

Just like his father @morais116 💪👍

tyjphoto Jul 22

He's going to rail on a dirtbike!

franklatham Jul 22

At least he tried it in pool first

erikers89 Jul 22

@_rohnisch_ challtastic i vinter ;)

hfalk128 Jul 22

😂😂😂 goin for it!

mrssleet Jul 22

Haha oh Krue!

moraisa Jul 22

I like how he looks right at you after Like "hey dad did you get that" crazy kid!

tmead353 Jul 22

Hahaha this is awesome!!

corymorais Jul 22

@morais116 come on bro look at that kicker on the end did krue dirty

nutmeg_bell Jul 22

Hahha soo good!

chriswalker267 Jul 22

Yes!!! Committed!!!

lukerahm255 Jul 22


01bamf Jul 22

Damn endoes

mudflinger Jul 22

That took big ball's

chriswalker267 Jul 22

@kirstywalker267 Olly? Hahaha

lindsaysiegle Jul 22

Lol poor guy!!

adron75 Jul 22


brandongilles Jul 22

@brittgilles could be winter time activity around this place

brittgilles Jul 22

Doesn't seem like a good idea to me....@brandongilles

mrstwotwo Jul 22

Lucky he gets 2nd set of teeth 😁

paulperebijnos Jul 22


oshow721 Jul 22

Tough kid ✊✊✊👍

morais116 Jul 18

Cleared out the trails for krue today. He impressed me how much better he was then last time he rode them. Was pumped when he put his feet up & even stood through the whoops.

ricoferrante Jul 18


ian_runyon Jul 18

He's ripping. That @goprosports_ footage might make you sea sick watching it. Lol

mrstwoniner Jul 18

Yeah Krue Man!!! Love you bud!

bdubbleu Jul 18

No invite for lando?

daddydrock1 Jul 18

Where's this at

michellerenner Jul 18

Yeah Krue! Rippin'

thewordbird Jul 18

Or #asherj @bdubbleu haha

mrsdungey Jul 18


flynryan2 Jul 18

Getn it! Lol

brandye116 Jul 18

So awesome! This is how I imagine rhyse being!! Crazy boys!!

ichorsportsmedicine Jul 18

Time to put some brakes on that bad boy.

deanwilson15 Jul 18

Gettin squirly !!! Haha

pedrojr175 Jul 18


barbaralariu Jul 18

👍Sei. @pedrojr175

morais116 Jul 15

Had some fun in the sun today ripping off some tire knobbies at the SX track.

mrrenezapata Jul 15


wilhahn23 Jul 15

Prolly wasn't too hot

hannahmorais Jul 15

hashtag supercross 2015 😜

kkeefer120 Jul 15

@morais116 2015 250SX eligible for all you fantasy dorks out there!!!

mx614 Jul 16

Wait a minute what are we saying here,Mo are you back?I would love it if so one of my all time favs!!!!@morais116 say it's so Mo.....

mrrenezapata Jul 16


morais116 Jul 2

Out of the office today putting in some laps with @jadedungey @nethersjohansson & Jim. Never stop testing always room to improve. @ktmusa @orangebrigade

sleetdawg Jul 2

Atta boy @morais116 1 year until @mammothmotocross

escarrega729 Jul 2

@morais116 we have your former Yoshimura rmz 250 race bike

mx614 Jul 2

Have always enjoyed watching Ryan ride got to see him go thru the ranks in NorCal couldn't find a nicer kid and proud of where he's at today,his big bro hauls ass also great kids well men now!!!!!

morais116 Jun 26

@sleetdawg called me out for the ice bucket challenge... I'm calling out @mrrenezapata @thewordbird @franklatham ... You have 24 hours or donate to a charity of my choice!! I did this last night but got carried away with our backyard camp sesh!

striderbikes Jun 26

Smart kid running away before the bucket is dumped!

mrrenezapata Jun 26

Ricans can't swim.... @morais116 #kruman

sleetdawg Jun 26


steph_zapata Jun 26

@morais116 let me guess it's the Coors light charity? 😂

morais116 Jun 26

Got the tent site set up for tonight's backyard camping with krue.

panicrev Jun 26

Well done dad!

hannahmorais Jun 26

Uhh where's my chair dude?!?

mrstwotwo Jun 26

@hannahmorais 😂 sorry mom ur out

mrrenezapata Jun 26

Turn off the sprinklers 👍

muscutt696 Jun 26

Don't forget the marshmallows

swapmoto Jun 26

That's the best. I miss those days.

_nicoleweimer Jun 26

So awesome!

lurchmc Jun 26

I've done that with my daughter. It's even better when you watch nextflix on the iPod in the tent

moraisa Jun 26

Awe good times! Hope krue man has a good camp out!

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