Rockstar Valli Yamaha

Ryan Morais

#65 Ryan Morais

DoB: 02/27/1983
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160
Residence: Murrieta, CA
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Bike: YZ 450F

Ryan Morais is setting his sights for the preimer 450 SX/MX classes in 2012. A seasoned veteran of the Supercross Lites class, he joins Star Valii Yamaha as a full time 450cc rider. In 2010 Ryan raced for Rockstar Energy Suzuki. After crashing out at Round 2 of Anaheim he missed multiple rounds of the series, but returned to the East Coast Region on top of a 450 bike. His debut in the premier class was impressive as he raced to finish 10th. Despite missing many of the West division races, Morais still finished 10th overall in 2010, thanks to top-five results in every competition which he raced. Unfortunately Morais was forced to sit out the outdoor season, after an injury to his thumb after a practice crash at Freestone TX. Morais returned aboard the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team for 2011 where he contested both the SX Lites Championship and the 250 AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

Career Highlights

5th (WSX), 26th (250 MX)

10th (WSX), 34th (250 MX)

3rd (WSX), 33rd (250 MX)

7th (ESX), 32nd (250 MX)

2nd (ESX), 29th (250 MX)

9th (WSX), 47th (250 MX)

11th (WSX), 38th (125 MX)

13th (WSX), 32nd (125 MX)

29th (WSX)



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morais116 Sep 10

Krue is killing it! Thanks to Mikie at FOX. I feel like a hypocrite saying this but it's rad seeing that name & number on his jersey. #prouddadmoment

scrubbladewipers Sep 10


martijn375 Sep 10

Little ripper!

cdub2is Sep 10

That's pretty cool buddy enjoy these times !

kerridamian Sep 10

@stan_281 This needs to be C-Dawg when he's big enough!

mxmatt915 Sep 10

Dude My son is a clone of your boy strider in all Some day they will do gate drops Maxx Speed is his name Awesome to see kids like yours

morais116 Sep 7

Congrats Amber & George! @moraisa

lmendes Sep 7

@morais116 it was good to see you tonight!

moraisa Sep 10

Love this picture so much Ry!!! 😍 miss you guys already!

morais116 Sep 5

Cabin life the next couple days in NorCal for my sisters wedding.

ch149 Sep 5

Congrats @moraisa. About time!!!!!

dynarider04 Sep 5

@morais116 where is this?

bigreds1963ss Sep 6

Congrats to Amber. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

robbyg726 Sep 6

The delta!

hannahmorais Sep 6


iharrison71 Sep 6

Cool looking spot

cdub2is Sep 10

Sweet buddy rest relax an enjoy

morais116 Sep 4

Day 3 it's a rap! Another great day minus some A-hole ( @sleetdawg ) splashing me with mud on the 3rd lap of the day.

sleetdawg Sep 4

It was rad having you out @morais116 but #sorryimnotsorry #paybacksabitch 😜

cdub2is Sep 5

Geese what a turd glad you had fun

rwhite541 Sep 5

Probably lookin for some mud at the end of the day by how dry it looks @morais116 @sleetdawg

morais116 Sep 3

Day 2 in the books! Absolutely blowin away by the progress that's being made. #ktmresearchanddevelopment

born_to_destroy97 Sep 3

Is that Glenn Helen

born_to_destroy97 Sep 3


thejdm11 Sep 3

Yes @born_to_destroy97

cdub2is Sep 3

Beautiful sight !

nateskillet63 Sep 3

Man @sleetdawg and @andrewshortmx29 were ripping it up yesterday on that secret bike... can't wait to see what's in store.. #KTM

andrewshortmx29 Sep 4

Umm. @nateskillet63 I was riding the couch here in Smithville yesterday?!! Havnt ridden since last Friday. πŸ˜‚

morais116 Sep 3

@sleetdawg hooked me up with a little video clip from testing today.

morais116 Sep 3


nathanlynnalexander Sep 3

@morais116 countdown to straight rhythm.

mrrenezapata Sep 3

#116 straigth rhythm ready

cdub2is Sep 3

Was that you Mo ?

l0adinf Sep 3

Ahh music too my ears . 😍

zachsatkokcco Sep 4


morais116 Aug 30

Fun few days at the test track with the team & krue man. Love riding dirt bikes so much!

ryandungey Aug 30

@foxheadinc @foxpetefox gear is looking freshπŸ‘Œ

mx614 Aug 30

Are we just testing or are we testing because you will be strapping up come Jan for A -1!!!!

gregorybeehler Aug 30

Raddest gear ever!

martijn375 Aug 30

@morais116 Krue is a hero. Won't be long before he will be lounching off the quad god!

bigreds1963ss Aug 30

Looks like your having fun Ryan.

hannahmorais Aug 30

πŸ‘Œ hashtag supercross 2015

cdub2is Aug 30

Hey Ryan I'll be coming to Cali this week are you around ?

airborne8282 Sep 4

Great to see you in gear, man.

morais116 Aug 24

What an amazing 1st year with @ktmusa so thankful to be a part of the team. Congrats @kenroczen94 2014 CHAMP! Had a blast working with you.

corbinsmom1 Aug 24

So glad you were a part of the team - made it all the better to see good things happening.

hannahmorais Aug 24

so proud of you babe! Happy you're happy! Championships or not we're officially orange bleeders!

b1llyhenderson Aug 24

@morais116 πŸ‘πŸπŸ’ͺπŸπŸ»πŸπŸ•

b1llyhenderson Aug 24


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